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Happy Tails 
by Chris Leclerc 

therapy dogs in person and I have to say it wasthe highlight of my day. Marianne was delightfuland kind enough to share the details about howtheir program works. I write this in honor ofMarianne’s memory, as she and her belovedtherapy dog, Maggie have both since passed awaydue to cancer. 

The objective of New Leash on Life’s Lend A 
Paw Therapy Dogs program is to form a network 
of caring individuals who are willing to share 
their animals to help others in need. Owners are 
responsible for training and certifying the dogs 
that make their mission possible. Therapy dogs 
must be at least 1 year old, they must meet the 
criteria of the required obedience training and be 
capable of consistent harmonious interaction with 
humans and other dogs.

Lend a Paw Therapy Dogs’ volunteer animal 
assistance activities include visits to hospitals, 
special needs centers for seniors and children, 
nursing homes and schools. Requests for dog 
therapy services can come from patients, family 
members or facility staff members.

Often times, a dog therapy team will simply go 
from room to room to see who is up for a visit. 
Interestingly, there are times when the therapy dog 
will let the handler know who needs their brand 
of therapy by pulling toward the door of their 
room! Group sessions are the typical scenario at 
retirement homes, where patients or residents 
gather together in one room to enjoy the presence 
of the dogs.

Whatever the circumstances, therapy dogsalways bring smiles and renewed hope to thefolks they visit. One stroke victim namedDorothy had not spoken for over a year, butafter a visit from Marianne and Maggie, shesomehow found the energy and desire to speak.
When she did finally speak, it was to say thename “Maggie”! That is what a caring canine cando for a stroke patient who may have otherwisenever spoken again.

In addition to visiting special needs homes, 
hospitals and schools, Lend a Paw Therapy Dogs 
also participates in community activities with 
the local fire departments and libraries. For more 
information about Lend a Paw Therapy Dogs, visit 
the New Leash on Life website at 


“Dogs are the most amazing creatures…They are 
the role model for being alive.” ~ Gilda Radner“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy 
licking your face.” ~ Ben Williams

Numerous accounts of physical and mental 
health benefits resulting from interaction with 
dogs have been documented throughout history. 
It pleases me to know that I am not alone in my 
recognition and appreciation of the physical, 
psychological and even spiritual benefits of 
spending time with a cuddly canine.

Loving and being loved by a dog is not only a 
heart-warming experience, the fact is that canines 
can also play a part in prolonging and enhancing 
the quality of life for human beings. I would be 
hard-pressed to understand or try to explain just 
exactly how it works, but I believe that dogs are 
God’s gift to mankind, and I take it for face value 
based on my own experience.

One example of how the canine can positively 
impact the health and well-being of the human 
is clearly shown by the work of a certified healthcare 
therapy dog. The first documented therapy 
dog was a Yorkshire Terrier named Smoky. Smoky 
had been abandoned on the battlefield in New 
Guinea during WWII, when Corporal William 
Wynne took him in, cared for him and gave him 
his name. 

Smoky proved to be a major asset to Wynne’s 
military outfit, lending comfort to the troops and 
playing a part in saving their lives by running a 
telegraph cable through an underground pipe, 
completing in minutes what would have been a 
3-day, very dangerous operation for the soldiers 
responsible for the project.

Dr. Charles Mayo (of the famed Mayo Clinic) 
was Corporal Wynne’s commanding officer who 
allowed Smoky to join him on hospital rounds 
to visit injured troops. The pup’s popularity grew 
so strong that he became the troop’s mascot and 
continued his work for 12 years after WWII had 
ended. Who knew a would-be abandoned ‘mutt’ 
would become a famous forerunner for a prolific 
program that makes a major positive impact on 
the lives of so many people today?

A few years ago I had the privilege of 
participating in an American Cancer Society Bark 
for Life of Arcadia event where I met Marianne 
Cortland, who greeted me with a 
warm smile at the New Leash on 
Life ‘Lend a Paw Therapy Dogs’ 
information booth. Marianne 
and several other volunteers, 
along with a team of therapy dogs 
accompanied by their handlers, 
were there to help support the 

The fact that dogs are oftenused as health-care therapistshas been common knowledge tome for years, but this was the firsttime I had the chance to meet 


