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JUST FOR BEST FRIENDS Mountain Views-News Saturday, July 22, 2017 
8JUST FOR BEST FRIENDS Mountain Views-News Saturday, July 22, 2017 
Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc 

I’ve often wondered what my dog is thinking whenshe behaves a certain way or responds in a particularmanner. For example, when she suddenly awakes froma deep sleep, furrows her brow, perks up her ears andproceeds to stand and stare at me with nothing havingincited her. Or, when she suddenly begins to paw at mewhile I am working at my computer to get my attention,
for no apparent reason.

When this happens, I am tempted to apply humanlogic to her behavior in an attempt to make sense of it,
but is that really appropriate? There are various schoolsof thought among animal behaviorists as to what is goingon inside the mind of a canine, and like most things thatmatter in life, the quest to know best about what a dog isthinking requires time and effort to research and discernbefore formulating an opinion.

I don’t claim to be a dog psychic, a clairvoyant, oran expert of any kind when it comes to understandingand communicating with animals, but I do make it mymission to have the best relationship I possibly can withthem. I’ve always felt that animals are capable of deepthoughts and feelings, and in fact there are times whenI’m sure my dog is having deeper thoughts than I am,
so applying the precepts of human cognition would besomewhat of an insult to her. 

When my bloodhound, Tater (may she rest in peace)
was 2 years old I took her to a behavioral training courseat the Pasadena Human Society. The trainer told me shewas a sensitive being who could get her feelings hurt bynothing more than a stern look from across the room.
For me this was good news. It meant it would take verylittle to get Tater’s attention and I would certainly makeall efforts not to scare her or hurt her feelings. It alsomade me think about how we humans communicate 
with our pets without realizing it. The trouble is, werarely concentrate enough to know what our pets aretrying to say back.

My first introduction to animal communication wasthrough a “Dog Planet” TV program featuring VictoriaStilwell. At first I was quite skeptical. In fact, I had a goodgut laugh when Victoria claimed to know what the dogwas thinking and told the owner what they could do tosolicit a more positive response from the dog.

That was years ago, and I’ve since spent countlesshours observing numerous animals in a wide variety ofsettings. This coupled with my experiences as a youthowning horses, dogs, cats, chickens and rabbits hasconvinced me that if we humans would just take thetime to pay attention, we can indeed understand whatthe animals are trying to tell us, and thereby form muchmore healthy and meaningful bonds

pictures, and she came highly recommended by one ofmy clients. It was the first time I had ever called on aprofessional animal communicator, and I could hardlywait for her to arrive. Let me just say that I was astoundedat what she told me my two dogs were thinking!

Cindy shared a list of things that Tater and Mollywere picturing in their minds. Things she could not havepossibly known about otherwise. Suffice it to say thatI had chill bumps throughout the entire consultation.
Among the many mental pictures my dogs shared withCindy during our visit, most remarkable was whenMolly shared thoughts about how much she missedplaying “The Ups Game”. Cindy had no clue what thismeant, but she envisioned a set of steep stairs and I knewexactly what Molly was thinking about.

You see, I got Molly after her owner, Fred suddenlypassed away. The stairs at Fred’s house - Molly’s originalhome - were very steep, as were the stairs at Fred’shair salon in town. When Molly was recovering fromdistemper, Fred used to play a game to encourage herto go up the stairs as a means of therapy to help her getstronger and overcome the neurosis resulting from thedisease. It was clear that Cindy was interpreting Molly’sunique thoughts and memories about her time with hernow deceased dad, and simply put, it blew my mind!

There were several other amazing things Cindyrelayed to me based on the thoughts my two dogs hadduring our visit. One of the tidbits that Tater sharedthrough Cindy was that she wanted me to know sheacted out at times to distract me from my sadness overFred’s death. This made total sense to me. When I had to 
stop and correct Tater for doing something I didn’t wanther to do, it automatically took me out of the darkness Iwas feeling from missing my good friend.

Cindy said it was clear that Tater considered it her jobto distract me from my sadness and I thought that wasthe sweetest thing my precious pup could possibly wantto do! It brought it all together for me, as far as figuringout why I had such tender feelings toward Tater, in themidst of and in spite of her less-than-desirable behavior.
If I’d tried to apply my human thought patterns to thisscenario, I would have been foolish and frustrated, and 
I’d have been doing Tater a great disservice.

Both Tater and Molly seemed comforted by theexperience of having Cindy visit us and interpret whatthey had been trying to tell me for so long. It was anexperience of a lifetime that I will treasure forever. Itinspired me to nurture my own ability to understandwhat my canine companions are thinking and toappropriately reciprocate my canines’ gentle kindness. 

Relax into the 
ease of summer 
and steer clear of 
excess frustration 
by using yoga to 
stay quiet, calm 
and cool. The heat itself brings a level of intensity 
that can be hard to contend with. It’s important to 
support ourselves through diet and yoga as well as 
mental and emotional balance. 

Remember to drink lots of water and include 
recommended hydrating and cooling foods such 
as watermelon and cucumber in your diet. The 
internal heat is burning through liquid and if we 
don’t have enough, the body and mind can become 
dry and irritated. 

Watch your level of intensity and heat. Seek 
out slower moving and restorative yoga practices 
during this time. Overexertion and strenuous 
effort add to existing intensity. Develop the habit 
of not delving into complex problems after dinner 
or at nighttime. Avoid political debates if possible. 

Arguing for a cause-- even if the cause is absolutely 
valid and honorable-- can disconnect you from a 
calm state of mind. Strive to consciously interact 
from a serene state of mind. 

It’s ok to occasionally give into the feeling of 
laziness and drift into relaxation. Spend the day at 
the pool or beach and then take a restorative yoga 
class afterwards. Or maybe engage in a slower 
moving morning practice and spend the rest of 
your day reading. Sounds like a summer dream, 

Don’t forget to breathe and seek out the calm 
and quietness that yoga and meditation have to 
offer. Stick with what you connect with most and 
grow from there. 

Come see us at Yoga Madre. Visit the website 
at for information on daily 
classes and events. Please email me with questions 
and discussion, 

Namaste friends, 
Keely Totten, E-RYT 500 

with them. 
Since I’ve gotten past my pessimism,
it has became second nature for me 
to try to accurately interpret animalbehavior, which has allowed me to 
work more effectively with them forthe desired results. I once invited 
Cindy Wood, a highly-respected andwell-renowned animal communicator, 
to spend time with me and my twodogs in hopes of helping facilitate amore peaceful dynamic in our home.
Cindy has had 30+ years practicingthe craft of understanding animals 
through the interpretation of mental 

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