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Mountain Views-News Saturday, March 24, 2018 
Mountain Views-News Saturday, March 24, 2018 
Jeff’s Book PicsBy Jeff Brown FAMILY MATTERS By Marc Garlett 

Thankfully, Dr. Hyman is here toThe Triumph of Christianity:

set the record straight. In Food:How a Forbidden Religion

What the Heck Should I Eat? -Swept 
the World by Bart D. 

his most comprehensive book yetFrom the bestselling authority on


-- he takes a close look at everyearly Christianity, the story of how

food group and explains whatChristianity grew from a religion

we’ve gotten wrong, revealingof twenty or so peasants in rural

which foods nurture our health 
Galilee to the dominant religion in

and which pose a threat. Fromthe West in less than four hundred 

grains to legumes, meat to dairy,
years.Christianity didn’t have to

fats to artificial sweeteners, and 
become the dominant religion

beyond, Dr. Hyman debunks 
in the West. It easily could have

misconceptions and breaks 
remained a sect of Judaism fated 

down the fascinating science into have the historical importance

his signature accessible style.
of the Sadducees or the Essenes. 

He also explains food’s role asIn The Triumph of Christianity,

powerful medicine capable of 
Bart Ehrman, a master explainer

reversing chronic disease and 
of Christian history, texts, and

shows how our food system andtraditions, shows how a religion

policies impact the environment,
whose first believers were twenty or

the economy, social justice, andso illiterate day laborers in a remote

personal health, painting a holisticpart of the empire became the official

picture of growing, cooking, andreligion of Rome, converting some

eating food in ways that nourishthirty million people in just four

our bodies and the earth while 
centuries. The book combines deep

creating a healthy society. Withknowledge and meticulous research

myth-busting insights, easy-toin 
an eye-opening, immensely

understand science, and delicious, 
readable narrative that upends the

wholesome recipes, the book is away we think about the single most

no-nonsense guide to achievingimportant cultural transformation 

optimal weight and lifelong health. 
our world has ever seen—one that 
revolutionized art, music, literature, 

Too Simple for Words: 

Reflections on Non-Duality philosophy, ethics, economics, and

by Graham Stew law. 

Are you interested in exploring who

you really are? The answers are to beFood: What the Heck Should I 

found in self-inquiry, the discoveryDr. Hyman sorts through the 

Eat? by Mark Hyman M.D. 

of Reality that non-dual teachingsconflicting research on food to 

offer. No prior knowledge of Easterngive us the skinny on what to eat.

religion or spiritual practices isDid you know that eating oatmeal

needed, as this book uses simpleactually isn’t a healthy way to start

everyday language to investigatethe day? That milk doesn’t build

these issues through reflections, 
bones, and eggs aren’t the devil?Even

dialogues and poems.”Your Self, 
the most health conscious among us

Aware Presence, knows no resistance 
have a hard time figuring out what

to any appearance and, as such, isto eat in order to lose weight, stay

happiness itself; like the empty spacefit, and improve our health. And

of a room it cannot be disturbed 
who can blame us? When it comes 

and is, therefore, peace itself; liketo diet, there’s so much changing

this page, it is intimately one withand conflicting information flying

whatever appears on it and is thusaround that it’s impossible to know

love itself; and like water that is not 
where to look for sound advice. And decades affected by the shape of a wave, it is pure freedom.
of misguided “common sense,” food-industryCauseless joy, imperturbable peace, love thatlobbying, bad science, and corrupt food policesknows no opposite and freedom at the heart ofand guidelines have only deepened our crisis ofall experience....this is your ever-present naturenutritional confusion, leaving us overwhelmed under all circumstances.” Rupert Spira.The 3 bookand anxious when we head to the grocery store. reviews are from 

