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Mountain Views-News Saturday, October 14, 2017 
Mountain Views-News Saturday, October 14, 2017 
Jeff’s Book PicsBy Jeff Brown FAMILY MATTERS By Marc Garlett 


WASHINGTON – The Internal Revenue Service The subject line varies but may be “urgent
today alerted tax professionals and their clients to ainformation” or a similar request. The awkwardly
fake insurance tax form scam that is being used toworded text of the email states: 
access annuity and life insurance accounts.

Cybercriminals currently are combining severalDear Life Insurance Policy Owner,
tactics to create a complex scheme through whichKindly fill the form attached for your Lifeboth tax professionals and taxpayers have beeninsurance or Annuity contract details and fax backvictimized. to us for processing in order to avoid multiple (sic)

There may be variations but here’s how onetax bill (sic).
scam works: The cybercriminal, impersonatingThe cybercriminal, using data from the completeda legitimate cloud-based storage provider, enticesform, impersonates the client and contacts the 
a tax professional with a phishing email. The taxindividual’s insurance company. The cybercriminalprofessional, thinking they are interacting with thethen attempts to obtain a loan or make a withdrawallegitimate cloud-based storage provider, providesfrom those accounts. 
their email credentials including username andThe IRS reminds tax professionals to be awarepassword.of phishing emails, free offers and other common

With access to the tax professional’s account, thetricks by scammers. Those tax professionalscybercriminal steals client email addresses. Thewho have data breaches should contact the IRS 
cybercriminal then impersonates the tax professionalimmediately through their Stakeholder Liaison.
and sends emails to their clients, attaching a fakeSee Data Theft Information for Tax Professionals. 
IRS insurance form and requesting that the form beIndividuals who receive the insurance tax form 
completed and returned. The cybercriminal receivesscam email should forward it to phishing@irs.govreplies by fax and/or by an email very similar to the taxand then delete it. Individuals who completed andprofessional’s email – using a different email servicereturned the fake tax form should contact their 
provider or a slight variation to the tax pro’s address. insurance carrier for assistance. 

out one of our darkest years witha nearly unimaginable triumphIn August 1968,
NASA made a bold decision: in just sixteen weeks,
the United States would launch humankind’s 
first flight to the moon. Only the year before, 
three astronauts had burned to death in their 
spacecraft, and since then the Apollo program hadsuffered one setback after another. Meanwhile, the 
Russians were winning the space race, the Cold 

War was getting hotter by theHomegoing: A novel by Yaa 

month, and President Kennedy’sWinner of 2017 PEN Hemingway


promise to put a man on theaward for debut fiction.The book 

moon by the end of the decadebegins with the story of two half-

seemed sure to be broken. But 
sisters, separated by forces beyond

when Frank Borman, Jim Lovell 
their control: one sold into slavery,

and Bill Anders were summoned 
the other married to a British slaver. 

to a secret meeting and told ofWritten with tremendous sweep

the dangerous mission, theyand power, Homegoing traces the

instantly signed on.Apollo 8 takesgenerations of family who follow, as

us from Mission Control to the 
their destinies lead them through

astronaut’s homes, from the test 
two continents and three hundred 

labs to the launch pad. The raceyears of history, each life indeliably

to prepare an untested rocket fordrawn, as the legacy of slavery is fully

an unprecedented journey pavesrevealed in light of the present day.

the way for the hair-raising tripEffia and Esi are born into different 

to the moon. Then, on Christmas 
villages in eighteenth-century

Eve, a nation that has suffered a 
Ghana. Effia is married off to an 

horrendous year of assassinationsEnglishman and lives in comfort

and war is heartened by anin the palatial rooms of Cape Coast

inspiring message from the trioCastle. Unbeknownst to Effia, her 

of astronauts in lunar orbit. And 
sister, Esi, is imprisoned beneath

when the mission is over after 
her in the castle’s dungeons, sold

the first view of the far side of 
with thousands of others into the 

the moon, the first earth-rise, 
Gold Coast’s booming slave trade,

and the first re-entry through theand shipped off to America, where

earth’s atmosphere following aher children and grandchildren

flight to deep space the impossiblewill be raised in slavery. One

dream of walking on the moonthread of Homegoing follows Effia’s

suddenly seems within reach.
descendants through centuries of

The full story of Apollo 8 haswarfare in Ghana, as the Fante and 

never been told, and only JeffreyAsante nations wrestle with the 

Kluger, Jim Lovell’s co-authorslave trade and British colonization. 

on their bestselling book aboutThe other thread follows Esi and 

Apollo 13 can do it justice. Hereher children into America. From 

is the tale of a mission that was 
the plantations of the South to the

both a calculated risk and a wild 
Civil War and the Great Migration,

crapshoot, a stirring account 
from the coal mines of Pratt City,

of how three American heroes 
Alabama, to the jazz clubs and

forever changed our view of thedope houses of twentieth-century

home planet. 
Harlem, right up through the 
present day, Homegoing makes 

The Best American Short 

Stories 2017 by Meg Wolitzer history visceral, and captures, with

(Editor), Heidi Pitlor (Editor)singular and stunning immediacy,

Best-selling author Meg Wolitzerto be inscribed in the soul of a 

how the memory of captivity came

guest edits the premier annualnation. 

