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City of Sierra Madre


From: The City of Sierra Madre

Subject: Summary of Ordinance No. 1371:


Applicant: City of Sierra Madre

Project Location: Properties in the City of Sierra Madre, County of 

 Los Angeles, State of California

On January 12, 2016, the City Council will conduct a public hearing to consider 
the adoption of Ordinance No. 1371, a Municipal Code Text Amendment (15-
04), amending Title 17, Chapter 17.10 (Marijuana Cultivation and Marijuana 
Dispensary), establish local control measures prohibiting the growing of live 
plants, cultivation, testing, transporting, and distribution of cannabis and 
marijuana in all zones. The purpose of the Municipal Code Text Amendments is 
to further an objective of the City of Sierra Madre’s 2007 Ordinance No. 1266, 
prohibiting in all zones medical marijuana dispensaries which involves the 
distribution of drugs or other substances which is illegal to distribute or possess 
under federal law. The proposed Ordinance complies with the requirements of 
Assembly Bills 266 and 243, and Senate Bill 243, each containing key provisions 
of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act.

At the meeting of December 3, 2015, the Planning Commission conducted 
a public hearing and recommended to the City Council the adoption of the 
proposed MCTA 15-04 and Ordinance 1371.


City of Sierra Madre City of Sierra Madre

City Council Meeting City Council Chambers

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 232 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.

(Hearing begins at 6:30 p.m.) Sierra Madre, CA 

All interested persons may attend this meeting and the City Council will hear 
them with respect thereto.

ENVIRONMENTAL DETERMINATION The Municipal Code Text Amendment 
is exempt from California Environmental Quality Act review pursuant to Title 14, 
Section 1506 (b)(3) of the California Code of Regulations.

APPEAL: If in the future anyone wishes to challenge the decision of the City 
Council in court, one may be limited to raising the issues that were raised or 
presented in written correspondence delivered to the City Council at, or before the 
scheduled public hearing. For further information on this subject, please contact 
the Planning and Community Preservation Department at (626) 355-7138.

Weather Wise

6-Day Forecast 

Sierra Madre, Ca.

 Sun: Sunny Hi 60s Lows 30s

 Mon: Sunny Hi 50s Lows 30s 

 Tues: Sunny Hi 60s Lows 30s

 Wed: Sunny Hi 60s Lows 40s

 Thur: Sunny Hi 60s Lows 40s

 Fri: Sunny Hi 60s Lows 40s

Forecasts courtesy of the National Weather Service



Unless otherwise noted, all meetings listed below are held at City 
Hall 232 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. Sierra Madre, Ca. 



Tuesday, January 12, 2016

6:30 pm


Free on-air publicity for local events

 Sierra Madre’s EMERGENCY radio station is now accepting scripts 
for Public Service Announcements (PSAs) about community events. 
PSAs will be broadcast on the air at no charge. The station operates 
24/7 and can be heard at 1630 on the AM dial.

 Any local non-profit or non-commercial organization can have 
their event information broadcast to the public on Sierra Madre 
Community Information Radio. The station covers the city of Sierra 
Madre, plus surrounding areas of Pasadena, Arcadia, and Monrovia. 

Your event must:

• Benefit a non-commercial or non-profit entity
• Be open to the public
• Be of general interest to local citizens

write a Public Service Announcement that describes your event 
and e-mail it to 



Regular City Council Meeting

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 - 6:30 pm

The final agenda and staff reports will 
available online no later than Friday 
night. Enter the date “10/13/2015” for 
the complete agenda packet.

Can’t make it to the meeting, but still want to share your 
thoughts? You can mail or drop off a written statement to 
City Hall or email before 5:30 
the night of the meeting and your statement will be delivered 
to all the Council Members.

Upcoming Public Meetings and Events

Monday, January 4, 2016, 3:00PM

Senior Master Plan Committee Meeting


Thursday, January 7, 2016, 12:00PM

Coordinating Council


Thursday, January 7, 2016, 3:00PM

Senior Community Commission Meeting


Thursday, January 7, 2016, 7:00PM

Planning Commission Meeting


Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 6:30PM

City Council Meeting

Planning & Community Preservation and Public Works 
Service Hours Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 2:00pm 

Sierra Madre City Hall 232 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. Sierra 
Madre, CA 91024 (626) 355-7135 

During the week of Sunday, December 13th, to Sunday, December 
20th, the Sierra Madre Police Department responded to approximately 
256 calls for service. 

Sunday, December 13th 

At 11:00 am, Sierra Madre Police responded to the station lobby 
regarding a domestic violence report. Upon arrival, the victim 
informed Officers that earlier that morning she got into an argument 
with her boyfriend over who would be able to watch their child while 
she took their other child to the doctor. The father told the mother 
that he would not be able to watch the child as he would be busy 
helping a neighbor. An argument ensued and escalated physically 
when the mother was pushed to the floor and forcefully grabbed as 
she tried to leave the home. The woman left the home safely with 
both kids and reported the incident to police. After interviewing the 
mother, Officers went to the residence to speak with the father. The 
man admitted that they had got into an altercation and that he did 
push her but never forcefully grabbed her. Based on both interviews 
and evidence of markings on the woman, Officers arrested the 
father and charged him for domestic violence. 

Tuesday, December 15th 

At 8:19, Sierra Madre Police responded to the 200 block of East 
Alegria Avenue regarding a vandalism report. Upon arrival, Officers 
were informed by the victim that her boyfriend and she arrived at his 
house around 6:40 pm and several hours later when they returned 
to the vehicle they discovered that the driver’s side front and rear 
tires had been slashed. The couple did not see who had damaged 
the vehicle but believed it may have been a result of a recent verbal 
argument with a classmate. Each tire was valued at $100. This case 
has been forwarded to the Detective Bureau. 