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approached calmly, she welcomes having her velvetycoat stroked. Her play style is bat and pat. Featherytoys get her attention more than noisy balls. When 
she feels the need for a little aerobics, she will chase 
the laser dot. Nicoleleo lives in Meow Manor and 
gets along with her roommates, so she will do well ina multi-family home, and will also thrive as an onlycat. Her adoption fee is $99 which includes spaysurgery, a microchip, first vaccinations and a freewellness check-up at a participating veterinarian.
Feel free to call us at (626) 286-1159 for moreinformation on Nicoleleo. ID#13265. She currentlyresides at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Societylocated at 851 E. Grand Avenue in San Gabriel which 
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develop a strong bond with their humans, andexperience grief and stress if their home is uprootedor unstable. We strive to make sure that potentialadopters are able to provide kittens a LIFELONGhome, and not just a home until the “cuteness” 
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In yoga, there 

are two essential 

areas in which to 

bring awareness

and energy. First

is the navel center 
which is responsible for digestion, assimilationand transformation. It’s basically an energy hub, a 
power center. The second essential area is the heart 
which is the very center of our being in many ways.
Both areas are well worth developing awareness but 
the heart can provide solace in times of sorrow,
answers when there is uncertainty, and healingwhen all other resources have been exhausted. 

Yes, we are speaking of the actual heart, but alsothe entire region below the throat and down tothe solar plexus. The heart works as a distributor.
Physically, it is essential for sustaining life as itdistributes vital nutrients and blood throughoutthe body. Energetically, the heart also distributesthoughts, feelings, love, compassion, and 

When we speak of love at the heart, it isunconditional love free of attachment. As you mayhave felt, there are a multitude of emotions and 
mental experiences at the heart center. It holds theability to create a feeling of acceptance of the worldaround us and see ourselves and others through 

compassionate eyes. A sense of open-mindednesscomes from the heart. 

The energy center at the heart is called Anahata.
It is the fourth chakra in the subtle body. It issimply an intersection of channels carrying prana(vital life force energy). The meaning of Anahatais “unstruck sound.” This is referring to the soundof the heart that can be heard if you listen closely.
This unique sound is protected and untouched andunaffected. It is right in the center of the chest in itsown abode. This is where we can seek healing andsolace. 

There are many meditations that focus onhealing the heart and going to the heart to heal. Tobegin in a simple way, consider bringing awarenessby envisioning green healing light coming from theheart center then spreading throughout the bodyas you breathe steadily. Ask questions internallyand discover what comfort and solutions come into 

Come explore these concepts, practices andmeditations with us at Yoga Madre. Please contactme at Yoga Madre or email keelytotten@icloud.
com with questions and discussions. 

Namaste and Love, 
Keely Totten, E-RYT 500,
Teacher at Yoga Madre 


What would you do if you

knew you wouldn’t fail?

 This question is a favorite.

We see it everywhere from

Pinterest to coffee mugs andmagnets. It is a provocative query.

It compels one to ponder if there is some aspectof life not yet fully lived or is there some part of lifenot adequately explored?

Today, I woke from my bed with this question,
“What would you do if you remembered you area masterpiece and Divinely connected to InfiniteIntelligence?” That question made me pop out ofbed in delight.

It reminds me of who and to whom we belong.

That question is a motivator for us. With thatinquiry, we are prompted to share our gifts and tostay in service.

Being at one with the Creator means that thereare no mistakes, but instead necessary steps alongthe path. 

Instead of asking, “what if you failed?” Howabout, “What can you do to help and to serve?”
Who do you need to be to bring this idea to life?
What will become of your idea if you don’t bring 

Real Life Tips from LIfe's Instruction Manual 
it forth? If you don’t do it will you ever fully know

yourself? What if it was fun?

Wanna know the best part?

When we endeavor to live the life of our dreams, 
it’s fun. 

The fun is in the taking the steps and beingin action because we begin to like the personthat we are becoming. We start to love life daily,
not because of achieving goals or acquiring newpossessions. We will enjoy life more when we areauthentically living.

So is there love that you need to share? Is theresome adventure that you need to have? Is theresomething within you longing to be brought forthand into reality? When will the real you show up?
When will you release your gift and let your lightshine? 

You are a masterpiece. The world is waiting forthe real you.

Don’t know where to begin?

Sign up for a mini-session, and I will show youhow to get started.

Nicoleleo is a gorgeous 4 year old brown tickedtabby who loves to lie in beds that surround her likea fur collar. She’s a gentle and calm girl and when 

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