Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre Edition [Pasadena] Saturday, March 24, 2018

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Mountain View News Saturday, March 24, 2018 
Mountain View News Saturday, March 24, 2018 

 The Sierra Madre City Council asked staff to complete an updated fiscal impact analysis of Measure 
D: Stop the Utility Users’ Tax (UUT) which appears on the April 10, 2018 ballot. The complete 
report is available on the City’s website ( 
=212393&pageId=8660947) and can be found by clicking on the "Fiscal Impact " link located on 
the City's homepage. The report includes specific reduction proposals as they relate to Police, Fire 
and Medic Services, Library, and Community Services, should a majority of voters choose to "Stop" 
(repeal) the Utility Users Tax. 

The Utility User Tax (UUT) 
provides 24% ($2.6M) of all 
General Fund revenue to 
the City and supports public 
safety (Police and Fire) and 
recreation programs (Library 
and Community Services) in 
addition to all other general 
activities of the Sierra Madre 

The largest single area of expenditure 
from the General 
Fund is for the Sierra Madre 
Police Department which expends 
33% of all General Fund 
revenues. The other large General 
Fund departments include 
the Fire Department (18% of 
expenditures), and the City 
Library (7% of expenditures). 
In total these departments are 
responsible for $6,418,700 of 
the total General Fund uses of 
11,035,700 or 58%. Public Safety (Police and Fire) account for more than $5.6M or 51% of the total 
General Fund budget. 

The possible financial impact if the UUT is eliminated, and the General fund is reduced by $2.6M, 
could mean the entire elimination of some departments, and/or significant service level reductions, 
or changes to the way City services are provided, in addition to the specific proposals outlined 
in this analysis. 

Reducing General Fund Expenditures by $2.6 million, while preserving all Public Safety services 
would necessitate a 48% reduction in all General Fund expenses outside of Police and Fire. A 
reduction of $2.6 million to the General Fund while keeping Public Safety intact is not possible. 

If Measure D is approved, the City 
Council will consider: 
Eliminating all 4 Police Sergeant 
positions and 6 of 10 Police Officer 
Eliminating all paramedic and 
ambulance response from the Sierra 
Madre Fire Department;
Eliminating the Community Services 
Department in its entirety; 
Reducing Library services to one 
day a week.
If expenditure reductions fail to 
meet the loss in UUT revenues, 
the inevitable result will be the 
eventual depletion of General 
Fund reserves, potentially leading to the disincorporation of Sierra Madre. 


During this period, the Sierra Madre Police Department responded to approximately 3 0 5 day and nighttime calls for service. 

Wednesday, March 14

Between the hours of 2:30 p.m. on this date and 9:30 a.m. on Thursday 3/15, several vehicles werebroken into and ransacked with a few that had property missing. In most cases the vehicles were 
locked and parked in the driveway. These events of burglary or vandalism occurred in the 400 block 
of Grove St., the 300 block of E. Grandview and the 300 block of Toyon Rd. Case to Detectives 

Thursday, March 15

At about 1:07 a.m. officers stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. The driver admitted to be in 
possession of methamphetamine. Following an investigation, along with the methamphetamine,
drug paraphernalia was also found in the vehicle. The driver was arrested and transported to thePasadena Police jail and his vehicle was stored. Case to Pasadena DA’s office. 

Saturday, March 17

Officers responded to a suspected drunk driver in the 00 block of Kersting Ct. Officers conducteda DUI investigation and arrested the man for a DUI. The subject was transported to the PasadenaPolice Jail. Case to Pasadena DA’s office. 


The Volunteer Sierra Madre 4th of July Committee is seeking nominations for the 2018 4th of July ParadeGrand Marshal. The Parade will be held as always the morning of July 4th.

Parade Grand Marshal Nominees should embody the spirit of Sierra Madre, be an active volunteer inany of the local nonprofit organizations or in some way contributed to the betterment of Sierra Madre.
Nominees may be an individual or volunteers or an organization.

Nominations must be submitted in writing by Thursday, April 26th and should be sent to the 4th of JulyCommittee, PO Box 1073 Sierra Madre CA 91025 or emailed to 


Bees and hummingbirds feasting on the blossoms on ourchicken breast kebab, a boneless, skinless chicken breast 
lemon trees. barbequed and served with grilled veggies, hummus,
The flowering cherry/plum trees all over town...glorioustabbouleh and pita bread. This chicken is so tender andshades of pink.tasty, and the hummus! All the teams ordered big bowlsMy tiny wistaria vine twining itself around the fenceof hummus and pita to keep their strength up. Sooooagain.good!
The sunrises every day this week. OK, back to Trivia. There were sixteen Trivia fans 

in attendance, broken up into four teams. CategoriesThese things listed above are the most beautiful thingswere General Knowledge/Geography; U.S. Presidents/
I’ve seen this week. Today is the first day of Spring andHistory; Oxymorons; Movie Sidekicks and, lastly, Iconiclooking around our neighborhood and all around town,Movies Named After Women. Our team got all thethe following verse pretty much says it all: Iconic Movies right... here are a few of the ladies; Audrey

Hepburn, Joan Crawford, Sally Fields Bette Davis and“You will live in joy and peace. The mountains and hillstheir movies... you guys would all get these right: Funnywill burst into song, and the trees of the field will clapFace for Audrey; Mildred Pierce for Joan; Sybil for Sally,
their hands!” Is. 55:12 Jezebel for Bette. 

