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WHEN DREAMS AND LAWS COLLIDE - City Sues Residents Over Code Violations

By Susan Henderson

 In December 2010, the City of 
Sierra Madre asked the Los Angeles 
Superior Court for a temporary 
restraining order and preliminary 
injunction against residents Jeff and 
Taryn Hildreth and The Sterling 
Oak, their business. The request, 
according to court documents was 
the result of the Hildreth’s repeated 
failure to comply with requests to 
bring the property up to code and 
stop any construction without the 
proper permits. According to the 
documents filed, there are at least 
29 code violations. At that time, a 
Temporary Restraining Order was 
issued by the court. 

 On January 24, 2011, the court 
issued a Preliminary Injunction 
ordering that the Hildreth’s “be 
enjoined from maintaining any 
violations of the Sierra Madre Municipal 
Code”; be prohibited from 
“undertaking any grading or other 
construction without permits from 
the city”; “provide the city with all 
required construction documents”; 
and prohibits the Hildreth’s from 
maintaining “any legal nuisance at 
the property”. 

 The injunction allows for the Hildreth’s 
to correct all of the code 
violations “to either legalize their 
alterations and other construction 
at the property or in the alternative, 
remove the illegal conditions”. They 
must also get their plans approved, 
commence work within 10 days of 
the approval, have the work done by 
licensed professionals and “must allow 
inspections of the property”.

 The Hildreth’s have been struggling 
with this property for about 
10 years. Initially, when the property 
was purchased, their intent 
was to put in a Wine Bar and Art 
Gallery. They were issued a Conditional 
Use Permit in 1999. At that 
time, the area in which the property 
is located, East Montecito, appeared 
to be developing as a trendy artist/
commercial area. 

 The development of East Montecito 
has been a bone of contention 
with many residents for years. 

 According to a recent article in the 
LA Times, Hildreth, who has a construction 
and urban planning background, 
and his wife Taryn said, 
“We’ve begged in letters, just meet 
with us and tell us what we can do,” 
Taryn Hildreth, 51, said. “One day 
it’s a code violation and the next day 
it’s a planning issue. They haven’t 
told us what the real issue is.”

So, What’s The Real Problem?

“It’s been a code enforcement matter 
that’s basically been escalating,” 
said Danny Castro, director 
of development services for Sierra 
Madre. And that is basically it.

 The Hildreth’s dilemma has 
spanned at least the last two administrations 
in City Hall. This reporter 
had a conversation with the couple 
over five years ago, in which they 
indicated their inability to get the 
necessary approvals from then City 
Manager John Gillison and staff.

 Since then, it appears, the Hildreth’s 
decided to proceed with the 
construction needed for their wine 
bar and cellar without permits. A 
few months ago, they constructed a 
deck (shown above) which extends 
over the sidewalk. In the documents 
filed in court, and as referenced 
in the LA Times article, they 
began digging under the house to 
create the ‘wine cellar’. 

 The couple has 30 days to comply 
with the city’s demands. If so, perhaps 
they will be able to see their 
dream become a reality.

One of the issues in the city’s lawsuit is the deck constructed by the 
Hildreth’s (pictured above) which extends over the sidewalk and is in 
violation of city regulations. MVNews file photo


 Sierra Madrean Hank Landsberg, 
known of late for his tireless efforts 
at making the Emergency Radio Station 
a reality, has been nominated to 
received the Kiwanis International 
Distinguished Service Award.

 The Award is bestowed upon a citizen 
who makes extraordinary contributions 
to the community.

 Landsberg, Found and President of 
Henry Engineering, used his professional 
expertise as the Project Manager 
for the Emergency Radio Station 
project to save the city thousands of 
dollars. The station, which operates 
at 1630 AM, is licensed to not only 
broadcast emergency conditions, but 
also to announce community events 
and notices when no emergency is 
present. His melodic voice can be 
heard announcing events on the station 
24 hours a day.

 Landsberg’s nomination is not only 
the result of his work on the radio 
project, but also for his volunteer 
work as a Kiwanian and volunteer 
efforts in Sierra Madre. He is a Kiwanis 
Past President and worked for 
years on Sierra Madre’s 4th of July 

 The award will be presented at the 
Kiwanis Governor’s Dinner on March 
20th at the Glendale Country Club. 
Tickets are $40. Contact Susan Henderson 
at 626-355-2737 if you are interested 
in attending.


