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VOLUME 12 NO. 39

Son Charged 
with Mother’s 

Tournament Announce Rose 
Parade Equestrian Groups

Finalists Selected for 2019 Royal Court

Pasadena police arrested a 
man Monday night for the 
alleged stabbing death of his 
mother after receiving a call 
from him admitting to the 

 According to police, they 
received a 911 call from a 
man, later identified as Alex 
Evans, shortly after 9 p.m. 
saying he killed his mother. 
Police found Katrina Kay 
Evans in their home in 
the 1100 block of Mentor 
Ave. lying on the floor with 
multiple stab wounds. She 
was pronounced dead at the 
scene by paramedics.

 Alex Evans was charged by 
the District Attorney with the 

 Police did not give a motive 
for the attack. 

 Alex Evans is being held 
on $2 million bail. His 
arraignment has been set for 
Oct. 10.

 Equestrians participating 
in the Rose Parade showcase 
a variety of breeds as well as 
unique tack and costumes. 
All riders must have previous 
parade riding experience. In 
addition to riding in the five 
and a half mile-long Rose 
Parade route on Tuesday, 
January 1, these equestrian 
groups are invited to take part 
in Equestfest presented by 
Wells Fargo, which will take 
place on Saturday, December 
29, 2018, at the Los Angeles 
Equestrian Center. During 
Equestfest, groups perform 
trick riding, drills, dancing and 
roping skills, and attendees can 
walk through the stables and 
speak with the riders. 

The equestrian groups selected 
are (listed alphabetically):

1st Cavalry Division, Horse 
Cavalry Detachment (Fort 
Hood, Texas)

Blue Shadows Mounted Drill 
Team (Castaic, California)

Budweiser Clydesdales (St. 
Louis, Missouri)

Calgary Stampede Showriders 
(Strathmore, Alberta, Canada)

California Highway Patrol 
(Sacramento, California)

Gold Rush Fire Brigade (Pilot 
Hill, California)

Hawaii Pa’u Riders (Waimanalo, 

Los Hermanos Banuelos 
Charro Team (Altadena, 

Mini Therapy Horses 
(Calabasas, California)

Parsons Mounted Cavalry 
(College Station, Texas)

Scripps Miramar Ranch (San 
Diego, California)

Spirit of the West Riders (Leona 
Valley, California)

The New Buffalo Soldiers 
(Shadow Hills, California)

The Norco Cowgirls Rodeo 
Drill Team & Little Miss Norco 
Cowgirls Jr. Drill Team (Norco, 

The Valley Hunt Club 
(Pasadena, California)

United States Marine Corps 
Mounted Color Guard 
(Barstow, California)

US Forest Service Pack Mules 
Celebrate Smokey Bear’s 75th 
(Vallejo, California)

Wells Fargo Stagecoaches (San 
Francisco, California)

 The Tournament of Roses 
is a volunteer organization 
that hosts America’s New Year 
Celebration with the Rose 
Parade presented by Honda, 
the Rose Bowl Game presented 
by Northwestern Mutual and 
a variety of accompanying 
events. 935 volunteer members 
of the association will drive the 
success of 130th Rose Parade 
themed “The Melody of Life,” 
on Tuesday, January 1, 2019, 
followed by the 105th Rose 
Bowl Game. 

Photo by D. Lee / MVNews

 Before the final round of 
interviews, the 44 finalists for 
the 2019 Royal Court were 
made available Wednesday, to 
the media, for a group photo on 
the front steps of Tournament 

 Applicants from 24 Pasadena 
area schools participated in the 
interview process and seven of 
the 44 finalists will be named 
to the 2019 Royal Court on 
October 1. The 2019 Royal 
Court will serve as ambassadors 
of the Tournament of Roses, the 
Pasadena community, and the 
greater Los Angeles area.

