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Mountain View News Saturday, November 18, 2017 
Mountain View News Saturday, November 18, 2017 
Walking Sierra Madre…The Social Side 

by Deanne Davis 

Walking Sierra Madre this time of year is a delight, pureand simple. There are still pumpkins on lots of folks’porches, which will last for months, till the squirrelsfind a weak spot. Those easterners who say we don’thave Autumn color haven’t seen OUR leaves and it will 
probably never feel like Fall, but the weather reports fromTexas, where I will be celebrating Thanksgiving haveincluded cold and rain. With any kind of luck, that willend before I get there. We’ll be celebrating granddaughter,
Jessie’s 10th birthday, too, and I’m looking forward tobeing there.

I expect we’re all doing something about Thanksgiving.
Brining our turkey (best thing ever for a moist and tenderFestive Bird!) latest brining I read about was a sugar andsalt rub inside and out of the aforementioned Festive 
Bird. You might be in charge of pie making and mashedsweet potatoes mixed with sautéed apple chunks, butter,
cinnamon and a little salt are fabulous. Best of all, is 
inviting family and friends to share the feast and all thefamiliar family stories. Like this one, but I know none ofyou folks have ever had the following experience... 

The Ghost of Thanksgivings Past 

The Festive Bird is in the stove, 
And time now for a nap.
I laid me down, closed my eyes,
And at the window heard a tap. 

It’s far too soon for guests to come,
I need a little peace!
The stuffing’s ready, cranberries chillin’, 
Pies overflow with pumpkin fillin’. 

The tap just keeps on at my window,
But I’m not gonna look!
There’s nothing more for me to do,
This is one tired and sleepy cook. 

So I snuggled deep down in my afghan,
Turned my head the other way.
I don’t care who’s at that window, 
They can tap all day. 

Off I went to slumberland and dreamed a lovely 
A kitchen, clean and washed and spotless, everything
just right.
But then I dreamt a dreadful dream, 
That made me shriek with fright! 

The tapping at my window,
More insistent grew.
And what was out there tapping,
I’ll now describe to you. 

The Ghost of my Thanksgivings Past, 

Preparations are underway to decorate 
KerstingCourt for the Winter holidays! Join in theholiday spirit. Purchase an ornament for the Sierra 
Madre Community tree and help raise funds for civicimprovements.

It’s easy just visit Leonora Moss (9 Kersting Court) 
or the Bottle Shop (58 W Sierra Madre Blvd) and 
fill out a postcard and leave your donation. Checks 
should be payable to Sierra Madre Community 
Foundation. Volunteers will be decorating 
Kersting Court in mid-November for the holidays 
and in preparation of the Support Small Business 



Near Baldwin on Sierra Madre Blvd. Please email your type of 
business and space requirements to: 

FRIENDS IN DEED -Art of The Women’s 
Room opens with a free reception Nov. 18, 2-5 p.m., atthe Armory Center for the Arts, 145 N. Raymond Ave.,
Pasadena. The exhibit will run through Dec. 3.

The Women’s Room (TWR) is a daytime refugefor women who are alone and homeless or at risk of 
homelessness. Art is a way that guests of TWR express 

A turkey that was huge!
Tapped an enormous beak at my window, 
And gobbled…. “J’ accuse!” 

“Forty Thanksgivings, and more,” he said,
“Since you walked down the aisle.
Forty turkeys you’ve served up,
With sweet potatoes and a smile.” 

“Forty turkeys come and gone,
And still your gravy’s awful!
And the year the turkey hit the floor,
Should be declared… unlawful!!” 

“Most of them were nicely done, I’ll give you that,” he
“But some were cooked so badly,
You should have ordered Chinese instead!” 
What an awful dream, I thought, as I cowered in my bed. 

The Ghostly Turkey wasn’t finished,
With his accusations many.
And I, offering excuses,
Discovered I hadn’t any! 

But then he smiled and said to me, 
“Your crimes are all forgiven.
For those who’ve gathered at your table,
Have rejoiced and laughed for hours.” 

“We turkeys relish meals like these,
They are sweet as summer flowers! 

Enjoy today, with friends and family,
Gathered ‘round your table,
Give thanks for health and joy and peace…
Then share this Thanksgiving fable.” 

And with a last gobble…gobble, the Ghost of
Thanksgivings Past, 
Flew up, up, and away…
And I heard him exclaim, ere he flew out of sight…
“Happy Thanksgiving to all…
And for heaven’s sake, learn to make better gravy!” 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Hope it’s the best one

My book page: Deanne Davis 

 “A Tablespoon of Love, A Tablespoon of Laughter” isavailable there… 
As are all the Emma Gainsworth Fall PumpkinAdventures 

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Saturday and Sierra Madre’s Holiday Winter 
Events. Program Sponsored by the Sierra Madre 
Community Foundation and Sierra Madre Chamber 
of Commerce 

Sierra Madre Community Foundation is a charity 
singularly devoted to Sierra Madre. SMCF solicits 
donations to enhance our community by making 
direct grants, both large and small, to worthy 
people and organizations that might otherwise be 
overlooked and also assists other community groups 
in collecting and distributing funds for programs 

themselves to sustain self-respect and a spirit thatkeeps them going. Paintings and other art pieces willbe available for purchase as a donation. Proceeds willbenefit The Women’s Room. 

Further information is available on the Friends In 
Deed website Although the receptionis free, a favor of a reply is requested and can be made onthe website or calling 626-797-2402. 

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