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New Public Works Director 
Appointed By City Manager

SWAT Takes 
Parolee Into 
Custody After 

City Manager Michael Beck, last 
week, appointed Ara Maloyan as 
the new Director for Pasadena’s 
Public Works Department. As 
the Public Works Department 
Director Maloyan will be 
responsible for all administrative 
and operational aspects of 
the department, including 
oversight of the City’s parks 
facilities, streets and bridges; 
the City’s urban forest; capital 
improvement projects; the 
Citizen Service Center; refuse 
and recycling programs; graffiti 
abatement; fleet maintenance 
for all City vehicles, and 
coordination of animal services. 
Maloyan is expected to begin 
Dec. 14.

Maloyan’s appointment capped a 
nationwide recruitment process 
by the City for the position. 
Maloyan brings more than 
30 years of civil engineering, 
construction management and 
organizational leadership to 

 “I am thrilled Mr. Maloyan 
will join Pasadena as our new 
Public Works Director. He is an 
incredibly talented individual 
with strong management skills 
and is a well-recognized leader 
in the public works profession. 
He is a solid choice to add to our 
already outstanding Executive 
Leadership Team,” City Manager 
Beck said. “I also want to thank 
Assistant City Manager Julie 
Gutierrez for leading the Public 
Works Department during this 
transition period.”

 Most recently, Maloyan served 
as the Public Works Director 
for the City of Long Beach, 
a position he has held since 
January 2014. He was hired by 
Long Beach in July 2012 as the 
department’s Deputy Director 
and was named Acting Director 
in March 2013. He was the City 
Engineer for the City of Beverly 
Hills from 2005 to 2012, and 
held a variety of engineering 
positions for Beverly Hills from 
1989 to 2012. Mr. Maloyan 
also worked for the City of Los 
Angeles from 1984 to 1989.

 “I am honored to have the 
opportunity to join Pasadena 
and to serve its residents and 
businesses as the new Public 
Works Director,” Mr. Maloyan 
said. “Pasadena is a city rich in 
traditions and is a role model for 
exemplary municipal services. 
I look forward to ensuring 
the Public Works Department 
continues to provide excellent 

 The maximum annual salary 
for the Director of the Public 
Works Department is $219,996, 
according to the City’s website 
information. Contract terms 
will be finalized prior to the start 
of his formal duties.

 Police on Wednesday 
said that a situation in 
which SWAT and Crisis 
Negotiations Teams 
responded to a residence 
near the 210 freeway after 
a parolee ran from police 
and barricaded himself in a 
family home was not related 
to the San Bernardino 
mass shooting as had been 
reported earlier in the day.

 According to police, at 
approximately 11:00 a.m 
Pasadena police officers 
attempted to arrest 21 
year old Daylon Camp 
of Pasadena, who had an 
outstanding arrest warrant 
for burglary. The suspect 
fled from his parked vehicle 
and ran inside his father’s 
residence located in the 
400 block of N. Raymond 

 Officers established a 
perimeter at the residence 
in order to contain the 
suspect and attempted to 
gain compliance to exit his 
father’s home. When he 
refused, police evacuated 
the immediate residences 
surrounding the suspect’s 
father’s residence and the 
department’s SWAT and 
Crisis Negotiations Teams 
responded to the location.

 At approximately 1:21 
p.m., the suspect peacefully 
surrendered to officers and 
was taken into custody. 

 On Thursday, President 
Obama, made a statement 
saying the motive was still 
unclear in the shooting 
around 11 a.m. at a party 
in the Inland Regional 
Center killing 14 people 
and injuring 21. Suspected 
shooters Syed Rizwan 
Farook and Tashfeen Malik 
were later killed after a car 
chase later that afternoon. 

 At press time authorities 
were still looking for a 
possible third suspect. 
Obama said the act could 
have been terrorism or 
possibly workplace related. 

Arts Bus Gets New Name New Look

 City officials, along with 
Mayor Terry Tornek and 
representatives from ArtCenter 
College of Design, unveiled 
Tuesday the new Pasadena 
Transit buses replacing the Area 
Rapid Transit System (ARTS) 
bus something they said is 
intended to reflect the growth 
of the system since it began in 

 “If you look at the markings 
on it, its more consistent with 
public transit buses, there 
was confusion for people who 
are not permanent residents 
of Pasadena.” City Manager 
Michael Beck said. “That 
confused it with a bus that was 
taking people to museums 
verses a fixed route transit.”

