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restaurant. Reader Cherylwould like me to give the littleguys a chance, she tells methat Monople on El Molino inPasadena has some fantastic 
wines and that the Everson 
Royce on North Raymondalso has a great selection. I 
took up Cheryl’s advice andhad a marvelous time a few 
weeks ago sampling a Huntand Harvest Merlot at the 
Everson Royce, the wine wasfrom a 5 gallon keg, Ryan wason duty and tells that keggedwine is a great wine to samplewine before you make the

Reader Dave Buchanan is 
a man after my own heart,
he loves a good glass ofwine and he loves to go tothe Santa Anita Race Track and watch the horses 
run. As a reader of this column Dave asked me if 
I had any formal journalistic training. The answer 
is no, I was an Econ Major at Cal State LA. Dave 
and I have tussled about wine prices and the rightsending you to the supermarket aisle when there isTABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills 
and wrongs about brining your own wine into a 
a sale going on. 
The level of agreement between acidity, tannins,
quality that is more individual than scientific. 
Wine Term of the week: Balance 
fruit, oak, and other elements in a wine; a
ever the strategy is this consumer has no shame in 

decision to buy a full bottle and I agree. I am all 
about value and would love to include the little guyin my column more often. Many supermarkets are“fully in” on wine programs. Right now Vons isdoing their semi annual 30% off wine. Many of youthat I have met at my wine tastings tell me that whenVons does this program the prices are hard to beat.
Others such as Ralph’s and Stater Bros. have similar 
programs. Though I wonder if the “regular” price is abit inflated to make the savings look stronger. What 
One of my favorite events is this Saturday, June10th at the Santa Anita Race Track, the popular“UNCORKED” is a true taste of the city with manyrestaurants and wineries. I always look forward to 
this event. Call (626) 574-race or log onto www. for more details. 

Join me this Sunday at 5 PM for my radio showDining with Dills AM 830 KLAA or email me 

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