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Mountain Views-News Saturday, July 22, 2017 
Mountain Views-News Saturday, July 22, 2017 
Jeff’s Book PicsBy Jeff Brown FAMILY MATTERS By Marc Garlett 

The Miracle of Dunkirk: The True Story of absent-minded mistakes at work, a weakness 
Operation Dynamo by Walter Lord for junk food, a smart phone addiction, or a 
The true story of the World War II evacuation lack of exercise, everyone has some bad habit or 
portrayed in the Christopher Nolan film behavior that they’d like to change. But wanting 
Dunkirk, by the #1 New York Times–bestselling to change and actually doing it—and sticking 
author of Day of Infamy.In May 1940, the with it—are two very different things.Dr. Young, 
remnants of the French and British 

an authoritative new voice in the 
armies, broken by Hitler’s blitzkrieg, 

field of behavioral science, knows 
retreated to Dunkirk. Hemmed in 

a great deal about our habits—
by overwhelming Nazi strength, 

how we make them and how we 
the 338,000 men gathered on the 

can break them. Stick with It is 
beach were all that stood between 

his fascinating look at the science 
Hitler and Western Europe. Crush 

of behavior, filled with crucial 
them, and the path to Paris and 

knowledge and practical advice 
London was clear.Unable to retreat 

to help everyone successfully alter 
any farther, the Allied soldiers set 

their actions and improve their 
up defense positions and prayed 

lives.As Dr. Young explains, you 
for deliverance. Prime Minister 

don’t change behavior by changing 
Winston Churchill ordered an 

the person, you do it by changing 
evacuation on May 26, expecting 

the process. H explains why change 
to save no more than a handful of 

can be difficult and identifies the 
his men. But Britain would not let 

crucial forces that combine to 
its soldiers down. Hundreds of 

make transformation permanent, 
fishing boats, pleasure yachts, and 

from the right way to create new 
commercial vessels streamed into 

habits to how to harness emotional 
the Channel to back up the Royal 

meaning to motivate change. He 
Navy, and in a week nearly the 

also helps us understand how 
entire army was ferried safely back 

the mind often interferes with 
to England.Based on interviews 

creating lasting change and how 
with hundreds of survivors and told 

we can outsmart it, including 
by “a master narrator,” The Miracle 

using “neurohacks” to shortcut 
of Dunkirk is a striking history of 

the brain’s counterproductive 
a week when the outcome of World 

instincts. In addition he provides a 
War II hung in the balance (Arthur 

powerful corrective to the decades 
Schlesinger Jr.). 

old science of habits, offering a next 
generation discussion of how habits 
can change behavior with the right 

Stick with It: A Scientifically 

approach.Packed with pragmaticYour Life-for Good by Sean D. exercises and stories of real people 
Youngwho have used them successfully, Stick with 
An award-winning psychologist and director It shows that it is possible to control spending, 
of the UCLA Center for Digital Behavior shows stick to a diet, become more social, exercise 
everyone how to make real, lasting change in regularly, stop compulsively checking e-mail, 
their lives in this exciting work.Whether it’s and overcome problem behaviors—forever. 