 Beck said that the timing for 
the change is not related to the 
thousands of visitors that will 
start showing up in Pasadena 
this month for the Rose Parade 
and Rose Bowl but said the 
coincident is a plus. 

 In addition to the new look and 
name, City officials announced 
that Pasadena Transit’s 25-bus 
fleet is now equipped with data 
transmission technology that 
provides customers with real-
time arrival info via the web, 
smart phones or tablet devices. 

 ArtCenter graduate Julie 
Yeow, developed the clean, bold 
logo and branding materials 
for the City’s Department of 
Transportation. Yeow described 
the theme as retaining a “friendly 
energy” that communicates 
Pasadena Transit’s primary goal 
of connecting people and places 
in Pasadena.

 The Pasadena Transit fleet 
includes 19 of the 32-foot-long, 
27-seat buses and six 25-foot-
long, 20-seat buses. All buses 
use CNG (Compressed Natural 
Gas) fuel; can accommodate 
wheelchairs and have bicycle 
racks at the front of the buses. 

 Passengers can access the real-
time arrival data from Pasadena 
Transit buses by calling 511 or 
going online to www.Go511.
or Google Maps. 

Pilates for 

Two Caltech Faculty 
Inducted into the AAAS

Erik Winfree (PhD ‘98) and 
Jay R. Winkler (PhD ‘84) 
have been elected as Fellows 
of the American Association 
for the Advancement of 
Science (AAAS). Winfree, a 
professor of computer science, 
computation and neural 
systems, and bioengineering, 
was recognized by the AAAS for 
his “foundational contributions 
to biomolecular computing 
and molecular programming.” 
Winkler is a faculty associate 
and lecturer in chemistry in 
the Division of Chemistry and 
Chemical Engineering, as well 
as the director of the Beckman 
Institute Laser Resource 
Center. He was elected for 
“distinguished contributions 
to the field of electron transfer 
chemistry and the development 
of its applications in biology, 
materials science, and solar 

 Winfree’s research with 
biological computing aims to 
“coax DNA into performing 
algorithmic tricks,” he says. 
An algorithm is a collection 
of mechanistic rules—
information—that directs the 
creation and organization of 
structure and behavior. In 
biology, information in DNA 
can be likened to an algorithm: 
it encodes instructions for 
biochemical networks, body 
plans, and brain architectures, 
and thus produces complex life.

 “We are seeking to create a kind 
of molecular programming 
language: a set of elementary 
components and methods 
for combining them into 
complex systems that involve 
self-assembled structures and 
dynamical behaviors,” Winfree 

 Winkler works on developing 
new methods for using laser 
spectroscopy to study chemical 
kinetics and the intermediate 
molecules that form during 
chemical reactions.

 “Electron transfer reactions are 
fundamental processes in many 
chemical transformations, 
including electrochemical 
catalysis, solar energy 
conversion, and biological 
energy transduction,” Winkler 
said. “I have been fortunate 
to work on these projects with 
many dedicated and talented 
students and postdoctoral 
scholars at Caltech. It is 
extremely gratifying to have 
this work recognized by the 
AAAS,” he said.

Cassini’s Final Close 
Flyby of Enceladus

 Come learn Pilates with your 
dog and benefit the Pasadena 
Humane Society. Pilates 
Pasadena is partnering with 
the Pasadena Humane Society 
to host a special Pilates for 
Paws class on Thursday.

Joseph Pilates spent thousands 
of hours observing animals and 
modeled his unique exercise 
system after their graceful and 
fluid movements. Please wear 
loose, comfortable clothing.

Class starts at 12 p.m. at the 
Pasadena Humane Society, 361 
S. Raymond Ave. Pasadena, 
91105. Click here for more 
information and to buy tickets. 
The cost of this class is $10. 
All proceeds benefit Pasadena 
Humane Society.

