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VOLUME 12 NO. 31

Local Area 
News Briefs

Applications Available 
for 2019 Royal Court

 Fire Forces Evacuation 
at Senior Living Center

Dozens of seniors were 
evacuated Monday afternoon 
after an apartment fire on the 
six floor of a high-rise living 
facility complex broke out in 

 According to officials, an 
electrical fire, contained to 
a single unit, was reported 
shortly before 2:30 p.m. in the 
200 block of Cordova St. Two 
people were evacuated for 
injuries at the scene. 

 Around 50 firefighters, from 
four surrounding city fire 
debarments were called to the 
sene. The fire was knocked 
down quickly. 

 A total of 26 people were 
evacuated, eight were 
displaced from their units.

Pictured: 2018 Royal Court

 Applications for the 2019 
Tournament of Roses Royal 
Court are now available on 
the Tournament of Roses 
website. The Tournament of 
Roses invites young women 
to become a part of history, 
make lifelong friends, and 
become an inspiration for 

 Royal Court members 
experience countless 
benefits; becoming part of 
an organization dedicated 
to hands-on volunteerism, 
discovering opportunities to 
connect with and give back 
to the local community, 
developing public speaking 
skills, and growing self-

 The 2019 Royal Court will 
attend nearly 100 community 
and media functions, 
serving as ambassadors of 
the Tournament of Roses, 
the Pasadena community, 
and the greater Los Angeles 

 All are encouraged to 
apply and participate in 
one of the initial interview 
sessions at Tournament 
House on Saturday, 
September 8 or Monday, 
September 10. Participants 
are selected based upon a 
combination of qualities, 
including public speaking 
ability, youth leadership, 
academic achievement, 
and community and school 

 All individuals who 
participate in the initial 
interview sessions will 
receive a ticket for two 
people to attend the Royal 
Ball, a semi-formal dance 
hosted by the Tournament 
of Roses at the Pasadena 
Convention Center on 
September 14.

 The Royal Court 
application, eligibility 
requirements, and additional 
information can be found at: 

 The grand finale for the 
Royal Court will be riding 
on the Royal Court float 
in the 130th Rose Parade 
presented by Honda and 
attending the 105th Rose 
Bowl Game presented by 
Northwestern Mutual, both 
on Tuesday, January 1, 2019.

 The Tournament of Roses 
is a volunteer organization, 
935 volunteer members of 
the association will help 
organize the 130th Rose 
Parade themed “The Melody 
of Life,” 

By Dean Lee

 Pasadena fire units responded 
Wednesday night to a house 
fire that gutted, what was a 
130-year-old Victorian-style 
home, at 30 W Mountain Street 
in Northwest Pasadena. Arson 
investigators later made an 
arrest of a 38-year old man from 
Pasadena in connection to the 

 According to Acting City 
Public Information Officer, Lisa 
Derderian, “Officers contacted 
witnesses at the scene who 
described a possible subject 
last seen in the building before 
it caught on fire. One of the 
witnesses who was still at the 
scene saw the same subject from 
earlier standing in the crowd at 
the location and pointed him 
out to the arson investigator.”

 Kristoffer Eugene Caldwel was 
arrested at the scene. 

 The blaze started inside the 
longtime vacant, two-story 
Victorian home around 10:15 
p.m. When firefighters arrived 
they found flames shooting 
from the second story according 
to Derderian.

 After a second alarm was 
requested, over 40 fire personnel 
knocked the fire down in 
less than 45 minutes. South 
Pasadena Fire Department, and 
Alhambra Fire Department 
both helped protect nearby 
homes and businesses. 

 No injuries were reported 
Derderian said.

 City officials said Thursday 
they plan to move quickly to 
make the property safe, most 
likely demolishing what is left 
on the destroyed home.

 The same home caught fire last 
September, in what police said 
was also arson. Investigators are 
looking at whether or not the 
fires are related.

Home Goes 
Up in Flames 

Superconference to Take 
Over Pasadena

 The popular website, 
Hackaday, read by engineers, 
makers and inventors that 
celebrates hardware and 
hardware hacks, announced 
Thursday the fourth annual 
Hackaday Superconference 
to take place Nov. 2-4 at the 
Supplyframe DesignLab in 

 “We perpetually include 
first-time presenters and 
fresh, only-seen-here content. 
It’s been an incredible ride 
to watch this conference 
grow in popularity year after 
year,” said Sophi Kravitz, 
Supplyframe’s director of 

The Hackaday 
Superconference is a 
gathering of hardware 
hackers, engineers, designers 
and devotees who converge 
for one weekend to share 
knowledge, watch industry 
expert talks, join the 
hardware hacking village and 
participate in one-of-a-kind 
workshops. Previous speakers 
include Anouk Wipprecht, 
Samy Kamkar and Syd Mead.

