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1923 - 2015

Operatic Tenor, mentor & entrepreneur Mario 
Anthony Lalli passed away peacefully at his home 
in Sierra Madre, CA on October 8th, 2015 at the age 
of 92. Mario was predeceased by his wife of 44 years, 
Edalyn Doris Lalli. Mario was born in Springfield, 
MA in 1923 to Italian immigrants Antonio Lalli and 
Giacinta Lalli. He was the youngest of four children, 
sister Dora Cummings (Lalli) and was predeceased 
by his two older brothers Tullio Lalli and Roland 

Mario’s life was greatly centered around his passion 
for music, particularly the Opera. His love for music 
started very young. At 10 years old, he was a fixture 
at his uncle’s record shop, listening to the great 
operatic composers as well as the popular Italian 
singers of of the era. As a teenager in Springfield, 
Mario began singing in the Mount Carmel Choir, 
where he was discovered by the Springfield opera 
company. He toured with the company and was 
featured in many local performances. Moving to 
New York in the late 40’s to pursue his music career, 
Mario studied in a vocal program at the Juilliard 
conservatory and eventually toured in a New York 
based opera company. In 1950, the talented tenor 
was a winner on the famous CBS Arthur Godfrey 
Talent Scouts Radio show, sharing the honor with 
such stars as comedian Lenny Bruce.

In 1952 at age 28, he partnered with his brother Tullio 
Lalli and fellow singer Tish Klongia, and headed to 
the burgeoning ski resort of Aspen, CO with the 
dream of opening a restaurant that featured live 
entertainment. “Mario’s, Where They Sing While 
You Dine” was such a success it would last another 
60 years. The restaurant concept would open 13 
locations over the years, where Mario and his wife 
Edalyn would sing six nights a week, entertaining 
diners in Denver CO, Palm Springs CA, San Diego 
CA, Newport Beach CA, Palm Desert CA, Ranch 
Mirage CA, La Quinta CA, Pasadena CA, and 
finally in Sierra Madre CA, where Mario at the age 
of 88 years old was still a featured performer, often 
singing duets with his 17-year old granddaughter, 
Olive Lalli. In addition to his entrepreneurial 
endeavours and vocal talents, Mario was a 
mentor, offering guidance, financial support and 
opportunity to many singers and musicians over 
the years. Traveling to Opera houses all over the US 
and Europe with his wife Edalyn every summer was 
something he loved, as well as golfing. Every day off 
you could find Mario and his brothers on the golf 
course. Mario Lalli and the restaurants he created 
were featured in the documentary film “Sing Your 
Own Song” by director Anne O’Neal.


Mario spent the last 15 years in the Pasadena CA 
area, living with his son’s family. He is survived 
by his son, Mario Enrico Lalli , daughter-in-law 
Illiana Lalli and his grandchildren Dino Von 
Lalli and Olive Zoe Lalli; sister Dora Cummings, 
stepdaughter Sharie Harmon & family, stepson 
Edward Burger & family, as well as dear friend and 
partner Estrella Formoe.

If you wish to make a donation in Mario A. Lalli’s 
honor, please make all donations to The Sweet Stuff 
Foundation. This charity helps provide assistance to 
musicians, recording engineers, and their families 
struggling with illness and disability. Donation 
information: https://www.thesweetstufffoundation.

A celebration of Mario’s life will take place from 
4 to 9pm on Saturday, Dec. 5th at the Santa Anita 
Church Ballroom, 226 W. Colorado Blvd. in 
Arcadia, CA 91008

Mario Anthony Lalli, with granddaughter 
Olive Lalli


California Elections Code § 9202 – 



Notice is hereby given by the persons whose names appear hereon of their intention to circulate the petition within the City 
of Sierra Madre for the purpose of prohibiting the City from utilizing alternative law enforcement service providers for 
general police services, absent voter approval. A statement of the reasons of the proposed action as contemplated in the 
Petition is as follows:

 The residents of Sierra Madre declare that the City’s top priority is to provide the best level of public safety 
service possible. To obtain such level of service, upon passage of this measure and thereafter, the City of Sierra Madre 
shall maintain its own Police Department. Contracting with alternative law enforcement service providers often results 
in a lack of accountability by the contracting agency and lack of oversight regarding police-related matters. Additionally, 
officers from a contract agency do not have the same understanding of community concerns and issues as police officers 
employed and trained by the City. In order to ensure minimum service levels, accountability, and a police force that is aware 
of community needs, the citizens of Sierra Madre desire to maintain their own police force, rather than to contract with an 
alternative law enforcement service provider.

