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LOS ANGELES COUNTY – The Board of recommendations were presented to the BoardSupervisors approved a motion by Supervisorwhich collectively set forth a bold and innovativeKathryn Barger to adopt Department of Mentalinitiative to improve the process by whichHealth recommendations to improve the deliveryindividuals receive care. 
of quality and humane treatment for those whoOne recommendation calls for the expansionare gravely disabled and incapable of seeking orof Psychiatric Mobile Response Teams in anaccepting mental health treatment and care.effort to grow response capacity and widen

“Within the County’s chronically homelessthe range of activities delivered by each teampopulation, there is a significant segment of-- not only for the purpose of outreach andindividuals who refuse treatment – but are clearlyhospitalization under 5150 detention, but alsoin need of care,” said Barger. “I strongly believereal time triage. Further recommendations 
that if someone’s mental disorder prevents theminclude the development of new partnershipfrom providing for their own basic needs thenmodels, increased capacity at licensed facilities,
they are in fact, ‘gravely disabled’ and in need ofand the exploration of furthering court-orderedtreatment and care.” evaluation and treatment. 

As part of the process ordered in the Barger“The County has a moral obligation to ensuremotion, the Department of Mental Healththat those who are suffering from grave mentalconvened a full range of county and communityillness – who are living in deplorable conditionsstakeholders to thoroughly examine currentand unable to provide for their own basic humanmethods of engagement, delivery of services, andneeds – receive the treatment and care that would 
related laws which empower the county to caredrastically improve their quality of life,” Bargerfor the gravely disabled. As a result, thirteen added. 


Retired Dep. Covington stands next to his late partner’s portrait which was hung that day at Temple 
Station. 10-12-2000 (SEVENTEEN years ago!) 

By Joan Schmidtat Temple Station. Deputy Blevens’ portrait was

October 12, 1957, sixty years ago, Temple Stationhung on the wall at Temple Station. I had the honorDeputies Harold Blevens and Charles Covingtonof meeting retired Deputy Charles Covington.
responded to a 2:43 am call from a frantic female,Covington had recuperated from his wounds and“There’s a hold-up at Woody and Eddie’s Restaurantreturned to work until he retired in 1983. He passedon the NE corner of Huntington Dr. and San Gabrielaway in 2007.
Blvd.” Friday’s ceremony was beautiful and touching.

In Car 51, 26-year old Blevens and 30-year oldTemple Commander, Captain Dave Flores thoughtCovington arrived on scene within five minutes atof Blevens’ great sacrifice and knew somethingthe East Side of the location. As Deputy Covingtonvery special must be planned to mark the 60thpositioned the radio car, Deputy Blevens got out andAnniversary of this solemn occasion. He held severalapproached the door.meetings to share his vision of what he felt would

Little did the deputies know that minutes earliermost honor the fallen and their families. Assistingtwo armed ex-felons had confronted the restaurant’s him were Operations Lieutenant Jess Carrasco, andlast employee as he closed and walked out the backDetectives Matt Thomas and Kirk Cardella; theydoor. One of the two struggled with the employee,did research and helped with the details organizingshooting and dragging him back inside. Once inside,this beautiful ceremony. Captain Flores felt thethey threatened to shoot and kill the employee if heexact location of the tragic shooting would be mostdidn’t provide the combination to the safe.appropriate. (Currently a Starbucks site) There

As the robbery was occurring, Blevens stepped intowas a canopy to keep out the sun and Starbucksthe back door where he was immediately confrontedpartnered with LASD for refreshments after theand murdered. As the shot that killed Deputy Blevensevent. There was a beautiful floral wreath from the 
still hung in the air, his partner Deputy CovingtonSheriff ’s Relief Association and commendations 
opened the back door, gun in hand, and was criticallyfrom Supervisor Barger and the LASD Line of Dutyshot. Staggering backwards, he returned fire, makingMedal for both Deputies.
it to his car where he attempted to call for help. HavingI met both families. Blevens’ daughter Brenda stilldifficulty catching his breath due to his wounds,remembers her mother’s blood-curdling scream whenDeputy Covington found himself again in a life-they got a knock on the door, the one police spousesthreatening gun battle with an armed felon chargingdread. It was difficult growing up without a father.
him. In a hail of gunfire, the felon died only six yardsI also spoke to Deputy Covington’s family and toldfrom Covington. The second felon was later located,them I admired their father for returning to workconvicted of murder and sentenced to life without the after being so critically wounded. At the ceremony,
possibility of parole.I sat with a special couple-he also was a retired

Deputy Blevens was survived by his wife and twoLASD member and partnered with Covington afterdaughters, 5 year old Brenda and seven month oldCovington’s return to work.
Heidi. May we never forget those who make the ultimate

In 2000, 17 years ago, I attended a special ceremony sacrifice for our safety. 


With devastating wildfires raging late in red color also allows tankers to visually see thethe season in both Northern and Southern areas that have already been protected and toCalifornia, you may wonder about the red taildrop more slurry where needed. 
of dust trailing behind airplanes that fly overwildfire areas. It may surprise you to know thatOnce slurry coats vegetation, the water 
its purpose is not to extinguish flames fromevaporates. However, the fertilizer is left behindwildfires. and absorbed into the ground. After it rains, the

slurry residue washes away while the fertilizer

It is called Foscheck, more commonly knownrestores the burned land and vegetation. Slurryas “slurry”. It is a phosphorous mixture comprisedis completely safe for human contact but can beof 85% water, 10% fertilizer (ammonia phosphateharmful to animals and fish, which is why there 
and sulfate ions), and 5% ingredients (iron oxideare “no-drop zones” allocated for areas with 
for color, clay or bentonite). sensitive plants, vegetation, animals and bodies

of water. Creating these zones is a precautionary

Fire needs fuel, oxygen, and heat to measure to protect both land and wildlife. 
burn. Although water extinguishes all threecomponents, it isn’t always the best applicationIf slurry affects your property, quickly callingbecause water runs down hillsides, evaporatesprofessional cleaning contractors can preventquickly, and soaks into the ground. The slurrythe red dye from leaving a permanent stain.
retardant works best in extinguishing wildfires.Immediately cleaning slurry also ensures pets areBecause of its sticky properties, slurry coatssafe. Oddly enough, using soap to clean slurryvegetation and soil. causes further damage. Your home or building

Property Insurance Policy may cover the cleaning

When the fire interacts with the retardant, a costs and to remove ash and smoke odor from 
chemical reaction occurs that creates only carboninside your home or building and around your 
and water that prevents flammable 
Slurry’s main purpose is to create containmentlines by coating vegetation areas in front ofJenee’ Child is CEO of SOS Solutions which 
wildfires to prevent it from spreading. Slurryprovides free help to home and building owners inalso cools the fire which allow firefighters to getscheduling reputable fire restoration contractors 
closer it and extinguish it from the ground. that specialize in smoke deodorization and

cleaning of ash, soot and slurry associated with

The added red dye allows ground crews to seefire damage. For more valuable information and 
the areas where slurry has been dropped. It is resources, go to our website at www.TrustSOS.
in these protected areas that firefighters beginSolutions/Fire-Damage-Restoration - Call SOS 
creating “firelines” to clear vegetation and brush,Solutions for your free help today! 1-888-589-1868 
minimizing further burn potential. The vibrant 

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