All Things By Jeff Brown 


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a collection ofaffiliated with the Ocean Cleanup Foundation, sixplastic, floating trash located halfway between Hawaiiuniversities and an aerial sensor company.Our trashand California, has grown to more than 600,000is harming the deepest fish in the ocean.Humans havesquare miles, a study published Thursday finds. That’sproduced 18.2 trillion pounds of plastic since the 50s.
twice the size of Texas.Winds and converging oceanThat’s equal in size to 1 billion elephants.Sadly, thecurrents funnel the garbage into a central location.Pacific patch isn’t alone. The Pacific Garbage Patch isFirst discovered in the early 1990s, Lebreton said thethe largest of five known such trash collections in thetrash in the patch comes from countries around theocean, Lebreton said.Scientists are working with thePacific Rim, including nations in Asia as well as NorthEuropean Space Agency to take photos of the variousand South America.The patch is not a solid mass ofgarbage patches from space.With no governmentsplastic. It includes some 1.8 trillion pieces of plasticstepping up to clean up the trash in the world’s oceans,
and weighs 88,000 tons .The new figures are as muchwhich are in international waters, it’s up to privatelyas 16 times higher than previous estimates.Much offunded groups like the Ocean Cleanup Foundation tothe garbage is rather large. “We were surprised by thetake the lead on getting rid of the garbage. “It’s a tickingamount of large plastic objects we encountered,” saidtime bomb of larger material,” Dubois said. “We’veJulia Reisser, also of the foundation. “We used to think got to get it before it breaks down into a size that’smost of the debris consists of small fragments, but thistoo small to collect and also dangerous for marinenew analysis shines a new light on the scope of thelife.””How long plastic may remain in the ocean is adebris.”The study was based on a three-year mappingbig unknown, but unless we begin to remove it, someeffort conducted by an international team of scientists would say it may remain there forever,” Lebreton said. 


When considering how to leave assets to adult children, thefirst step is to decide how much each one should receive.
Most parents want to treat their children fairly, but thisdoesn’t necessarily mean they should receive equal sharesof your estate. For example, it may be desirable to give moreto a child who is a teacher than to one who is the CEO of a 
successful business, or to “compensate” the child who hasbeen your primary caregiver.

Some parents worry about leaving too much money totheir children. They want their children to have enoughto do whatever they wish, but not so much that they willbe lazy and unproductive. So, instead of giving everythingto their children, some parents leave inheritances forgrandchildren and future generations through a trust, and/
or make a generous charitable contribution. 

Inheritance Planning: Options

When deciding how or when adult children are toreceive their inheritances, consider these options: 

Option 1: Give Some Now

Those who can afford to give their children orgrandchildren some of their inheritance now will 
experience the joy of seeing the results. Money given nowcan help a child buy a house, start a business, be a stay-
at-home parent, or send the grandchildren to college-milestones 
that may not have happened without this help. Italso provides insight into how a child might handle a largerinheritance. 

Option 2: Lump Sum

If the children are responsible adults, a lump sumdistribution may seem like a good choice--especially if theyare older and may not have as many years left to enjoy theinheritance. However, once a beneficiary has possession ofthe assets, he or she could lose them to creditors, a lawsuit, 
or a divorce settlement. Even a current spouse would haveaccess to assets that are placed in a joint account or if the 

recipient adds the spouse as a co-owner. For parents whoare concerned that a son- or daughter-in law could end upwith their assets, or that a creditor could seize them, or that 
a child might spend irresponsibly, a lump sum distributionmay not be the right choice. 

Option 3: Installments

Many parents like to give their children more than oneopportunity to invest or use the inheritance wisely, whichdoesn’t always happen the first time around. Installmentscan be made at certain intervals (say, one-third upon theparent’s death, one-third five years later, and the final thirdfive years after that) or when the heir reaches certain ages(say, age 25, age 30 and age 35). In either case, it is importantto review the instructions from time to time and make 
changes as needed. For example, if the parent lives a verylong time, the children’s life expectancy may not be longenough to receive the full inheritance--or, they may havepassed the distribution ages and, by default, will receive theentire inheritance in a lump sum.

Keep in mind that pushing assets out of a trust ininstallments leaves those assets vulnerable to the problemsmentioned above in the “lump sum” option. Assets can belost in divorce, seized in lawsuits, or spent foolishly. Someparents are also concerned lump sum or installment giftswill fuel an addiction. 