Local Sommelier To Select Wines for Gala

 Imagine over the holidays you invited 500 of 
your closest friends over for dinner and wine. 
Now imagine that these same 500 are pretty sophisticated 
wine drinkers –each having a different 
preference for varietal, and each expecting to 
find their “surprise” vintage. 

 Such is the job description for Bill Sullivan, 26-
year owner of the Bottle Shop in Sierra Madre. 
This will be the second year Bill has taken on the 
task of selecting the wines for the Friends of the 
Sierra Madre Library’s Wine and Cuisine Gala 
scheduled February 18. This means finding the 
right wine makers among hundreds of wineries 
that bottle some of the world’s finest wines right 
here in California. “Because this is my second 
year, I can now take a look at some of the sales 
trends to meet the demand at this event,” said 
Bill. “I have a good idea of what attendees purchased, 
and can make adjustments this year,” he 

“We’re excited to have the Kim Crawford’s Marlborough 
Sauvignon Blanc represented at the 
event,” said Bill. “This number one selling wine 
from New Zealand, has been producing award 
winning Sav’s for the past seven years,” Bill added. 
This past November, Kim Crawford’s 2009 
Sauvignon Blanc received first place for the best 
white wine at The Journal’s Best Wines in Cayman 
tasting. “This wine will offer the event attendees 
an amazing value for this quality, and 
should be a very popular offering, “Bill said.

One of the returning favorites will be a Robert 
Mondavi 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon. According 
to the winemaker, this should prove to be an 
intense cab, with dark concentrated fruit, with 
warm vanilla and star anise. In fact this past October, 
Genevieve Janssens, Mondavi Director 
of Winemaking, was named Wine Enthusiast’s 
2010 Winemaker of the Year. “This is really the 
right recognition for the work she has done to 
produce exceptional quality for Mondavi, Sullivan 
said. “I’m looking forward to the response to 
this Cab, as it’s hard to find a better value than 
this 93 point award winner.”

One of the more unique wines at the event will 
be a Jackson Triggs Ice Wine. Such a variety is 
produced by allowing the grapes to actually 
freeze on the vine, which increases the sugan 
content for this fine dessert wine. “It’s so rare to 
find an ice wine at a tasting, and I’m sure

this will be new to many,” said Sullivan. “This 
wine should be fun to taste and will make for a 
fantastic ending to a nice meal.”

“Many in the community don’t realize this is 
great opportunity to BUY wine. This is a convenient 
way to “visit” over 20 different producers. 
And, because the wines ordered that evening are 
discounted 15% - 45% off retail, for those ordering 
wine, this savings should easily pay for the 
cost of the ticket.” This is really a unique community 
effort, which is a win-win-win for everyone 
– the Library is supported, the producer 
get’s to promote the wine, and the attendee is 
buying wine at a significant discount off retail.” 
Bill added.

Mark your calendar to attend The Sierra Madre 
Friends of the Library 41st Annual Wine and 
Cuisine Tasting Event. The always-popular evening 
will take place at the Alverno High School 
Villa, 200 N Michillinda Avenue, on Friday February 
18 7:00p – 9:30p. General entry tickets at a 
cost of $60 will allow entry at 7:00, but Premier 
admission will allow 100 folk an early entry at 
6:00 and include many new surprises. Current 
paid members of the Friends will receive a $5 
discount off general entry when purchased at 
the library.

Tickets can be purchased at Arnold’s Frontier 
Hardware, The Bottle Shop, Iris Intrigue, and 
Savor the Flavor. You can also pick up tickets at 
the Sierra Madre Library, or on-line at sierramadrelibraryfriends.

In addition to attending one of the social highlights 
of the year, you’ll enable the Friends to 
support your library services and programs. 
This past year The Friends of the Sierra Madre 
Library provided over $58,000 for equipment 
upgrades and improvements

Mayor Pro Tem 
Moderates PUSD 
Board Of Education 
Forum Story on Page 9

Bill Sullivan, owner of Sierra Madre’s Bottle Shop

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