Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre Edition [Pasadena] Saturday, October 28, 2017

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Mountain View News Saturday, October 28, 2017 
Mountain View News Saturday, October 28, 2017 
Walking Sierra Madre…The Social Side 

by Deanne Davis 

This guy has obviously been waiting 29 years to see These creatures rule the darkness, 
As long as Mom and Dad are handy. 
the Dodgers in the World Series! The last time they 
won was in 1988 when Orel Hershiser led the team 

to victory. Ticket prices are through the roof, but 
this guy is ready to pay, no matter what it costs! 

All Hallows Eve...Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid! 

All Hallows Eve.... is coming,
A deadly.... dreadly night.....
When ghouls and ghosts and creepies,
And other awful blights,
Are free to roam and wander, 
Anywhere they might. 

Creating scary terror everywhere they can,
And scream inducing, faint-producing, 
hair-raising, bone-melting, 
What’s that right there behind me...
Quivery, shivery...Fright!! 

They creep out of their crypts and graves,
These creatures of the night.
They haunt the roads and byways,
Run rampant through the park.
They hide between the bushes,
And everywhere it’s dark. 

All Hallows Eve.... is coming,
A deadly.... dreadly night.....
When ghouls and ghosts and creepies,
And other awful blights,
Are free to roam and wander, 
Anywhere they might. 

Up and down the streets of town,
They race in search of plunder,
These ghouls and ghosts and monsters,
About three feet tall or under! 
They shriek for treats and threaten tricks,
But are satisfied with candy. 

All Hallows Eve.... is coming,
A deadly.....dreadly night....
With ghouls and ghosts and monsters,
And other awful sights,
Dancing through the shadows,
Into circles of street lights. 

Beware...take care, 
Who knows what’s waiting,
Just around the bend. 
Could be Jack the Ripper, come to call again,
Or Dracula or Frankenstein, the undead walk 

Maybe just stay safe inside...and turn off that 
porch light.

John Davis, best friend, husband, and walking 
buddy of mine passed away October 9th. If you 
missed last week’s Mountain Views News, John’s 
memorial service will be Saturday, November 4th 
at 1:00 p.m. at First Church of the Nazarene, 3700 

E. Sierra Madre Blvd., Pasadena 91107. In lieu of 
flowers, donations to World Vision’s Clean Water 
Project would be greatly appreciated. John’s ID/
Pledge Number is D10002667. The address: World 
Vision, PO Box 70399, Tacoma, WA 98481-0399. 
My book page: Deanne Davis 
“A Tablespoon of Love, A Tablespoon of Laughter” 
is now available at 

Sunrise Books + Coffee at Pasadena First Church 
of the Nazarene – 
just down the road on Sierra Madre Blvd.

Kindle readers, give yourself the gift of: 
Just Dessert: A Fall Fantasy 
It’s on on my book page! 

Follow me on Twitter, too!


Preparations are underway to decorate 
KerstingCourt for the Winter holidays! Join in theholiday spirit. Purchase an ornament for the Sierra 
Madre Community tree and help raise funds for civicimprovements.

It’s easy just visit Leonora Moss (9 Kersting Court) 
or the Bottle Shop (58 W Sierra Madre Blvd) and 
fill out a postcard and leave your donation. Checks 
should be payable to Sierra Madre Community 
Foundation. Volunteers will be decorating 
Kersting Court in mid-November for the holidays 
and in preparation of the Support Small Business 

Saturday and Sierra Madre’s Holiday Winter 
Events. Program Sponsored by the Sierra Madre 
Community Foundation and Sierra Madre Chamber 
of Commerce 

Sierra Madre Community Foundation is a charity 
singularly devoted to Sierra Madre. SMCF solicits 
donations to enhance our community by making 
direct grants, both large and small, to worthy 
people and organizations that might otherwise be 
overlooked and also assists other community groups 
in collecting and distributing funds for programs 

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