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Mountain View News Saturday, July 22, 2017 

Walking Sierra Madre…The Social Side

by Deanne Davis 

“What I’d like to say to the Nation is go down toyour local Fire Department or your EMS, shaketheir hands and tell them thank you. Because theyrisk their lives every day for you... it’s important. Weneed to go and give them a hug, shake their handsand tell them thank you.” 

Dr. George Smith, West TX EMS Director 

OK, you’re watching TV, something goes terriblywrong and somebody yells, “Call 911! CALL 911!!
So somebody does and the next thing you hear issirens and amazing people are picking somebodyup off the street, putting bandages on bloodywounds, giving CPR and, just generally, displayingheroic behavior. Deep in our hearts we all hopethat nobody ever has to call 911 for us. But it doeshappen. 

911 has been called three times for us in the 50 
years we’ve lived in Sierra Madre. The first timewas in 1974 when our little girl, Crissy, then fouryears old, was hit by a car in front of our house,
dragged down the street and terribly damaged.
We really didn’t have a paramedic unit then, butGeorge Maurer and another gentleman, to whomwe will be eternally grateful, took a look at our littlegirl, scooped her up off the street and rushed herto Arcadia Methodist. She survived that horrible 
accident – a miracle right there, folks – and is 
now alive and well and living in Texas with ourgranddaughters, Jessie and Emily, and her husbandChris. That was our first encounter with EMT guys.
We wept with gratitude for years every time we sawGeorge Maurer. 

The second time was about four years ago whenI was changing the sheets on our bed. I turnedsome weird way, found myself on the floor and myleft knee really really hurt. I, of course, did not letthat slow me down. I managed to get myself up offthe floor and finished making the bed. By then Irealized my knee hurt really really really bad so Iput myself down on that newly made bed and sortof waited for it to go away. It did not. As the daywore on, my knee got more and more swollen andwhen I needed to visit the powder room, John andI both realized I was in a lot of trouble as I couldn’t 
walk. So we called 911 and said, no emergency, nohurry, I’m not bleeding and don’t have chest pains.
We could hear the sirens as they left the fire stationall the way up Baldwin. A whole lot of the bestlooking and nicest people in the world crowdedinto the dressing room where I was reclining on thefloor and asked me how I was doing. I said, “OK,
don’t touch me!” Well, after giving me morphinewhile being charming, I did let them touch meand eventually they got me down to HuntingtonHospital. The doctor said, “You have an explosionof your kneecap!” I had surgery, went home, andwrote our guys a thank you letter. They were sonice, so delightful, so terror and pain displacingthat this whole thing is sort of a good experience. 

The third time was July 13th when my walkingbuddy, best friend and husband, the adorableJohn, called out to me as I was getting dressed togo to the Summer Talent Kids final show at SierraMadre Elementary that he needed help. As thisnever happens, I raced in to where he was in ourTV room. He was sort of collapsed on the couchand said he was horribly dizzy. Seriously? Neverhappened before! He’d tried to get up, fallen on thepiano, knocked a bunch of stuff off and fell backon the couch. I tried to help him get up but the 
room was spinning, the pictures and furniturewere moving and we were both pretty scared. Icalled Dr. Linda Crawford, our beloved doctor, 
and her darling receptionist said, “You need to call

911. You know that’s what she’d tell you so just doit.” So I did. In seconds, one of our police officerswas walking down the front walk saying, “How yadoing?” He was calm, calm, calm. I was not, not,
not! Long story short, another big group of thebest looking, nicest people in the world arrived,
did a bunch of things, eventually strapped John toa gurney and took him to Methodist, where theywaited with him till he was put into a treatmentroom. We spent the day there, having tests, waitingfor tests and it turned out he had an extremelysevere case of vertigo, complicated by nausea. Theygave him meds and IV fluids and we got to gohome that same day. 
Here’s why I wanted to tell you guys out there allabout our experiences with the paramedics, EMT’s,
fire department people, and our police. They are sokind. So we’re going down there to shake hands,
give hugs, say thank you and take pictures. We areso grateful they are part of our community. WhenI hear the sirens around town, I know they areon a mission of mercy. We did that very thing onMonday the 17th. Here are the amazing folks in thepicture: Captain Mike Goth; Engineer Ed Hughes;
Firefighters Mark Duson and Cyrus Skidmore;
Paramedics Greg Fields, Caylin Huxford. 

To all these amazing men and women: Thankyou! We are so grateful! 

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July 9 to July 16 2017 During this time period,
the Sierra Madre Police Department responded toapproximately 418 day and night time calls for service. 

Tuesday, July 11 In the 100 block of N. Sunnyside 
Ave. an unknown suspect(s) walked onto the 
property and proceeded to the backyard throughthe unlocked gate, and shattered a single pane of asliding glass door window. No access was gainedinto the house and no property was taken. 1:30 p.m.
Officers responded to the 200 block of Santa AnitaCt. regarding a theft of a package. The resident statedshe saw an individual walking away from her porchwith a package. The suspect threw the package inthe back seat of the vehicle and left the location, 
with a female driving the vehicle. The officers were 
contacted by Arcadia PD that they had detainedthe suspects based on the descriptions given. The 
package was discovered in the vehicle and returnedto the victim. The victim confirmed the identityof one of the suspects who was then arrested and 

transported to the Pasadena Police jail for booking.
Case to Detectives 

Wednesday, July 12 Officers responded to SantaAnita Canyon Rd. and Arno at about 10:14 p.m.
for a welfare check of a driver that was passed outbehind the wheel of a parked vehicle. Upon furtherinvestigation, it was determined that the subject 
was under the influence of methamphetamine,
possession of a controlled substance and drugparaphernalia. Suspect was arrested and booked intoPasadena Jail. Suspect’s vehicle was impounded.
Case to Detectives 

Saturday, July 15 At about 2:43 p.m., officersresponded to call of a male committing a lewdact in his vehicle in the 100 block of E. Montecito. 
Following the interview, officers determined thatthe statement by the witness was true, arrested thesuspects and transported him the Pasadena Policejail for booking. Case referred to the DA’s office 

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