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JUST FOR BEST FRIENDS Mountain Views-News Saturday, December 9, 2017 
8JUST FOR BEST FRIENDS Mountain Views-News Saturday, December 9, 2017 

During one of my recent walks with Patches (agorgeous Aussie with brilliant half-blue eyes) and Puck(a sweet blonde Cocker Spaniel), we passed one ofthose mini free libraries - basically a birdhouse affixedatop a pole - in someone’s yard. Typically I walk rightby that book box without as much as a thought, butthat day a title on one of the spines caught my eye andI was compelled to take a look.

The book was titled My Old Dog: Rescued Pets withRemarkable Second Acts. As I perused the cover, I lsaw that it was written by Laura T. Coffey with photosby Lori Fusaro, a forward by Neko Case and after wordsby Dr. Marty Becker & Mikkel Becker. It looked prettyinteresting, so I thought, “What the heck, I’ll give it atry”.

I am so glad I took take the time to check out thisamazing book! It is chuck full of inspiring storiesabout senior dogs who’ve been blessed with a secondchance to share the precious gifts they have to offer inthis world. Some of the people who gave the dogs inthis book a second chance are famous folks you mayhave heard of, while others are just ordinary people likemyself.

The stories I read were uplifting at times and at othertimes made me cry a little. Sweet tears of appreciationfor the good folks who had the compassion to givethose precious pups a second chance. Overall I lovedthe book and I was impressed with it enough to shareabout one of its stories in this week’s column. I hopeyou enjoy it as much as I did.

It’s a true story about an 18-year-old bully mixnamed Sunny, whose name had been Shady before LoriFusaro brought her home from the extremely crowdedCarson animal shelter. You see, Lori was a volunteer 
photographer at the shelter, donating her (amazing)
skills, taking photos of the pups who were up foradoption.

The first time Lori met Shady (who would laterbecome Sunny) was during a break between photoshoots at the shelter. Lori decided to visit the dogs inthe kennels and there was Shady, cowering behind thefence. She was too afraid to even lift her head enoughto say hello. To Lori, the poor ole girl appeared defeatedand hopeless. It broke Lori’s heart.

Shady had been with one family all her life untilcoming to the shelter. Sadly, her family had surrenderedher because she’d gotten cancer. If the story endedthere, I don’t think I would have been able to stopcrying or continue reading. But thankfully, that wasjust the beginning of this adoption saga.

Lori went home and could not get that dear dog’sfearful face out of her mind. She went back the next 
day and found Shady in the same kennel,
awaiting her inevitable fate, assuming noone would come to her rescue. And so it is 
that Lori, a compassionate and caring animallover, reached out and saved 18-year-oldShady’s life.

Shady turned to Sunny when she becamepart of Lori and Darrell’s life and the namesoon befit her. First and most importantly,
Sunny was seen by a veterinarian whotended to the eye infection she’d contracted, 
presumably while incarcerated. It was decidedthat the tumor on Sunny’s hind leg wouldremain as it wasn’t impeding her mobility 


Will ya look atthat cute face?? 
AGE 3, adorable 
tuxedo boy. He 
likes to play andwill allow little 
pets on his head,
but does not like 
to be touched on 

his back end. One 

theory is that hewas once a house cat, or maybe abused and somehowended up on the streets. Our wonderful team of 
socializers have worked with him, and he has gonefrom being isolated, to now being out, cage-free, in aroom with other kitties. Montana is FIV+ but is healthyand needs no meds. This condition is easily managedas long as the kitty is kept indoors and is the only kitty 

Happy Tails 
by Chris Leclerc 

and going under anesthesia would be a serious risk fora dog of 18 years.

In very short order, Sunny was looking up instead ofdown. She got along just fine with the other animals inthe household. In fact, Gabby, the 12-year-old bully shenow shared her home with, embraced her with lovingpaws. Gabby shared her bed with Sunny and even lether use her butt as a pillow!

Sunny now knew that everything was going to beokay and she could live out her latter days peacefullyin the hands of loving humans. She could rest in theconfidence that Lori and Darrell loved her and would 
take care of her. Dogs know these things, sometimesmore immediately and more clearly than we humansare able to know them. 

Inspired by Shady’s transformation to happy-golucky 
Sunny, Lori decided to focus her photographyon taking pictures of senior dogs who need a secondchance. With her remarkable skills, she depictednumerous ole pups from around the country in a waythat caught the attention of many - first on social mediaand later in the mainstream news media. 

Lori’s senior dog photography project was featuredin KABOOM, an article posted on ThenJill Rappaport did a segment about Lori’s efforts onNBC Nightly News and Sue Manning wrote a story forthe Associated Press. 

