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By Joan Schmidtand also to non-Department members who save or

Last Tuesday I attended Sheriff Jim Mc Donnell’sattempt to save the life or prevent the serious injury2017 Valor Awards; over sixty brave and selfless menof a Department member.
and women were honored. Temple Station retired Deputy Orlando Macias

The Program was wonderful and inspirational.and Deputy Jacqueline Morales received the MedalColor guard included several bagpipe players,of Valor. On October 15, 2016, Deputies Macias andChannel 7’s Jovana Lara was Mistress of Ceremonies, Morales were reaching the end of their shift, drivingLASD band performed twice, 

back to Temple Station when theyInspirational Speaker was Jami 

noticed smoke rising nearby. TheyMarseilles, (Visit for

drove towards it, and it was comingher amazing story) and the true

from a residence. The deputies exitedHeroes were all the honorees. 

their vehicle and knocked on the 
There are eight categories of 

door. After two minutes, an elderlyawards and I will just give a Very

man came to the door, but didn’t want 
Brief explanation: MEDAL OF 

to leave and there was a languageVALOR, highest honor, awarded to

barrier. The deputies entered thepersons who distinguish themselves

residence and escorted the man out. 
by displaying great courage, above

Deputy Macias went back in andand beyond call of duty in the face of

crawled on his hands and knees to 
immediate, life-threatening peril and

see if anyone else was inside, but waswith full knowledge of risk involved;

forced to leave because of the heavyMERITORIOUS CONDUCT 

smoke. A neighbor arrived and saidGOLD, second highest, awarded the man’s wife was still inside. The 
to persons who place themselves

Deputies again entered to searchin immediate peril and perform an

for her but were unsuccessful and 
act of heroism and/or save the life

forced out again. After pausing theyof another person; MERITORIOUS

reentered and located her at the back 
CONDUCT SILVER, third highest

of the house with a walker, unable 
awarded to person who, when 

to walk. Deputy Macias carried herconfronted by circumstances beyond

outside and the deputies enteredthe normal course of their duties, 

one final time to check for any otherplace themselves in potential peril

persons. The two deputies and couplewhile performing an act of heroism

were transported to the hospital andor while saving or attempting to save

treated for smoke inhalation.
the life of another; PURPLE HEART 

 Arcadia resident 81-year oldMEDAL-Awarded to Department

Jerry Brascia came across a violentmembers who sustain a traumatic 

struggle between Deputy Joshua 
physical injury as a result of a violentLambert and a felony suspect. Jerryencounter with the criminal element, parked his car, exited it, approacheda high-risk law enforcement function,Deputy Lambert and the suspect,
or an accident, and continue to perform their job;and grabbed the suspect by the neck and told him toLIFESAVING MEDAL-Awarded to members whose relax. Deputy Lambert then handcuffed the suspect.
actions result in the saving or preservation of a humanJovana Lara explained each award and why it waslife that otherwise would have expired without thegiven. She then said, “Hear the Deputy/Sergeant’sDepartment member’s direct involvement; LINE OFrecount of what happened. One Deputy was in aDUTY MEDAL-Awarded to Department memberspursuit. The suspect crashed his car and it caught fire.
who sustain serious or career debilitating injuriesNot concerned with his own safety, the deputy brokeduring the performance of job related functionsthe window, opened the door and pulled the suspect 
and HUMANTARIAN AWARD-Awarded to out. 
Department members who selflessly perform acts ofIt was a truly Inspirational Day and I thank thepersonal commitment and sacrifices to help others, LASD for including the public. 

Jacqueline Morales 

Orlando Macias 


“Advancing Sustainability in Regional Transportation Projects” 

As chair of the Assembly Select Committee latest transportation funding package, Senate Bill 1. 
on Regional Transportation Solutions, · Chris Holden, Assemblymember, 41st AssemblyAssemblymember Chris Holden will host a localDistrict 
hearing, “Advancing Sustainability in Regional· Eloise Gomez Reyes, Assemblymember, 47thTransportation Projects “ to discuss and addressAssembly District 
timely transportation issues for the region and state.· Ed Chau, Assemblymember, 49th Assembly

Participating panelists will discuss how to District 
advance sustainability goals in current and future· Freddie Rodriguez, Assemblymember, 52ndtransportation projects — from creating sustainableAssembly District 
communities to fixing our roads and highways —· Todd Gloria, Assemblymember, 78th Assemblywhile advancing the economy and creating jobs.District 
Topics for the first panel, Sustainable Communities,
will include complete streets, active transportation,Thursday, November 2and the 710 North Corridor. Topics for the second10:00 AM – 1:00 PM 
panel, Jobs/Economic Benefits, will include fiscalimpacts of transit oriented development, tradeRichard Chambers U.S. Court of Appealscorridor enhancement program, and jobs creation125 South Grand Ave. 
and infrastructure improvements. The third panelPasadena, CA 91105 
will discuss projects receiving funding from the LIVE STREAM AVAILABLE HERE 


Apprentice Jockey and Veteran Actress! 

