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Mountain View News Saturday, October 14, 2017 


For the period of Sunday, October 1st, through Saturday, Octobercovered her mouth to keep her from screaming. The 20-year7th, 
the Police Department responded to 942 calls for service,old male from Los Angeles was arrested and transported to the


of which 120 required formal investigations. The followingArcadia City Jail for booking.

Mayor Amundson endorses 10-minute walk to a parkL. Phillips, global chief executive officer for the Urban Landis a summary report of the major incidents handled by theJust after 4:08 p.m., an officer responded to Westfield Santacampaign led by The Trust for Public Land, NationalInstitute. “We are excited to work with these distinguishedDepartment during this period. Anita, 400 South Baldwin Avenue, regarding a female detainedRecreation and Park Association, and Urban Land Institute mayors and other urban leaders to promote the 10-minutefor shoplifting. A loss prevention specialist witnessed theAt 10:10 a.m. on October 10, City of Arcadia Mayorwalk campaign and help improve park access in their cities asSunday, October 1:suspect enter Sephora and conceal numerous items in her

Amundson joined The Trust for Public Land, Nationalwell as urban areas across the country.” At about 2:16 p.m., an officer patrolling the area of Huntingtonpurse before exiting the store, failing to make payment. FurtherRecreation and Park Association, and Urban Land Institute 134 mayors/cities endorsing the 10-minute walk standard.Drive and Baldwin Avenue attempted to conduct a traffic stopinvestigation revealed the suspect was in possession of stolenin launching an historic “10-minute walk” parks advocacy(The full list can be found at on a vehicle for reckless driving. Witnesses saw the driver parkmerchandise (totaling $1,087 in value) from Sephora, Old Navycampaign, establishing the ambitious goal that all Americans,the vehicle and flee the scene on a bicycle. The suspect wasand Burlington Coat Factory. The 24-year-old female from

and all residents of the City of Arcadia should live within a

detained and further investigation revealed he had been drivingPasadena was arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail

• Alameda, CA, Trish • Hartford, CT, Luke Bronin 
10-minute walk (or half-mile) of a high-quality park or green • Herrera Spencer • Hemet, CA, Linda Krupa a stolen vehicle and was in possession of methamphetamine andfor booking. 
space.• Alexandria, VA, Allison Silberberg • Hoboken, NJ, Dawn Zimmer drug paraphernalia. The 47-year-old male from Rosemead wasThis bipartisan group includes mayors from all across

• Anaheim, CA, Thomas Tait • Holland, MI, Nancy DeBoer arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 
Thursday, October 5:
• Andover, MN, Julie Trude • Honolulu, HI, Kirk Caldwell 
the country and represents cities large and small, including• Ann Arbor, MI, • Houston, TX, Sylvester Turner Around 3:17 p.m., an officer was dispatched to Vons, 745 WestAround 1:42 a.m., an officer responded to Night Owl Cafe,
America’s four largest cities (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago,• Christopher Taylor • Kansas City, MO, Sly James Naomi Avenue, regarding the report of a suspect in custody for168 Las Tunas Drive, regarding a commercial burglary report.

• Arcadia, CA, Peter Amundson • Kearney, NE, Stanley Clouse 
theft. An investigation revealed, the suspect placed 52 items intoAn investigation revealed unknown suspect(s) smashed the

and Houston) and diverse communities across the country.• Arlington, VA, Jay Fisette • Killeen, TX, Jose Segarra 

The U.S. Conference of Mayors, which represents more than• Atlanta, GA, Kasim Reed • Lacey, WA, Andy Ryder a shopping cart and attempted to exit the market without payingfront door, stole the cash register, and fled undetected. The1,000 U.S. mayors, also unanimously passed a resolution at the• Atlantic City, NJ, Don Guardian • Lakeland, FL, R. Howard Wiggs for them. The 36-year-old female from El Monte was arrestedinvestigation is ongoing.

• Aurora, CO, Steve Hogan • Las Cruces, NM, Ken Miyagishima 
85th Annual Meeting urging all mayors to actively pursue the• Austin, TX, Steve Adler • Las Vegas, NV, Carolyn Goodman and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. Around 9:30 a.m., an officer responded to the parking lot of10-minute walk to a park goal.• Baltimore, MD, Catherine Pugh • Lewisville, TX, Rudy Durham 24 Hour Fitness, 125 North First Avenue, regarding a vehicle

• Baton Rouge, LA, Sharon • Little Rock, AR, Mark Stodola 
Monday, October 2:burglary report. An investigation revealed an unknown suspectto join this incredible group of mayors,” said City of Arcadia• Bloomfield, NJ, Michael Venezia • Lynnwood, WA, Nicola Smith At approximately 1:49 p.m., an officer responded to thepried the driver side door handle of the vehicle and stole theMayor Amundson.

