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WALKING SIERRA MADRE... The Social Side By Deanne Davis

“If happiness truly consisted in physical ease and 
freedom from care, then the happiest individual 
would be not either a man or a woman; it would 
be, I think, an American cow.”

William Lyon Phelps

“Every year sharks kill 10 people. Every year 50 
people die from being stepped on by cows. 

Fear the real killer!” 

“I never saw a purple cow, I never hope to see one; 
but I can tell you, anyhow, 

I’d rather see than be one!” Gelett Burgess

Leafing through USA Today, I came across a 
headline that stopped all further leafing:

 Cow attacks woman, Navajo sheriff’s deputy.

You, too, would be stopped in your tracks, unable 
to go further until you found out what on earth 
was going on here. It seems that a woman called 
the sheriff’s office around 9 p.m. on a recent 
Friday night because a cow was attacking her. 
The cow had pinned this lady to the ground 
and continually pressed her if she made any 
movements or attempts to get away. Seriously? 
Was alcohol involved? What was this woman 
doing hanging around a cow at 9 p.m. on a Friday 
night? And how was she able to call 911 if the 
cow wouldn’t allow her to make any movements. 
This whole story is fraught with questions and 

 A deputy from the Navajo County Sheriff’s 
Office responded to the call and tried to get the 
cow off the woman by waving his arms, yelling and 
pushing the cow. I realize people can move cows 
by pushing them...cow tipping (the purported 
activity of sneaking up on any unsuspecting or 
sleeping upright cow and pushing it over for 
entertainment, according to Wikipedia) comes to 
mind...but as the average cow weighs about 1,600 
lbs. and stands about 5 feet tall at her rump with a 
nose to tail length of 8.5 feet, I don’t think giving 
her a shove or two would have much impact. 
Further on cow tipping, it’s another one of those 
urban legend things as at least four or possibly as 
many as fourteen people would be required to tip 
one of these babies over. Having been very close 
to a cow once in Jamaica or some other Caribbean 
paradise where cows and goats casually wander 
the landscape, I discovered I wanted to remove 
myself as quickly as possible from her proximity. 
She was BIG!

 Having no appreciable impact upon the cow 
by yelling and shoving, the deputy used his taser, 
touching the cow directly with a drive stun, which 
did cause it to leave the woman alone and turn 
immediately upon the deputy. He had to have 
seen that coming. The cow charged the deputy, 
forcing him to the ground before stepping on his 
leg and chest. I loved this part, “out of options, he 
continued to drive stun the cow until it ran away 
from the area.” The woman and the deputy were 
not critically hurt and did not request further 
medical treatment after being checked out by 
EMT’s at the scene. 

 It was not immediately known what, if 
anything, would happen to the cow. Put into 
time out? TV privileges removed? Phone taken 
away? Grounded? What does one do to punish a 
naughty cow? The Navajo County Sheriff’s Office 
said it reached out to several ranchers to find out 
who owns the cow and is waiting to hear back. I’m 
imagining ranch owners going out on the range 
and saying, “OK, which one of you clowns stepped 
on the lady and the deputy??” And receiving the 
classic answers given in all accusatory situations, 
“I didn’t do it!” “I don’t know!” “What lady? What 

 Sheriff Kelly Clark ended by saying, “Recently 
there has been a lot of weird cow activity in 
Navajo County.” 

 We have our bears, coyotes, raccoons, skunks, 
all preferable to an annoyed cow, I’d have to say, 
friends and neighbors.

 (Original article by Sierra Poore for the 
Arizona Republic, USA Today Network)

 My book page: Deanne Davis 

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You may recall my 
mom’s friend, Florence. 
Florence is unique 
because, where Florence 
goes, weirdness follows 
like her shadow. She 
isn’t weird herself, but 
odd, funny things seem to happen to her and her 
family more than they do to your average person. 
My mom just went to lunch with her last week 
and updated me on her latest happenings.

 Florence’s daughter, Lori, is very artistic, and 
her husband is very handy. Together, they’ve 
created some really amazing things for their 
home. She gets the ideas and her husband builds 
them. One of their masterpieces is their chicken 
palace. I haven’t seen it in person, but the photos 
are very impressive. If there was a chicken 
version of “House Beautiful,” they’d feature Lori’s 
chicken palace. “Foul Versailles” I call it. 

 But tragedy struck recently when, due to the 
hot weather, her chickens didn’t want to come 
in at night, and some nocturnal predator got 
the rooster. Since then, Lori’s been on the look 
out for a replacement. She got in contact with 
a woman who owned the meanest, most violent 
rooster ever. Not only were all the hens scared of 
him, but he intimidated his owner and her family 
as well! She told Lori she could have him for free.

 Together with Florence, she drove to the 
woman’s house to collect the despot rooster. Lori 
works in Special Ed, so nothing fazes her. She 
forcefully approached the rooster, picked him up, 
and deposited him in a carrying container. He 
was too shocked at his unexpected removal to 
even react!

