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VOLUME 12 NO. 12 
VOLUME 12 NO. 12 
$20,000Reward In 
Of Motorist 

 Supervisor Kathryn Barger 
introduced a motion before 
the Board of Supervisors 
Tuesday, asking for a $20,000 
reward for the person(s) 
responsible for dropping a 
boulder from the overpass 
at Orange Grove Boulevard 
in Pasadena onto the 134 
freeway resulting in the death 
of Cristopher Lopez.

 On Tuesday, March 13, at 
approximately 8:55 p.m., 
Guadalupe Gutierrez was 
driving with her husband, 
Cristopher Lopez, their 
4 year-old daughter and 
Mrs. Gutierrez’ mother 
westbound in the HOV lane, 
at approximately 70 miles per 

 When the car passed under 
Orange Grove Boulevard 
in Pasadena, a 30-pound 
boulder crashed through 
the windshield hitting Mr. 
Lopez who was seated in the 
passenger seat. Mrs. Gutierrez 
drove her husband directly to 
Glendale Adventist Medical 
Center. Despite the efforts 
of emergency personnel, 
Mr. Lopez succumbed to his 
injuries and was pronounced 
deceased at the hospital. 
Mr. Lopez is survived by his 
expectant wife Guadalupe 
and their daughter. 

CHP investigators are 
seeking witnesses who may 
have noticed any suspicious 
person(s) or activities around 
the area of Orange Grove 
Boulevard and State Route 
134 freeway on the evening of 
the incident. 

 Anyone with any information 
should call Crime Stoppers 
Hotline 1-800-222-8477. 

Residents Call for Transparency for
New Power Plant Above Pasadena

The city of Glendale’s Planning 
Commission voted 2 to 1 
Wednesday night against 
adopting a Mitigated Negative 
Declaration that would have 
allowed the construction of a 
12-megawatt power generation 
facility southeast of Pasadena 
above the Arroyo Seco. They 
also voted 2 to 1 in favor of a full 
Environmental Impact Report 
for the project after many in the 
audience demanded it. 

Of the 34 speakers only one was 
a resident of Pasadena although 
the project is less than a mile 
from Pasadena’s Linda Vista 
neighborhood and the Rose 

“I only found out about this 
whole situation a few days ago,” 
said, Nina Chomsky, President 
of the Linda Vista~Annandale 
Association. “I discovered in 
my research that the city didn’t 
bother to notify me or Council 
member Steve Madison of this 
proposed project or the Linda 
Vista~Annandale Association.” 

She went on, “It looks like 
there is a whole plan to redo 
Glendale’s power operations, we 
know about the expansion idea 

Pasadena Announces 
Transit to Trails Bus Service 

 The County Board of 

Supervisors approved a motion 
Tuesday to partner with 
the City of Pasadena, the 
Trust for Public Land, 
Edison International and 
the Wilderness Society to 
implement a six-month 
pilot bus service in the 
unincorporated Altadena 

Pg. 4 
Pg. 3 
Pg. 7 
Pg. 10 
The pilot service will 
connect the Metro Gold 
Line at Memorial Park 
Station with the Sam 
Merrill Trailhead in 
Altadena. Service would 
extend from April 7 to 
Sept. 30 on Saturdays and 
Sundays between 7 a.m. 
and 5 p.m.

 “This exciting 
partnership expands 
access to open space 
recreation and provides 
another option to 
improve regional transit 
connectivity for our 
residents in the Altadena 
community,” Supervisor 
Barger said.

 Mayor Terry Tornek 
stated, “This new service 
will provide a convenient 
transportation option 
to access this wonderful 
open space for the local 
and regional community. 
We are pleased to work 
with our partners on this 

 To celebrate the launch of 
the route, an event will be 
held at Memorial Park at 9 

a.m. on April 7. Pasadena 
Mayor Terry Tornek and 
Supervisor Barger will be 
in attendance. 
“The Trust for Public 
Land is excited to partner 

[of the landfill] then we have this 
proposal and we have two more 
projects and they’re all related? 
how could they not be?” 

Chomsky noted that she was not 
speaking on behalf of the Linda 
Vista~Annandale Association. 
She alleged the projects secrecy 
was illegal. 

“To breakdown these four 
projects and have them all float 
around in different universes 
and somehow they’ll come 
back together someday. That 
is not permitted under CEQA 
[ California Environmental 
Quality Act] 

Other speakers did make note 
of the projects proximity to 
Art Center in Pasadena, Kids 
Space and the Aquatic Center in 
Brookside Park. 

At issue was the projects 
Proposed Mitigated Negative 
Declaration. Many of the 
public were concerned about 
fire, earthquakes, noise and air 

“We are always concerned 
about fire in the Linda 
Vista~Annandale area,” 
Chomsky said. “We have open 

with the City of Pasadena, 
Edison International, 
Supervisor Barger’s office 
and the Wilderness Society 
to increase access to the San 
Gabriels. Transit to open space 
projects are an important way 
to connect the short distances 
between our foothill cities and 
our local mountains,” Tori Kjer, 
Los Angeles Program Director 

 This new route, Pasadena 
Transit Route 88, will use clean 
fuel Compressed Natural Gas 
buses and serve stops along 
the route. Travel time to the 
trailhead is 23 minutes. Buses 
will leave every half hour from 
the northbound Raymond andHolly bus stop between 7:05 

a.m. to 4:35 p.m. on Saturdays 
and Sundays. The last bus will 
depart from the Trailhead at 5 
p.m. For more route or schedule 
information call 626-744-4055 
or visit www.pasadenatransit. 
“Supervisor Barger, Mayor 
Tornek and their staff have 
made this process easy and are 
committing real money to make 
this project a success! We’re 
interested in working with more 
cities and municipalities to see 
this type of innovative program 
serve more communities,” said 
Daniel Rossman California 
Deputy Director with the 
Wilderness Society, a Nature 
for All Coalition member.