“Park access is important to all of our cities. I am proud• Weston Broome • Los Angeles, CA, Eric Garcetti 

• Bloomington, IN, John Hamilton • Macon, GA, Robert Reichert parking lot of the Santa Anita Racetrack, 285 West Huntington 
victim’s wallet. No suspects were seen, and no witnesses were
• Boca Raton, FL, Susan Haynie • Manchester, NH, Ted Gatsas 
Drive, regarding the report of a theft of a vehicle. The victimlocated. 
of benefits to urban residents and cities themselves. These • Boston, MA, Martin Walsh • Memphis, TN, Jim Strickland claimed that he had parked his vehicle in the lot two days priorinclude physical and mental health benefits, by providing• Bozeman, MT, Carson Taylor • Miami Gardens, FL, Oliver Gilbert and got a ride home. He returned to pick up his vehicle andFriday, October 6:

Studies show that high-quality parks provide a wide range• Boise, ID, Dave Bieter • Melrose, MA, Rob Dolan 

• Bridgeport, CT, Joseph Ganim • Minneapolis, MN, Betsy Hodges 
opportunities to be physically active and to interact with• Brockton, MA, Bill Carpenter • Montpelier, VT, John Hollar discovered it missing along with his keys. No suspects were seenAt approximately 7:55 a.m., an officer responded to Denny’s,
nature; economic benefits by boosting business and helping• Buena Park, CA, Elizabeth Swift • Mount Vernon, NY, and no witnesses were located. 7 East Huntington Drive, regarding a subject. An investigation

• Burlington, VT, Miro Weinberger • Richard Thomas 
Around 9:08 p.m., officers responded to Westfield Santarevealed the subject entered the restaurant and ordered a meal.
by providing opportunities for neighbors to interact with• Central Falls, RI, James Diossa • Shane McFarland Anita, 400 South Baldwin Avenue, regarding an activation of anAfter consuming the meal, she began yelling at employees andeach other and work together to improve their surroundings;

to revitalize neighborhoods; community-building benefits• Carmel, IN, Jim Brainard • Murfreesboro, TN, 

• Charlotte, NC, Jennifer Roberts • Myrtle Beach, SC, John Rhodes Arcadia Police Department GPS tracker. Arcadia PD detectives 
throwing several dishes causing them to shatter. She then left
• Chattanooga, TN, Andy Berke • New Orleans, LA, Mitch Landrieu 
and environmental benefits by cleaning and cooling the air,• Chicago, IL, Rahm Emanuel • New York, NY, Bill de Blasio had previously deployed decoy bicycles containing trackingthe restaurant without paying for her meal. The subject wasimproving climate resilience, and providing opportunities for• Clarksville, TN, Kim McMillan • Newark, NJ, Ras Baraka devices to combat the increase in bicycle thefts around the city.contacted and found to have two outstanding warrants for her

• Clearwater, FL, George Cretekos • New Haven, CT, Toni Harp 
An investigation revealed a 34-year-old male from Arcadia tookarrest. She was arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail

environmental education. 

• Cody, WY, Matt Hall • New Rochelle, NY, 
Partnering with cities to advance the 10-minute vision• Coeur d’ Alene, ID, Steve Widmyer • NoamBramson the bicycle and fled the scene. He was located with the bicycle,for booking.
The campaign marks the start of a multi-year partnership with• College Station, TX, Karl Mooney • Niagara Falls, NY, Paul Dyster arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. Around 5:00 p.m., officers were dispatched to Knockout’s 

• Colorado Springs, CO, • Oklahoma City, OK, Mick Cornett 
cities and Mayors across the country. Beginning in 2018, the• John Suthers • Orlando, FL, Buddy Dyer Gentleman’s Club, 1580 Clark Street, regarding a fight involvingcampaign—led by The Trust for Public Land in partnership• Columbia, SC, Stephen Benjamin • Palmdale, CA, Jim Ledford Tuesday, October 3:several subjects. An investigation revealed four suspectswith the National Recreation and Park Association, and Urban 

• Covina, CA, Jorge Marquez • Pembroke Pines, FL, Frank Ortis Just before 6:31 a.m., an officer responded to the 400 block of 
approached two victims and punched and kicked them in the
• Cupertino, CA, • Philadelphia, PA, Jim Kenney 
Land Institute—will be working with select cities across the• Savita Vaidhyanathan • Plano, TX, Harry LaRosiliere Los Altos Avenue regarding an activation of an Arcadia Policehead several times. They then stole their jewelry and fled thecountry on measurable policies and strategies to advance the• Dallas, TX, Mike Rawlings • Portland, ME, Ethan Strimling Department GPS tracker. Arcadia PD detectives had previouslyscene. The investigation is ongoing.

