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By Joan Schmidt

Recently I met with Olympian star, Kim Rhode, her husband Mike Harryman, son Carter and 
parents Sharon and Rick. What an amazing family Kim has, and each of them has contributed to 
Kim being the Olympic Star she is today.

 Kim’s story begins at 7 years old, the first time she began shooting, “part of a family tradition that 
began with her grandparents… growing up with a fishing rod in one hand, a gun in the other…
every year the family hunted deer and bears and fished for catfish…I picked blackberries and made 
jam with my grandmother.”

 At ten, Kim began shooting with a competitive 22 rifle. First she won competitions in club 
shoots, and then State Finals. At 13, she won her first world championship title in women’s double 
trap. At the 2007 world cup competitions in Santo Domingo, she set a new final world record in 
this event with 98 hits (73 in the qualification round and a perfect 25 in the final.) Kim became a 
Distinguished International Shooter in 1995. (Badge #388)

 In the 1996 Summer Olympics, in Atlanta, Georgia, when Kim won a gold 
medal in double trap, she became the youngest female gold medalist in the history 
of Olympic shooting. At the 2000 Olympics in Sidney Australia, Kim won a bronze 
medal in double trap. At the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece, Kim won a gold medal 
in double trap. At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China, a silver medal in skeet. At the 
2012 Olympics in London, England, a gold medal in Skeet, and at the 2016 Olympics 
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Bronze in Skeet. In 2020, Kim hopes to participate in the 
Olympics in Tokyo, Japan! 

 In 2012, prior to the London Olympics, Kim was a guest speaker at the El Monte 
Historical Museum. Kim grew up in El Monte and both she and her dad (who is her 
coach) attended Arroyo High School. Her parents still reside there. Kim gave a great 
presentation explaining her career and showed slides at the various Olympics. Currently, 
she is the ONLY man or woman to participate in SIX consecutive Olympics and win 

 How did Kim become so talented? At her 2012 presentation, she told us it took 
A LOT of practice-some 25,000 targets every year for four years. Kim also was asked 
about the location of the games. It was great to be at home with so many fans cheering 
you on, but she loved when it was abroad and learning about the history and culture 
of the country. London had been difficult because of the damp weather. Lastly, asked 
about challenges-the toughest was switching to International Skeet. There was no more 
Double Trap after the 2004 Olympics.

 Here it is four years later. Kim continues to excel and has won the Bronze in Brazil. 
However it was a lot different this year. She and Mike have a new family member, their 
adorable three-year-old son Carter. Grandma Sharon recalled how Carter cheered his 
mom on in the Olympics, alongside his dad and grandpa.

 However, most people have no idea this was a much more difficult journey to the 
Olympics this year. Kim had complications with her pregnancy, was in a lot of pain and 
also had gall bladder surgery. That certainly would prevent practice. Kim revealed she is 
still undergoing physical therapy, and it was tough not being able to walk and build up 
her endurance.

 I wondered WHY Kim continues this journey to the Olympics. First you would have to meet 
her awesome family. Dad is her coach and he is so supportive. Mom Sharon was my contact for 
this article and is there to assist with Carter when needed. And then there is Mike, her husband. 
He is a “stay-at-home dad” for Carter and it was obvious to me the exemplary care given to his 
son. His support and love of Kim is unmatched when she went through the difficult pregnancy 
and gall bladder surgery and recovery. At this year’s Olympics, Kim chose Mike for the Order 
of Ikkos Medallion which symbolizes excellence in coaching, leadership, and inspiration for the 
Olympian to achieve world class performance. (see above photo.)

 Three cities claim this great star: her hometown, El Monte and both Monrovia and Big Bear where 
she and Mike have homes. Big Bear gave her a great send-off prior to the Olympics. Kim practices 
at Oak Tree Gun Club, Newhall, Olympic Shooting Park, Chino and Redlands Shooting Park. This 
writer hopes Kim’s streak continues and she wins a medal in 2020 at the Tokyo Olympics.