Scores of media outlets followed with their own 
version of the story and all the attention led to “SilverHearts”, a senior-dog art project, a senior-dog museumexhibit of Lori’s work and even “#SeniorDogMitzvah”, 
a project launched by a 12-year-old boy to help springan old dog named Bailey from a yearlong shelter stay.

The overwhelming onslaught of interest promptedLaura Coffey, the book’s author and photographerLori Fusaro, to join forces and the Silver Hearts projectultimately evolved into My Old Dog: Rescued Pets withRemarkable Acts. 

Sunny still thrives in the home of Lori and DarrellFusaro, and while she doesn’t get around as well asshe used to, she’s one of the most contented & happydogs one could ever hope to meet! Lori now volunteersher skills as photographer of adoptable dogs for BestFriends Animal Society in LA.

I know from my own personal experience, there is 
nothing quite like being loved by a happy, contented 
dog. Particularly when that dog knows you are the 
one who gave them a chance at a second act in life! 
Will you consider opening your heart and home up 
to a senior pup who needs another chance? They all 
deserve it and we humans can be their life line. Love 
and let live. 

in the home or is 
with another FIV+ 
cat. (We can advise.)
Many special 
needs cats are 
often forgotten oroverlooked. If theyare given a chance toshine, they blossomwith love. Adoptionfee is $100, which 
includes neuter, 

microchip, exam &
vaccines. See more pictures, his video, adoption info
& application on our website,
Call 626-676-9505 to come meet him. Can’t adopt?
Visit our website for our easy ways to support our 

GOOD NEWS: Buddy & Violet have a pendingadoption! 

When working 

properly, the 

immune system 

is responsible 

for keeping the 

body healthy 
and protecting from foreign invaders. Having a
strong, well-functioning immune system is vital tofunctioning in everyday life. It helps our physicaland mental body and shapes our emotionaldisposition in the world.

Our immune system is comprised of manyparts working together -- glands, immune organs,
hormones and other biochemicals plus oneunderlying, more subtle, vital energy reserve calledOjas. Ojas is like the glue that holds everythingtogether and one of the three vital essences -immunity, 
vitality, and positive stability. Besidesthe risk of actual diseases of the immune system,
the amount of stress that we are under also greatlyaffects and depletes this vital energy reserve andthe physical body. It leaves us subject to overeatingand, without time to unwind or when in worry orfear, it disconnects us spiritually. Physically, theadrenal glands become overtaxed by continuous 

stress, as they overwork to respond.

Yoga offers some real help when it comes 
to boosting the immune system and stayinghealthy. On a basic note, yogic movement withconscious, intentional breathing reduces stress.
In most classes, (not all!) the student gets tohave an experience of calm or feeling “ok.” Themore often we can have this experience of beingin a calm and balanced state of mind, the better. 
It activates the parasympathetic nervous systemand helps to combat the stress response state.
Yoga practiced in silence and other practices thatfacilitate withdrawal of the senses (or pratyahara)
are essential for building our vital energy reserve.
Along with a healthy, easily digestible diet, this hasan impact on the immune system as a whole. Astrong body and mind mean that we are protectedfrom illness while allowing room for us to weatherthe ups and downs of life with greater ease.
Make yoga a regular part of your life and watchyour health improve! Come see us at Yoga Madre, 

Keely Totten, E-RYT 500 

Real Life Tips from LIfe's Instruction Manual 

The fall and winter months bring a host of activitiesand traditions. Usually, we eat a little too much and fillthe days with tasks. Hopefully, you’re having fun andcreating precious memories. During the holiday season,
it’s easy to become overwhelmed and over extended. It 
is important to remember our priorities and to honorour boundaries. 

As you allocate your time, revisit your priorities.
It’s always nice to be helpful, but be sure not to over-
commit yourself. You want to remember put self-careand your goals on your to-do list. Otherwise when youcome to the end of the week, month and year you willbe disappointed if you haven’t accomplished your goals.
People pleasing is a deadly disease, it kills dreams.

What is the best way to stay focused? I am using mycalendar as a tool to meet my goals. Every coach andmentor with whom I have worked has recommended 
that I be more strategic with my time, but until now Ihave resisted. That was a mistake. I am scheduling the 

tasks that I need to complete andtracking my time now. I see it as a 
form of self-care. 

We should only commit toLori A. Harris 
doing the things that we want andhave the time to do. 

I know the power of writing down my goals, I haveseen that work repeatedly in my life. I am a life-longlearner, and I don’t expect my to-do list to stop anytimesoon; therefore I plan on using all of the resourcesavailable to me to accomplish my goals. I will start first 
by listening to my coach and implementing her advice.
I hope to achieve my goals and enjoy the holidays withmy family.

Stop and consider what can you do to enjoy thisholiday season. 

Lori is a lawyer and coach. Learn about her coming 
workshop at her website 

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