 An exciting chapter of space 
exploration history will come 
to a close in December, as 
NASA’s Cassini spacecraft 
makes its final close flyby 
of Saturn’s active, ocean-
bearing moon Enceladus. 
The spacecraft is scheduled 
to fly past the icy moon at 
a distance of 3,106 miles 
(4,999 kilometers) on Dec. 
19 at 9:49 a.m. PST (12:49 
p.m. EST). Although Cassini 
will continue to observe 
Enceladus for the remainder 
of its mission (through 
Sept. 2017), its next-closest 
encounter with the moon 
will be at a distance more 
than four times farther 
away. The focus of the Dec. 
19 encounter will be on 
measuring how much heat 
is coming through the ice 
from the moon’s interior -- an 
important consideration for 
understanding what is driving 
its surprising geyser activity, 
which Cassini discovered in 
2005. An online toolkit with 
additional details, animations 
and images is available at:


Pet of the 

Coffee with 
the Captain

Free Upcoming Events at 
Pasadena Senior Center

The Altadena Sheriff’s Station 
would like to invite you to 
“Coffee With The Captain” 
this Monday night. Captain 
Vicki Stuckey and her staff 
will be available to discuss 
community issues, learn about 
crime trends, or just stop by to 
say hello.

Coffee With The Captain will 
take place from 6:00 p.m. To 
7:30 p.m. at The Coffee Gallery 
2029 N. Lake Ave. Altadena. 
For more information call 626 

Percy (A389467) is a 
10-month-old, 55 pound, 
unaltered male, German 
Shepard mix. This sweet, 
playful boy loves going 
for walks and receiving 
attention (especially a nice 
scratch behind the ears!). 
Because of all his puppy 
energy, Percy would do well 
in a very active home where 
he could get lots of exercise. 
If you’re looking for an 
eager activity buddy, you 
should meet Percy!

 The regular dog adoption 
fee is $125 which includes 
the spay or neuter surgery, 
microchip, vaccinations, 
and a free follow-up health 
check at a participating vet.

 New adopters will receive 
complimentary health and 
wellness exam from VCA 
Animal Hospitals, as well 
as a goody bag filled with 
information on how to care 
for your pet. 

 Call the Pasadena 
Humane Society & SPCA 
at 626.792.7151 or visit at 
361 S. Raymond Ave. in 
Pasadena. Adoption hours 
are 11-4 Sunday, 9-5 Tuesday 
–Friday, 9-4 Saturday. Pets 
may not be available for 
adoption and cannot be 
held for potential adopters 
from phone calls or email. 
Directions and photos of all 
pets can be found at www. 

 There is something for everyone 
in December at the Pasadena 
Senior Center, 85 E. Holly St. All 
events listed are free. You do not 
have to be a member to attend. 
Some events require advance 
reservations as noted.

 Cardmaking Workshop – 
Monday, Dec. 7, from noon to 2 
p.m. Surprise a special someone 
with a personalized, handmade 
greeting card. Whether it’s a 
happy birthday, happy holidays, 
thank you, thinking of you or 
other sentiment, you’ll create 
a decorative card in your own 
unique style and have fun 
discovering your creativity 
while workshop leaders help 
you bring your ideas to life. All 
materials will be provided.

 Holiday-Inspired Acrylic 
Painting Class – Wednesday, 
Dec. 9, from 9 to 11 a.m. 
Paint a beautiful arrangement 
of poinsettias on canvas while 
learning techniques such as 
texture, high gloss or matte 
finishes and experimenting with 
the versatility of acrylic paints 
to achieve the look of oils or 
watercolors. All materials will 
be provided. Please note only 
12 spots are available. Make 
your reservation at the Welcome 

 Holiday Sing-along – 
Thursday, Dec. 10, at noon. 
Sing classic holiday songs as you 
move to the music! Presented 
by Aging Artistically. A boxed 
lunch will be served to the 
first 50 people who have made 
confirmed reservations by 
calling 626-795-4331.

