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Mountain Views News Saturday July 4, 2015 
Mountain Views News Saturday July 4, 2015 
I have a fantastic, 

poignant quote 

to begin this 

week! Courtesy

of Yogarupa, Rod
Stryker, one of the world’s leading teachers onmeditation and yoga. “It’s best if we understand thatthe world we live in today is very fast moving/fastpaced. Take time when you are NOT in emergencymode to de-stress regularly. If we don’t have this sortof practice already established then just trying tograsp at peace and tranquility in moments of highstress and anxiety can be quite hard.” Quite hard is 
right, how about nearly impossible?

It’s often the case that instead of de-stressing, wetry to blanket the stress by self-medicating or addingon more tasks to our plate filling all free time on ourschedule. It’s only when we feel like we’re going to 

lose it, do we run to the nearest foot massage placeor pop into a yoga class.

What would life be like if we already had thosethings built into our schedule? Or what would theday look like if we BEGAN with savasana for 10minutes? Wake up, find corpse pose and breathe.
There are other things you can do that de-stress andultimately relax you. Find out what they are andmake time to unplug and unwind. A fun eveninglaughing with friends may be just the thing. Howabout one morning a week with NOTHING onthe schedule? With a practice of de-stressing andrelaxation in place, life will be enjoyable and fluid.
You will sleep better at night (literally!) 

Enjoy this week and see you in class, 

Namaste, Keely Totten 

Dr. Tina is a traditional 
naturopath and nutri-
tionist at Vibrant Living 
Wellness Center

Who doesn’t like an 
apple? We’ve been 
told since we were 
kids how healthy 
apples are. But do 
you really know 
why? Let’s take a 
look at what’s in an 
apple that makes itso good for us.
Pectin: A soluble 
fiber that can has 
shown to lower 
blood pressure, LDL(bad cholesterol), 
and glucose levels. 

It also helps maintain the health of the digestive 

Quercetin: May neutralize free radical damage

which has been involved in age-related health

problems like Alzheimer’s and reducing the risk of 

many cancers.
Vitamins A, C, E and beta carotene: These fight

free radical damage which helps reduce the risk of 


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heart disease, diabetes and asthma. 

Flavonoids and Antioxidants: Some scientists 
believe that these substances make apples betterthan many other superfoods to combat potentiallylife threatening conditions.

Recently, Chinese University of Hong Kongresearchers reported that fruit flies given an appleextract lived 10% longer. The flies were able to 
walk, climb and move more easily as they aged.
They believe the extract cleaned up free radicalswhich are the dangerous chemicals blamed for ahost of maladies including aging.

Apples have the mark of a healthy food becausethey are low in calorie density which means you geta lot of nutrients for little calories. They also havebeen called nature’s toothbrush since they canhelp clean our teeth and kill bacteria in the mouthwhich will reduce the risk of tooth decay. I think 
it’s easy to see how beneficial an apple is, so eat up.
There are so many varieties of apples that you cannever get bored with eating them. And remember, 
The Environmental Working Group’s 2014 DirtyDozen list has apples as #1. So whenever possible, 
buy organic.