 Volunteer members of the 
Tournament of Roses’ Queen 
and Court Committee made its 
selections based on a number 
of criteria including public 
speaking ability, academic 
achievement, youth leadership, 
and community and school 

The 44 Royal Court Finalists 

First row, from left: Faith van 
Haaster, Arcadia High School; 
Katia Khanlian, AGBU Vatche 
and Tamar Manoukian High 
School; Briana Anderson, 
John Muir High School; 
Pourobee Saha, Arcadia High 
School; Helen Rossi, Flintridge 
Preparatory School; Linzi Qi, 
Arcadia High School; Julia 
Bridges, La Cañada High 
School; Brook Acosta, 
Mayfield Senior School; Cecilia 
Trejo, Pasadena High School; 
Elysee Vielma, Mayfield Senior 

Second row, from left: Ashley 
Hackett, John Muir High 
School; Cynthia Hill, John 
Muir High School; Isabella 
Vinci, Mayfield Senior School; 
KC Young, John Marshall 
Fundamental High School; 
Katherine Choi, San Marino 
High School; Sasha Torres, 
Mayfield Senior School; Alyssa 
Cole, Flintridge Sacred Heart 
Academy; Natalia Talleda, La 
Cañada High School; Ashley 
Slocum, Mayfield Senior 

Third row, from left: Row 3: 
McKenzie Minto, Polytechnic 
School; Divine Johnson, 
Pasadena High School; Gabriela 
Tavera, Maranatha High School; 
Helena Simpson, Arcadia High 
School; Audrey Sirois, La Salle 
High School; Sophie Woodman, 
La Salle High School; Samantha 
Grijalva, La Salle High School; 
Sydné Piatek, Pasadena City 
College; Emily Truong, La 
Cañada High School; Lily 
Brogdon-Mitchell, Mayfield 
Senior School.

Fourth row, from left: Row 4 
From Left: Caroline Ivankovich, 
Mayfield Senior School; Hope 
Ferguson, Temple City High 
School; Margaret Chang, 
Arcadia High School; Sherry 
Ma, San Marino High School; 
Rucha Kadam, La Cañada 
High School; Sophie Blaisdell, 
Polytechnic School; Lauren 
Baydaline, Westridge School; 
Gwendalynn Stilson, La Cañada 
High School; Klarissa Barriga, 
Alverno Heights Academy.

Top row, from left: Row 5 
From Left: Anaise Nugent, La 
Salle High School; Caroline 
Finnegan, Flintridge Sacred 
Heart Academy; Lauren Shain, 
Mayfield Senior School; Micaela 
McElrath, Westridge School; 
Steviana Perry, San Marino 
High School; Louise Siskel, 
Sequoyah High School.

Seven of the 44 finalists will 
be named to the 2019 Royal 
Court Monday. The Rose 
Queen Announcement and 
Coronation Ceremony is set for 
October 23 at 5:30 p.m. at the 
Pasadena Playhouse. 

Free ‘Harvest 
Concert’ in 
South Pas

 A free concert showcasing 
Allensworth, a soulful 
Southern California 
quintet, will be presented 
on Thursday, at 5:30 p.m. 
in the Library Park outside 
the Community Room. The 
‘Harvest Concert’ is presented 
by the South Pasadena Public 
Library, South Pasadena Arts 
Council (SPARC), Supervisor 
Kathryn Barger, LA County 
Arts Commission, and the 
Friends of the South Pasadena 
Public Library. The ‘Harvest 
Concert’ will take the place of 
the “End of Summer Concert” 
that has been presented by 
the community partners each 
year for almost a decade.

 Audience members are 
encouraged to bring lawn 
chairs or blankets for sitting 
on the lawn. The Library 
Community Room is located 
at 1115 El Centro Street.

 For more information visit: 

Two Authors 
Selected for 
One City, 
One Story

Professionals Invite Seniors, 
Family for Guidance Event

 Pasadena Public Library will 
feature not just one but two One 
City, One Story selections this 
year, extending the community 
reading celebration through 
summer 2019. The 2019 One 
City, One Story selection is In 
the Distance by author Hernán 
Díaz. The 2019 One City, One 
Story Summer Edition selection 
is The Ballad of Huck & Miguel 
by author Tim DeRoche, 
illustrated by Daniel González.