A couple of the oxymorons – you know what those are

Could we have asked for a more delightful weekend for– a figure of speech in which apparently contradictorythe Wistaria Festival? Probably not. Once again, crowdsterms appear in conjunction: Jumbo shrimp, goodflocked to see the world’s biggest Wistaria Vine, strolledgrief, crash landing.. you get the idea. Our team didaround downtown, enjoyed Sierra Madre and probablyfairly well with that one. I won’t get into the generalwished they could live here, too. I’ve been keeping an eyeknowledge/history stuff but we excelled there, too,
on my own favorite Wistaria vine, on Grandview, northmostly due to daughter, Leah, son-in-law, Chuck andside of the street, almost to Santa Anita, and it has just athe rest of our team. Now then, The Movie Sidekicks... 
few blossoms on it so far but as I drive past it on my wayHow many did you get? And did you recognize #5 asto Physical Therapy I can check it out twice a week – yes,devastatingly handsome Dennis Weaver, playing Chesterfriends and neighbors, my newly replaced knee (Januaryon Gunsmoke? You got Tonto, I’m sure (#2) whose16th) is coming along nicely but isn’t what you’d call a real name was not Jay Silverheels, but something else“normal” knee yet. Dr. Owens, my surgeon, says, ratheraltogether and he was originally from Canada! Whoseoff-handedly, “Oh, it takes about six to eight months...” sidekick was Andy Divine? Gene Autrey. Gabby Hayes?
Seriously? I’m past the two month mark and have noRoy Rogers. And #1, the Cisco Kid’s sidekick, Pancho.
intention of taking six to eight months to get back toThis was so much fun and we’re all hoping Rich doesbeing able to walk around town. We called this column:it again. You’d be amazed at how much you know. We“Walking Sierra Madre!” not driving Sierra Madre!certainly were.

They’re making a movie in town and the formerA little unfinished business, Robert Gjerde corrected aPetunias is now attractively decorated as “The Seasidecouple of items in the interview we did a couple of weeksCoffee Shop” and with the blue gingham curtains, looksago: “The fire department is staffed by three firefighters,
charming. Not sure what the movie is, but somebodynot CERT members. The “Internet” probably won’t bewill know and enlighten us all.working after a major disaster, but the emergency data

We have a new business in town where Goody Bagsnetwork we are building, will.” Thanks, Robert!
was on Sierra Madre Blvd. “Craft.” I’m planning to stopIt’s been a good week in Sierra Madre and our ownin and will have the details for you next week. I think apersonal mountains have never been more spectacular!.
craft shop is a great idea for us as we don’t have anythingMy book page: Deanne Davis 
like that and we’re kinda too far from Michael’s to be able Check out “The Crown” now that we are heading forto stop in and pick up a couple more of whatever we needEaster... 
for our current project.If you’ve ever wondered what happened to that crown

OK, you’ve looked at the picture and are wondering...of thorns, 
what in the world!! Well, here’s the scoop: The amazingly“The Crown” is perfect for you!
talented Rich Johnson of JJ Jukebox fame, hosted the Star of Wonder the CD is now on TuneCore! Take a look! 
inaugural night of Trivia at Corfu, right here in town.Blog: 
Incidentally, if you haven’t dined at Corfu, you’reFollow me on Twitter, too!
not being good to yourself. I find I am craving their playwrightdd 


The Friends of the Sierra Madre Public Library areThe PARKING LOT will feature boxes of DC and 
looking forward to the April Best Used Book Sale.Marvel comic books at only $.25 or 5/$1.00. TheyThe sale will be held on Friday, April 6 from 3:00are in great condition and protected with Mylar

– 7:00 p.m. and Saturday, April 7 from 10:00 a.m. –covers. There is also a large number of Children’s
2:00 p.m. behind the library.and Teen books this time which are priced from
Featured in the BASEMENT this time will $.25 - $1.00 each. Small paperbacks and Bargainbe a BUY ONE – GET ONE FREE sale on our Books go fast at our always low prices, so comepopular Cookbooks, Gardening, Decorating andearly for the best selection.
Craft sections. This sale will also apply to a recent,We hope to see you at the April Book Sale, wherevery large donation of new Quilting books. Weyou will find wonderful books in great condition.
also have many NEW boxed CD sets and a largeThe sale will be held behind the Sierra Madre 
number of single nearly new CDs and DVDs in theLibrary, 440 West Sierra Madre Blvd. in Sierrabasement. As always, the Table will be filled withMadre. All proceeds are used for services,
“coffee-table” type books on Art, History, Sportsacquisitions and programs of the Sierra Madreand Contemporary Culture as well as great pricesLibrary. We look forward to talking about bookson our shelves of fiction and non-fiction. with you at the Best Used Book Sale! Nominations should be no more than 1 page but at least a paragraphexplaining why the honor should be given including contributions to the Sierra Madre community.
Previous Grand Marshals have included 2017 Derek Podrebarac, 2016 Pete Siberell and Hometown 
Hero Kris Lowe, 2015 Clem and Nina Bartolai, 2014 Pat & DeAlcorn & Hometown Heroes Sierra 
Madre Search and Rescue, 2013 VFW Post 3208 & Hometown Hero Mama Pete; 2012 Nel and 
Bob Soltz (Wistaria Vine owners); 2011 Gayle Bluemel & Hometown Hero John Shear; 2010 LewWantanabe; 2009 Midge Morash; 2008 Sierra Madre Fire Department; 2007 Ward Family (E. WaldoWard & Sons); 2006 Judy Webb Martin & Toni Buckner & Hometown Hero Barbara Wamboldt; 2005Police Chief Wayne Bailey; 2004 Doug Berkshire; 2003 John Grijalva; 2002 Bob Quamstrom; 2001 TyGaffney; 2000 Dr. Bill White; and 1999 Jim & Barbara Heasley.
This All-American friends and family event is made possible through the wonderful contribution ofdonors and sponsors. If you’d like to help please visit or follow 
us on Facebook 
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