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Mountain View News Saturday, June 3, 2017 


On Friday, May 26, 2017, at approximately 8:15 pm, an off duty federalUnited States Customs and Border Protection officer was walking inthe 400 block of First Avenue in the city of Arcadia when he wasassaulted by three subjects who tried to rob him using a handgun.
During the attempted robbery, the federal officer shot two of thesubjects, wounding one and killing the other.

The 14 year old male subject also struck by gunfire remains inthe hospital with non life threatening injuries. He was treated byparamedics for two gunshot wounds and transported to a local 

The 15 year olds both ran onto Colorado Boulevard following theinitial encounter and shooting and was found later by APD a halfblock away. Surveillance footage shows that the officer never leftthe scene of the shooting nor did he run after the fleeing suspects.
Homicide detectives learned that the 15 year old male struck bygunfire was pronounced dead at 5:34 a.m. Saturday morning.

The third suspect sustained no injuries. Their identities remain 
undisclosed due to their juvenile status.

The officer sustained some soft tissue damage to the side of hishead where he was struck by the subjects when they assaulted him.
He was also treated at a local hospital.

The handgun used by the subjects during the commission of therobbery (pictured above) was found near the deceased teen. Thegun was found to be a replica semiautomatic handgun which looksexactly like a real handgun. The manufacturer of the gun boasts onits website that they are the masters of look alike air guns and thattheir replica guns are realistic looking.

Since the incident involved a shooting by a federal officer, theArcadia Police Department requested the Los Angeles CountySheriff’s Department to conduct an independent investigation intothe incident along with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’sOffice. Investigators from the Sheriff’s Department HomicideBureau were assigned the investigation, arrived at the scene thatnight and assumed control of the investigation. The Office of the LosAngeles County District Attorney also arrived, participated in theinvestigatory process and conducted a legal analysis of the shooting.
During the course of the investigation, investigators have reviewedsurveillance video, spoken with witnesses, reviewed evidence at thescene and looked at autopsy results as well as considered statementsthat were made by the subjects and the victim. Up to this point inthe investigation, investigators have been able to corroborate thefollowing events and actions of the involved parties:

Video from the Gold Line Metro Rail shows the victim and the 
three subjects riding on the train. The victim exited the train at theArcadia Station and walked north on First Avenue from the train 
station, followed by the subjects. Video shows the subjects runningup on the victim where the robbery and shooting occurred.

After the shooting, the wounded 15 year old suspect is seen runningaway with the other 15 year old suspect, north on First Avenue and 
then east on Colorado Boulevard. The wounded subject is found ahalf a block away from the scene of the shooting by officers fromthe Arcadia Police Department. He was suffering from two gunshotwounds to his upper body and two gunshot wounds to his buttocks.
He was treated by paramedics and transported to a local hospital. Hedied early Saturday morning from his injuries. 

The other 15 year old subject was later found at a residence nearbyand taken into custody. He was not injured.

On Wednesday, May 31, 2017, an autopsy was conducted on thedeceased teen by the Los Angeles County Department of MedicalExaminer Coroner which documented and confirmed the subject’sinjuries.

Also on Wednesday, May 31, 2017, the Los Angeles County DistrictAttorney’s Office reviewed the evidence and filed Attempted Robberycharges and Assault charges against the 14 and 15 year old subjectsinvolved The 15 year old subject be arraigned on June 6, 2017. The14 year old remains hospitalized for gunshot wounds he receivedduring the incident.

Although charges have been filed, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’sDepartment Homicide Detectives are continuing their investigationinto the circumstances surrounding the officer involved shooting.
Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged tocontact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department HomicideBureau at (323) 890-5500 or Lieutenant Corina at (323) 890-5641. If 
you prefer to provide information anonymously, you may call “CrimeStoppers” by dialing (800) 222TIPS (8477), use your smartphone bydownloading the “P3 Tips” Mobile APP on Google play or the AppleApp Store or by using the website 

During the past year, our website development team has beenworking to coordinate the development of a brand and updated Citywebsite. And now… we are pleased to announce that the new websitehas gone live! Please feel free to access the new website by clicking onthe following link: 

City of Monrovia Website

As you peruse the new site, we wanted to let everyone know that thereare a few minor items are in the works to improve the new website even 
more. Of particular note, we thought it would be important to pointout that the search function on the new website does not currentlywork exactly as it will in a few weeks! Our new website includes a 
revised search function that utilizes advanced algorithms which aidin providing more accurate searches. However, given that the newwebsite just launched, the search function is not yet fully operational,
and during the next few weeks, the search function is learning how tomore accurately provide search results. To that end, there may be someinitial delay in having accurate searches during the initial few weeksthat the website is live. However, as the site continues to populate,
the search functions will improve, and having demoed other websitesthat use this new search feature, we feel confident that the site will be 
running smoothly by the time we hit mid-June 2017. 