 The popular Sam Merrill Trail 
provides access to exclusive 
areas in the San Gabriel 
Mountain Range. Funding 
for the county’s portion of the 
estimated costs would come 
from the supervisor’s Fifth 
District discretionary transit 

canyons, we have the narrow 
streets... and add 90,000 people 
at the Rose Bowl for an event 
panicked to get out.” 

One resident were so far as 
to relate the project and air 
pollution to adding more than 
1000 cars on the freeway every 
hour every day of the year. 

According to a Glendale city 
staff report they are proposing a 
12 megawatt power generation 
facility (utility and transmission 
facility) that will utilize landfill 
gas to generate renewable 
energy at 2.2 acre area located at 
southern portion of a 535 acre 
site (Scholl Canyon Landfill) 
that is located in the SR (Special 
Recreation) Zone. The Project 
includes the construction of two 
1,000 square foot modular office 
buildings, a 60,000 gallon fire 
water tank, a 10,000 gallon water 
storage tank, a two-thirds of 
mile natural gas pipeline system, 
four 840 square-foot engine 
generator enclosures with 40foot 
tall exhaust stacks that are 
three-feet in diameter, 40-foot 
tall flare stack, retaining walls 
(up to 23-feet tall) and a 384 
square-foot power distribution 

on HealthyAging

 Seniors 50 and older will 
fine-tune their lives, health, 
safety, relationships and 
more at the free Pasadena 
Conference on Healthy 
Aging scheduled Saturday, 
April 28, from 8 a.m. to 1:30 

p.m. on the campus of First 
Church of the Nazarene of 
Pasadena, 3700 E. Sierra 
Madre Blvd. 
The conference will begin 
with a keynote address 
by Dr. Laura Mosqueda, 
interim dean and professor 
of family medicine and 
geriatrics at USC’s Keck 
School of Medicine. The title 
of her presentation will be 
“Aging with Purpose: Grace, 
Meaning and Joy.”

 Workshop topics will range 
from medical marijuana to 
senior cyber safety. There 
also will be workshops 
on the latest updates on 
Medicare, financial security, 
caregiver support and more, 
plus demonstrations, health 
screenings and an exhibitor 

 While there is no cost 
to attend the conference, 
registration is required. Visit or 
call 626-685-6730 to register 
or for more information. 
Free lunch will be provided 
to registered participants. 

Orange Grove ProjectMeeting Canceled 

 Hundreds of Pasadena 
residents joined Mayor Terry 
Tornek, Councilmembers 
Gene Masuda and Margaret 
McAustin, and City staff, 
Thursday, to discuss the 
proposed Orange Grove 
Boulevard. “Road Diet” 
project. Over 100 of the 
attendees provided public 
comment. There will 
be time for additional 
public comment before 
any decisions are made; 
however, for the reasons 
set forth below, the second 
community meeting that 
was scheduled for March 28 
has been postponed until 
further notice.

 As was discussed at the 
meeting, the proposed 
timing for the resurfacing 
of Orange Grove Boulevard, 
which would necessarily 
precede any restriping of the 
street to implement a “Road 
Diet”, is expected to be 
postponed for approximately 
twelve months to allow time 
for the Water and Power 
Department to install a 
proposed 3.5 mile water 
transmission line from 
Sunset Avenue to Sierra 
Madre Boulevard. In other 
words, any decision on the 
“Road Diet” is likewise being 


 While the intent of the 
proposed “Road Diet” is to 
enhance safety, it is clear that 
there are many concerns 
regarding the potential 
impacts of the project 
as it has been proposed. 
These concerns have been 
taken to heart by the City 

 Given delays caused by 
the water transmission 
line project, City staff has 
an opportunity to develop 
greater community dialog 
and to work toward an 
approach that is more 
likely to be accepted by the 
community. Additional 
information will be shared 
as it becomes available. 

 “We are grateful to all 
those who participated at 
the meeting, or made their 
thoughts known previously. 
Pasadena’s engaged and 
informed citizenry is one 
of things that makes our 
community so special,” 
stated City Manager Steve 

 A copy of the presentation 
provided at yesterday’s 
meeting and project updates 
can be found at the project 
website located at http://

Arts and Sciences 
Talk and Museum Tour 

Pasadena thinks with both 
sides of the brain and has 
always embraced the arts 
and sciences.

 As it grew and developed 
as a city, Pasadena became 
a hub for culture, scientific 
experimentation, creativity 
and thinking outside the 

 Explore some of the stories 
behind Pasadena’s inspiring 
and multifaceted history 
and learn about several of 
the improbable people who 
propelled Pasadena into the 
21st century and beyond 
Friday, April 20, at 11 a.m. 
when a talk at the Pasadena 
Senior Center, 85 E. Holly 
St., will be followed by a tour 
of the Pasadena Museum 
of History’s new exhibition 
“Dreaming the Universe: 

The Intersection of Science, 
Fiction and Southern 
California.” The event 
will be presented by Julia 
Long, founder of Pasadena 
Walking Tours.

 The cost for members of 
the Pasadena Senior Center 
is only $10. Transportation 
to the museum is not 
included, and there will be 
an additional cost to enter 
the museum ($9 general 
admission and $8 students 
and senior citizens).

 Sign up for the talk only, 
the museum visit only or 
the combined talk and 
museum tour by stopping 
by the Welcome Desk at 
the Pasadena Senior Center 
or calling 626-795-4331. 
For more information visit 

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