Proven Process for Changing 

All Things By Jeff Brown 


Over 80 pedestrians on the Panama City Beachdifferent races and genders come into action toin Florida formed a human chain to save a familyhelp Total strangers is absolutely amazing to see!!”
of nine from a dangerous riptide.Events beganwrote Simmons. “People who didn’t even knowto unfold on Saturday evening when Robertaeach other went hand in hand in a line , into the 
Ursrey and her husband saw their two young sonswater to try and reach them.”As she watched thescreaming for help from 100 yards out into the80-person chain stretch towards the swimmers, sheocean. A nearby couple attempted to rescue theknew she could help. Simmons and her husbandboys, but they also became caught in the current.then grabbed boogie boards and swam down theSeveral of the other family members attempted tochain until she reached the exhausted swimmers. 
rescue the struggling swimmers, and they becameFirst, they helped the two young boys reach thetrapped as well.There was no lifeguard on duty, andhuman chain. Then, they went back for Roberta,
police had opted to wait for a rescue boat – but thewho was just starting to black out . Next, theysituation was getting more dire by the second. Therescued Roberta’s mother who had begun to haveriptide victims had already been struggling to keepa heart attack. Finally, after everyone was broughttheir heads above water for twenty minutes, andback to the beach, the crowd began to cheer. Jessicathey were exhausted. Beach goers started yellingsays that while she was hailed as a hero, she creditsat the crowd of onlookers to form a human chain. the rescue to everyone on the beach.“ I was calmDozens of people – several of which reportedlybecause I knew they was coming out alive. I knewsaid they couldn’t even swim themselves – linkedhow to get out of a rip tide and I knew I could swimarms and marched into the ocean. Among thefor long periods of time. But what really got me wasonlookers was Jessica Simmons, whose husband how a entire beach jumped into action to save thesetold the crowd to form a chain.“To see people from people.” 

the judge appoints the last person you would havewanted to have custody of your children.

It’s important to note that when it comes to assetdivision, in most cases, state intestacy law presumes thata family consists of a husband, wife, and their natural-
born children. But, that’s not the way all families arestructured, and things can become legally complicatedfor those other families quickly.

According to Wealth Management, one analysiscounted 50 different types of family structures inAmerican households – 50! Almost 18% of Americans 
have been remarried, and through adoption andstepfamilies, millions of children are living in blendedfamilies. The laws just haven’t kept up, and absurdresults often occur for these types of families if they’verelied on intestacy as their estate plan. For example,
stepchildren that you helped raise (but didn’t legallyadopt) may end up with no inheritance, while a soonto-
be-ex-spouse may inherit everything from you.

Of course, with proactive estate planning, you cancontrol your assets and essentially eliminate the risk ofthese crazy results.

Also, keep in mind that intestacy provides noDOESN’T EVERYTHING asset protection or preservation benefits. Without anyprotections in place, an estate’s assets are vulnerable AUTOMATICALLY GO TO to creditors, lawsuits, and others who may claimentitlement to the property. These claims wouldMY SPOUSE AND KIDS take precedence over the statutory requirements forinheritance. In other words, the family won’t be first inWHEN I DIE ANYWAY? line; they’ll be last. They’d only be able to inherit the

scraps and leftovers.
Many people think that if they die while they areThe best way to safeguard and pass along whatmarried, the law dictates everything they own goesyou’ve worked so hard to build is to do your owndirectly to their spouse or children. They’re thinking ofestate planning rather than leave things to the laws ofstate rules that apply if someone dies without leavingintestacy. Protect yourself, your family and your assetsa will. In legal jargon, this is referred to as dyingby talking to a qualified estate planning attorney today.
“intestate.” In California’s case, the specifics will varyDedicated to empowering your family, building yourdepending on the type of property held and the numberwealth and securing your legacy, 
of children you have, if any. However, the general rule isthat your spouse will receive a certain share and the restwill be divided among your children.

Now that may seem like, “So far, so good,” right?
Your spouse is getting an inheritance and so are thekids. But wait. Here are some examples of how theintestacy laws can – and do – fail many common familysituations. 

First off, if both parents of minor-aged childrendie intestate, then the children are almost always leftA local attorney and father, Marc Garlett is on a missionwithout a legal guardian. Kids won’t automatically goto help parents protect what they love most. His office is 
to a godparent, even if that’s what everyone knew thelocated at 49 S. Baldwin Ave., Ste. G, Sierra Madre, CA 
parents had intended. Instead, a court will appoint91024. Schedule an appointment to sit down and talksomeone to be the children’s guardian. In suchabout ensuring a legacy of love and financial securitysituations, the judge may not make the decision thatfor your family by calling 626.587.3058 or visit www.
you, as a parent, would have made. In fact, sometimes for more information. 


