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Notes from the Sierra MadrePlayhouse

Jeff’s Book Pics By Jeff Brown

Love’s Quiet Revolution: The End Of The 
Spiritual Search by Scott Kiloby

 Scott Kiloby points to the spiritual 
transformation sometimes 
called ”enlightenment,” where 
the personal self is seen to 
be an illusion, leaving an 
inexpressible unconditional 
love and peace in its place. This 
book is essentially about present 
moment awareness and spiritual 
liberation.The reason you can’t 
find happiness everywhere is 
because you are looking for it 
somewhere.When you realize 
the everything is temporary 
and falls away and no one thing 
is the source of everlasting 
happiness then what remains is 
everlasting happiness.

The Divorce Remedy: The 
Proven 7-Step Program for 
Saving Your Marriage by 
Michele Weiner Davis 

Michele Weiner-Davis offers an 
empowering and encouraging 
guide for revitalizing marriage 
and building stronger, more 
loving bonds.Michele Weiner-
Davis goes beyond her marriage-
saving bestseller, Divorce 
Busting, with this empowering 
and encouraging guide for 
revitalizing marriage and 
building stronger, more loving 
bonds. In a down-to-earth style 
that is free of psychobabble, 
Weiner-Davis outlines a realistic, 
solution-oriented seven-step 
program for managing marital 
problems, which, when left 
unchecked, can drain the life out 
of a relationship. Using revealing 
anecdotes and in-depth case 
studies, she illustrates practical 
ways for marriage partners to-
avoid the “divorce trap”-identify 
specific marriage-saving goals-
move beyond ineffective, hurtful 
ways of interacting.-become an 
expert on “doing what works”-
overcome infidelity, Internet 
obsessions, depression, sexual 
problems, and midlife crises.-
get your marriage back on 
track—and keep it there.Rescue 
your marriage with the proven 
techniques of The Divorce 
Remedy—sound, sensible advice 
from a renowned relationship 

The Sex-Starved Marriage: Boosting Your 
Marriage Libido: A Couple’s Guide by 
Michele Weiner Davis 

Bring the spark back into your 
bedroom and your marriage 
with gutsy and effective 
advice from bestselling author 
Michele Weiner-Davis.It is 
estimated that one of every 
three married couples struggles 
with problems associated with 
mismatched sexual desire. Do 
you? If you want to stop fighting 
about sex and revitalize your 
intimate connection with 
your spouse, then you need 
this book. In The Sex-Starved 
Marriage, bestselling author 
Michele Weiner Davis will 
help you understand why 
being complacent or bitter 
about ho-hum sex might 
cost you your relationship.
Full of moving firsthand 
accounts from couples who 
have struggled with the erosion 
of sexual desire and rebuilt 
their passionate connection, 
The Sex-Starved Marriage 
addresses every aspect of the 
sexual libido problem:If you’re 
the more highly sexed partner, 
you’ll breathe a sigh of relief. 
At last someone understands 
your feelings about the void in 
your marriage. Discover why 
your pleas for touch have fallen 
upon deaf ears and why your 
approach to the lull in your 
sexual relationship could be a 
sexual turnoff. Most important, 
learn new ways to motivate 
your spouse to take your needs 
for more physical closeness to 
heart.If you’re the spouse with 
a lagging libido, you’re far from 
alone. You’ll learn about the 
physiological and psychological 
factors, including unresolved 
relationship issues, that may 
contribute to the chill in your 
bedroom and what you can do 
to melt the ice. And if you’re 
a man, you’ll be surprised to 
learn that staggering numbers 
of men, even men whose sexual 
machinery works just fine, ”get 
headaches” too!The Sex-Starved 
Marriage will give you and 
your spouse the inspiration, 
encouragement, and answers 
you need.


By Artistic Director, Christian Lebano

 Two months ago I wrote of the ongoing battle 
between Actors Equity Association and the Intimate 
or 99-Seat Theatres in the Los Angeles area. In 1989, 
in settlement of a lawsuit brought by actors against 
their union, the 99-Seat plan was established. It 
allowed union actors to volunteer for small theaters 
with certain restrictions and be paid a very modest 
stipend/reimbursement. This created the incredibly 
vibrant theater scene we have today. On December 
14, the Union will require certain non-membership 
Intimate Theaters (SMP is one of 26 theaters in this 
category) using union actors to pay them minimum 
wage for all hours of rehearsal and performance. A 
Federal lawsuit (Asner v AEA) was served on the 
Union on July 14 after negotiations broke down. The 
Union answered with a Motion to Dismiss. That 
Motion was responded to by Plaintiffs and we are 
now waiting for the Union’s Reply. Then it will be on 
Judge Terry Hatter to decide whether the suit will go 