Crochet Workshop --- Monday, 
Dec. 14, at 1 p.m. Learn to 
crochet and create one-of-a-
kind gifts for family and friends 
or make something special for 
yourself. One-on-one assistance 
and materials will be provided. 
Make your reservation at the 
Welcome Desk or by calling 

 Chair Yoga – Wednesday, 
Dec. 16, at 1 p.m. Improve 
your balance, strength and 
flexibility at this gentle and 
meditative class taught by Kathy 
Eastwood, a registered nurse 
with Huntington Hospital’s 
Community Outreach 
Department and a certified 
yoga instructor. Due to popular 
demand, this class is limited to 
the first 25 participants. Register 
in advance at the Welcome Desk 
or by calling 626-795-4331.

 Safe Senior Driver Workshop 
– Thursday, Dec. 17, at 10 a.m. 
The aging process requires some 
adaptations in skills to continue 
driving safely. Learn about 
adjustments you can make in 
your driving habits as well as 
changes in car technology and 
road designs that have taken 
place over time.

 For more information visit 
or call 626-795-4331.

 Founded in 1960, the Pasadena 
Senior Center is an independent 
nonprofit agency that offers 
recreational, educational, 
wellness and social services to 
people ages 50 and older in a 
friendly environment. Services 
are also provided for frail, 
low-income and homebound 

Museum to 
Show the Art 
of Imperial 


Crime Blotter for Altadena

Sunday, November 22nd

11:00 AM – A vehicle vandalism 
occurred in the 100 block 
of Figueroa Drive. Property 
Damage: vehicle was scratched.

Monday, November 23rd

1:00 AM – A petty theft from 
an unlocked vehicle occurred in 
the 900 block of E. Woodbury 
Road. Property stolen was a 
black JPL briefcase, files, folders, 
and notebooks.

Tuesday, November 24th

10:30 PM – A petty theft from 
an unlocked vehicle occurred in 
the 400 block of Concha Street. 
Property stolen was a black 
Garmin GPS.

Wednesday, November 25th

9:45 AM – A vehicle was 
reported stolen from the 3200 
block of Summit Avenue. The 
stolen vehicle was a gold 1993 
Honda Accord 4-door. *Vehicle 
was recovered on 11/28/2015 
in the city of Baldwin Park by 
California Highway Patrol. 

9:47 AM – A vehicle was 
reported stolen from the 300 
block of Parkman Street. The 
stolen vehicle was a green 1993 
Nissan Pathfinder. *Vehicle was 
recovered on 11/28/2015 in the 
3500 block of Hollyslope Road.

Thursday, November 26th

12:30 PM – A battery occurred 
in the 3300 block of Thurin 
Avenue. The suspect has been 
identified as the victim’s brother. 

Saturday, November 28th

5:00 PM – Dhmajh Tyler, 19 
years old from Pasadena was 
arrested at Rite Aid, 735 E. 
Altadena Drive for shoplifting. 

8:11 PM – Darshon Smith, 
22 years old from Pasadena, 
Tatyanna Moore, 21 years old 
from Pasadena, and Artray 
Jones, 20 years old from Pomona 
were arrested in the 300 block of 
W. Woodbury Road for driving 
a vehicle without the owner’s 
consent. *Vehicle was reported 
stolen from LAPD Hollywood 

9:00 PM – A business vandalism 
occurred at the House of 
Basturma, 2487 E. Washington 
Boulevard. Property damage 
occurred when the front glass 
door was shattered.

11:37 PM – Carlo Teves, 39 years 
old from Altadena was arrested 
in the area of Ventura Street and 
Glenrose Avenue for possession 
of a controlled substance.

 In February the USC Pacific 
Asia Museum will present 
Royal Taste: The Art of Princely 
Courts in 15th-Century China, 
an exhibition that considers 
the lives of nobility in late 
imperial China. The exhibition 
explores the luxurious lifestyles 
and religious practices of 
princely courts in early- and 
mid-Ming China (1368-1644) 
and features more than 140 
outstanding works of pictorial, 
sculptural, and decorative 
arts. Glimmering jewelry and 
hairpins, important devotional 
statues, beautiful textiles 
and porcelain, and painted 
masterpieces reveal some of 
the lesser-known aspects of 
the palatial lives, religious 
patronage, and afterlife beliefs 
of Ming princes, whose world 
has long been a mystery. 
SC Pacific Asia Museum is 
located at: 46 North Los Robles 
Avenue. Hours: Wednesday 
through Sunday 10AM-6PM. 
For more information, call 

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