• Danville, VA, John Gilstrap • Portland, OR, Ted Wheeler 
10-minute walk vision. Reaching 100 percent served in cities• Davie, FL, Judy Paul • Providence, RI, Jorge Elorza deployed decoy packages containing bait property and trackingJust after 11:27 p.m., officers responded to the rear parkingnationwide will require major advances in park finance and• Denver, CO, Michael Hancock • Queen Creek, AZ, Gail Barney devices to combat the increase in package thefts from residentiallot of Drinker’s Hall of Fame, 151 East Huntington Drive,
construction; zoning changes to encourage park development;• Des Moines, WA, Matt Pina • Reno, NV, Hillary Schieve areas. An investigation revealed a 23-year-old male fromregarding a traffic collision involving a solo vehicle and a wall.

• Des Moines, IA, Frank Cownie • Richardson,TX, Paul Voelker 
embedding this goal into city parks master plans; the expansion• Dolton, IL, Riley Rogers • Richmond, VA, Levar Stoney Arcadia and a 29-year-old female from West Covina had theUpon contacting the driver, the officer detected a strong odorof “joint use” agreements that open school playgrounds,• Doral, FL, Juan Carlos Bermudez • Riverside, CA, Rusty Bailey stolen package, property, and tracking device in their vehicle.of alcohol emitting from the driver. Through a series of tests,

• Dublin, CA, David Haubert • Rochester Hills, MI, Bryan Barnett 
The female also had an outstanding warrant for her arrest andthe officer determined the 36-year-old male from Temple Cityand other innovations. • East Hartford, CT, Marcia Leclerc • Rockford, IL, Tom McNamara was found to be in possession of methamphetamine and drugwas driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage. ThePartner organizations on the 10-minute walk campaign• East Point, GA, Jannquell Peters • San Francisco, CA, Ed Lee paraphernalia. Both suspects were arrested and transported tosuspect was arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for

tracks, and gyms for public use after hours and on weekends;• Durham, NC, Bill Bell • Rochester, NY, Lovely Warren 

• Edmond, OK, Charles Lamb • Santa Clara, CA, Lisa Gillmor 
the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 

“Everyone deserves to have a park within a 10-minute walk—• Elgin, IL, Dave Kaptain • Santa Fe, NM, Javier Gonzales 

that is why we are in the midst of mapping park access for every• Elizabeth, NJ, J. Christian Bollwage • Stamford, CT, David Martin At approximately 9:40 p.m., an officer responded to a residencecity and town across America through our new platform,

• Encinitas, CA, • St. Paul, MN, Chris Coleman in the 1300 block of Santa Margarita Drive regarding a burglary. 
Saturday, October 7:
• Catherine Blakespear • Sumter, SC, Joe McElveen 
ParkServe®,” said Adrian Benepe, senior vice president and• Eugene, OR, Lucy Vinis • Tallahassee, FL, Andrew Gillum An investigation revealed unknown suspect(s) entered theJust before 9:52 a.m., an officer responded to a residencedirector of city park development for The Trust for Public• Evansville, IN, Lloyd Winnecke • Thornton, CO, Heidi Williams home by breaking a rear window located on the second floor,located in the 200 block of Alice Street regarding a report of

• Fort Collins, CO, Wade Troxell • Thousand Oaks, CA, Claudia 
stole $20,000 in cash as well as several thousand dollars’ worth mail theft. The victim told the officer that he discovered several 
in close to 7,700 communities across the country, and as our• Randall Henderson, Jr. • Toledo, OH, Paula Hicks-Hudson of jewelry, and fled undetected. No witnesses were located. pieces of advertisement mail on the ground next to his mailbox.

Land. “We have already mapped more than 100,000 parks• Fort Myers, FL, • `````Bill-de la Peña 

• Fort Worth, TX, Betsy Price • Vancouver, WA, Tim Leavitt 
He also noticed his mailbox was empty and several of his
research shows, more than 100 million Americans currently

• Frederick, MD, Randy McClement • Virginia Beach, VA, William 
don’t have access to the countless benefits parks provide. These• Gadsden, AL, Sherman Guyton • ``````Sessoms Wednesday, October 4:neighbor’s mailboxes were left open. During the investigation,
Mayors deserve enormous credit for endorsing the 10-minute• Gainesville, FL, Lauren Poe • Washington, DC, Muriel Bowser Around 1:59 p.m., an officer responded to Residence Inn, 321the officer was made aware that Sierra Madre police officers had

• Gary, IN, Karen Freeman-Wilson • Wenatchee, WA, Frank Kuntz 
East Huntington Drive, regarding reports of a disturbance. Andetained a subject who was in possession of several pieces of


• Golden, CO, Marjorie Sloan • Westminster, CO, Joe Dominick 
“Thoughtfully designed parks make a positive difference in• Grand Praire, TX, Ron Jensen • Wichita, KS, Jeff Longwell investigation revealed a couple’s argument had escalated whenstolen mail belonging to residents in Arcadia and Sierra Madre.
the quality of life in communities, serving as a respite, a source

• Grand Rapids, MI, Rosalynn Bliss • Wisconsin Rapids, WI, the male subject pinned the female victim down and punched 
The 23-year-old male from La Puente was arrested by Sierra
• Greensboro, NC, Nancy Vaughan • ````Zach Vruwink 
of civic pride, and a draw for investment activity,” said Patrick • Greenville, MS, Derrick Simmons 
her several times to the back of her head and face. He also Madre police officers. 