The latest on Business News, Trends and Techniques 

By La Quetta M. Shamblee, MBA 

Previously submitted Nov 23 2013through partnerships, alliances, or simply an exchange of 
Some people have faced hardships that have cause themencouragement or support.
to think they may have been dealt the wrong deck ofConsistency will provide you with momentum whencards during this round of life. Everyone faces challengesthe going gets tough. Maintaining diligence in the facealong this journey called life as certain cards are dealt,of challenges that may make you want to quit will createunexpectedly creating situations where it seems that theya level of internal discipline that is shared only by an eliteare holding the cards that don’t provide them with a chancefamily of achievers across many industries and disciplines.
of winning. Those who make the decision to become By doing what you know that you should do, in theentrepreneurs understand that, in spite of the cards dealttimeline that you know you should be working on it willby life, there is always the option to keep shuffling the deckpropel you from average to extraordinary in terms of yourand exchanging cards to create a winning hand.progress and achievements that you desire.

Each of us can decide whether the deck we’re holdingKeep moving forward, with the knowledge that “everysuits us, or we can create a brand new deck to begin thejourney begins with a single step.” If you will simplyjourney in the direction of success in business and in life.continue to put one foot in front of the other by focusing

Decide on what you want. It is important to write youron the key things in your plan, you’ll find some parts ofgoals, along with a plan of how you foresee achieving them.the journey to feel effortless at times. These moments 
This plan will serve as a roadmap, and outline, with thedon’t come often, but when they do, you will find yourselfunderstanding that you will need to make adjustments aspropelled farther along that you’d anticipated. 
you incur unforeseen roadblocks and detours. However, Look through your deck. Don’t like it? Shuffle it and 
by having a well-laid plan, you’ll always know whetherdare to make a decision in the direction of your heart’syou’re moving toward your ultimate goals as you navigatedesire and you’ll be amazed at what you will accomplish.
the challenges to get back on track.By taking time to put your decision in writing along with

Execute your plan with fervor. Embark on the execution a gameplan, you will lay the groundwork to get startedof your plan as if your life depends on it. “Anything worthwith the execution of your plan, and with a commitmenthaving, is worth fighting for” and if your dreams andto being consistent with your efforts you’re develop theaspirations are important, you will do whatever necessarymuscle to keep moving in the midst of what may seem toto hit the milestones noted in your written plan. No one be insurmountable challenges.
attains success on an island, so it will entail collaborating“The journey of a thousand miles begins with onewith others along the way in some manner, whether single step.” – Lao Tzu 


For the past 70 years, either the

granting an exemption from ACDinsurance model or the government has

penalties for individuals who choose todominated the economic and day to day

participate in a legally recognized healthmodel of healthcare. About 30 years ago,

sharing plan, instead of purchasing 
health sharing programs appeared on

health insurance. 
the scene. Their mandate is “bearing one

The hefty savings of 30% to 60% 
another’s burdens” by sharing healthcare

under a health sharing plan are one ofcosts in a similar fashion. Members 

the features that attracts people to join,
of the community literally share one

in comparison to the cost of healthanother’s medical bills. 

insurance. They are essentially self-
Fast-forward to 2010 when the 

paying patients, but a majority of theirAffordable Care Act (ACA), also 

expenses are shared by the community.
referred to as “Obamacare” was signedMembers can typically utilize 
into law. It went into effect starting January 2014 andservices from any doctor or hospital they choose.
made it mandatory for every American to have healthNaturopathic and chiropractic services are usually aninsurance. By that time, the impressive growth of theoption too.
“health sharing” movement had led to hundreds ofThe two charts below provide an overview of howthousands of individuals and families not using anhealth insurance and health sharing compare in ainsurance model, but rather trusting to the sharingtypical medical situation where a middle-age manof needs as administered by these health care sharingfalls and injures his knee.
groups. Recognizing the effectiveness of these groupsFor more information about health sharingand their sound legal history, the federal governmentprograms, contact Idelle Steinberg (626) 710-2316, orrecognized the legitimacy of health sharing by email her at 

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