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NASA’s Juno spacecraft will make its long anticipatedarrival at Jupiter on July 4. Coming face-to-face withthe gas giant, Juno will begin to unravel some of thegreatest mysteries surrounding our solar system’slargest planet, including the origin of its massivemagnetosphere.

Magnetospheres are the result of a collision betweena planet’s own magnetic field and the supersonic solarwind. Jupiter’s magnetosphere—the volume carvedout in the solar wind where the planet’s magnetic fielddominates—extends some 2 million miles outward 
from the planet’s surface.

In order to look inside the planet, the science teamequipped Juno with a pair of magnetometers. Themagnetometers, which were designed and built by anin-house team of scientists and engineers at NASA’sGoddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland,
will allow scientists to map Jupiter’s magnetic fieldwith high accuracy and observe variations in the fieldover time. 

“The best way to think of a magnetometer is likea compass,” said Jack Connerney, deputy principalinvestigator and head of the magnetometer teamat Goddard. “Compasses record the direction ofa magnetic field. But magnetometers expand onthat capability and record both the direction andmagnitude of the magnetic field.”

The magnetometer sensors rest on a boom attachedto one of the solar arrays, placing them about 40 feetfrom the body of the spacecraft. This helps ensure thatthe rest of the spacecraft does not interfere with the 

However, the sensor orientation changes in timewith the mechanical distortion of the solar array andboom resulting from the extremely cold temperaturesof deep space. This distortion would limit the accuracyof the magnetometer measurements if not measured.

To ensure that the magnetometers retain their highaccuracy, the team paired the instruments with a set ofOne of the mysteries the team hopes to answer isfour cameras. These cameras measure the distortion how Jupiter’s magnetic field is generated. Scientistsof the magnetometer sensors in reference to the starsexpect to find similarities between Jupiter’s magneticto determine their orientation. field and that of Earth. 

“This is our first opportunity to do very precise,Magnetic fields are produced by what are known 
high-accuracy mapping of the magnetic field ofas dynamos—convective motion of electricallyanother planet,” Connerney said. “We are going toconducting fluid inside planets. As a planet rotates,
be able to explore the entire three-dimensional spacethe electrically susceptible liquid swirls around andaround Jupiter, wrapping Jupiter in a dense net ofdrives electric currents, inducing a magnetic field.
magnetic field observations completely covering theEarth’s magnetic field is generated by liquid iron insphere.” the planet’s core. 



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of “How to Survive yourself: Reading the books, and the magazines,

Anywhere,” “Guide to Wildand watching the Youtube channels, that cater to

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What does one do? How should you godon’t stop there. 
forward in this ever-more complex and ever

“But with Jupiter, we don’t know what materialunder the crust. 
is producing the planet’s magnetic field,” said“One of the reasons that the Juno mission is so 
Jared Espley, Juno program scientist for NASAexciting is because we can map Jupiter’s magnetic 
Headquarters, Washington. “What material is presentfield without having to look through crustal 
and how deep down it lies is one of the questions Junomagnetic fields,” Connerney said. “Jupiter has a 
is designed to answer.”gaseous envelope about it made of hydrogen and 

The observations made by Juno’s magnetometershelium that gives us a clear and unobstructed 
will also add to our understanding of Earth’s dynamo,view of the dynamo.” 
the source of our planet’s magnetic field, which liesdeep beneath a magnetized layer of rocks and iron—You can contact Bob Eklund at: 
which interferes with measurements of magnetism 


A Weekly Religion Column by Rev. James Snyder 


During vacation time, I have some anxiety3” tall and almost as wide. I carry my weightpoints that becomes a little more serious eachwith the most dignity I can. When I approachedyear. It is not that I do not like vacation, I justmy seat, I noticed that on either side of my seatdon’t like going on vacation. It’s the “going”were men who made me look like a midget. Iaspect that frustrates me. I just hate stoppingcould barely sit down in my seat and for twowhat I’m doing and changing gears. I usuallyhours I was crunched between these two sumo 
end up in neutral.wrestlers. 
I’m not quite sure who invented this vacationI was afraid that somewhere along the flightidea, but I wished he would have been on I would have to sneeze and that would destroyvacation that week. I do not mind getting awayeverything. Fortunately, I did not sneeze andfor a little break now and then, but a whole more fortunately, during those two hours I didweek’s vacation! Do you know what a wholenot have to go to the bathroom. I am not sureweek’s vacation cost? Don’t ask me what I could what I would have done had I had to go.
do with that kind of money!When we finally got to our destination, it turned

Once again this year the Gracious Mistress ofout to be wonderful. We were staying at my son’sthe Parsonage and I took a vacation.home in Ohio with his wife and four children. I 

I was reminded of my first day of first gradeonly get to see these four grandchildren once aschool. The bus came to pick me up and I foughtyear and it is always a great time together.
like a crazy person and refused to get on thatWhen the time came for us to leave and flybus. No way was I going to go to school andback home, I wasn’t very happy. I just didn’tnobody was going to make me.want to go home. I could have spent the rest of

My mother had to drive me to school and tothe summer there with the grandchildren.
put it mildly, she was not very happy. When sheThe flight back home was not quite as stressfulgot me to the school, she said, “You will takeas the other flight. Sitting next to me was a two-
the bus home tonight!” Then she added thoseyear-old who hardly took up his own seat. Iinfamous words, “… or else!” could stretch out, relax and enjoy the flight

I found my way, somehow, to my class and toand I even enjoyed the nonstop chatter of thismy great surprise, I had a wonderful day. I didtwo-year-old.
not know school was so fun. Then the time came During the flight, I had some reflectivefor me to go home. And then, I wasn’t happy.thoughts. I came to what I will refer to as the

I did not want to go home. I did not want tograndfather’s dilemma. As a grandfather;
leave school. I refused to get on the bus and mydo I have the best grandchildren or, do mymother had to come pick me up.grandchildren have the best grandfather?

When I got home I was introduced to the “orAll the way home, I thought about that andelse” aspect of my mother’s displeasure with myconcluded that my grandchildren are the bestactions for the day.grandchildren in the world who happen to have

Isn’t that just the way life is?the best grandfather in the world. I think that

I had the same feeling when it came tosolves both sections. 
vacation time this year. To avoid the issue I leaveI suppose flying high in the air makes theall the preparation to my wife who begins sixair so thin that a person cannot think straight.
months before the actual time. She is anxious That being so, it was wonderful to land and thenfor vacation time to come and can hardly waitfinally get back home and back into the saddlefor it to arrive. All she talks about is again.
what we’re going to do on “our vacation.”Flights of fancy have their place, but so does

It was this year I finally realized what wasgetting back to work and doing the things yougoing on. While my wife was making all thelove. 
preparations and plans for our vacation, I endedI love what Solomon writes in Ecclesiastes 3:1, 
up footing the bill. And then, I wasn’t happy.“To every thing there is a season, and a time to

She usually does a great job in the planningevery purpose under the heaven.”
of these things, especially the flights where sheFor me, the best time is coming home andknows where to get the cheapest ones.getting back in the saddle again. 

This year on our plane flight, we did not settogether. I do not know if it was cheaper or howRev. James L. Snyder is pastor of the Family 
it actually worked out. On every plane, there areof God Fellowship Ocala, FL 34483 where 
three seats on the right and three seats on thehe lives with the Gracious Mistress of the 
left. I happened to get the middle seat on theParsonage. Call him at 1-866-552-2543 or His web site is www. 

I certainly am not a small person. I stand 6’ 

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