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Sierra Madre Historical Preservation Society Says:


Eat - Shop - Worship in

Sierra Madre!

Coffee Houses:


Niko’s & Friends Coffee

900 Valley View Ave Pasadena 

(On Sierra Madre Border)


Beantown Coffee House & Bakery - 45 N. Baldwin

Starbucks - Kersting Court Sierra Madre


Fine Dining:

Cafe 322

322 W. Sierra Madre Bl.


74 W. Sierra Madre Bl.


120 W. Sierra Madre Bl.

Four Seasons Tea Room

75 N. Baldwin


48 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.

Great Shopping:

Laurel’s Apparel & Treasures

71 N. Baldwin

Angel’s Everywhere

26 N. Baldwin

Leonora Moss

9 Kersting Court

Iris Intrigue

49 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.

Belle’s Nest

55 N. Baldwin

Brown’s Classic Interiors

64 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.

Charlotte’s Jewelers

40 N. Baldwin

Savor The Flavor

11 Kersting Court

Once Upon A Time

14 W. Sierra Madre Bl.

Baldwin Jewelers

15 Kersting Court


Episcopal Church of the Ascension - 25 E. Laurel

(626) 355-1133

Sierra Madre Congregational Church - 170 W. Sierra 

(626) 355-3566

Foothill Center For Spiritual Living - 49 S. Baldwin 
No. A

(626) 836-2022

Greek Evangelical Church

69 Suffolk Avenue

(626) 355-2153

Sierra Madre Church of Christ

212 N. Lima

(626) 355-1817

Sierra Madre United Methodist

695 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.

(626) 355-0629

Bethany Christian

93 N. Baldwin

(626) 355-1403

St. Rita Catholic Church

38 N. Baldwin 

(626) 355-1292

and much more! 

By Amy Putnam

28-March 1 
are designated 
as National Museums Advocacy Days 
2011. The purpose of these days, 
organized by the American Association 
of Museums, is to emphasize and 
bring to the forefront the importance 
of museums in our community, state, 
and country. This is our chance to join 
with advocates and colleagues from 
around the country and Speak Up for 

It is important to remember in 
these challenging economic times 
that museums bring much to our 
communities. Museums are engines 
of commerce, serving to boost the civic 
and economic climates of communities 
large and small. U.S. museums attract 
an estimated 850 million visits each 
year, more than all professional sporting 
events and theme parks combined. 

So how many people do you think visit 
our local Sierra Madre museums every 
year? Although we don’t officially 
keep track we can guestimate. At the 
SMHPS’s program last Thursday night, 
featured speaker, Dan Richter, a local 
avid hiker, estimated that approximately 
50,000 hikers use the Mt. Wilson Trail 
each year. Of course, probably many of 
those hikers are duplicates, but still that’s 
a great amount. Our local museums, 
Lizzie’s Trail Inn and Richardson House, 
rest at the foot of the Mt. Wilson Trail, 
so, even though they’re only open on 
a limited basis, they receive a lot of 
exposure. The SMHPS is currently 
working on recruiting and training 
more volunteers so that we will be able 
to increase the hours the museums are 
open to the public. This is one of our 
goals for this, our 80th anniversary year. 

Also, did you know that our local 
museums are available for school field 
trips and other special events? Did you 
know that the museums are owned by 
the City of Sierra Madre, but operated 
by the SMHPS under a joint agreement? 
Part of the monies raised by the sale 
of the SMHPS’s latest publication, 
Southern California Story: Seeking the 
Better Life in Sierra Madre by Michele 
Zack, is being utilized to assist the City 
in repairing and maintaining these 
museums so that they can be utilized 
effectively as not only repositories of 
historical artifacts, but also so the public 
can safely utilize these facilities. These 
two treasures are an underutilized 
part of our community which contain 
a wealth of history just awaiting your 


Suffice it to say that the mission of 
museums is public service. That’s the 
message that will be carried to Congress 
on March 1, when some 300 museum 
advocates from across the country 
come to Capitol Hill to convey to our 
representatives the value – economic 
and otherwise – museums bring to 
the nation. Join us in this effort by 
contacting your local officials, via email 
or telephone or even old-fashioned 
letter, telling them what your museum 
means to you and your family. As 
protectors, interpreters and exhibitors of 
our heritages – historic, cultural, natural 
and scientific – museums fulfill a crucial 
role in America. Help us communicate 
that to our elected leaders on March 1 
and to continue to support and improve 
Lizzie’s & Richardson House here in 
Sierra Madre. 