By Joan Schmidt

A few weeks ago, Bob and I attended the races. AsI looked down the program, I saw “Maria Faglione”. 
“Oh my goodness…Do we have an Italian jockey?”
(That really caught my eye!)

After the race, I rushed downstairs and stoppedMaria on her way to the Jockey Room. Yes, Faglioneis an Italian name, but she was born in the US, and 
yes, she’d like to do an interview. 

A week later, Maria and I met at Clocker’s Corners 
after morning workouts. Maria explained she wasborn in Lexington, North Carolina, but raised inNebraska. I asked when her interest in riding began,
and she explained that she’d been riding horses herentire life-was on a horse before she learned how 
to walk! Her grandfather had a cattle ranch inNebraska. She rode there and on hunter-jumperclass horses before coming to California to pursuean acting career.

Maria’s acting career included “Indie films, TVNapravak, and Julie Krone”.
shows, commercials and the lead in both the New Maria’s first thoroughbred mount was at DelYork and Las Vegas productions of the off-BroadwayMar on Tee Em Eye, a 4-year old California-bredplay, Tony and Tina’s Wedding” in which she playedfilly, daughter of Cyclotron and trained by Mikethe bride. Maria quipped, “I got married six timesMachowsky. Maria guided her in a sweeping movea week for 2. years and had 75 wedding dresses!”turning into the stretch in a 5 . furlong $16,000WOW! claiming race and won by 3 . lengths. With

The next shock was her age of 38-older than mostgreat enthusiasm, Maria called it her GREATESTapprentices-but fortunately, she is able to keep herACHIEVEMENT winning her first race at Delweight down. I am not surprised after learning ofMar and being a female jockey! She said it was 
her stint on stage and her riding habits.“The coolest thing I have ever one in my entire life.

Three years ago Maria came to Santa Anita. HerThe filly was really good to me; she just carried megoal was to race thoroughbred horses. Many jockeysaround there. She was a good girl. I made a fewbegin their careers by “galloping” horses. The day wemistakes, got in a little trouble out of the gate andmet Maria had already ridden 12 horses-20 minuteswent a little wider than I wanted but it all worked 
each! She gets up at 3:30am, as workouts beginout.” (VERY SPECIAL THANKS to BENOIT4:45am. It is no wonder she eats dinner at 5pm andPHOTOGRAPHY for the awesome photo!)
is ready for bed by 8 or 9 pm. Many jockeys alsoCurrently Maria is riding for Mike Machowsky.
spend time at the gym and I commented to Maria“We train and exercise the horses every morning-
about their lifestyle and she agreed it’s much easierit’s beneficial to know the horses and develop afor jockeys to have relationships with people in therelationship with them…also takes horses off theracing profession who understand the gruelingtrack that don’t make it for races and retrain them.” 
schedule Maria has put acting aside and is ready for thisWhen I asked Maria which jockeys she admired,next chapter in her life. I hope she has manyshe replied, Mike Smith, Kent Desormeaux, Rosie opportunities to race and gets many wins. 

NOVEMBER 5-11, 2017

Retired Teachers Never Stop Caring about Students and Education 

The California Retired Teachers Association like other public employees, give back to their(CalRTA) has good reason to celebrate Retiredcommunities and to the state economically throughTeachers pension spending. This spending results in moreWeek, November 5-11. This organization has beenthan 375,000 jobs and $10.9 billion in federal, state,
going strong since its beginnings in 1929 when it wasand local tax revenues. 
founded (CRTA then) through the efforts of LauraFinally, Retired Teachers make direct contributions 
Settle, a retired Pasadena educator, with five or six to their communities through classroom teacher 
people. Now the state organization numbers moregrants and scholarships to future teachers. This 
than 41,000 members! year, the CalRTA #71 (SGV) presented classroom

Although retired, these retirees make an impactgrants to classroom teachers in Arcadia, Temple City,
on their local communities through their incredibleRosemead, and other area schools to enable them to 
contributions. Volunteering is a major contributionpurchase additional materials and equipment.
CalRTA retirees make. The October issue of CalRTA’s Membership in CalRTA is open to all retired“Contact” publication states that in 2016 memberseducators, as well as to any others interested incontributed over two million hours of volunteer joining this active group. Local CalRTA #71 (SGV)
services, which translates to more than $55 million. meets at the Senior Center in Arcadia Park (countyThe dollar value is computed using values from thepark). For more information, please call MariettaIndependent Sector website.Watkins at (323) 258-9615 or Patricia Dietrich at

Of equal importance is that CalRTA members, (626) 446-8437. 

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