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Merry Christmas 
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Southern California residents are on high alert 
once again. It is unusual to have so many wildfires 
burning at the same time and especially at this time 
of year. The Santa Ana winds are contributing to 
the rapid spreading of these unexpected wildfires 
which are burning thousands of acres of land as well 
as homes. Currently, there are 8 wildfires burning in 
4 counties in Southern California: 
- The Thomas Fire near Hwy 150 and Hwy 126, 
north of Santa Paula (Ventura County) 
- The Palm Fire off Palm Dr & 20th Avenue in 
Desert Hot Springs (Riverside County) 
- The Wilson Fire off Mount Wilson Circle Road, 
near the Mount Wilson Observatory (Los Angeles 
- The Rye Fire off Rye Canyon Loop, west of 
Valencia (Los Angeles County) 
- The Creek Fire off Kagel Canyon Rd., north of 
Lake View Terrace (Los Angeles County) 
- The Riverdale Fire off Riverdale Place and 
Lakeview Ave, Santa Ana Riverbed (Riverside 
- The Meyers Fire near the Hwy 15 and Hwy 215 
junction, near Glen Helen Regional Park (San 
- The Oak Fire off Oak Glen Rd and Pine Bench 
Rd, east of Oak Glen (San Bernardino County) 
If you or someone you know lives within 2 
miles of a wildfire, it is important to know that 
there is help available. This includes help not only 
for property owners whose homes suffer physical 
damage from fire but also for homes and property 
located within the adjacent area. 
First and foremost, safety first. Emergency 
responders and firefighters are requiring residents 
to evacuate the area. However, many people may not 
know that their Homeowners or Property Insurance 
Policy may provide coverage for relocating their 
household, including pets, for homes located in 
neighborhoods requiring mandatory evacuation. 
Your insurance may also provide coverage to 
remove ash, black soot residue and smoke odor 
from your home or around your property. This 
specialized cleaning should be done by certified 
contractors that can also remove Foscheck or the 
slurry dropped by firefighter airplanes from your 
roof, driveway or the landscaping as this substance 
may leave a damage your property and leave a 
permanent stain. 
Because of smoke from wildfires as well as the 
heat wildfires generate, trees and shrubs can be wilt 
or die. Thankfully, Fire is a peril most Insurance 
Policies will cover the cost to prune or replace them 
if their growth is affected. There may, however, be 
a maximum dollar limit for each tree or shrub your 
insurance will replace. An Arborist can assess the 
condition of trees to determine if they have suffered 
permanent damage that will prevent future growth. 
Homeowners need to be aware of Public Adjuster. 
These individuals come to your home claiming they 
can assist you with getting paid for your damage 
and will help you file an insurance claim. Public 
Adjusters or an associated law firm may circulate 
fliers to a meeting they hold in your neighborhood 
or community to encourage all of the residents to 
retain their services. They may tell you that they can 
get you thousands of dollars from your insurance 
company. The truth is, this is money you would 
be entitled to without their help. You should know 
that they do charge for their services, even if they 
tell you that they don’t. They may take 10% to 40% 
of your insurance money if you hire their services, 
which can be significant amount of money to give 
For a consultation on what your insurance policy 
may cover, to obtain an estimate to clean or restore 
your home’s damage or for help in scheduling 
contractors, contact SOS Solutions. We provide free 
help to property owners in need of smoke and fire 
restoration contractors and who are looking to hire 
contractors that specialize in fire damage repair. 
Call SOS Solutions for your free help today! 
1.888.589.1868 - To learn more about our free 
services and for more resources, visit our website 
at www.TrustSOS.Solutions. Article courtesy of 
Jenee’ Child, CEO of SOS Solutions. 
By Joan Schmidt 
Foothill Unity Center’s annual Holiday Salon 
Concert & Art Show at Santa Anita’s Chandelier 
Room began with a warm welcome, champagne and 
tasty creations by Paula Smagacz, their new Executive 
After entering, we met Joan Whitnack, past 
Executive Director at the Center, standing in front of 
beautiful oil paintings, something she decided to try 
after retirement. How did she keep her talent a secret 
so long? 
