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Local Area 
News Briefs 
It took just an hour and a 
half; after Vroman’s Bookstore 
made the announcement that 
Hillary Rodham Clinton 
would be signing ‘What 
Happened,’ on Dec. 1, for 
the event to completely sell 
out. Organizers said this was 
fastest sellout in the store’s 
They said this is a Secret 
Service event and “anyone 
without a ticket will not be 
permitted to line up nor will 
you be allowed in or near the 
event space.” 
According to the bookstore 
staff “‘What Happened,’ is 
about what it was like to run 
against Donald Trump, the 
mistakes she made, how she 
has coped with a shocking 
and devastating loss, and how 
Clinton Book Signing 
Sells Out Quickly
Rose Queen Marez. Photo by D. Lee /MVNews

The 100th Rose Queen Crowned

she found the strength to pick 

 The Tournament of Roses upon a combination of 

herself back up afterward. 

crowed Isabella Marie Marez qualities, including public 

With humor and candor, 

Thursday night as the 100th speaking ability, poise, 

she tells readers what it took 

Rose Queen at a ceremony academic achievement, 

to get back on her feet--the 
rituals, relationships, and 

at the Pasadena Playhouse. youth leadership, community 
reading that got her through, 

The announcement follows a and school involvement.
and what the experience has 

month-long selection process “Queen Isabella’s life changed 
taught her about life. She 

with nearly 1000 people the moment I announced her 

speaks about the challenges 

participating in She has now become 

of being a strong woman in 

 During the 100th ceremony, part of the tradition and 

the public eye, the criticism 

the longest living Rose legacy of the 99 Rose Queens 

over her voice, age, and 

Queen, Margaret Huntley before her,” said Tournament 

appearance, and the double 

Main, also took the stage, of Roses President Lance 

standard confronting women 
in politics.

flanked by 18 other former Tibbet after the Coronation. 
queens. “Not only will Queen Isabella 

 Forest Closures due 

 “Once a Queen, always a and the Royal Court be 

to Fire at Mt. Wilson 

Queen,” Main said. wonderful ambassadors, 
Rose Queen Isabella and these young women will be 

 A new closure order, 

the Royal Court will attend making a positive impact 

including areas north of 

numerous community and by contributing kindness to 

Altadena, from the United 

media functions, acting others within our community. 

States Forest Service when 

as ambassadors of the They have committed 

into effect Friday. Areas 

Tournament of Roses and to make a difference by 

that are closed include, 

the Pasadena community at supporting Elizabeth House, 

Echo Mt, Henninger Flats, 

large. The grand finale will be a non-profit that provides 

Mt Lowe campgrounds, 

their appearance on the Royal shelter, hope and support to 

Valley Forge campgrounds, 

Court float in the 129th Rose homeless, pregnant women 

West Fork campgrounds, 

Parade and attending the and their children. We all 

Devore campgrounds 

College Football Semifinal have the ability, power and 

and Spring Camp 

at the Rose Bowl Game, both responsibility to help one 

campgrounds, as well as 

on Monday, January 1.another. I encourage us all to 

all of the trails and roads 

The Rose Queen and Royal practice kindness and make a 

within the closure area.

Court were selected based difference.”

 For more visit:

Pg. 4 
Pg. 3 
Pg. 7 
Pg. 10 
Walk on Mars — in 
Your Own Living Room

When NASA scientists 
want to follow the path 
of the Curiosity rover 
on Mars, they can don 
a mixed-reality headset 
and virtually explore the 
Martian landscape —as of 
Thursday, everyone can get 
a taste of what that feels 

 NASA’s Jet Propulsion 
Laboratory, collaborated 
with Google to produce 
Access Mars, a free 
immersive experience. 
It’s available for use on 
all desktop and mobile 
devices and virtual reality/
augmented reality (VR/
AR) headsets. That includes 
mobile-based virtual reality 
devices on Apple and 