 This may seem too confusing to pay attention 
to. Except that it may mean that the Playhouse you 
have come to know and love these last few years 
may no longer be able to produce plays and events 
in the same way that we’ve come to and may have to 
go back to the days when using union actors was a 

 All of this uncertainty is leading to some very 
difficult conversations at Board meetings. We’ve 
all worked so hard these last few years to raise the 
production values at the Playhouse that it is difficult 
to imagine having to retrench. I believe that the 
arguments are on our side, but who knows how the 
judge will view the situation.

 SMP has joined 45 other Intimate Theaters and 
signed a pledge that we would not work under the 
plan that the Union has promulgated until the Federal 
case AND the Equal Employment Opportunity 
Claim (yes, there is a claim outstanding to consider 
the situation of union actors and the question of 
volunteering versus employment in LA theater) 
have both been adjudicated. It only seems fair that 
the status quo should continue until the situation is 
finally resolved. I’m hoping that Judge Hatter will 
agree and grant an injunction before it is too late.

 This all adds so much complexity to what was 
already a difficult juggle trying to keep what is, in 
effect, a small business running with such a small 
staff. It makes planning the upcoming season 
especially difficult and may have ramifications 
beyond those we’ve already considered. We are 
using this time to try to build our board and create 
sustainable support that will see us weather this 
tempest and come out stronger on the other side. 

This issue will not be resolved soon, but I hope it will 
resolve in a way that won’t irretrievably destroy what 
we’ve tried to build at SMP.

 Look for some special programming to be 
announced soon.

 This is your Playhouse. Please let me hear from 
you at 


JJ Jukebox, the greatest fun-rock band ever (except 
for all the others), will be performing a dinner 
concert, Saturday, September 10, 2016, 6:30-9:00 
at the Peppertree Grill. The Peppertree Grill is 
located at 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd in Sierra Madre 
(East of Pasadena nestled against the San Gabriel 

 Words cannot describe our performance (it 
wouldn’t be proper). If you’ve never seen us you 
don’t know what you’re missing. If you’ve seen us, 
come anyway (give us another chance please!). 
We guarantee fun rock from the 1960s and 1970s, 
plenty of dumb mistakes, and great food. We’ve 
sold out 5 times (some people never learn) so make 
your reservations soon. Call (626) 355-8444 after 
4:00 pm and tell the wonderful person on the other 
end of the phone how many of you there will be 
(and that you will be there no later than 6:00p.m.). 
Include your phone number.

 TRICKY PART: The restaurant has new owners 
and will be closed from Thursday, September 1 
through Tuesday September 6. So make reservations 
today or tomorrow with the restaurant, or email me 
with your reservations. We will sell out (probably) 
so act now (and we’ll include Hershey almond kisses 
at your table). That number again (626) 355-8444.

All Things Considered By Jeff Brown


The estimated total number of guns (both licit 
and illicit) held by civilians in the United States is 
270,000,000 to 310,000,000

 The estimated rate of private gun ownership (both 
licit and illicit) in the United States is 101 firearms 
per 100 people

 In the United States, the number of rifles in 
civilian possession is reported to be 110,000,0002

 In the United States, the number of shotguns in 
civilian possession is reported to be 86,000,000

 In the United States, the number of handguns in 
civilian possession is reported to be 114,000,000

 In a comparison of the number of privately owned 
guns in 178 countries, the United States ranked at 
No. 1

 In a comparison of the rate of private gun 
ownership in 178 countries, the United States ranked 
at No. 1

 In the United States, annual firearm suicides total 
in 2014: 21,334

 Police in the United States are reported to have 
1,150,000 firearms

 In the United States, the percentage of households 
with one or more guns is reported to be 31%

 In the United States, annual deaths resulting from 
firearms total in 2014: 33,599


