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GOOD SPORTS-SM Employees Help Kids To Play On 

Children from Sierra Madre School pose with staff members who generously donatedsports equipment for the children. Photo courtesy City of Sierra Madre 

On Thursday, the City of Sierra Madre held its 
annual Employee Recognition Breakfast, showing 
the city’s appreciation for our dedicated employees 
and honoring their years of service. 

Receiving awards were: 
One Year of Service 
Vicki Oo 
Sherry Sue 
Victoria Jones 
PT - Library 
PT - Library 
PT - PD 
Michael Ortiz PT - PD 
Brittany Wood 
Brent Bartlett 
PT – FD 
Kevin Garcia PT – FD 
Ted Walters PT – FD 
Mireya Bermudez 
Karen Bustillos 
PT – Paramedic 
PT – Paramedic 
Amanda Kruse PT – Paramedic 
Adrian Nevarez PT – Paramedic 
Michael Noone PT Paramedic 
Jason Paul Pickard PT Paramedic 

Rebecca Lamas PT – Community Service 
Sean Moon PT – Community Service 
Sonia Cruz – Finance 

5 Years 
Meegan Tosh 
James McGowan 
Public Works 
Steve McGee Public Works 
Cy Womack 
Esteban Estrada 
Public Works 
PT Paramedic 
John Grisbach PT Paramedic 
Nancy Medina 
Jen Peterson 
Leticia Cardoso 
Danny Castro 
Laura Aguilar 
Larry Giannone 
PT Paramedic 
Development Services 
Development Services 
Development Services 
Admin. Services 
15 Years 
Veenita Munoz PT Finance 
Donna Howard PT Library

 This year, however, city staff chose to also show 
their appreciation for Sierra Madre and decided 
to give something back. Individual City employees, 
the Classified Employees Association, and 
the Police Association donated much needed 
sports equipment to the kids at Sierra Madre 
School! Play on! 

Sierra Madre Police Blotter

For the period February 3-9. 2014 

Monday February 3, 2014 
Between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm in the 500 Block of W. Sierra Madre Blvd. resident reported 
a grand theft. Resident’s bracelet was stolen allegedly by caretaker and valued at 10,000.00. 

Wednesday February 5, 2014
At 11:00 am, Sierra Madre Police responded to an investigation regarding a domestic dispute in the 
400 block of Adams. Victim sustained injuries and was treated at a medical facility. Suspect was 
arrested, and case was forwarded to District Attorney’s Office for filing considerations. 

Thursday February 6, 2014
Between the hours of 4:30 pm and 2:15 pm Friday February 7, 2014 in the 500 block of W. Sierra 
Madre Blvd. Resident reported that she parked her vehicle in the carport area of her residence. 
Victim returned later to find that the catalytic converter had been stolen. 


By Deanne Davis 

GLADYS MOSER -Sierra Madre’s Next Centegenarian! 

“I never pray for a long life, but I just express my gratitude for another day. It reminds me that every 
day is important.” -Ishiki Takana 99-year-old 

I met another 99-yearold 
lady today, who 
will celebrate her 
100th birthday later 
this month.. Gladys 
Moser, a Sierra Madre 
resident for the past 
31 years, still living 
independently in her 
own home, is just 
delightful. She arrived 
on the planet February 
28, 1914 in Central 
City, Nebraska. Her 
parents owned an 80 
acre farm where they 
grew wheat, corn 
and all their own 
vegetables. Gladys is 
still an active gardener 
with a certified ‘green 
thumb’ who grows 
her own tomatoes and 
veggies in her backyard 
garden. Her daughter-
in-law, Debbie Moser, 
says the family helps 
Gladys plant but after 
that she does all the 
rest herself. When I 
asked Gladys the question one always asks centenarians: To what do you attribute your good health 
and long life? She replied, “living on the farm and all that good food. We didn’t have junk food then.” 
Gladys, by the way is slender with excellent posture and was sporting a very cute lime green blouse 
and jacket. She shops at Chico’s, she says. 

Gladys’ mom passed away when she was three and she lived with her aunt and uncle until she was 
sixteen when she moved back to the farm with her Dad and her brother, neither of whom she knew 
very well, but she moved right into the role of ‘first lady of the farm’ and took over all the cooking 
and other chores and was happy there. Her Dad died in 1933 after a fall from a windmill and she and 
her brother, who was three years older, carried on the farm alone. She was a horse and buggy girl 
through eighth grade, riding or walking the mile and a quarter to school – rain, shine or snow! And 
the weather in Nebraska isn’t a thing like Southern California! 

