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Recreation & 

City to Look at Allowing Prohibited Drive-Thru

 The Pasadena city council is 

Mountain Views News 80 W Sierra Madre Blvd. No. 327 Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024 Office: 626.355.2737 Fax: 626.609.3285 
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 The City of Pasadena Parks, 
Recreation, and Community 
Services Department 
welcomed the community 
back to its indoor facilities. All 
Recreation and Community 
Centers reopened to the 
public Tuesday. Centers 
reopened at reduced capacity 
and will increase capacity in 
the upcoming weeks.

 “The Parks, Recreation, 
and Community Services 
Department is excited to 
welcome the community back 
to our facilities and resume 
recreational programs for 
residents of all ages, interests 
and abilities,” said Brenda 
Harvey-Williams, Director 
of Parks, Recreation, and 
Community Services.

 In accordance with the 
Pasadena Health Officer 
Order, all individuals over 
age two who are not fully 
vaccinated are required to 
wear a mask while indoors. 
This includes participants and 
spectators of indoor sports 
regardless of vaccination 
status. Everyone, especially 
those who are not or cannot 
be vaccinated against 
COVID-19, is urged to 
continue to exercise caution, 
stay home if feeling ill, and 
adhere to physical distancing.
Jackie Robinson Community 
1020 North Fair Oaks Avenue 
Hours: Monday-Thursday, 

8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Friday 
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Community services by 
appointment by calling (626) 
La Pintoresca Teen Education 
45 E Washington BoulevardHours: Monday-Friday,
Noon-6:00 p.m.
Programming for teens ages12 to 18 includes cooking,
arts and crafts, fitness andwellness, and computer andgaming labs.
Robinson Park Recreation 
1081 North Fair Oaks Avenue 
Hours: Monday-Thursday,
8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.,
Saturdays 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 
Basketball gymnasium open 
court hours, fitness and 
wellness and enrichment 
classes (pre-registration 
required), and fitness centeropen for members.
Victory Park Recreation 
2575 Paloma Street 
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00a.m.-6:00 p.m.; Saturdays
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Basketball gymnasium open 
court hours, fitness and 
wellness and enrichment 
classes (pre-registration 
Villa Parke Community 
363 East Villa Street 
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 
a.m.-6:00 p.m.; Saturdays
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Basketball gymnasium 
open court hours, boxingand fitness centers open formembers, fitness and wellness 
and enrichment classes 
(pre-registration required), 
community services byappointment by calling (626)
744-6530, library branch andWIC services available. 
While indoor operationsare restored, the public cancontinue to enjoy outdoorrecreational offerings, 
including: playgrounds, 
ball fields, basketball courts 
and other amenities. For 
more information visit: or call 
(626) 744-7500. 
process of amending the Zoning 
set Monday night to get a first Code to allow [all] drive-thru 
look at a Predevelopment Plan establishments within a TOD 
Review for a new drive-through [Transit Oriented Area] area.” 
restaurant near the Gold the report reads. 
Line Station in East Pasadena As for the proposed new 
something that is specifically Starbucks on the corner of East 
prohibited within Transit Foothill Blvd. and Sierra Madre 
Oriented Areas. Villa Ave, in the Hastings Village 

 Although the council’s agenda shopping center, a 550 square 
report does not state the exact foot outdoor patio would be 
name of the restaurant, the located adjacent to the drive 
applicant ARBA Group Inc Case aisle and restaurant, but largely 
Manager, Martin Potter, said, in inaccessible to pedestrians 
a project description, it would walking along Foothill 
be a new 2,380 square foot Boulevard and Sierra Madre 
Starbucks. Villa Avenue. City planners are 
At issue is, if a Zoning Code Text encouraging ARBA Group Inc 
Amendment is not allowed the to reconsider the location of 
new drive-through would not the drive aisle in order to locate 
be permitted to move forward the building and patio closer to 
according to the report. “If a the street intersection, creating 
Zoning Code Text Amendment a more pedestrian-friendly 
is initiated, staff would begin the configuration that aligns with 