DUARTE, Calif., October 5, 2017 – The Duarte Assembly Member, Blanca Rubio’s office, State 
Chamber of Commerce has experienced a lot ofSenator, Anthony Portantino’ s office, City Staff,
change during the past few months. Long timeChamber Board Members and Ambassadors, 
CEO, Jim Kirchner, is retiring and newly appointedResidents, Duarte Chamber staff and many others.
CEO, Sheryl Lefmann has been busy preparing theNumerous chamber members dedicated food and 
Chamber’s new location on Route 66. On Septemberservices to make the evening a huge success.
27th, the entire community came to celebrate theThe Duarte Chamber’s new office includes a 
Duarte Chamber’s Ribbon Cutting. The crowd Visitor’s Center that shares information and items 
included City Council members, Duarte Unifiedcelebrating Route 66 – The Mother Road – andSchool District Board Members, representativesDuarte’s place along the route. The Chamber’s new 
from Congress Member, Grace Napolitano’s office, address is 1735 Huntington Drive, Duarte. 


Over the past several months, staff has been 
working to coordinate the order and delivery of 
new Monrovia Transit buses, and they have finally 
arrived! The City Council approved purchasing 
five new buses back in April 2017 to replace buses 
that were put into service in 2007/8, all of which 
have over 200,000 miles on them! At this time, 
the Public Works team is working on obtaining 
the vehicle registration and training staff with the 
hopes of putting the vehicles into service in mid-
late October. Once these are put into service, this 
will mark the completion of another project offthe City’s ambitious list of Capital Improvement 


Historian Steve Baker will conduct a docent trainingthe museum with information on all of the exhibits. 
session at the Duarte Historical Museum, 777 Encanto Docents serve once every other month and mayParkway, Duarte, at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, November 4.choose Wednesday or Saturday duty. New docentsIf you are a docent or are thinking about volunteering,will always serve with a seasoned docent. For morethe session will take you on an in depth walk through information, call Sheri Uhlig at (626) 298-6784. 

There have a few recent sightings of mountainlions in the Monrovia foothills and along CanyonPark trails by residents, hikers, and park rangers.
Mountain lion sightings are not an uncommonoccurrence in our foothill community, but as areminder, we wanted to share a few tips of what todo when encountering these majestic and elusivecreatures. If you see a mountain lion, keep yourdistance and take the encounter seriously. Makingeye contact will ensure you have the animal’sattention. If you have children or a small pet withyou, pick them up, so they do not panic and run.
Do your best to pick them up without bending overor turning away from the mountain lion. The bestadvice is to not crouch down or bend over, if at all 

possible. Other helpful tips include:
Seem as large as possibleMake noise 
Act defiant, not afraid 
Slowly create distanceProtect yourselfWe encourage never to traverse alone at night onour hiking trails. Be sure to take some safety itemswith you on your journey in case it gets dark whileyou’re still out on the trails. Helpful items includeflashlights, reflective clothing, water, hikers’ 
medical kit, a light backpack to keep extra clothesfor warmth, and sturdy hiking shoes. Be safe andhave fun enjoying our wonderful open space parkand preserve! 


In honor of the Halloween season, Monrovia young. When you take the bat box home, it mustCanyon Park is hosting a Build-a-Bat Box eventbe installed 15 feet above the ground and in a placeat their Nature Center on Sunday, October 29, that receives good sunlight to keep those bats toasty2017, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.! Bats are amazing andwarm in the winter. With some luck, bats will occupyoften misunderstood creatures that play importantit within a year and hopefully leading to fewer peskyroles in our ecosystem. They help keep the insectmosquitos. If you are interested in building a batpopulation down – a common little brown bat canbox for your home and learning more about theseeat between 800 and 1,000 mosquitos in a singlecool creatures, please stop by the Nature Centernight! And some plant species rely on bats forin Canyon Park (1200 N. Canyon Blvd.) duringpollination, including mangos, bananas, agave, andthis wonderful event just in time for Halloween!
the cocoa plant (where chocolate comes from)! TheMonrovia Canyon Park staff will provide supplies,
Build a Bat Box Event is a great opportunity fortools, and instructions. Supplies are limited. ForMonrovians to help conserve the bat population bymore information, please call Canyon Park Rangersproviding a place for bats to shelter and raise their at (626) 256-8282. 

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