Proponents: Stephanie Coyne of Sierra Madre, CA, 91024; 

 Shinji Nakagama of Sierra Madre, CA, 91024.


The city attorney has prepared the following title and summary of the chief purposes and points of the proposed measure:


This initiative is submitted by the Sierra Madre Police Officers Association to prohibit the City of Sierra Madre from 
contracting for general police services without prior voter approval. Simple majority voter approval is required for approval 
of this proposed ballot measure.

Background. The City of Sierra Madre operates its own police department, with 20 full-time members, including the 
Chief of Police, one Police Captain, four Sergeants, one Corporal, nine Police Officers and several part time employees and 
volunteers. The present cost to fund the Police Department is $3,887,798 according to the City's 2015-2016 adopted budget, 
which is paid from the City's general fund. The City has lost more than $500,000 in general fund revenues through the 
"sunset" of its Utility Users Tax (UUT) from 10% to 8%; with an anticipated further reduction to 6% on July 1, 2016 for 
a total anticipated reduction of $994,474, according to the October 13, 2015 City staff report. Public safety represents the 
largest cost of general fund resources, and with the projected loss of $994,474 in general fund revenues, the City's cost of 
providing general fund services, including public safety, is challenged. While the City may seek to increase its revenues 
(including asking the voters to approve an increased UUT), the City is simultaneously studying options to cut its general 
fund costs, which may impact services. One of the options which is being studied is whether to contract for police services 
through the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Measure: This initiative seeks to prohibit the City of Sierra Madre from contracting out its Police Department to any public 
or private entity, including the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The initiative does not preclude agreements 
for specialized police services to enhance the in-house Police Department or shared police services, such as mutual aid 
agreements. The initiative does not mandate any particular level of services or Police staffing to be maintained within the 
City's Police Department.

The initiative provides that if the City contracts out the City's Police Department prior to passage of this measure, resulting 
in the lay-off of any City police employees, that all laid-off police employees shall be reinstated. The measure does not 
specify what would happen to any City contract for police services from another agency in the event of reinstatement of 
City employees.

The initiative provides that it may not be a mended or repealed except by another initiative approved by the voters. 
Additionally, the initiative provides that any person bringing an action to enforce this initiative shall recover reasonable 
attorneys' fees against the City, upon prevailing in the enforce action.



Dear Friends,

As all of you know, I will be retiring on December 10 this year. It is time for me to spend time with 
my family, my own community, and to pursue some interests (including catching up on my reading!). 
This is a gem of a library, and all of you work your hearts out to make it so! I deeply appreciate your 
efforts and your commitment to library services – it is a tall order these days, but I think a defin-ing 
and purposeful one. Library service has brought great meaning and joy to my life and I wish the very 
best library services for this community.

The hard part for me is leaving all the folks I have met and worked with these past four years. There are 
so many nice people in Sierra Madre; I like all of you and your children. This has been a great town 
to work in and one that shows a lot of love for the library.

Sierra Madre Public Library has a sense of place in the community. We are located on the original 
lot of the library that was built in 1887. Then, 40 families formed a Library Association and provided 
funding for 23 years. By 1910, the City assumed responsibility for managing and maintaining the 
library. Sierra Madre has been offering library services for 128 years. Our collections are unique 
with the archives, art collection, California collection, rare books, maps, media, eBooks, and all of the 
newer materials. Our patrons get free Wi-Fi, free pro-grams, a quiet, secure place to read, and really 
friendly staff. All of you, through your efforts, support these services and help make the library a real 

I am thankful that Sierra Madre is a community of readers, that we are currently launching an effort to 
update (not replace or rebuild) the facility, and we are adopting some (not all) of the new technologies. 
The latter is important, as the children growing up here need to know how to use these new resources.

It is my hope that you continue to use the library, discover its resources, take care of the facility, and 
try, just try some of the new technologies we are offering.

It has been my pleasure to meet and work with you and I hope to see you from time to time.


Carolyn Thomas

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