Pasadena Pops to PlayMusic of Fleetwood Mac 

The Pasadena POPS continue 
their popular one-of-a kind, 
outdoor concert series with 
the music of supergroup 
Fleetwood Mac for Fleetwood 
Mac: A Tribute on Saturday, 
July 24 at the LA County 
Arboretum. Resident POPS 
Conductor Larry Blank will 
take the podium to lead the 
orchestra along with Landslide, 
the premiere Fleetwood Mac 
tribute band. Having performed 
with orchestras across North 
America, Landslide’s band 
members hail from Los Angeles 
and include some of the top 
musicians in rock and roll. 
The concert promises to be an 
unforgettable symphonic feel-
good celebration of the voice of 
a generation with “Rhiannon,” 
“Don’t Stop,” “The Chain,” “Go 
Your Own Way” and more 
chart-topping hits.

 “The music of Fleetwood Mac 
is already so perfect, but adding 
a full orchestra behind it brings 
it to a whole new level! It’s 
really such a great experience 
playing and singing these songs 
with this amazing band and 
an incredible symphony! The 
goal, for us, is for the audiences 
to experience these familiar 
songs in a completely unique 
way" said Walter Ino, Landslide 
Music Director/Guitarist/ 

 In order to provide the safest 
possible experience for all 

concertgoers, entry to all 
Pasadena POPS concerts will 
require proof of receiving a fully 
completed Covid-19 vaccine 
at least two weeks prior to the 
concert date. For the most up 
to date venue safety protocols, 
visit pasadenasymphony-pops.

 All concerts are held at the Los 
Angeles County Arboretum 
and Botanic Gardens. Grounds 
open for picnicking and dining 
at 5:30pm and performances 
begin at 7:30pm. Among many 
venue amenities, concert goers 
can enjoy pre-ordered gourmet 
box dinners for on-site pickup 
just steps from their table or a 
variety of food truck options.

 The Arboretum is located 
at 301 North Baldwin Ave., 
Arcadia, CA. Subscribers 
may purchase pre-paid onsite 
parking at the Arboretum, and 
all concertgoers can purchase 
guaranteed and convenient 
parking at Santa Anita Park, 
with complimentary nonstop 
shuttle service to the 
Arboretum’s main entrance. 

 Single tickets start at $25. 
Season subscriptions and single 
tickets are now on sale, and are 
available by calling the box 
office at (626)-793-7172, online 
at PasadenaSymphony-Pops.
org or at the Arboretum on 
concert days. 

the goals of the Sierra Madre 
Villa Transit Village, the reports 

 The site is currently occupied 
by an El Torito Restaurant that 
would stay city staff said. There 
is also currently a Starbucks, 
without a drive-through, at 
3429 E Foothill Blvd in the same 
shopping center. 

 Monday nights discussion is 
intended to provide information 
only to the city council and no 
action or vote will be taken. The 
meeting starts at 4:30 p.m. 

 The public may comment by 
submitting a speaker card prior 
to the start of public comment 
on that item, at: cityofpasadena.

 A livestream of the meeting, 
with captioning, will be available 

Overdue Fines

 The Pasadena public library 
announced this week they 
have eliminated overdue fines 
on all adult materials that 
began July 1. Replacement 
coasts for lost and danaged 
materials still apply they said. 
The children’s, juvenile and you 
adult overdue fines had already 
been eliminated. This means 
no library materials will accrue 
overdue fines.

 “Elimination overdue fines 
will encourage library use by 
all our residents,” they said. 
“Removing barriers to access 
the library’s free reources will 
help provide equal access to 
information and knowledge for 

The Pasadena Public Library 
is an information center for the 
Pasadena community in order 
to preserve and encourage 
the free expression of ideas 
essential to an informed 
citizenry. For more information 
visit: PasadenaPublicLibrary. 


 Visit your local PasadenaPublic Library and pick up ascenic postcards created forthe Summer Reading program.
Cross it off your summerreading list then mail it to afriend. Collect them all byvisiting the nine branches. 