SACRAMENTO, CA – Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s 
(D-Los Angeles) fight for a more fair and affordable 
parking policy for California motorists received the 
approval of the State Assembly by a 67-7 vote, and 
will now be sent the Governor’s desk for his signature. 
The California Parking Bill of Rights will substantially 
reform how cities and other local governments manage 
and enforce parking laws, providing common-sense 
reforms and relief from unjust citations. 

“When parking becomes a business for cities, the 
legislature must step in to protect drivers and their 
wallets,” said Gatto. “Municipalities should be looking 
for ways to make parking easier for their community, 
not ways to profit off of them.”

The reforms included in AB 2586 will be:

 Prohibiting cities from hiring private companies to 
act as parking “bounty hunters.”

· Requiring cities to promptly make spaces available 
to motorists after street-sweeping activities have 

· Prohibiting cities from ticketing motorists who park 
at broken meters. The current law governing this 
(authored by Gatto in 2013) “sunsets” (expires) at the 
end of 2016.

“Today is a victory for motorists who ask for a fair and 
just parking policy,” added Gatto. 

 Mike Gatto is the Chairman of the Utilities & 
Commerce Committee and the longest-serving 
current member of the State Assembly. He represents 
California’s 43rd Assembly District, which includes 
Los Angeles, Glendale, and Burbank. www.asm. 



La Cañada Philanthropist Renée LaBran to receive Celebrating Children Award 

he popular Autry Museum of the American West 
will be the site of Hathaway-Sycamores Child and 
Family Services’ 8th annual fundraiser, Celebrating 
Children. In addition to raising money that will help 
fund the many crucial mental-health and support 
services provided by Hathaway-Sycamores, guests 
at the September 17 family friendly event will enjoy 
exploring the museum after hours, experiencing the 
rich cultural tapestry of the American West at this 
private bash! 

 This year’s Celebrating Children starts at 6:00 p.m. 
and concludes at 10:00 p.m. The public can purchase 
tickets to the event, which promises to be especially 
memorable and includes: dinner & drinks, the 
opportunity to meet some of the young adults from 
Hathaway-Sycamores’ Transitional Independent 
Living Program, docent available for tours for the 
kids and families, live auction, museum open for 
viewing to all, complimentary parking, and special 
gifts and giveaways.

 The centerpiece of Celebrating Children is the 
presentation of the Hathaway-Sycamores’ Celebrating 
Children Award. Each year, the event honors an 
individual or family who exemplifies the values of 
integrity, leadership and commitment to the well-
being of children, adults, families, and communities. 
For more than 114 years, these values have served 
as the foundation for the compassion and care that 
each child receives at Hathaway-Sycamores. The 2016 
Celebrating Children honoree is Renée LaBran.

 To purchase Celebrating Children tickets, 
or to be a corporate sponsor, visit www. or contact Andi Sica 
at (626) 395-7100 ext. 2516 or e-mail andreasica@

About Hathaway-Sycamores:

Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services 
is a highly respected mental health and welfare 
agency with 11 locations throughout Southern 
California. For over 114 years, we have been 
dedicated to nurturing hope, healing, and the 
opportunity to thrive for children, youth, young 
adults, and families facing serious life challenges. 
Hathaway-Sycamores’ comprehensive array of 
programs and services – which touch nearly 7,000 
lives annually – include: residential treatment; 
intensive treatment foster care; transitional 
living assistance for emancipated foster youth; 
outpatient and school-based mental health services; 
wraparound/in-home services; psychiatric services; 
psychological testing; educational support services; 
and afterschool tutoring/enrichment. Accredited by 
The Joint Commission and the Western Association 
of Schools and Colleges, Hathaway-Sycamores is 
licensed by the Community Care Licensing Division 
of the California Department of Social Services and 
is certified by the Los Angeles County Department 
of Mental Health. To learn more, visit http://www.

 Hathaway-Sycamores to present Renée LaBran 
with the 2016 Celebrating Children Award at Sept. 17 
event at the Autry Museum of the American West. 
Pictured: Hathaway-Sycamores former foster youth. 
Photo credit: Gerard Burkhart

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