For high school, Gladys moved to Osceola, Nebraska where she met her future husband, Howard 
Moser. “We had a big class,” she told me, “forty! And we all were just friends. I didn’t have any idea 
when I met him that we would be married.” Well, in 1937 that’s exactly what happened and nine 
months later, daughter, Carole was born. Gladys said she and Howard went to the County Seat and 
were married there, as that’s what people did then. She never saw a wedding till much later. Howard 
worked as a delivery driver for a produce company and was paid $5.00 a week. Their rent when they 
moved back into town in 1938 was $5.00 a month. The Depression and Dust Bowl situation were 
driving farmers off their land at that time but Gladys said no one did without as everyone looked out 
for each other, shared eggs and food and the rule truly was use it up, make it last, and nothing wasted. 

There was one restaurant in town and neighbors all got leftovers from the restaurant, including 
quantities of gravy. Gladys is still not real excited about gravy to this day. 

Howard’s brother and much of his family had moved to California in 1939 to escape the Dust Bowl 
and Gladys, Howard, and baby Carole followed them and lived in Highland Park for forty years, 
welcoming Sharon in 1941 and Bob in 1951. Howard was a street car and bus driver working for the 
RTD for 36 years, retiring in 1979. Gladys said his hours were terrible but you got used to it. 

So what did you do then, I asked. “Oh!” she said, with a huge smile, “we traveled! All over the United 
States and to Germany and Switzerland.” Her grandparents were from Sigerswil, Switzerland. Gladys 
and Howard traveled to Japan and for many years entertained a Japanese college girl each year for a 
three week visit to the United States. 

Gladys was a very successful Avon lady for forty years and had a hard time retiring as her clientele 
couldn’t do without her! She loved to sew and quilt, still loves car trips with daughter, Sharon, enjoys 
dining out, has five grandchildren and seven great-grands and attends Sierra Madre Congregational 
Church most Sundays. I said, “you’ve had a happy life, haven’t you, Gladys,” and she replied, “Oh my 
yes. There have been hard times, but most of my life has been good.” 

Well, I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty great way to feel when you’re about to pass the 100 
year mark! 

“Eat your vegetables, have a positive outlook, be kind to people, and smile.” 

-Kamada Nakasato 102-year-old Okinawan lady 
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BeginsMarch 1st for 
Sierra Madre 

Registration for 
the Mount Wilson 
Trail Race is fast 
approaching and the 
sign up process has 
changed slightly this 
year. For 2014 the 
first 100 spaces for 
the race will be made 
available to Sierra 
Madre residents 
only, leaving 200 
spaces available for open registration. For more information about the change please visit www. 

The Mount Wilson Trail Race is Saturday, May 24, 2014 at 7:30am and begins in Kersting Court. 
The cost is $66.00 for adults and $35.00 for youth. All participants receive a tech shirt and goodie 
bag with entry. For more information about the event please visit 

Sierra Madre resident only registration will be held on Saturday, March 1, 2014 from 9:00am3:
00pm at the Community Recreation Center in Sierra Vista Park, 611 E. Sierra Madre Blvd. 
Registration will occur on a first come, first served basis and only 100 spaces are available. Proof of 
residency is required in the form of a current CA Driver’s License indicating Sierra Madre address, 
no PO Box numbers accepted. A physical copy of the CA Driver’s license must be present, no copies 
accepted. Participants may only sign up for themselves; signing up for a family member or friend 
is not allowed. 

General registration will begin Monday, March 3, 2014 at 11:00am. Registration can be done online 
at, or in person at the Community Recreation 
Center, 611 East Sierra Madre Blvd. 

For both registrations an account with the City of Sierra Madre must be set up prior to registration. 
If you do not already have one, please visit to 
create one. If you already have an account please double check that the information is current. 
Acceptable forms of payment are cash, if in person, check—made payable to the City of Sierra 
Madre, and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover). 

It is strongly encouraged to sign up as soon as registration is available on Monday, March 3rd as the 
race is expected to sell out within two hours. Any questions regarding registration can be directed 
to the Community Services Department at 626-355-5278.