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Mountain Views News Saturday, July 11, 2015 
Mountain Views News Saturday, July 11, 2015 

Without a medical power of attorney for yourchildren they may not receive the medical care youwould want them to have if you are not with themwhen they need it.

Providing instructions and guidelines to guardiansis one of the best way to ensure your children willbe raised with your values, learn about your story,
benefit from your wisdom, and continue to feel yourlove even if you are not able to be physically presentfor them. 

When you go to bed at night, do you lock the frontdoor but leave the back door wide open? Your estateplan shouldn’t do that either, especially where yourkids are concerned. Yet most estate plans simply slapin a quick paragraph about permanent guardiansbut fail to address the myriad of other issues those ofus with young children need to be concerned about.
You see, traditional estate planning focuses onthe elderly. And if you have a traditional estateIF YOU HAVE YOUNG plan, it is most likely n incomplete and less thancomprehensive if you also have minor children at

KIDS, DON’T SETTLE home. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.
Taking care of my kids the way they deserve to be


taken care of is what got me into estate planning inthe first place. And I love empowering other parents


to take care of their kids, too. Let me know if youDoes your estate plan name permanent guardianshave any questions.
for your minor children? It absolutely must, andTo your family’s health, wealth, and happiness, 
most plans do. But how about temporary guardians?
And does your plan include medical powers ofattorney for your kids? What about instructionsand guidelines for your guardians (both permanentand temporary)? Do you carry a card in your walletstating you have minor children and identifying

your temporary guardians in case of emergency?A local attorney, father, and CASA volunteer (Court

Naming and legally documenting temporaryAppointed Special Advocate for Children), Marcguardians will prevent your kids from ever being putGarlett is on a mission to help parents protect whatinto the arms of strangers, even for a moment. Butthey love most. His office is located at 49 S. Baldwin 
without temporary guardians in place, there’s a veryAve., Ste. G, Sierra Madre, CA 91024. Schedule an 
real possibility your kids could be handed over toappointment to sit down and talk about ensuring afoster care until a judge orders the children into thelegacy of love and financial security for your familycustody of the permanent guardians. Even if that’sby calling 626.355.4000 or visit www.GarlettLaw.comonly for a day or two, that’s far too long. for more information. 


I often hear business owners say they can’t afford specific location plus a 10-mile radius. For $25, 
and don’t see the value of boosting Facebook posts. we reached 8,000+ eyeballs with one simple post 
They are missing out on one of the most powerful and picture! 45 people shared the post. On average 
and affordable ways to distribute information and those 45 people have at least 100 friends on 
target a very specific audience on-line. Facebook so I’m confident that this post reached 

For example, if you cater to the bridal industry, at least 4,500 more eyeballs.
you can target people who are newly engaged. If Can you print and distribute 12,500 flyers for 
you sell dog products, you can advertise to the $25? I don’t think so. 
people who follow Cesar Millan (a very large About MJ: MJ and her brother David own 
list). If you want to start a Birthday club, you can HUTdogs, a creative services business that helps 
advertise to everyone who has a birthday coming their clients build a strong on-line presence. “Like” 
up in two weeks. This is just scratching the surface.them on Facebook for trending news in social 

When you boost a Facebook post, it’s like media, internet marketing and other helpful tips, 
distributing flyers door-to-door.

A while back, I paid $25 to boost a post on Sign up for their upcoming workshops at: www.
Facebook promoting a local event. We targeted a 

As if the language of real estate weren’t confusingenough, the wave of bad lending practices and loandefaults of recent years have added more terms thathave subtle but important shades of difference. When 
you prepare to speak with an agent about buying orselling, make sure you understand the lingo.

First, realize that the word ”foreclosure” does not 
describe a property, but the legal process by whicha homeowner loses their interest and the bank or 
lender assumes ownership. It’s a legal term, not a 
property description.

If you’re buying, you go to tour ”foreclosures,” 
per se. You’re probably going to look at ”Real EstateOwned” listings, or REOs. These are propertiesthat the lender has taken back after the foreclosure 


process is complete. You may see these advertised as 
”bank owned.” 

Then there’s another type of listing described asa ”short sale.” This may qualify as a ”distressed”
property, but it is not yet in the hands of the bank orlender. The homeowners and the lender have reached 
an agreement to sell the property for less than theowners owe on their mortgage.

The short sale is an attempt at compromise betweenthe two parties, keeping the sellers out of foreclosureand credit history ruin, and keeping the lender outof the costly process of foreclosure and expensivebusiness of property management. 

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