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(StatePoint) Sometimes it 
can be hard to convince 
kids that learning is fun. 
While parents can’t necessarily 
control how exciting 
the school day is, they can 
make off-hours learning 
more fun and exciting -- 
especially when it comes 
to a potentially hands-on 
subject like science. 

It is particularly important 
to foster an interest in science 
at an early age. Not 
only does an understanding 
of its principles mean 
a greater understanding of 
how the world works, the 
need for experts in scientific 
fields is on the rise, according 
to Labor Department 

If you’re not too up on 
the subject yourself, don’t 
worry. You don’t need to 
be Sir Isaac Newton to put 
a spotlight on science, say 

“Children are natural explorers. They want to roll over rocks to see what critters are hiding below, and take apart gadgets to see how they 
work. It’s important to encourage that. We don’t want our kids to just consume technology - we want them to design it, build it, and be 
innovators,” says “Science Bob” Pflugfelder, an elementary school teacher and co-author of the “Nick and Tesla” book series for kids. 

Here are a few ways to get started: 


Make your home a laboratory. In order for your experiments to be safe and successful, be sure to follow instructions. There are plenty of 
free online resources that parents can turn to for science fair and experiment ideas -- and complete instructions. For example, to build 
your own fog tornado or make your own rock candy, you can visit for step-by-step guides. 

Think Fiction 

An exciting work of fiction can be inspiring. Expose your kids to entertaining movies and books that feature the application of science 
in action-packed scenarios. 

For example, the “Nick and Tesla” series, by Pflugfelder and writer and journalist Steven Hockensmith, follows the adventures of two 11 
year-old siblings who use science and electronics to solve mysteries. 

Narratives are peppered with blueprints and instructions, so young budding inventors at home can follow along. Information about their 
latest book, “Nick and Tesla’s High-Voltage Danger Lab,” as well as the other books in the series can be found at 

Take a Trip 

One thing that most museums have in common is signs that say “do not touch.” But at a science museum, it’s all about interactive fun. 
Take the kids to learn more about their favorite subjects, from animals to outer space to volcanoes. 

Remember, science is all around us, so you don’t necessarily need to go somewhere special to get kids thinking about it. Turn a regular 
day of errands into one of scientific discovery. Encourage your kids to note their observations on paper and discuss what they’ve seen 
and what it means at the end of the day. 

Just because the school bell rings, doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. Take steps to make science a bigger and better part of your kids’ 

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THE REEL DEAL: by Ben Show 
After hearing about this movie 
for months and seeing multipletrailers, my expectations for ‘TheMonuments Men’ were pretty high. 
With an amazing cast and GeorgeClooney at the helm (starring in, directing, 
producing, and writing the 
screenplay), combined with one of 
the most tumultuous times in history, 
this movie was sure to be great,
right? Right?

Frank Stokes (George Clooney) 
gets together a ragtag band of 
artists and architects to go into NaziGermany in order to rescue priceless 
pieces of stolen art. Along theway, they meet Claire Simone (Cate

Blanchett), a feisty French womanwho works at one of the museums where art if being stolen from. 
Together, they work to reclaim as much art as possible before theNazis wipe out much of Europe’s cultural history.

Everything about this movie was done wrong. The cinematography 
was amateur, the directing felt almost nonexistent, 
the acting was boring, the screenplay even more so, and even thescore was dreary. All in all, it feels like a long, boring history filmthat you would watch when you have a substitute in your HighSchool history class. No one should waste their time or money onthis worthless piece of junk.