Additionally, we wanted to share that our new and more modernlooking website was built using a powerful content managementsystem to help users find information easily and quickly, whetheryou’re a long-time resident, a potential business owner, or a first-timevisitor looking to see why Monrovia is the best place to live, work, andplay in the San Gabriel Valley.

The new website has been organized to put the needs of Monroviansfirst, putting the most popular links on the homepage and in the searchengine tool to minimize the number of clicks it takes to find what youneed. A new “How To” menu sorts information by tasks, so that userscan quickly accomplish what they came to do or find. In addition to 
adding new content and resources, we’ve also re-written our pagesto make them easier to understand and more approachable than atraditional government website.

In Monrovia, our staff strive to provide the highest quality of serviceto the community, whether someone is visiting us at City Hall orsearching for information online. With our new website, our online 
services will better reflect our high standards of customer service,
allowing users to find timely, reliable information 24/7. Explore the newsite today and come back often to stay informed of the City’s excitinginitiatives and activities, as we continuously make improvements tobetter meet your needs! 


In a bit of additional Monrovia Days news, we wanted to share witheveryone that the Monrovia Days Parade included a total of 63 entries!
With the help of our presiding judges (which included CommunityServices Commissioner Genia Mills, MUSD Representative DarvinJackson, and Centre Stage Representative Chelsea Witt), the followinggroups were selected as our 2017 Monrovia Days Parade winners!
Best Band – Clifton Middle School 
Best Float – Centre StageBest Themed Entry – Tzu Chi Great Love Preschool & Elementary 

Community Service Award – Monrovia Cub Scout Pack #66Patriot Award – VFW Arcadia/Monrovia Post #2070Best Equestrian Entry – Los Hermanos Banuelos Charro TeamJudges Award – Nano TecCongratulations to all of our winners, and a HUGE thanks to allthose who participated in the 2017 Monrovia Days Parade! We 
will be recognizing all of the parade award winners at an upcomingmeeting! 


For the period of Sunday, May 21st, through Saturday, May 27th, the PoliceDepartment responded to 1,049 calls for service, of which 126 required formalinvestigations. The following is a summary report of the major incidents handled bythe Department during this period. 

Sunday, May 21:

Shortly before 9:16 a.m., an officer responded to the 800 block of Fairview Avenueregarding a vehicle burglary report. The officer determined an unknown suspectbroke the passenger window of the vehicle and stole various tools. No suspectswere seen and no witnesses were located. 

Around 9:48 a.m., an officer responded to CEO Beauty Salon, 168 Las TunasDrive, regarding a commercial burglary report. The victim discovered anunknown suspect forced open a rear door and stole approximately $20,000 worthof merchandise and facial machines. An investigation revealed a neighboring unitwithin the same business complex was also burglarized in the same manner. Theinvestigation is ongoing.

Just after 7:00 p.m., an officer responded to Albertsons, 298 East Live OakAvenue, regarding a robbery report. The manager witnessed the suspect push acart of unpaid groceries through the exit and, when she contacted the suspect, thesuspect pushed the cart toward the manager and tipped it over, causing injury tothe manager’s hand. The suspect fled to his red Mercedes.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, approximately 5’6”, 240 pounds,
with a shaved head. The investigation is ongoing. 

Monday, May 22:

At approximately 5:31 a.m., an officer was flagged down by an unknown citizenreporting a male subject was bleeding in the 400 block of East Huntington Drive.
Upon contacting the subject, the officer discovered an altercation occurredbetween two transients and the suspect struck the victim in the face with a metalgate. The victim was transported to the Arcadia Methodist Hospital for treatment.

The suspect is described as a heavy set Hispanic male. The investigation isongoing.

