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SATURDAY, MAY 13, 2023 

VOLUME 17 NO. 19VOLUME 17 NO. 19

x beds | x baths | x,xxx sqft.
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By Kevin McGuire

During their regular meeting on Tuesday, May 9, City Council 
met once again to discuss the issues surrounding the approval 
of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) and an Addendum 
to the Mitigating Negative Declaration to update the Master 
Plan for Alverno Heights Academy (AHA).

City staff recommended that City Council modify the action 
of the Planning Commission to strengthen the administrative 
record and impose conditions of approval, approve the CUP 
and the Addendum to the Mitigating Negative Declaration.

On April 11, during a hearing, City Council directed the City 
Attorney to amend Resolution 23-13 and approved the Master 
Plan update before a final was drafted. This was a procedural 
error, as City Council voted for the Resolution before knowing 
what they were voting on. To correct this error, a Public 
Notice was sent out to properties within 300 feet of AHA; 
meeting minutes were adjusted. During the May 9 meeting, 
City Council was presented with two versions of the Resolution: 
the Alverno and Appellant. The differences between the 
two were highlighted in yellow.

The highlighted areas appear under the Planning and Community 
Preservation Department section of Resolution 23-13.

Highlight 1 of the Appellant Version: 6A discusses the Phasing 
Plan, the construction of two sports courts, and time 
extension allowances at the City Manager’s discretion. The 
appellant wants to add the wording, “The Applicant may not 
request an extension under this permit condition. Rather the 
consideration of an extension under this subsection is made 
on the City Manager’s own volition.” 

The change in wording to 6A was added by the appellant’s attorney, 
Jason Sanders, who had a chance to comment on his 
requested edits before the City Council discussed the item. 

Alverno’s attorney, Sunny Soltani, objected to Sander’s edits, 
noting that it violated Alverno’s constitutional rights to petition 
the government.

Sierra Madre City Attorney Aleks Giragosian edited 6A during 
the May 9 meeting to read: “Notice of the reason for any 
requested extension shall be mailed to the properties within 
300 feet of the campus. The City Manager shall make his determination 
within 30 days of the mailing of the notice. Notice 
will be given to the public of the determination.”

Highlight 2 of the Appellant Version: 11B discusses noise attenuation 
at Michillinda Parking Lot, specifically play/recess 
and physical activity where the landscape contractor has 
determined that the Multi-Purpose-Sports-Field is unsafe 
due to weather conditions. The Appellant wants to add this 
wording, “For a period of 15 months from the date of the approval 
of this conditional use permit/entitlement (subject to 
extensions granted by the City Manager under Planning and 
Community Preservation Department Condition No. 6(A) 
and subject to condition.”

Fifteen months is the allotted time for the two sports courts 
to be completed. The Appellant believes that the Michillinda 
parking should no longer be used for play, recess, and sporting 
activities after this period.

Contrary to this, Alverno wants to use the Michillinda parking 
lot for play, recess, and physical activity when the Multi-
purpose field is unsafe. They want this to be an option for the 
life of the CUP.

City Council members expressed that kids should be allowed 
time outside for recess and physical activities and that rain 
events affecting the fields would be minimal. The City Attorney 
changed the wording to say: “play, recess, and sporting 
activities during play or recess on days where the Applicant’s 
landscaping contractor makes the determination that the 
Multi-purpose sports field is unsafe for those uses to occur 
on the Multi-purpose field due to weather conditions, including 
but not limited to rain, flooding, or aeration.” 

City Council voted unanimously to amend Resolution 23-13, 
hoping they are one step closer to resolving this “neighbor 


In December 2022, the Planning Commission approved the 
CUP and Addendum to allow AHA to move forward with 
demolition and construction plans. Still, those plans stopped 
after neighbors filed an appeal to revoke these approvals. 

The appellants, Kristin and Keith Stephens, and their attorney 
appeared for a hearing before City Council on February 
14, 2023. The claim alleged that the Planning Commission 
“erred and abused its discretion in approving the project 
and that the application failed to meet qualifications and 
standards outlined in the Municipal Code and other applicable 
law.” In addition, the Appeal letter cited “land use” and 
“noise” concerns.

Alverno, located at 200 N. Michillinda, is citing low admission 
numbers for the reason it will close the all-girls high 
school in June but plans to demolish the Upper School Faculty 
Office Building and add a 12,860 square-foot multipurpose 
building for worship services, sporting events, and 

The appellants claimed these modifications violated noise 
ordinances and CEQA guidelines. 

Neighbors have complained about this issue over the years 
regarding AHA, often used for wedding events and TV/movie 
filming projects.


First there was Measure HR which sought to stop the 42 Home Project 
known as the Meadows at Bailey Canyon (or the Monastery Project). The 
Measure was on the General Election Ballot in November 2022 and was 
soundly defeated - 58.9% to 45.48%.

Then less than a month after the election opponents of the project demanded 
using the referendum process, that the issue be taken up again 
which subsequently led to a Special Election in hopes of stopping the project. 
Measure M was placed on the ballot and that election was held Tuesday, 
May 9th. 

According to the LA County Registrar of Voters office, as of Friday, May 
12th, the supporters of the project had once again prevailed by a margin 
of more than 300 votes. (54.52% Voting YES to support the project and 
45.48% of voters voting NO to stop the project.)

The last count was 2,249 YES votes vs 1,876 NO votes. It is expected that 
the results will be certified within the week and Ordinance 1461 authorizing 
the project to move forward will be ratified by the City Council.

The Special Election for Measure M cost Sierra Madre taxpayers more 

As a result of the election, it appears that the project will move forward and 
Sierra Madre will benefit from it with a new park, $250,000 towards the 
new police facility, over $900,000 from the development's water conservation 
program and more. Stay tuned.



The June 3rd edition of this paper will be dedicated 
to the Class of 2023! In order to be included, please 
send your graduates picture, their full name, age and 
school. These grads are making history, and the Mountain 
Views News wants to give them something else to 
remember! Send to: Subject: 
Class of 2023

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