 The experience was adapted 
from JPL’s OnSight software, 
which assists scientists in 
planning rover drives and 
even holding meetings on 
Mars. Imagery from NASA’s 
Curiosity rover provided 
the terrain, allowing users 
to wander the actual dunes 
and valleys explored by the 

Access Mars lets anyone 
with an internet connection 
take a guided tour of what 
those scientists experience. 
A simple walkthrough 
explains what the Curiosity 
rover does and details 
its dramatic landing in 
2012. Users also can visit 
four sites that have been 
critical to NASA’s Mars 

Science Laboratory mission: 
Curiosity’s landing site; 
Murray Buttes; Marias 
Pass and Pahrump Hills. 
Additionally, the rover’s latest 
location on lower Mt. Sharp 
will be periodically updated 
to reflect the mission’s 
ongoing progress.

 At the first three locations, 
users can zero in on objects of 
scientific interest, including 
rock outcrops and mud 
cracks. Katie Stack Morgan, 
a JPL scientist on the MSL 
mission, will explain the 
evidence of habitability 
Curiosity has unearthed.

“We’ve been able to leverage 
VR and AR technologies to 
take our scientists to Mars 
every single day,” said Victor 
Luo, lead project manager at 
JPL’s Ops Lab, which led the 
collaboration. “With Access 
Mars, everyone in the world 
can ride along.”

 He added, “Immersive 
technology has incredible 
potential as a tool for 
scientists and engineers. It 
also lets us inspire and engage 
the public in new ways.”

 Experience Access Mars at: 

 2018 Royal Court, from left 
to right: Princess Georgia 
Jane Cervenka, La Canada 
High School; Princess Sydney 
Grace Pickering, Arcadia 
High School; Princess 
Julianne Elise Lauenstein, La 
Canada High School; Queen 
Isabella Marie Marez, La 
Salle High School; Princess 
Alexandra Marie Artura, 
Flintridge Sacred Heart 
Academy; Princess Savannah 
Rose Bradley, Pasadena High 
School; Princess Lauren 
Elizabeth Buehner, Arcadia 
High School. 

Free Flu 

 The Pasadena Public Health 

Department urges all to 

fight the flu by getting free 

flu vaccines while supplies 

last at the following clinics 

now through November 15, 

2017. The current influenza 

vaccine will be provided 

at the following Pasadena 

locations listed below on the 

dates and times listed, on a 

first-come, first-served basis 

while supplies last. Keep this 

schedule handy to make sure 

you get your FREE flu shot!

 The vaccine will be available 

to everyone ages 6 months and 

older at no cost. Minors must 

be accompanied by a parent 

or guardian. Remember to 

wear short sleeves. For more 

details about the clinics, 

call (626) 744-6000 or visit:


Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2 p.m.-4 

p.m., Villa-Parke Community

Center, 363 E. Villa. St. 

Wednesday, Nov. 1, 10 a.m.-12 

p.m., Santa Catalina Branch

Library, 999 E. Washington 


Monday, Nov. 6, 10 a.m.

12 p.m., Allendale Branch 

Library, 1130 S. Marengo Ave.

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 10 a.m.-2 

p.m., Pasadena Senior Center,

85 E. Holly St.

NOTE: Pre-registration 

required for this clinic only. 

Call (626) 795-4331 for 


Wednesday, Nov. 15, 10 a.m.

12 p.m., La Pintoresca Branch 

Library, 1355 N. Raymond 


 Different types of influenza 

viruses can spread through 

the community during 

flu season. The Centers 

for Disease Control and 

Prevention recommends that 

everyone ages 6 months and 

older get the vaccine annually 

to protect against the most 

common types of influenza 


 Vaccines will also be 

available at the PPHD Travel 

& Immunization Clinic. Call 

(626) 744-6121 for hours and 
One City, One Story is‘Rise of the Rocket Girls’

 Officials announced last week 
that the book selection for 
Pasadena Public Library’s 2018 
One City, One Story community 
reading celebration is the New 
York Times bestselling book 
Rise of the Rocket Girls: The 
Women Who Propelled Us, 
From Missiles to the Moon to 
Mars by author Nathalia Holt.