Option 4: Keep Assets in a Trust

Assets can be kept in a trust and provide for children andgrandchildren, but not actually be given to them. Assetsthat remain in a trust are protected from a beneficiary’screditors, lawsuits, irresponsible spending, and ex- andcurrent spouses. The trust can provide for a special needsdependent, or a child who might become incapacitatedlater, without jeopardizing valuable government benefits.
If a child needs some incentive to earn a living, the trustcan match the income he/she earns. (Be sure to allow forthe possibility that this child might become unable to workor retires.) If a child is financially secure, assets can be keptin a trust for grandchildren and future generations, yet stillprovide a safety net should this child’s financial situation 
change. This is our preferred method of inheritanceplanning as it’s a win/win for all. Assets are protected yet 

Dedicated to empowering your family, building yourwealth and defining your legacy, 

A local attorney and father, Marc Garlett is on a mission tohelp parents protect what they love most. His office is located 
at 55 Auburn Avenue, Sierra Madre, CA 91024. Schedule 
an appointment to sit down and talk about ensuring alegacy of love and financial security for your family bycalling 626.587.3058 or visit for moreinformation. 


The latest on Business News, Trends and 

By La Quetta M. Shamblee, MBA 

What do the latest fashion crazes have in common with interaction and long-term engagement.
popular business jargon? As I watch reruns of television These definitions are nothing more than a superfluousshows that were popular during my childhood, I’mreference to excellent customer service, before, duringamazed at how many of the hairstyles and clothing haveand after a transaction. Good old-fashioned business 
been repeatedly introduced as one of the new looks in aetiquette is the framework within which relationship 
plethora of magazines and blogs specializing in operates. It begins with good manners andLoosely referred to as retro or vintage fashion, it is nothingthe development of a personal connection with eachmore than a return to a look from the past that has beencustomer, including those online. Relationship marketing 
revamped and reintroduced as the latest and greatest thing must move beyond the adoption of key words in a 
to wear. After all, there are only so many ways to reconstructcompany’s mission statement and become the reality of atrousers, tops, hats, dresses and’s practice.

Sometimes the remake is actually an improvement dueAn article in the January-February 1998 issue of theto advances in technology, for example when fabrics thatHarvard Business Review noted, “Relationship marketingretained their colors after being washed were introduced,is powerful in theory but troubled in practice.” Consider 
or when an entirely new branch of fabrics was launchedthe pervasive use of special introductory discounts thatwith the introduction of polyester in 1951. The latter was credit card companies or cable television companies offer toindeed a revolution, providing clothing designers with thefirst-time customers, which completely ignoring customersability to create water-resistant raincoats and wrinkle-freewho have spent thousands of dollars with them over many 
fashions never before possible.years. What does that type of business practice say about

In similar fashion (pun intended), the world of businesshow those companies value relationships with its existingis filled with the introduction of new terms and concepts incustomers? 
research reports, news articles and online. Just like fashion, An online April 1, 2013 Forbes article by Steve Olenskimost of the fanfare surrounding the introduction of theabout business-to-business marketing (B2B) referenced alatest trend serves as a distraction to the fact that the “new” 2012 quote by a chief marketing officer who was speakingitem is nothing more than a remake of something that wasabout the upcoming year, “We will see the beginning ofin use more than fifty years ago.what I refer to as ‘the relationship’ whereby marketers

“Relationship marketing” is a term that has received will move away from an acquisition first mentality to aattention in business periodicals and articles since therelationship first one. Marketers will focus more on the 
late 1990’s, and it is has now made a comeback as the new entire consumer experience to build and foster a long termkid on the block to many readers. The term was initiallyrelationship with a consumer as opposed to just that initialdefined as a type of marketing created from direct responsepurchase phase.” 
campaigns that emphasized retaining and satisfyingNews alert! We’ve seen these characteristics on the 
customers as opposed to a primary focus on generatingrunway before, and we’re elated that the experts aresales transactions. A new and improved meaning hastouting them as the latest fashions. We can only hopeexpanded beyond the original definition to encompassthat relationship marketing will take hold as more than athe adoption of a strategy that facilitates customer loyalty, passing fad. 

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