By Sean Kayden


“As Light As Light” is Los 
Angeles natives, Andrew and 
Daniel Aged’s sophomore 
LP, but the first release under 
rechristening themselves into inc. no world. They 
formed Teen inc. in 2010 before changing their name to 
simple inc. not too long afterward when they released 
an EP and finally their debut record, ”No World” via 
4AD. Two singles off that record were released from the 
album including ”The Place”, which was featured in the 
Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack, and ”5 Days.” Andrew 
provides the vocals and guitar work while Daniel 
covers bass, keyboards, and production. However, for 
this latest go around, the brothers employed outside 
help of INGA’s Sam Gendel, drummer Kevin Yokota, 
and Nite Jewel/Beck producer Cole M.G.N. The duo 
make deeply inspired 80s/90s R&B, which is outright 
beguiling. With their latest effort, “As Light As Light” 
(via No World Recordings), the boys have returned (first 
full length album in over three and a half years) with 
something both tender and intimate. If comparison 
were truly needed for inc. no world it would probably 
come in the form of full-on R&B silky smooth soul 
singer/performer, How To Dress Well. However, the 
Ageds dig deeper with this release as they convey more 
of an introspective approach that draws the listener in 
ever so closer. No matter which moniker they choose to 
decide to go with, inc. no world is crafting psychedelic 
R&B more inventive than the mainstream acts sans the 
national attention. 

Artist: inc. no world

Album: As Light As Light

Label: No World Recordings

Release Date: September 9th, 2016

Opening track, “Hymn 1,” which feels like an intro 
track as it gradually and steadily builds is immaculately 
executed. Soulful and gentle, the listener is already 
being pulled in from the beginning stages of As Light As 
Light. The first single off the record follows by the title, 
“Waters Of You.” This tranquil and laid-back endeavor 
is just shy of five minutes of pure, unassuming beauty. 
The sensitive sound are surrounded with the striking 
lyrics such as the one in the first verse, “Your soul / Is 
the same one as mine / The same tear / That is held in 
the sky / It falls down / To a place where we meet.” The 
brothers provide a rich, but controlled sound that is easy 
to fall in love with. “The Wheel,” heads into a direction 
of psychedelia with floating guitars that resemble 
tropical vibes and more of a fuller, all-encompassing 
sound than the two previous tracks. Deeply stirring 
and undoubtedly serene throughout, “The Wheel” is a 
smooth excursion worth discovering. “In Your Beauty” 
starts off gorgeously ethereal and once again, the duo 
rival any R&B in contemporary music today with their 
profound poignancy and raw instrumental aptitudes. 
Andrew has these whispery tendencies as he sings his 
expressively driven lyrics, which add greatly to the 
emotive atmosphere that is being conveyed. 

 “In Love” is acoustically driven, toning back on 
the R&B vibe and winding down a path of subtly and 
straightforwardness. However, not to be mistaken 
for a lazy track by any means, the brothers show 
their versatility and strong talents to evolve beyond 
what they’ve seemingly becoming associated with. 
If anything, this is definitely a true highpoint off the 
record. “Your Waking Heart” shines right from the 
start with warm guitar riffs, understated drumbeats, 
and Andrew’s graceful delivery. To no surprise, we are 
bestowed another stunning track that flows effortlessly 
and meditatively. “For The Leaves” gently starts off 
with the strumming of a guitar before it blooms into 
something much finer. It becomes an ideal track in 
transitioning from summer to autumn. There’s this 
post-summer vibe, a fall season ambiance that carries 
the listener along. That’s just it, “As Light As Light” 
could be the perfect record for the upcoming season. 
We close out with “Hymn 2,” which could easily serve 
as an outro track if “Hymn 1” is the intro. It’s another 
track holds back just enough as it’s clearly evident inc. 
no world never had intentions for flashy arrangements 
or overblown productions commonly found within the 
genre. The duo has really found their stride (and maybe 
a permanent band name) with this spectacular release. 
It’s an exquisite piece of work that doesn’t confine to 
one exact sound or genre, but feels universe in covering 
many different tones and moods. There is true beauty 
to be found and utilized within nearly all twelve songs. 
“As Light As Light” is meant be fully embraced, to 
excite and to entice, and possibly examine one’s own 
surroundings in ways never looked in such a certain 
way before. If that doesn’t appear like an alluring trade 
off for a record, I’m not sure where else one may look 
toward in such an album released this year thus far. 

 Key Tracks: “The Wheel,” “Waters of You,” “In Your 
Beauty” “Your Waking Heart”

 Grade: 8 out of 10

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jollyholly5 inchmirrorball$10
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Help trim the community tree! Preparations are underway to decorate Kersting Court for the 
winter holidays! Join in the holiday spirit by purchasing an ornament for the tree and help raise 
funds for civic improvements. Ornaments are available for sale at Leonora Moss and The Bottle 
Shop. Volunteers will be placing the ornaments in mid-November. Thank you for helping Sierra 

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