 Now in its 16th year, One 
City, One Story is designed 
to broaden and deepen an 
appreciation of reading and 
literature by recommending a 
compelling book that sparks 
a community conversation on 
important issues.

 Rise of the Rocket Girls is 
the riveting true story of the 
women who launched America 
into space.

 In the 1940s and 50s, when the 
newly minted Jet Propulsion 
Laboratory needed quick-
thinking mathematicians to 
calculate velocities and plot 
trajectories, they didn’t turn to 
male graduates. Rather, they 
recruited an elite group of 
young women who, with only 
pencil, paper and mathematical 
prowess, transformed rocket 
design, helped bring about the 
first American satellites, and 
made the exploration of the 
solar system possible.

For the first time, Rise of the 
Rocket Girls tells the stories 
of these women–known as 
“human computers”–who 
broke the boundaries of both 
gender and science. Based 
on extensive research and 
interviews with all the living 
members of the team, Rise of 
the Rocket Girls offers a unique 
perspective on the role of 
women in science: both where 
we’ve been, and the far reaches 
of space to which we’re heading.

 Nathalia Holt, Ph.D. is a 
science writer and author 

A Noise Within Announces 
a Special Symposium

 A Noise Within (ANW) announces a special, second 
symposium during the run of their second production of 
the 2017-2018 season, The Madwoman of Chaillot by Jean 
Giraudoux and translated by Maurice Valency. On Thursday 
at 6:30 pm, California Institute of Technology (CalTech) 
Professor Dr. Julia R. Greer brings A Noise Within a 
special symposium addressing the scientific aspects of The 
Madwoman of Chaillot.

 Professor Julia R. Greer, whose specialty is materials 
science and mechanics, returns to A Noise Within after a 
popular, riveting fall 2016 presentation on the scientific 
principles within Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia. This year, she 
addresses the themes in The Madwoman of Chaillot from 
the angle of the physics of power and energy production.

 Greer says, “There are many ways to get rich which 
don’t involve uprooting the streets of Paris to get the 
precious oil. In this lecture, we will discuss the physics of 
producing energy from oil vs. through sustainable sources 
like the sun, wind, and atoms. We will cover the basics of 
semiconductors, energy conversion, temperature, and 
photons as they help extract energy out of what is already 
there. Imagine Paris - the romantic, aching symbol as we 
know it - whose buildings are constantly generating energy 
and whose sidewalks and cafes are as inviting as ever.”

 $25 seats are still available – this special price is a holdover 
from the company’s 25th anniversary of promotion, which 
sets aside 25 seats at every performance for the special $25 

 The event will held at A Noise Within, 3352 E Foothill 
Blvd. For more information or tickets go to: anoisewithin. 
org, or call 626-356-3100. 

of Cured: The People who 
Defeated HIV (Penguin 
Random House 2014), also 
a New York Times bestseller. 
Her work has appeared in 
numerous publications, 
including The New York 
Times, The Los Angeles Times, 
The Atlantic, Slate, Popular 
Science and Time. She has 
trained at the Ragon Institute 
of MGH, MIT and Harvard 
University, the University 
of Southern California, and 
Tulane University. She lives 
with her husband and their two 
daughters in Boston, Mass.

 One City, One Story 
community programs will 
be held throughout March, 
beginning with a conversation 
with the author on Thursday 
evening, March 8. 
In March or April, the 
programs begin, with all 
sorts of cooperative sessions 
being offered. There are often 
book discussions throughout 
the community, in churches, 
stores, and libraries. Colleges 
and schools sponsor related 
events like panel discussions, 
art shows, concerts, or lectures. 

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