Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre Edition [Pasadena] Saturday, October 28, 2017

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#1 Valet Parking that is free, yes it happens.
Papa Cristos in Los Angeles#1 A parking lot even better 

#2 Clean restrooms, that should be your firstclue 

#3 Acknowledgement, yes the prefectrestaurant has a host and then a bartender 
that all say hello or welcome or at the leastwink of an eye just let me know that youknow I am alive 

#4 Wine list that has at least 20 wines by theglass#4 A those wines have all been opened thatday#14 Beer and wine lists consists of names you have#4 B The perfect restaurant has wines by the glassheard before 
from $8 

#15 Water that has been filtered 
#5 Steak that is under $45 for a good choice orprime #16 No name tags, after the specials have been readthe server politely says his/her name for additional 
#6 Sourdough bread (warm) you comments 

#7 A cold beer glass #17 No need to explain that the food is farm to

table, we already expect that 
#8 The perfect restaurant will take back your orderif it’s not done to your liking #18 Doesn’t have mixologists, a bartender is perfect

for me 

#9 The server is a waiter not an aspiring actor, atleast they won’t tell you, in fact they can remember#19 The server will tell you the prices of the specials 
the specials without looking 

#20 Proper noise level in fact you can’t remember#10 The perfect restaurant is Kid Friendly thoughonce you left if they had music playing 
the have armed security if one gets out of line 

#21 TV ‘s yes I need my sports 
#11 French Fries that are made in house 
#22 and my final one is house made desserts are#12 Complimentary glasses on table, though myactually made in the restaurant 
prefect restaurant is sufficiently lit 

For additional comments email me through my 
#13 Gets you in within 10 minutes of yourwebsite listen to my radio show 
reservation at 4:30 pm KRLA The Answer AM 870 

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