 The experience had a lasting impact on his 
psyche and caused permanent personality 
changes. Upon entering Lori’s chicken palace, 
the rooster became a timid shell of his former 
self. He cowers around the hens and even his 
crow is muted, almost apologetic. 

 At this point in my mom’s retelling of the 
account, she bemoaned the limitations of the 
English language to convey the pithy depth of 
Florence’s story.

 “It’s a shame your readers don’t have Florence 
to demonstrate how the rooster looks so 
embarrassed and ashamed when he crows,” she 
said, tucking her head to the side and whispering 
“cock-a-doodle-do” behind her hand. I’ve seen 
Florence use this gesture before when in the 
throes of story telling. “So much of the humor 
is in her facial expressions.” Yes, Florence is a 
master at making the tale come alive for her 
listeners. But I do my best… 

 That’s always the struggle of writing, trying 
to translate experiences and feelings into the 
written word. The best writers find experiences 
so universal yet intimately personal that when 
you read it you’re blown away that someone else 
experiences the world the same way you do. 

 I’m reminded of one of Vladimir Nabokov’s 
novels in which, as a child, the narrator was 
irritated that he could not pick out the recurring 
pattern of the wallpaper when he viewed it while 
lying down. It’s the little things like that that 
truly bind us together as people, the shared habit 
of noticing when the patterns in wall paper start 
and stop. And that is why writers will always be 
an vital part of what it means to have a culture, to 
have communicate ideas, to be human. Not that 
I consider myself some great writer, but I try. We 
all try.

PROFILES: A Look At The People Behind The Scenes 

 By Rebecca Wright 



 Sierra Madre’s Village Church (Ascension) will 
be holding its annual “Blessing of the Animals” 
service on Sunday, October 7, 2018 at 11:45 am 
in the Outdoor Worship Area. Everyone and 
every kind of pet is welcome. Refreshments and 
pet treats provided. 

 Blessing of the Animals is conducted in 
commemoration of the Feast Day of St. Francis 
of Assisi. St. Francis, arguably the most beloved 
of the named Saints, was particularly fond 
of animals of all breeds. The community is 
invited to bring your animals, no matter how 
big or small, breed or religion. Some animals 
may require a leash or a container, so keep that 
in mind. All of God’s creatures are welcome! 
Free pet sitting available during the 10:15 am 

 Church of the Ascension is located at 
25 East Laurel on the corner of Baldwin and 
Laurel in Sierra Madre.

 This event makes for a wonderful family 
outing to meet new neighbors and check out a 
wonderful community church. For more 
information, please call (626) 355-1133 or visit: 

Lucky Baldwin’s Delirium Pub has been a part of Sierra Madre for nearly 
20 years. It is the place to go if you and your friends want to watch the 
World Cup, celebrate Oktoberfest, or just enjoy some fish ‘n’ chips with 
a pint. The Pub is known for its wide selection of brews and great food. 
Unknown to many, there is an unsung hero behind the success of the 
LBDP kitchen....Javier!

 Javier Sotalo has been in Sierra Madre for even longer than the Pub. Before it was Lucky Baldwin’s 
Delirium, it was a fish house. Javier was the cook then and is currently the cook at Lucky Baldwin’s. He 
has been at the same location for 27 years! He says that he likes everything on the menu because it is 
fun to get to make different foods all the time. But his favorite things are the meat pies- specifically the 
steak and the chicken.

 Everyone who works with Javier has 
wonderful things to say about him. Lisa 
Brandley, the manager of Lucky Baldwin’s 
Delirium, has this to say: “I’ve worked 
with Javier since 2003 and he is definitely 
the backbone of the Pub. He is reliable, 
punctual, and very consistent. We are so 
thankful to have him.” 

 While giving the interview, Javier was 
so wonderful and kind. It was easy to see 
that he loved his job, and his coworkers 
love him. 

 Lucky Baldwin’s Delirium is a pub, so 
what is Javier’s favorite drink on tap? That 
would be Blue Bell Beer. Order some next 
time you stop in and say hello to Javier! 

Lucky Baldwins Delirium & Cafe

21 Kersting Ct, Sierra Madre, CA 91024 (626) 355-1140 Open until 1:30 AM, 8:00 AM - 1:30 AM


“We are an institution educating the Southern California community for more than 35 years” 
Our school opens its doors to welcome students of all grade levels in our integral education system. 
Pre-K, Kindergarten, Elementary, Jr. High and High School 
The classes are taught in Spanish 
The academic year is from September - June 
9:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. (Saturdays only) 
Headquarters (Saturday Only): Foothill Oaks Academy 
822 Bradbourne Ave., Duarte, CA 91010 
Correspondence: P.O. Box 5332, Whittier, CA 90607-5332 
. Registration forms are available for printing on our website at: 
For more information call: 
(562) 548-9528 . (562) 324-1077 
Official titles recognized in Argentina and other countries who 
have treaties of educational reciprocity with Argentina 
(Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, México, Paraguay & Uruguay) 
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