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Mountain Views News Saturday, August 13, 2011

Miss Palmer’s 3rd Grade Class, 31 talented and creative students, have published a 
book! It is called, “Miss Palmer’s Third Grade: Once Upon A Wayside” and it includes 
the work of each of the students in her class. We will publish the book in its’ entirety 
this summer, with 3-4 stories each week. The stories will not be edited, well maybe a 
few spelling corrections. They are all entertaining and original!

 Inspired by the book series they read in class, The Wayside School Series by Louis Sachar, 
the children created their own episodes of life at Wayside. (Hint: Louis Sachar’s 
Wayside School was supposed to be 30 classrooms, one story high; but by mistake it 
was built straight up 30 stories. That should give you some insight into the kind of 
stories you will read from Ms. Palmer’s 3rd Grade Class!)

 A teacher for six years, Ms. Palmer has been at Sierra Madre Elementary for two 
years. She was born and reared in Sierra Madre, played on the SM Girls Softball Team 
and was a Sierra Madre Rose Princess in 2000.

 This is a series of stories that will enlighten, inspire and keep you laughing all summer 

 If you want to read the previous week’s stories, go to: 
S. Henderson/MVNews

THAT’S WHY by Camille Kennedy

“Hey Maurecia,” said Joy. “Why did Paul lick Leslie’s 

“I don’t know,” Maurecia said.

“That’s it,” thought Joy. “I must find out why Paul 
keeps licking Leslie’s ear.”

 She ran down the stairs to the first story and went 
back up asking every kid at Wayside School.

 No one knew. She trudged back up to the 30th 
story where Leslie dropped her pencil.

 “My pencil,” Leslie said. Paul licked her ear.

 “Eeww....,” shouted Terrance. “Paul licked Leslie’s 

 The classroom buzzed with laughter. Joy finally 
understood EVERYTHING.

 “Hey Leslie, can you go get DeeDee, Alison, and 
Maurecia?”, asked Joy.

 “Sure,” said Leslie. “Do you need me too?”

 “Yes,” said Joy.

 The all came over to Joy.

 “So what’s the problem?” asked DeeDee.

 “I know why Paul licked your ear Leslie,” said Joy.

 Maurecia started to ask why, but Joy didn’t wait 
for her.

 “Remember when Paul went to the counselor’s office? 
Well, I heard that the counselor likes to hypnotize 

 Right then they all knew who they needed to see, 
Miss Mush. They darted down the stairs. When 
they got to the kitchen, Miss Mush was making tuna 
surprise. The kitchen stank.

 “Miss Mush,” they all said together, “Do you have 
any peppercream x 2?”

 “Does Miss Mush have peppercream x2? Of course!” 
said Miss Mush.

 Miss Mush was all over the place. “Where did it 
go? I don’t know,” sang Miss Mush. Joy was getting 
impatient. After five hours, Miss Mush found 
it. Joy took it, and they all ran to the counselor’s 

 “Hello girls, what seems to be the problem?” asked 
Dr. Pickle.

 “You know very well why wer are here you no good 
psychiatrist,” said Joy and DeeDee. And with that, 
they threw some peppercreamx2 on him, and he dehypnotized 
everyone that he hyponotized!


 Wait! You don’t know what happened to Dr. Pickle 

 Well, the girls hypnotized him to walk out of his 
window. When he did, he was so shocked he walked 
off and was never seen again!

JOE by Jaden

 One day in class Joe asked, “Mrs. Jewels, can I go 
to recess now?

 “No,” replied Mrs. Jewels.

 “But it’s 9:30 am,” said Joe.

 “Not until you spell the word the,” said Mrs. Jewels.

 “Y-m-e”, Joe Answered.

 “No!,” said Mrs. Jewels.

 Joe sat at his desk puzzled. Finally he said, “But 
it’s 9:35 am and I spelled it right now let me go.”

 “You didn’t spell it right Joe. Do it again,” replied 
Mrs. Jewels.

 “Fine! F-e-e-. Now can I go? Come on. Let me go 
please can I go Mrs. Jewels?” whined Joe.

 Here’s a paper,” said Mrs. Jewels. On the paper 
was the word the.”

 “Okay, I’ll study it,” said Joe. He went back to his 
desk and ate the paper. Then he went to Mrs. Jewels 
and said, “I accidently ate my paper.”

 Mrs. Jewels asked, “Why did you eat the paper? 
Here’s another paper Joe,” said Mrs. Jewels. “Now 
don’t eat it, okay?”

 So Joe went back to his desk to study. While Joe 
was reading, Joe coughed and out came the paper. 
Joe went to Mrs. Jewels and said, “Mrs. Jewels, I 
know how to spell now.”

 Mrs. Jewels replied, “Let me see. Spell the word 

 Joe spelled t-h-e.

 “Great, now spell fine.”

 F-I-N-E spelled Joe.

 ‘Fantastic! You may go to recess.”

 So Joe jumped up and ran down 30 stories down to 
the playground.

SOCKS by Maila Thomas

 One day it was Sock Day at Wayside School. All 
of the kids wore their craziest socks, but without 
shoes. Rondi was so excited, she ran up 30 flights 
of stairs. As she walked into the classroom, she 
tripped on a rock and her socks flew off her feet.

 “Hey! Who put that stupid rock in the way?” asked 

 Then Kathy came in and tripped on Rondi and her 
socks flew off. One by one, all of the children 
tripped on each other and lost their socks. Then 
Mrs. Jewels came in and tripped on all of the kids.

 When they all got up, they realized the room was 
full of socks.

 Eric Bacon and Jason yelled, “OMG!” together.

 Jason said, “Jinks.”

 Mrs. Jewels said, “What are we going to do?”

 Then Rondi said, “I have an idea. When my mom 
puts way things, she sorts them. Maybe we can 
sort our socks?”

 “That’s a great idea,” said Mrs. Jewels.

 So they got to work. Rondi matched the socks, 
Mrs. Jewels folded the socks, and Allison gave 
them to her classmates. When all of them were 
done, they all cheered for Rondi.

 The End.

by Dustin Wagner

 One day Calvin and D.J. went down to the basement 
to play a prank on Mrs. Jewels. They wanted 
to get a dead rat and put it in her drawer.

 While they were down there, someone locked the 
door behind them. Theny they heard a strange 
laugh. It sounded like Mrs. Goff’s laugh. Then they 
heard footsteps.

 A small blinking light turned on and Calvin and D.J. 
saw a man in there wearing a giant diaper. He said, 
“Could you guys help me get out of here?”

 Calvin and D.J. said, “We’re stuck too, the goozack 
is locked.”

 Then they heard the door lock open.

 Calvin said, “It’s Dameon!”

 “Thank goodness you came,” said D.J!

 “Let’s go to lunch,” said Dameon. To be continued...