Next to Joan, was the unique work of artist, 
Darrell James Hickey, who blends worlds of fashion 
impressionism and pop. His three-dimensional work 
includes beautiful boxes to put your “things’ inphone, 
keys, wallets, etc. when you return from work. 
Also on display- two tables he designed. 
Another artist was Chris Shadd aka Shaddstones 
Studios; he featured his silicon abstract paintingsunique 
and quite colorful. 
For the ladies, there were beautiful HazelsBags 
Purses (Hazel Salomon-Jimmy) and Elida Tsou 
Designs(Beautiful clothing, jewelry design and 
What was so heartwarming to me was that a 
portion of the proceeds of the above-mentioned 
items goes to Foothill Unity Center. 
Now it was time for the Concert. In attendance were 
many Carmelite nuns from Santa Teresita. Reyna 
Diaz, original MAD Town Council Member, Duarte 
School Board President, Volunteer Extraordinaire, 
Champion of Education AND on the Foothill Unity 
Center Board of Directors welcomed us , spoke of the 
wonderful work of Foothill Unity Center and of the 
two talented performers, Dr. Adam Kendall and Dr. 
Samuel Chung. 
I could write VOLUMES about the Center and 
these two fine men and their performance, but will 
try to keep it as brief as possible. 
The Foothill Unity Center has been around 
since 1980. It is the primary provider of food, case 
management/crisis help and access to health services 
in 11 cities. Currently they are in two locations- 
Pasadena and Monrovia-and the Monrovia site 
is BEYOND cramped. After years of strategic 
planning, studying and evaluating, the Center has 
recently purchased a new building down the street 
on Chestnut. It is MUCH LARGER and needs 
extensive work. Upon completion, it will provide a 
comprehensive, “one-stop” experience for all their 
clients. (Please visit 
or call 626-358-3486-they can use volunteers in 
addition to donations.) 
Now for the BEST part. The concert itself was 
wonderful. Dr. Kendall performed on the piano first 
with his furry friend Barney at his side. After the 
Intermission, besides Dr. Kendall, we were treated to 
his violin duos with Dr. Samuel Chung. The evening 
ended with Oh Come All Ye Faithful and Hark! The 
Herald Angels Sing! 
These two fine performers are physicians. Dr. 
Kendall practices medicine at Healthcare Partners 
in Arcadia and Dr. Chung, an Oncologist, at City of 
Hope. Dr. Kendall and his late wife of fifteen years 
had a practice together. After her untimely passing 
in 2011, he was so grief-stricken, he closed their 
practice. His brother sent him on a trip to Canada to 
help ease the pain, and while on the train, Dr. Kendall 
began to play his violin. Currently he rents a room 
and can be heard playing at the Monrovia Street Fair 
hoping to bridge the gap between concert hall and 
listener. In lieu of performance fees and lesson fees, 
Dr. Kendall encourages donations to Foothill Unity 
Center which he hopes will total $50,000 by 2022. 
I spoke with Dr. Chung and met his family prior to 
the concert. Dr. Chung graduated from Holy Angels 
School in Arcadia and played in their annual Jockey 
VS Holy Angels Benefit Basketball Game in 1988. 
It’s sure a “Small World”, and SPECIAL THANKS to 
the two fine perfumers and all involved in this great 
evening; particularly to help the Foothill Unity Center 
in their great mission of service to the Community. 
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Congressman Darrell Issa 
(R-Vista) released the following statement announcing 
his opposition to the Senate-passed tax reform bill 
which is expected to go to conference committee to be 
reconciled with the House bill which he voted against 
in November. 
“When I voted against the House tax reform 
proposal, I did so because I feared that many in my 
district could face higher taxes under its changes. The 
Senate bill doesn’t do any better,” said Congressman 
Darrell Issa. “California families are already forced to 
endure some of the highest state sales and income tax 
rates in the nation -- they deserve to see tax relief too. 
I oppose both proposals in their current form and I 
will continue to fight for tax relief that benefits ALL of 
our nation’s taxpayers -- regardless of where they live. 
And if such a deal cannot be reached, the bill will not 
earn my support.”