Wednesday, December 16th 

At 2:22 pm, Sierra Madre Police responded to the 100 block of South 
Michillinda Avenue regarding an attempted burglary. Upon arrival, 
the victim informed Officers that while she was home, her dog 
began barking and she heard someone turning her locked front door 
handle. She decided to look out her window and noticed a green 
Toyota Camry backed into her driveway. She stated to Officers she 
thought it might be her neighbor down the street who has the same 
vehicle, so when she heard a knock at the door she opened it. She met 
a male black about 6 foot 3 inches tall, thin build, dressed in all black 
clothing and noticed another male black who was shorter standing 
in the driveway. The shorter man ran into the vehicle, while the 
taller man asked her where Orange Grove Avenue was located. The 
woman pointed him into the direction of Orange Grove and shut 
her door and called police. The vehicle was described as an older 
model green Toyota Camry with missing paint from the driver’s 
rear panel and gold pinstripe along the entire length of the car. This 
case has been forwarded to the Detective Bureau. 

Saturday, December 19th 

At 1:44 pm, Sierra Madre Police responded to the 100 block of Adams 
Street regarding an intoxicated male. According to the caller, the 
man was intoxicated, unconscious and sitting in the driver’s seat of 
his vehicle that was parked in the driveway. Upon arrival, Officers 
found the vehicle empty and as they searched the area for the man, 
two residents came escorting the man to Officers. The two residents 
stated the man walked into their backyard and went into their home 
uninvited. Officers determined the man was under the influence of 
alcohol to such a point that he was unable to care for his safety or 
the safety of others. The man was taken into custody and arrested 
for public intoxication. While in his holding cell at Pasadena Jail, 
the man broke a dual pane window and was yelling statements that 
he wanted to hurt himself. As a precaution, Officers placed the man 
on a 72 hour hold for further evaluation and treatment at a local 


Sierra Madre, CA. – December 9, 2015 - Sierra Madre City Hall will 
be closed beginning at 12:30pm on December 24, 2015 reopening 
on January 4, 2016. The Sierra Madre Public Library will close 
at 2:00pm and the Hart Park House Senior Center will close at 
2:30pm on December 24th and will also reopen on January 4, 2016. 
Administrative service workers, with the exception of emergency 
personnel, will be off-duty in observance of the upcoming holiday 

 Residents are encouraged to take advantage of the City’s online 
services during this period. Many of the services performed at City 
Hall, including payments and applications, are also available online 
through the City’s website. Residents can conveniently manage 
their water bill, register for Community Services activities, reserve 
public facilities, check out online library books, and apply for select 
permits without interruption this holiday season.

 All City offices and buildings will resume normal business hours 
on Monday, January 4, 2016.

 For more information about online services, please visit the City’s 
website at: 



 “The Kindness of Strangers” feature 
encourages readers to share their 
stories. I can assure you, they will 
be uplifting especially in contrast to 
all the the challenges and issues we 
have to deal with daily. So, if you have something you would 
like to share, please submit it to: 
It doesn’t matter where you were or when it happened. Share 
your good expeiences in hope that it might bring a little joy 
and/or inspire someone.


-Susan Henderson, Editor/Publisher MVNews



Apollo, the integrated operating system recently adopted by Sierra 
Madre Library, has been ranked as the 2016 Product of the Year 
by LibraryWorks Inc. Apollo topped 50 other automation systems 
in the Modern Library Awards. The MLA awards recognize the 
top products in the library industry judged by more than 80,000 
librarians. Of the array of awards, which included honorable 
mentions, silver, gold and platinum, Apollo received the top 
award: Product of the Year. 

 This is Apollo’s second consecutive year at the top of the awards. 
Clark Charbonnet of Apollo said, “Our Company’s commitment 
is solely to public libraries. This singular focus and Apollo’s design 
makes for an elegant, easy-to-use product that delights today’s 
public libraries.” 

 Apollo has provided significant cost savings for the City of Sierra 
Madre, integrates eBooks into the catalog for easier downloads, 
and upgrades search procedures. Sierra Madre Library staff have 
been pleased over the last four months to offer improved services 
to Library users. 


 Read, Discover, Connect @ Sierra Madre Public Library. 440 W. 
Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre, CA 91024, (626) 355-7186, www.


Disposal of Bulky and Hard To Handle Items

Athens Services encourages reuse and donation of bulky items 
whenever possible. Bulky waste includes large items that do not 
fit into barrels or bins such as: water heaters, furnaces, bed springs, 
mattresses, dressers, couches, washers, dryers, stoves, tables, chairs, 
refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, or patio furniture. These items 
are to be placed at the curbside (not in the street) for pick-up on your 
regular trash collection day.

To schedule a pick up please call Athens Services at (855) 557-1007.



 Athens Services collects holiday trees on your normal pickup days 
from the day after Christmas through the second week of January 
each year. Trees are delivered to various landfills to be used as mulch 
or cover material, or to Athens American Organics composting 
facility in Victorville.

Tips to ensure collection of your Christmas tree:

- Remove stands, ornaments, lights and tinsel. Place Christmas trees 
next to your regular trash containers. Trees over 6 feet in length must 
be cut in half. Trees with flocking or fire retardants ARE acceptable. 

- If you miss the date for recycling, please cut up your tree and place it 
in your yard waste container(s). 

- Please help keep our parks clean and safe during the holidays. If you 
see anyone illegally dumping Christmas trees in city parks, please call 
the Sierra Madre Police Department.