The Sierra Madre Historical 
Society celebrated its’ 
80th Birthday recently 
with Sierra Madre Resident, 
Dan Richter as the 
speaker. Richter, who 
has overcome two bouts 
with cancer spoke of how 
he started hiking the Mt. 
Wilson Trail as part of his 

 Phyllis Chapman was the 
M.C. for the well attended 


Pictured above: Gurdon 
Miller, Dane Lenton and 
Stan Hutchinson. Left, 
Dan Richter and right, 
Debbie Henderson holding 
a copy of the latest 
SMHPS newsletter.

The society was started in 
1931 the same year that 
the city celebrated its 50th 
birthday. Nathaniel Carter

founded Sierra Madre in 

Sierra Madre Healthy Family Fun and 
Walk with the Mayor 

The Community and Personnel Services Department will 
be starting the Healthy Family Fun program again for 2011! 
The Healthy Family Fun program focuses on monthly outdoor 
activities for families to enjoy together. Such activities 
will include: the Huck Finn Fishing Derby, Mount Wilson 
Trail Race Kids Fun Run, Capture the Flag, Historic Bike 
Ride and a monthly Walk with the Mayor just to name a 


The Walk with the Mayor will begin on Saturday, March 5, 
2011. Each Walk with the Mayor will be held the first Saturday 
of every month in 2011. Please meet at Sierra Vista Park 
at 9:00am for a stroll with Sierra Madre Mayor Joe Mosca 
for the March activity. There is no need to register for the 
activity, just show up with your walking shoes and plenty of 
questions for Mayor Mosca to answer! For more information 
on Healthy Family Fun please call 626-355-5278.


Lynn is a busy project manager at 
UCLA. She enjoys giving back to her 
community, but as a busy professional, 
she wants to make sure that her volunteer 
time is used wisely. She contacted 
Jericho Road Pasadena, which places 
skilled volunteers at local nonprofits, to 
find a good match to her volunteer interests 
and professional skills. She was 
quickly placed with Young & Healthy, 
a local nonprofit, to update their website, 
a skill which she uses regularly 
for work. Her volunteer placement 
through Jericho Road Pasadena has 
been fulfilling to her, as well as very 
useful to Young & Healthy, which lacks 
the funds to hire a marketing firm to 
update their website. 


Jericho Road Pasadena opened its 
doors in May 2010 as an affiliate of 
the award-winning national organization 
Jericho Road Project, which helps 
nonprofits by matching them with 
professional volunteers. Often lasting 
3 to 6 month, projects utilize a volunteer's 
specific skills, such as accounting, 
information technology, writing, 
strategic planning or project management. 
Since the Jericho Road Project 
launched in 2003, it has established five 
sites nationwide, won awards for nonprofit 
capacity building and has served 
over 200 nonprofits. 

The Jericho Road Project's mission 
stems from a strong call to action by 
the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. King 
built on the story of the Good Samaritan, 
who helped a man who had been 
robbed and beaten on the road to Jericho, 

"On the one hand, we are called to play 
the Good Samaritan on life's roadside, 
but that will be only an initial act. One 
day we must come to see that the whole 
Jericho Road must be transformed . . ." 
he continues, "true compassion is more 
than flinging a coin to a beggar; it is not 
haphazard and superficial. It comes to 
see that an edifice which produces beggars 
needs restructuring."

With that mantra in mind, Jericho 
Road Project volunteers go beyond donating 
food, clothing, or even money 
to transforming the societal structure 
through which charity becomes necessary. 
Jericho Road Project volunteers 
donate their professional skills, benefitting 
many nonprofits, and thereby, 
the entire community.

Jericho Road Pasadena is already pairing 
volunteers with diverse organizations 
such as Young and Healthy, San 
Gabriel Valley Literacy Council, Journey 
House and AIDS Services Center. 
Anyone interested in donating their 
skills to a local nonprofit can contact 
Pasadena Program Director Melanie 
Goodyear at mgoodyear@jerichoroadproject.


The City of Sierra Madre is looking for a Head Swim 
Coach and an Assistant Swim Coach for the Spring Dolphins 
Swim Team Program. Coaches will lead practices 
starting on May 2, 2011 and running through Friday, 
June 3, 2011. Practices will be held Monday through Friday 
from 5:30pm-7:00pm. Please visit the City website 
at for the job flyers and online 
application. The closing date for the recruitment is 
Wednesday, March 16, 2011. For more information please 
contact the Community Services Office at 626-355-5278.



Coordinating Council Meeting 

Thursday, March 3, 2011 at noon 

Youth Activity Center

The presentation will be made by Patricia Ancona, 

regarding the Sierra Madre Friends of the Arts.

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