 Penniless and alone in 
California, a young Swedish 
boy travels East on foot in 
search of his brother in In the 
Distance. Driven back over 
and over again on his journey 
through vast expanses, Håkan 
meets naturalists, criminals, 
religious fanatics, Indians and 
lawmen, and his exploits turn 
him into a legend. Díaz defies 
the conventions of historical 
fiction and genre, offering a 
probing look at the stereotypes 
that populate our past and a 
portrait of radical foreignness.

One City, One Story community 
programs will be held 
throughout March, beginning 
with a conversation with Díaz 
on Thursday evening, March 
7, 2019. Event details will be 
announced in the near future.

 The Ballad of Huck & Miguel, 
is a retelling of Mark Twain’s 
The Adventures of Huckleberry 
Finn. In it, author Tim DeRoche 
dares to imagine that Huck Finn 
is alive today. Chased by his 
vengeful and psychotic father, 
Pap, Huck escapes down the 
concrete gash that is the Los 
Angeles River with his friend 
Miguel, an illegal immigrant 
who has been falsely accused of 

 For more information, visit:
onecityonestory or call (626) 

 The Altadena Realty Group 
and community professionals 
will gather on October 9th to 
guide senior citizens and their 
families through questions of 
moving, selling their home or 
navigating life changes.

 The free event titled “Moving 
on Up,” will bring together 
financial, senior housing, 
relocation experts and more to 
address the the following: What 
to do with the equity from your 
home after the sale. Taking 
the confusion out of finding 
the right senior community. 
How to overcome the fear and 
anxiety when facing a major life 
change. How to navigate and 
prepare for a move from your 
long time home.?

 Altadena Realty Group (ARG) 
says among its invited guest 
speakers is a Psychoanalyst 
whose expertise involves 
introducing people to tools to 
combat fears people encounter 
when moving through big life 
change will be there. Doug 
Colliflower, partner at ARG, 
says “Someone who is moving 
from their family home that 
they’ve been living in for 50 
years will be experiencing a 
huge life change.”

 The event is free and open 
to all. It’s aimed to help 
seniors and their families find 
resources and services that can 
assist them with navigating a 
long awaited move.

 Doug Colliflower and C. 
Jake bring their combined 35 
years of hands-on, real estate 

 Colliflower says “It’s a huge 
process, with lots of different 
tentacles and moving parts, it’s 
not something that anybody 
can tackle by themselves. Part 
of what we do in our real estate 
business is help people get the 
resources that they need to 
navigate all the challenges that 
they could encounter during 
such a large life change.”

 Date: Tuesday, October 9th, 
2018 Time: 9:00am - 10:45am

 Doors open at 8:30am (Light 
Breakfast and Coffee provided). 
Registration is required and 
seating is limited Location: 
Altadena Community Center 
730 E. Altadena Drive.


 Governor Brown signed 
Assemblymember Chris 
Holden’s legislation, 
Assembly Bill 2370, that 
expands lead testing in 
drinking water within 
California’s child care 

 “Lead poisoning is 
a serious threat to 
children’s health,” said 
Assemblymember Chris 
Holden. “Increasing lead 
testing for California’s 
high-risk children is one 
of the single biggest steps 
we can take to prevent 
lead poisoning.”

 A 2009 California 
Protection Agency 
report states that very 
young children absorb 
about 40 to 50 percent of 
the ingested lead when 
drinking contaminated 
water, while adults absorb 
between 5-15 percent. 
Even small amounts of 
lead in the bodies of very 
young children can cause 
irreversible harm to their 
brains and central nervous 

 AB 2370 requires the 
Department of Social Services, 
in consultation with the State 
Water Resources Control 
Board, to adopt requirements 
to ensure that drinking water 
at child care centers does not 
contain elevated lead levels. AB 
2370 also requires child care 
providers to receive instruction 
on the risks of and how to 
prevent lead exposure, and 
requires them to give parents 
written information about 
childhood blood lead testing 

 Under AB 2370, licensed 
child day care centers will 
be eligible to apply for loan 
funding through the Child 
Care Facilities Revolving Fund 
in order to remediate lead 
contamination at the child 
care center and receive grants 
from the State Water Board for 
testing and remediating lead in 
their water systems.

to Protect 
from Lead 
Signed by 


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