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Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc

Who loves Santa? Elsa is a 1-year-
old Staffordshire mix pup who 
came to the shelter in October of 
this year after being scooped up 
by the shelter’s humane officer 
from the streets of Rosemead. This 
pretty petite “blue” Staffy girl has 
the silliest pair of half-way-up-
ears to match her silly and outgoing 
personality. Weighing about 44 
pounds, Elsa is certain she can 
fit in any lap and be carried like a 
baby no matter the size of the lap 
or the arms. But what she loves 
more than being cuddled is to be 
out-and-about living her puppy life 
to the fullest. She loved being the 
center of attention happily dressed 
up in her red Christmas outfit for 
her holiday photos! 

 Elsa definitely embodies all the fun, energy, and 
goofiness a Disney princess would have...and then 
some! Being a one-year-old pup, she has a lot of 
wiggly and bouncy energy to share with her human 
companions on walks, runs, hikes, and anything 
active that can keep her entertained. She is also a 
pretty smart girl who is quickly learning her basic 
commands and would benefit from living in an active 
environment with additional training and consistent 

 If you would like to give this lively little princess 
a fairy tale ending for the holidays, please consider 
adopting Elsa and provide her with the forever loving 
home she so deserves! 

 Her adoption fee is $145 and includes spay surgery, 
vaccinations, microchip and a free 
wellness exam at a participating 

 Feel free to call us at (626) 286-
1159 for more information on Elsa. 
If you are interested in meeting Elsa 
or any of the other wonderful pets 
at the shelter, visit the San Gabriel 
Valley Humane Society at 851 E. 
Grand Ave., San Gabriel, Calif., 
91776, Tuesday through Sunday 
from 10:30am to 4:30pm. See our 
website at for 
information and photos of all our 
wonderful pets. 

 Shelter supporters are encouraged 
to visit the website to read the 
amazing story of Hoppy told 
by his rescuer in his blog. This 
three-legged Chihuahua now has a 
second chance for a happy life after a terrible accident 
left him alone and helpless trying to survive on the 
busy city streets. 

 To celebrate the ‘25 Days of Xmas’, all cats are 
available for the special adoption fee of $25 that includes 
spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchip, and a 
free wellness exam at a participating veterinarian. 

 2016 calendars are available at the shelter for a $10 
donation. The photos were selected among hundreds 
submitted by shelter supporters. They make great 
holiday gifts for the animal lovers on your list! If 
you would like to order a 2016 calendar on line, you 
can stop by the shelter or do so through PayPal. Go 
to the shelter website at for more 

Christmas is coming, and folks are busy preparing 
for the big day. Besides the usual shopping & 
wrapping rush, there are decorations to dawn and 
party plans to be made. With all the excitement it 
is easy to forget about safety precautions to protect 
pets from holiday harm. It may sound silly to think 
Christmas could cause concerns for a kitty or 
canine’s safety, but there are a few things you can 
do to ensure your four legged friends are kept out 
of harm’s way during the holiday. The ASPCA offers 
this neat list of tips for a safe and happy holiday 
season for you and your precious pets.

Be Careful with Seasonal Plants and Decorations

Oh Christmas Tree: Securely anchor your 
Christmas tree so it doesn’t tip and fall, causing 
possible injury to your pet. This will prevent the 
tree water-which may contain fertilizers that can 
cause stomach upset-from spilling. Stagnant tree 
water is a breeding ground for bacteria, and your 
pet could end up with nausea or diarrhea should 
he imbibe.

 Avoid Mistletoe & Holly: Holly, when ingested, 
can cause pets to suffer nausea, vomiting and 
diarrhea. Mistletoe can cause gastrointestinal upset 
and cardiovascular problems. And many varieties 
of lilies can cause kidney failure in cats if ingested. 
Opt for just-as-jolly artificial plants made from silk 
or plastic, or choose a pet-safe bouquet.

 Tinsel-less Town: Kitties love this sparkly, light-
catching “toy” that’s easy to bat around and carry 
in their mouths. But a nibble can lead to a swallow, 
which can lead to an obstructed digestive tract, 
severe vomiting, dehydration and possible surgery. 
It’s best to brighten your boughs with something 
other than tinsel.