showcase for the country’s finestshort fiction.“If you know exactlywhat you are going to get from

Apollo 8: The Thrilling Story of

the experience of reading a story,the First Mission to the Moon 

you probably wouldn’t go lookingThe untold story of the historic 

by Jeffrey Kluger

for it; you need, in order to bevoyage to the moon that closed 

an open reader of fiction, to be

willing. To cast a vote for what youlove and then wait for the outcome,” writes MegWolitzer in her introduction. The Best American 
Short Stories 2017 casts a vote for and celebrates 
all that is our country. Here you’ll find a man witha boyfriend and a girlfriend, naval officers trappedon a submarine, and a gay man desperate to be afather—unforgettable characters waiting for anoutcome, burning with stories to tell. 

All Things By Jeff Brown 


by McKinley Corbleyto stay relatively dry throughout the storm. 
By the time these Mexican bakers were ready to go Additionally, the facilities still had electricity.So, 
home, the floodwaters were already too high. So the cooks got to work making pan dulce – a kind 
they decided to put their talents to good use and of Mexican sweet bread – all through the day and 
bake hundreds of loaves of bread for their fellow night.By the time they were rescued, the bakers 
hurricane victims.The four bakers of El Bolillo had already used over 4,000 pounds of flour.TheBakery in Houston, Texas had been working a late cooks then spent the next couple days distributing 
shift when the water levels on the street became the bread to emergency shelters around the city.
too dangerous.The bakery, which specializes The gesture is even sweeter than the bread they 
in Mexican pastries and sweet treats, was able were handing out. 


Estate planning is often one item that gets pushed backon nearly everyone’s to-do list. The reasons you might bedelaying vary: lack of time, not thinking you have enoughassets, not knowing how to start, or the uncomfortablenessof contemplating death. Whatever the reason for not puttingan estate plan together, it is important to understand that ifyou just had a baby – there is no better time to meet with anestate planning attorney to implement a plan.

In general terms, an estate plan is a set of legal documentsthat outline your wishes on how your assets should bedistributed and who is responsible for your dependents,
in the event of your death or legal incapacity. An estateplan should be developed with a qualified estate planningattorney to ensure that it will work as intended and fullyprotect your family. Here’s how an estate plan can youprotect the newest addition to your family. 

Protect Your Children 

Perhaps to top reason to put together an estate plan isto dictate who will care for your children in the event youand your spouse die early or become legally incapacitatedand therefore unable to care for your kids yourselves. Yourestate plan can designate someone you trust and who sharesyour values as a guardian of your minor children - this isthe person who will essentially be a surrogate parent andraise the children through adulthood. When selecting aguardian, it is important to choose people who will bewilling participants in your estate plan, who share yourvalues and parenting philosophy, and who you trust to raiseyour children. 

Distribute Your Stuff 

While some assets have purely financial value, othershave deep emotional attachments. Not only will a trust-
based estate plan eliminate the probate process, but it willsave your heirs stress, time, and money. As you may alreadyknow, probate is the court-supervised process of wrappingup a deceased person’s affairs. This consists of multiple steps,
including presenting a deceased’s last will and testament(if they had one - otherwise the probate court uses thegovernment’s default plan known as intestacy), gatheringassets, paying off debts, and distributing what’s left overto the deceased’s heirs. Using a trust to provide specificinstructions on distribution of assets not only avoids probatealtogether but it can help ward off fights among survivingrelatives, too. Additionally, special features in your trust,
sometimes called lifetime asset protection trusts, also allowyou provide long-term financial stability and support foryour children. These types of trusts can prevent a financiallyimmature heir from blowing their inheritance. 

Provide for Your Loved Ones 

Beyond your children, creating an estate plan will informyour loved ones what final health care decisions should bemade on your behalf in the event you become incapacitatedand are unable to make decisions. Serving as healthcareproxy is an enormous responsibility for the person you name,
but you can help lessen the burden by communicating yourwishes about medical decisions. One significant advantageof properly planning is that your intentions can be clearlystated so that your surviving family members do not have toguess what your desires are. 

Find an Estate Planning Attorney

If you have experienced a recent life-event - such as anew baby, a work promotion, purchasing a home, movingto a new state, or any other milestone - you should discussyour situation with a trusted estate planning lawyer. If youalready have a will or trust in place, those life events makeit necessary to update it to ensure it fully provides for yourfamily and loved ones. To learn how estate planning canprotect you, your newborn, and the rest of your family,
contact us today.

Dedicated to building your wealth, empowering yourfamily and securing your legacy, 

A local attorney and father, Marc Garlett is on a missionto help parents protect what they love most. His office is 
located at 49 S. Baldwin Ave., Ste. G, Sierra Madre, CA91024. Schedule an appointment to sit down and talk aboutensuring a legacy of love and financial security for yourfamily by calling 626.587.3058 or visit www.GarlettLaw.comfor more information. 

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