Pasadena Unified Appoints

Two New School Principals 


Pasadena Unified School 
District (PUSD) Superintendent 
Brian McDonald, Ed.D. 
on Tuesday named Lori 
Touloumian as the principal 
of Marshall Fundamental 
Secondary School, and Benita 
Scheckel, Ed.D., as principal 
overseeing both Altadena Arts 
Elementary and Eliot Arts 
Magnet. Earlier this month, 
Dr. Mark Anderson, the 
beloved principal of Marshall 
Fundamental, accepted a 
position in another district.

 “I would like to thank Dr. 
Anderson for his leadership 
at Marshall over the last 
ten years, and congratulate 
him on his new position. 
We will miss his creativity, 
energy, and enthusiasm,” 
said Superintendent Brian 
McDonald, Ed.D. “Although 
we highly value the input of 
parents and staff in the selection 
of new principals, with the full 
reopening of the new school 
year just weeks away, we have 
to move quickly to appoint new 
principals. With the Board’s 
consensus, I am pleased to 
appoint Lori Touloumian as 
principal of Marshall and Dr. 
Benita Scheckel as principal to 
lead Eliot Arts Academy and 
Altadena Arts Elementary at 
this crucial time in our district’s 
history. Ms. Touloumian 
and Dr. Scheckel are award-
winning school administrators 
who are highly regarded in 
our community and bring 
strong experience to their new 

 Lori Touloumian has served as 
principal of Eliot Arts Magnet 
Academy since 2015 and was 
named PUSD’s Principal of 
the Year in 2018. She led the 

Pasadena Library: Authorsand Their Journeys Series 

Stealing Home: LosAngeles, the Dodgers,
and the Lives Caught InBetween: Eric Nusbaum 

Wednesday, Aug. 4 • 5-6 p.m. 

• Zoom 
Dodger Stadium is an 
American icon. But the story 
of how it came to be goes far 
beyond baseball. The hills that 
cradle the stadium were once 
home to three vibrant Mexican 
American communities. In the 
early 1950s, those communities 
were condemned to make way 
for a utopian public housing 
project. Then, in a remarkable 
turn, public housing in the 
city was defeated amidst a Red 
Scare conspiracy. 

successful implementation of 
the arts magnet, revitalizing 
the campus with visual and 
performing arts and strong 
community partnerships. 
Ms. Touloumian established 
Eliot Science Night, an annual 
celebration of the sciences that 
has grown beyond the school 
and is now a districtwide 
event. Ms. Touloumian also 
spearheaded the district’s 
annual celebration of Women’s 
History Month events.

 “Ms. Touloumian is a leader 
I admire for her dedication, 
intelligence, enthusiasm, and 
sheer joy around public school 
leadership,” said Dr. Mark 
Anderson. “She will bring a new 
and fresh perspective to help 
our great Marshall community 
continue to grow and strive 
for excellence in equity for all 

 Benita Scheckel, Ed.D., who 
has served as principal of 
Altadena Elementary since 
2017, was named Principal 
of the Year in 2020-21 by the 
Association of California 
School Administrators (ACSA) 
Region XV, and will serve 
as principal for Altadena 
Arts Elementary and Eliot 
Arts Magnet Academy. Dr. 
Scheckel led the successful 
implementation of the arts 
magnet at Altadena and the 
introduction of the district’s 
first French dual language 
immersion program. As 
principal of the two schools, 
Dr. Scheckel will work to 
strengthen the ties between 
the two arts magnet schools, 
creating a preschool-8th grade 
pathway for the arts as well as 
Altadena Elementary’s French 
Dual Language Immersion 

 Instead of getting their homes 
back, the remaining residents 
saw the city sell their land to 
Walter O’Malley, the owner of 
the Brooklyn Dodgers. Now LA 
would be getting a different sort 
of utopian fantasy -- a glittering, 
ultra-modern stadium.

 But before Dodger Stadium 
could be built, the city 
would have to face down the 
neighborhood’s families --
including one, the Aréchigas, 
who refused to yield their home. 
The ensuing confrontation 
captivated the nation - and the 
divisive outcome still echoes 
through Los Angeles today. 
Sign up for Stealing Home: Los 
Angeles, the Dodgers, and the 
Lives Caught In Between at: