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practical, up-to-date and interesting.
Azusa Chief of Police Steve Hunt is one of many of theprogram’s success stories. Chief Hunt earned his associate degreein administration of justice from Citrus College and went on toearn a bachelor’s degree from California State University, LongBeach, and a master’s degree from Woodbury University. Inaddition to serving as Azusa’s Chief of Police, he also teaches 
the next generation of administration of justice professionals atCitrus College.
Starting salaries in law enforcement are excellent, rangingfrom $60,000 to $83,000 a year, and agencies in the region arecontinuously hiring. Major employers include the Los AngelesPolice Department, the California Highway Patrol and the LosAngeles County Sheriff’s Department. In addition, recruitersfrom around the country frequently visit the Citrus Collegecampus from cities like Dallas, Phoenix and San Francisco.
Citrus College’s Administration of Justice Program iscontinuously evolving to keep up with the increasing demandsand changing needs of this dynamic profession. Given the vastarray of careers in the field, those who earn an associate degree,
an associate degree for transfer or a certificate in the programwill find career opportunities that offer interesting work, goodpay and personal satisfaction. 
By Dr. Edward C. OrtellCitrus College Governing Board Member

Criminal justice is one of the fastest growing career sectorsin the United States. According to the U.S. Bureau of LaborStatistics, more than three million people were employed incriminal justice occupations in 2016.

Few other job sectors can boast the same above-average payand benefits, alternative work schedules, and careers that are 
challenging and interesting, while providing job satisfaction thatcomes with serving the community, the state or the nation. Thereare hundreds of career options in the field, which includes suchdiverse disciplines as forensic science, the courts, cybersecurity,
corrections, child protective services, fish and game, academia,
various legal services, and many others.

Citrus College’s Administration of Justice Program, whichfocuses on both theoretical background and practical, real-
world applications, prepares students for a wide range of careers.
The program offers an associate degree or certificate in criminaljustice or correctional science and an associate degree for transferin administration of justice. Each year, the program enrolls morethan 700 students from a variety of age groups, genders, cultures,
ethnicities and backgrounds. The majority of faculty work orhave worked in the field that they teach, ensuring that classes are 


I grew up in a 900-square home where I was exposedthe proper removal of mold wear respirators andto toxic mold. Every spring, I did what my motherprotective clothing for protection, which should tellcalled “Spring Cleaning My Room.” I moved my bedyou just how harmful mold is to our health.
away from the walls and sprayed a bleach compoundThe color and appearance of mold can vary fromon the mold covering my walls from floor level upblack, white, green and can appear fuzzy or mushroom-
3-feet high. If my mother had known then what Ilike. If you smell a musty odor, see mold, havenow know about mold, we would not have cleaned physical symptoms or suspect you have mold in yourthe mold ourselves. We would have also known not home, immediately limit your exposure. Touching orto have me sleeping next to a moldy wall and that mybeing around mold when spores are actively growingbedroom was not a safe place for me to be. Because is not recommended. Mold spores become airborneof my long-term exposure, I am highly sensitive toonce sprayed and can then be breathed into yourmold. lungs. Spraying bleach or other cleaning chemicals,

Most people are not aware of the detrimental affectwiping or cleaning mold is not recommendedmold can have on their health or just how toxic moldIf you see mold, placing fans or blowers to help dryis when we breath it. For some people, exposure tomoisture after water damage will cause mold sporesmold can be fatal. Infants, elderly and immune-to become airborne and to settle in other areas of 
compromised people have a higher sensitivity to mold.your home. Once moisture is introduced into these

Physical symptoms to look for after mold exposureareas, mold can grow quickly.

include: Getting rid of mold properly is more important-nose bleeds than determining the type of mold. Protect your-allergy-like symptoms health by hiring professionals who are certified in-coughing removing mold properly.
-scratchy throat Jenee’ Child is a public speaker, Consultant-eye or skin irritation and CEO of SOS Solutions, Inc., which provides-vomiting free help to home and building owners, realtors,
-headaches insurance agents and interior designers in calling-nausea and scheduling specialty contractors for them or-respiratory problems their clients to address plumbing leaks, water and fire-feeling tired or exhausteddamage and removal of mold, lead and asbestos. 

It is important to hire professionals to properlyremove mold rather than risk your health by cleaningit on your own. Professionals who are certified in 


By Joan Schmidt

Every first Thursday of the month at 8AM,
the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce holds its 
Community Connections and Coffee Meetings.
Guest speakers have come from Secret Service,
Metro Gold Line, CA Earthquake Authority, andmost recently Sylvia Rosenberger, CEO of PasadenaHumane Society since 2016.

Sylvia’s presentation was so interesting; I neverrealized all the services the PHS offers! But first she 
gave a short history.

The PHS was founded in 1903 by a localMethodist group. In the early years, PHS worked toensure humane treatment of draft animals as well 
as rescuing and finding homes for orphaned andabused children. The PHS serves 11 contract cities 
and some county arreas.

I was surprised to hear that but Sylvia explainedfurther. The ASCPA (American Society for 
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was foundedby 54 year old philanthropist and diplomat HenryBergh on April 10, 1866.

In 1863, Bergh had been appointed by PresidentAbraham Lincoln to a diplomatic post in Russia andwas appalled to see horses beaten by their peasantdrivers there! In 1865 while traveling home toAmerica, he stopped in London to visit the RoyalSociety for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animalswhich made him determined to incorporate theASPCA and exercise the power to arrest and prosecuteviolators of the law. He began in New York speakingat public meetings and eventually convinced the NewYork Legislature to pass the charter incorporating theASPCA in New York on April 10, 1866. In 1867, theASPCA had the first ambulances for horses and was 
the model for 25 other humane organizations. By thetime Bergh passed away in 1888, 37 of 38 states hadpassed anticruelty laws.

What services are provided by the PasadenaHumane Society? It provides food, shelter andveterinary services for thousands of rescued animals-
domestic, exotic, wildlife and livestock each year.
In addition the PHS provides Pet Adoption (People 

even come from Northern CA to do so!) and offerId tags and microchips to aid in Lost and Found.
Because of their goal of peaceful coexistence withnative wildlife, wildlife seminars are offered duringthe year.

Other services include Community Outreach,
Mobile Outreach and Disaster Response, Wellnessand Spay/Neuter and Shelter Shop and Boarding.
PHS is the ONLY shelter is southern CA to have a 
rehabilitation permit. They recently established a“Kitten Hotel”-took in 90 kittens which otherwise 
would have been euthanized; 60 have been adopted.
They had Tina the Alligator for 18 years and nowshe is with Reggie at LA Zoo. They housed severalalligators till a sanctuary was found in Colorado.

I do not have enough space to say enough aboutPHS. PLEASE go on line to learn more. They providetours of their beautiful expanded facility and are evenaccessible by Metro. It’s a “must” fun activity for ourgrandson Jacob. 

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