Just after 10:37 a.m., an officer responded to Bourret Auto Glass and Upholstery,
11605 Goldring Road, regarding a theft report. An investigation revealed anemployee was fired on Friday, May 19th, and had to be escorted from the property.
On Monday, May 22nd, the reporting party discovered the petty cash box and alaptop were missing. The suspect is the irate former employee, a 45-year-old femalefrom La Habra Heights. The investigation is ongoing. 

Tuesday, May 23:

Around 1:45 p.m., an officer responded to the area of 430 East Huntington Driveregarding a male suspect who had just hit a female victim. The officer discoveredthe suspect entered the victims’ unlocked vehicle and stole a purse. The victimssaw the suspect inside their vehicle and, upon contacting the suspect, a physicalaltercation ensued. The suspect fled on foot and one of the victims sustained minorinjuries.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, 18 to 25-years-old, approximately5’5”, 135 pounds, with a mustache and a shaved head. The investigation is ongoing.

Just before 6:31 p.m., officers responded to Vons, 745 West Naomi Avenue,
regarding a grand theft report. An investigation revealed the suspect, a 36-year-oldmale from Long Beach, concealed nearly $1,000.00 worth of cosmetics in a bagand exited the store, failing to make payment. He dropped the property as he wasconfronted by loss prevention and fled in a tan Kia Optima. The investigation isongoing. 

Wednesday, May 24:

Shortly after 3:06 p.m., an officer responded to a residence in the 800block of Singing Wood Drive regarding a burglary report. Surveillancefootage revealed the suspects parked their vehicle in the driveway of theresidence; three black males exited the vehicle, and entered the residence 
by smashing a rear window. Once inside, they ransacked the home and fledwith a laptop computer.

All three suspects attempted to cover their faces and were wearing work gloves.
The investigation is ongoing. 


During the last seven-day period, the Police Departmenthandled 420 service events, resulting in 79 investigations. Tosee a complete listing of crimes reported, go to http://www. for crime mapping.
For Police Department news and information, visit ourwebsite and follow us on Twitter. 

Warrant – Suspect Arrested

May 25 at 8:03 a.m., an officer was on patrol in the 1100block of S. Ivy when he recognized a male subject near theintersection of Cherry and Ivy. The subject was a wantedsuspect in a fraud incident that occurred a week prior. Thesuspect was arrested and held pending his court appearance. 

Injury Traffic Collision

May 25 at 7:01 p.m., officers responded to the intersectionof Mayflower and Diamond regarding a traffic collisioninvolving a vehicle and a pedestrian. Monrovia paramedicsarrived on scene and treated the injured party. Both 
parties were identified and a traffic collision report wascompleted. 

Driving Under the Influence – Suspect Arrested

May 26 at 12:05 a.m., an officer observed a vehicle commita vehicle code violation near Mountain and Huntington.
The driver was stopped and the investigation revealed thedriver was intoxicated and too impaired to drive a motorvehicle. He was arrested and held for a sobering period. Hewas later released with a citation to appear in court. 

Driving Under the Influence – Suspect Arrested

May 26 at 4:09 a.m., police dispatch was notified of a vehiclethat was stopped in the middle of the street in the 100 blockof E. Central and the driver appeared to be slumped over 
the steering wheel. Officers arrived and determined the 
driver was intoxicated. The subject was too impaired todrive a motor vehicle and he was arrested for driving underthe influence. The subject was held for a sobering periodand later released with a citation to appear in court. 


May 26 at 2:40 p.m., a shoplifting incident was reportedby a business in the 500 block of W. Huntington. A malesuspect stole merchandise and ran out the emergency exit.
As he exited the store, he dropped the merchandise andfled the area. Officers conducted an area check, but the 
suspect was not located. The investigation is continuing. 

Warrant – Suspect Arrested

May 26 at 2:58 p.m., an officer stopped a vehicle in the 400block of W. Hillcrest for a traffic violation. The driver was 
found to have an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He wasarrested per the authority of the warrant. 

Domestic Violence / Warrant – Suspect Arrested

May 27 at 12:34 a.m., officers responded to a residence in the700 block of W. Foothill on the report of domestic battery.
The female victim reported that her boyfriend pulled herhair. Officers spoke to both parties and learned the malesuspect pulled his girlfriend’s hair and dragged her fromthe bedroom to the living room by her hair. The suspectalso had a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested and taken 
into custody for domestic violence and the warrant. 

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