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Mountain View News Saturday, March 18, 2017 

Walking Sierra Madre…The Social Side 

by Deanne Davis


Sierra Madre's New City Manager Receives Warm Welcome from 

“You will never find anybody who can give you a 
clear and compelling reason why we observe daylight 
saving time.” 

Dave Barry

This will be my last whiney word on DST...except...I 
hope you saw the first cartoon on Page B4 of last 
week’s Mountain Views News. I fell over laughing 
when I read the guy’s t-shirt, “You can have my hour 
of sleep when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.” 
If you missed it, go to and 
you’ll find it there.

 The Wistaria Festival was fantastic - and hot! Town 
was packed, people parking a mile away. Delighted to 
see that. We had the best time wandering down Sierra 
Madre Blvd., looking at all the nifty works of art that 
were available for reasonable prices. Daughter, Leah, 
bought her sister a lovely top for her birthday from one 
of the booths in Kersting Court. We saw birdhouses, 
chimes made out of old silverware, adorable baby 
clothes, face painting, those turtles made out of cement 
with lovely shiny stones on their backs. I love these - 
we have two of them. Beads, Bottles & Bags by M.E. 
had the neatest things that you could hang up or use 
as a votive candle holder. Bottles of every description 
with the bottom cut off and a place for a candle. These 
were so clever and unusual. Here’s their website: www. 

 Curious Morphologie was where Leah, the shopper, 
bought a framed print – a really unusual piece of art 
- for her niece, Nicole, who was also celebrating a 
birthday. The print Leah got was so sweet...dandelions 
with stems and leaves, except the dandelion heads 
were tiny hedgehogs. Nicole is a hedgehog lover. So 
different and really charming. Here’s their website: 

 There was jewelry created from those really big 
old fashioned keys with other small keepsake items 
attached, which together could make a story, Storyteller 
Keys. And the best wind chimes ever featuring shells, 
stones, painted whales, beads. Weathered Woods

 The park, where it was nice, cool and shady, had a 
group playing in the bandshell with a banner behind 
them: Montecito Music & Media. I need to hunt 
these guys up and talk to them. Saw Donna Sutcliffe, 
one of the members of our Sierra Madre Rose Float 
Association and the picture here is the concept 
drawing of our 2018 Rose Float. No name yet, and 
the design could be changed but here’s your first 
look at our next float! She handed me a sheet on the 
Rose Float’s next Legendary Bingo fundraiser night, I 
quote: “A night of bingo you won’t soon forget! Wild 
or Mild – This Is Not Your Grandmother’s BINGO!!” 
$20 donation at the door, pizza, beer and wine, mark 
your calendar now, it’s April 15th at the Sierra Madre 
Recreation Center. Doors open at 6:30, bingo starts at 
7:30. Cracked me up...This Is Not Your Grandmother’s 

 The Library had a table where kids were creating 
wistaria blossoms out of crepe paper, I think, and 
having a splendid time. Speaking of the Library, I am 
about a third of the way through Rise of the Rocket 
Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us, From Missiles 
to the Moon to Mars, which is the One Book One City 
selection, and I’m loving it! These young women, the 
computers at JPL who transformed rocket design, 
were interesting people. You need to get this book!

 Oh! And the food! Cousins Maine Lobster, Korean 
BBQ, Sausage Masters and all our restaurants were 
full. A delicious sight. Patio diners at Sierra Fusion, 
Only Place in Town, Zugo’s, Corfu...happy people 
sitting in the shade, enjoying a moment and watching 
the Wistaria Festival go by.

 Spent an hour in the Mountain Views News booth, 
which was manned by the News’ own Christopher 
Nyerges and his charming companion. Christopher 
had all his books out for sale and there were a lot of 
them, friends and neighbors! The guy is prolific and 
has a book to help you survive no matter where you 
end up! He was creating a rope out of various plant 
fibers, to pass the time between folks stopping by to 
say hi. Also met our newest columnist, Lori Harris, 
who writes, “The Missing Page, Real Life Tips From 
Life’s Instruction Manual.” What a delightful woman. 
She gave me a little pop-open card that says, “Smile!” 
on the outside and the thought inside was, “We have to 
choose joy and keep choosing it every day.” Henri J.M. 
Nouwen. You’ll like her column, on Page 10. Trust me!

 Speaking of joy, you need to drive down Sierra 
Madre Blvd. just west of Michillinda and admire the 
flowering plum/cherry trees in the median. They are 
fabulous! Covered with glorious pink blossoms! A 
guaranteed joy moment!

