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to the Sierra Madre 
City Council 
Keep Sierra Madre Great! 
. I am committed to maintaining a beautiful, safe 
place where individuals, seniors and families 
can flourish.. .. Rachelle ArizmendiAs a Council Member and your current 
Mayor, it has been my honor to serve you 
for the last four years. 
I have worked with my City Council 
colleagues to: 
• Balance the city budget and reduce total 
annual expenses by $1M 
• Restore full Police Department staffing 
• Establish a professional Fire Department 
• Hire a new City Manager 
• Reduce water loss by investing in water 
As a Sierra Madre homeowner, I know that 
overdevelopment can ruin the quality of life 
in a neighborhood. 
Sierra Madre’s unique small town 
character and charm brought many of us 
here to stay. 
Let’s Keep Sierra Madre Great! 
Rachelle Arizmendi was first elected to the 
Sierra Madre City Council in 2014 and currently 
serves as the Mayor of the City of Sierra Madre. 
In 2017, Rachelle was appointed by California‘s 
Governor to serve on the State’s Board of Food 
and Agriculture. She also serves on several 
Boards including the California League of 
Cities and Foothill Workforce Development 
Policy. Rachelle is a Governor Appointee to the 
Interagency Council on Early Intervention and is 
an Advisory Member of the South Coast AQMD 
Local Government & Small Business Advisory 
Rachelle is the Vice President & Chief Operating 
Officer of PACE (Pacific Asian Consortium in 
Employment). PACE is a non-profit community 
development organization that serves over 
40,000 people every year in the areas of job 
training and employment, business development, 
early education, asset building, energy, and 
weatherization. She oversees a budget of $25M 
and a staff of 300 employees. In her previous 
capacity, she held the position of Education 
Project Director for 16 years. She was also 
the Executive Director for 2-1-1- California (an 
affiliate of the United Ways of California). 
Paid for by Arizmendi for City Council 2018 FPPC #1362527 
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