 For more information visit: 

Meet the People Behind 
NASA’s InSight Mars Lander

Text Line 

The Pasadena Public Health 
Department (PPHD) has 
partnered with the Crisis 
Text Line to bring awareness 
around emotional well-being 
and mental health. Crisis Text 
Line is a national not-for-profit 
agency providing free, 24/7 
crisis support via text messages. 
Trained counselors help bring 
individuals experiencing crisis 
to a calmer state of mind and 
help create a plan to stay safe 
and healthy. Crisis Text Line 
has processed over 72 million 
messages to date, dealing with 
issues such as depression, 
anxiety, and thoughts of suicide.

 “The partnership with Crisis 
Text Line is another way 
Pasadena is working to reduce 
stigma around mental health 
and to encourage all who are 
experiencing emotional distress 
to reach out for help,” said 
Michael Johnson, Director of 
Public Health. “By allowing 
individuals to text with a live, 
trained Crisis Counselor at any 
time, people can receive critical 
assistance immediately.”

 According to the National 
Institute of Mental Health, 
18.3% of adults in the U.S. lived 
with a mental health illness in 
2016. However, less than 50% 
of those individuals received 

 “We are proud to partner with 
the Pasadena Public Health 
Department to bring lifesaving 
support at your fingertips,” 
said Liz Eddy, Director of 
Communication for Crisis Text 

 Those experiencing crisis are 
encouraged to text LA to 741741 
or reach a Crisis Counselor 
through Facebook Messenger 
Counselors are available 24/7 
and will respond quickly to help 
the texter out of their moment 
of crisis and to start creating a 
safety plan. This service is free 
and confidential. For more 
information regarding Crisis 
Text Line, visit: crisistextline.

Troy Hudson Ravi Prakash and Marleen Sundgaard

Officials Urge FAA to 
Reconsider Ending Helicopter 
Noise Complaint System

 A new series of videos 
introduces some of the 
people leading NASA’s 
InSight, the agency’s 
next mission to Mars.

 “Behind the 
Spacecraft” profiles 
the men and women 
working on the first 
mission ever dedicated 
to studying Mars’ deep 
interior. The InSight 
spacecraft is on its way 
to a Nov. 26 landing 
on the Red Planet. All 
the videos are available 
today and will be 
spotlighted on social 
media each week over 
the next three months.

 The InSight profiles 

·Troy Hudson, a 
scientist turned 
engineer with space art 

·Marleen Sundgaard,
the daughter of 
migrant workers who 
was inspired to look to 
the stars

·Ravi Prakash, a 
spacecraft engineer 
who applied his skills 
to combat international 

 After landing on 
Mars, InSight will 
use a seismometer to 
detect quakes inside 
the planet, and place 
a probe up to 16 
feet (5 meters) under the 
surface to measure the heat 
escaping from its depths. 
InSight stands for Interior 
Exploration Using Seismic 
Investigations, Geodesy and 
Heat Transport.

 InSight is an international 
mission that includes 
participation from several 
European agencies and 
institutions, including 
France’s National Center 
for Space Studies (CNES) 
and the German Aerospace 
Center (DLR). Important 
figures from these 
collaborators are also 
profiled in the “Behind the 
Spacecraft” series.

 Two videos also focus on 
Mars Cube One, or MarCO, 
the first pair of CubeSats to 
attempt the journey to Mars. 
These “Meet MarCO” videos 
share the personalities of 
young engineers working 
to demonstrate how 
miniaturized spacecraft 
technology can be used on 
future missions. MarCO is a 
unique, standalone mission 
of its own, unrelated to the 
InSight mission’s success.

 The entire video series was 
produced by NASA 360 at 
the National Institute of 
Aerospace in collaboration 
with the agency’s Langley 
Research Center in 
Hampton, Virginia.

 To watch all the videos visit: . 



 Pg. 3

 Congressman Adam Schiff, 
Senators Dianne Feinstein 
and Kamala Harris and other 
members of the Los Angeles 
delegation sent a letter last 
week to Federal Aviation 
Administration (FAA) Acting 
Administrator Daniel Elwell 
urging the FAA to reconsider 
plans to terminate funding for 
the Los Angeles Automated 
Noise Complaint System.

 In the letter, Schiff, Feinstein 
and Harris ask the FAA to 
continue funding the system as 
well as make improvements to 
it in order to more accurately 
track helicopters across Los 
Angeles County.

 In the letter, they write: 
“The residents of Los Angeles 
deserve the continued support 
of the FAA in maintaining 
the Los Angeles Automated 
Noise Complaint System. 
Excessive helicopter noise 
remains a problem in the Los 
Angeles County, and we ask 
the FAA to continue working 
toward solutions, including by 
supporting and improving the 
noise complaint system.”

 The letter was signed by 
Senators Dianne Feinstein 
and Kamala D. Harris 
(both D-Calif.), along with 
Representatives Adam B. Schiff 
(CA-28), Alan Lowenthal 
(CA-47), Brad Sherman (CA-
30), Tony Cárdenas (CA-29), 
Maxine Waters (CA-43), and 
Ted W. Lieu (CA-33).


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