 That Holiday Glow: Don’t leave lighted candles 
unattended. Pets may burn themselves or cause 
a fire if they knock candles over. Be sure to use 
appropriate candle holders, placed on a stable 
surface. And if you leave the room, put the candle 

 Wired Up: Keep wires, batteries and glass or 
plastic ornaments out of paws’ reach. A wire can 
deliver a potentially lethal electrical shock and a 
punctured battery can cause burns to the mouth 
and esophagus, while shards of 
breakable ornaments can damage 
your pet’s mouth and digestive tract.

Avoid Holiday Food Dangers

Skip the Sweets: By now you know 
not to feed your pets chocolate and 
anything sweetened with Xylitol, but 
do you know the length to which an 
enterprising pet will go to chomp on 
something yummy? Make sure to 
keep your pets away from the table 
and unattended plates of food, and be 
sure to secure the lids on garbage cans.

 Leave the Leftovers: Fatty, spicy and no-no 
human foods, as well as bones, should not be fed to 
your furry friends. Pets can join the fun festivities 
in other ways that won’t lead to costly medical 

 Careful with Cocktails: If your celebration 
includes adult holiday beverages, be sure to place 
your unattended alcoholic drinks where pets cannot 
get to them. If ingested, your pet could become 
weak and ill, and may eve go into a coma, possibly 
resulting in death from respiratory failure.

 Selecting Special Treats: Looking to stuff for 
your pet’s stockings? Stick with chew toys that are 
basically indestructible, Kongs that can be stuffed 
with healthy foods or chew treats that are designed 
to be safely digestible. Long, stringy things are 
a feline’s dream, but the most risky toys for cats 
involve ribbon, yarn and loose little parts that 
can get stuck in the intestines, often necessitating 
surgery. Surprise kitty with a new ball that’s too big 
to swallow, a stuffed catnip toy or the interactive cat 

Plan a Pet-Safe Holiday Gathering

House Rules: If your animal-loving guests would 
like to give your pets a little extra attention and 
exercise while you’re busy tending to the party, 
ask them to feel free to start a nice play or petting 

 Put the Meds Away: Make sure all of your 
medications are locked behind secure doors, and be 
sure to tell your guests to keep their meds zipped up 
and packed away too.

 New Year’s Noise: As you count down to the new 
year, please keep in mind that strings of thrown 
confetti can get lodged in a cat’s intestines, if 
ingested, perhaps necessitating surgery. Noisy 
poppers can terrify pets and cause possible damage 
to sensitive ears. And remember that many pets 
are also scared of fireworks, so be sure to secure 
them in a safe, escape-proof area as midnight 

 Enjoy the holidays and don’t forget to hug your 
kitties and canines; tell them you love them and 
thank them for all they do for you throughout the 


Love comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages! Meet 
Edwin (A4901249), an adoring 10-year-old tan 
(with some white and black) male Chihuahua 
mix who was found as a stray in San Gabriel on 
November 30th and brought to the Baldwin Park 
Animal Care Center. Weighing only 7 lbs, Edwin 
is a heartbreaker with his huge ears and soulful 
eyes. He relishes human companionship, and will 
crawl into your lap if you let him. He seems fine 
with other dogs; but his main interest really is in 
people, and we think he would be happy to get 
all of the attention in his new home. Edwin will 
be a wonderful companion for anyone seeking a 
well-mannered and affectionate dog. To watch 
a video of Edwin please visit the following link:

 To meet Edwin in person, please see him at 
the Baldwin Park Shelter, located at 4275 N. 
Elton, Baldwin Park, CA 91706 (Phone: 626-
962-3577). He is currently available now. For 
any inquiries about Edwin, please reference his 
animal ID number: A4901249. The shelter is 
open seven days a week, 12 pm-7 pm Monday-
Thursday and 10am-5pm Friday-Sunday. This 
is a high-intake shelter with a great need for 
adoptions. For more information about Edwin 
or the adoption process, contact United Hope 
for Animals Volunteer Adoption Coordinator 
Samantha at To 
learn more about United Hope for Animals’ 
partnership with the Baldwin Park Shelter, as 
well as the many dogs of all breeds, ages, and 
sizes available for adoption in local shelters, visit

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