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just down the road on Sierra Madre Blvd.

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Pictured above is Sierra Madre Mayor Gene Goss, right, welcoming Gabriel 'Gabe' 
Engeland, the town's new city manager. A reception was held on Tuesday and 
residents had the chance to give Gabe a warm Sierra Madre welcome! His first day 
on the job was Monday, March 13th. 

Photo by Dave Felt 

From Retiring City Manager Elaine Aguilar:

"I began working for cities in 1983, and I held 
a number of positions, in a number of cities, 
all in preparation for August 2007, when I was 
appointed Sierra Madre’s new City Manager. 
Now nine and a half years have gone by so 
quickly, and I can’t believe this is my final City 
Manager’s report. I truly mean it when I say that 
Sierra Madre is a special place, and it isn’t easy 
leaving, but personal family matters need my 
full attention, so it is time to turn things over 
to the new City Manager Gabe Engeland. I have 
been able to spend some time with Gabe and I 
really think he is fantastic, and he will be a good 
fit for this wonderful town. I am really going to 
miss everyone – the City Council Members, the 
residents, business owners, volunteers and City 
staff. One of my many goals, 9.5 years ago, was 
to hopefully bring some stability to the positon of 
City Manager, and at that time, I wholeheartedly 
gave the City Council a 5 year commitment. But 
little did I know that 5 years would quickly almost 
become 10 years! I leave knowing that between 
the committed City Council, the involved 
community, and the dedicated City staff, that 
there aren’t any obstacles that are too great and 
that can’t be overcome. I wish everyone and Sierra 
Madre all the best!


Exhibition: “EMERGING WOMEN” Opening Night Reception - 

Saturday March 18, 7 to 9 pm 



Local students are invited to enter the City Bookmark 
Contest and win cash prizes this month; March 1 – 
31, 2017. 

 “Why is Sierra Madre Super?” is the theme. 
Children are asked to draw and write about what 
makes Sierra Madre unique and special to them. 
Artwork may be designed with any tools but must be 
completely original work. Entries should depict and 
describe specific places, events or people in Sierra 
Madre and express a love of the City. 

 Children in grades TK through 8th that attend 
school in Sierra Madre, live in Sierra Madre, or who 
have a Sierra Madre Public Library card are eligible to 
enter. Winning entries will be displayed in the Library 
and winners will receive a certificate and cash prize at 
a ceremony in their honor. Selected winning entries 
will be professionally printed. 

 Entry forms are available at the Sierra Madre 
Library, in the Library page of the City’s website, and 
at schools in Sierra Madre. Entries are due by March 
31, 2017 at the Library. 

 For more information, contact Youth Services 
Librarian Christine Smart csmart@cityofsierramadre.

 Read, Discover, Connect @ Sierra Madre Public 
Library, 440 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre, CA 
91024, (626) 355-7186,

“EMERGING WOMEN” is a collection 
of exciting, modern and often historically 
significant works of art inspired by and selected 
from the recently published, groundbreaking 
4-volume set of books: Emerging From the 
Shadows: A Survey of Women Artists Working 
in California 1860-1960. 

 The exhibition, curated by author Maurine 
St. Gaudens, consists of stimulating and 
captivating paintings and sculpture all created 
by women artists working in California as 
well as throughout the United States, Mexico 
and Europe; most of whom were previously 
unknown. The majority of the 80+ works 
have never been seen by the public before this 
thought-provoking exhibition which will leave 
you asking why were these talented artists left 
in the shadows and forgotten?

 In addition, Maurine St. Gaudens, along with 
her colleagues Joseph Morsman and Maureen 
Siegel Sprowles, will be at Creative Arts Group 
on April 7, 2017, from 7-9pm to participate in 
a Q & A discussing the artists presented in 
Emerging from the Shadows and the influential 
role these adventurous women played in the 
development of the arts culture in California.

 The exhibition will continue through April 
26, 2017. (Gallery Hours: M-F 10am-5pm & 
Sat. 10-2)

 Creative Arts 

108 N. Baldwin Ave. Sierra Madre




The Mountain Views News is happy to announce that 
the following persons won tickets to the Aquarium of 
The Pacific at our booth at the Sierra Madre Wistaria 


GRAND PRIZE WINNER: 4 Tickets Grant Haugen


Runner-ups: (2 Tickets each) 

 Carole Weeks

 Portya Davis

 Heidi Hood

 Catherine Stephens 

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