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 Shortly after election to office, Sierra 
Madre Councilman Chris Koerber 
expressed concern over the cost of retaining 
our current city attorney - the 
firm of Colantuono and Levin, and 
suggested that the city compare the 
services of other firms to make certain 
that our legal expenses were reasonable 
and competitive.

 In October, 2012 a Request For Proposal 
was sent to 46 law firms. Of that 
number, 13 firms expressed an interest.

 The council formed a subcommittee 
to review the proposals. That committee 
was made up of Councilmembers 
John Harabedian, John Capoccia, Koerber 
and City Manager Elaine Aguilar.

 After review, it was decided that two 
firms were best e quipped to serve the 
City of Sierra Madre. Those firms were 
Colantuono and Levin and the firm of 
Richards, Watson and Gershon.

 Both firms have extensive experience 
in various aspects of Municipal law and 
to the surprise of many, there was not 
a significant difference in cost between 
the two.

 The full council interviewed both 
firms in closed session and at council 
meeting Tuesday, the members individually 
disclosed their findings.

 In a 3-2 vote, the council decided to 
continue its relationship with Colantuono 
and Levin. Councilmen Koerber 
and Capoccia expressed a preference 
for Richards, Watson and Gershon and 
Councilwoman Nancy Walsh, Mayor 
Josh Moran and Councilman Harabedian 
chose to continue with Colantuono 
and Levin.

 Colantuono and Levin has been serving 
as Sierra Madre’s City Attorney 
since 2003. S. Henderson/MVNews 


City of Sierra Madre

Public Hearing Notice

From: The City of Sierra Madre


 (MCTA 12-01) 

Applicant: City of Sierra Madre

Project Location: Properties in the City of Sierra Madre, County of Los Angeles, 
State of California

The City of Sierra Madre gives notice, pursuant to State of California law, that the City Council will 
conduct a public hearing to consider a text amendment to Municipal Code Chapter 5.56 relating to 
baths and massage establishments, and Chapter 17.36 relating to permitted uses in the Commercial 
Zone. The purpose of the amendment is 1) to conform the City’s massage regulations to State 
requirements pursuant to Division 2 of Chapter 10.5 of the Business and Professions Code, and 
2) allow massage therapy as a stand-alone permitted use in the City rather than as an accessory 
to a permitted use. The proposed amendments will establish one regulatory scheme for massage 
services to create a consistent and clear process for applicants and will enable consumers to identify 
legitimate massage workers, thus protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the City. At their 
meeting on February 7, 2013, the Planning Commission recommended approval of MCTA 12-01 to 
the City Council.


City of Sierra Madre City of Sierra Madre

City Council meeting City Council Chambers

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 232 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.

(Hearing begins at 6:30 p.m.) Sierra Madre, CA 

All interested persons may attend this meeting and the Planning Commission will hear them with 
respect thereto.

ENVIRONMENTAL DETERMINATION: This ordinance is exempt from CEQA pursuant to 
CEQA Guidelines § 15061(b)(3), 15301 and 15303 for numerous reasons. First, only a limited 
number of massage therapist businesses have ever applied to do business in the City, and this is 
not expected to change. Thus, the impact of this ordinance will affect only a handful of parcels at 
most. Second, if any massage therapy uses are authorized, they would be for facilities that meet 
the requirements of 15301 or 15303, as such uses are typically small in size, and would be expected 
merely to update the interior of existing structures, or to build a very small new structure. Third, 
massage therapy uses are not significantly different in the impacts that they create from other uses 
already authorized in the commercial zone, such as nail salons, barber shops, and day/health spas 
(which already authorized accessory massage therapy uses), and such uses are already authorized 
via home occupation permits. Fourth, revising the procedures by which certification is issued to 
massage therapists does not affect traffic, noise, or have any other environmental impact.

APPEAL: If in the future anyone wishes to challenge the decision of the City Council in court, 
one may be limited to raising the issues that were raised or presented in written correspondence 
delivered to the City Council at, or before, the scheduled public hearing. For further information on 
this subject, please contact the Development Services Department at (626) 355-7135.

An amazing 188 talented local students in grades K – 8 entered the Sierra Madre Public Library, I Love My Library 
drawing and essay contest. Cash prizes awaited 17 of them. Those in grades K – 2 created drawings showing why they 
love our library and those in grades 3-8 wrote an essay telling why they love our library. Judges awarded prizes per grade 
level, city-wide. Entries were due by January 31at the Library and the winning entries were announced on Valentine’s 
Day, February 14.


First Place Emerson Carrillo Vincent Mayfield Junior School

Second Place Kodiak Ellis, Sierra Madre Community Nursery School 

First Grade 

First Place Shane Vandevelde, Sierra Madre School

Second Place Betsy Cole, Sierra Madre School, 

Second Grade

First Place Mila Burns, Sierra Madre School, 

Second Place Sofia Mathews, Sierra Madre School

Third Grade

First Place Gracie Andres, Sierra Madre School

Second Place Michael Sasa Butman, Sierra Madre School

Fourth Grade

First Place Claire Senft, Highland Oaks School

Second Place Sarah Muqri, Sierra Madre School

Fifth Grade

First Place Teresa Fundter, St. Rita School

Second Place Emma Dillion, St. Rita School

Sixth Grade

First Place Lauren Anastasia, The Gooden School

Second Place Russell Moore, The Gooden School

Seventh Grade

First Place Tiana Lopez, The Gooden School

Second Place Tim O’Neill, St. Rita School

Eighth Grade

Noelle Martinez, The Gooden School

Photo by S. Hendeson/MVNews

ST. RITA’S RAIDERS WIN BIG......................Page 8

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