October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

Page. 2 
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Listed for $1,198,000 | 450Fairview.com 
450 Fairview Avenue | Sierra Madre 
Open House: Sunday 2-4pm 
Dr. William E. White Mrs. Louise Calaway 
~ A Sierra Madre Treasure Remembered ~ 
On the evening of October 
7th, Dr. William E. White 
passed away at the age of 
86. He died peacefully athome, surrounded by his 
loving family. 
Dr. White was born on 
March 1, 1936 in St. Hel-
ena, CA. Shortly after, his 
family moved to Maryland, 
where he spent his child-
hood. In 1958 Dr. White 
attended Loma Linda Uni-
versity Medical School, 
which was founded by his 
great grandmother, Ellen 
G. White. He then com-
pleted his medical residen-
cy at the White MemorialHospital in Los Angeles,
named in her honor. 
In 1963 Dr. White began 
his medical practice in Si-
erra Madre and cared for his patients in the local community for 54 
years, retiring at age 80. He was the physician for the Sierra Madre Brit-
ish Home retirement center for many decades and had the great honor 
to be introduced to Queen Elizabeth II as the ‘Eminent Dr. White” 
during her visit in 1983. Dr. White served as Chief of Staff at Arcadia 
Methodist Hospital and at Sierra Madre Community Hospital. In 2003 
Dr. White was named “Physician of the Year” by the Alpha Auxiliary 
of the Methodist Hospital Foundation and honored by state and local 
Dr. White met the love of his life (Patti) in 1968 and they were married 
for 53 years. Their lives together were filled with love and adventure 
and they were truly “best friends”. They had two sons, Jeff and Greg. 
The mark that Dr. White left on the Sierra Madre community is in-
delible. His service included working with the: Rotary Club of Sierra 
Madre, Sierra Madre Historical Society, Wisteria Festival, Mount Wil-
son Trail Race Committee and he was an honorary member of the Si-
erra Madre Search and Rescue Team. Most Saturday mornings you 
could find Dr. White talking about Sierra Madre mountain history at 
Lizzie’s Trail Inn, at the base of Mt. Wilson, or having coffee with his 
friends at Bean Town. For many years he led the local annual “Hikes 
into History”, which he founded. Although a resident of Arcadia,
he was proud to be officially named an “Honorary Citizen of Sierra 
Madre” in 1998. 
Dr. White led a life of adventure! He had a passion for boating, most 
notably owning the racing sailboat “Ragtime.” It was first to finish in 
many races including the famous Transpacific Yacht Race in 1975 from 
Long Beach to Honolulu. Additionally, Dr. White loved to water-ski 
and snow-ski and continued participating in these sports into his mid 
80’s. The last 15 years of life, he became an enthusiastic hiker. Many 
weekends he spent time hiking Mt. Wilson Trail and even competed in 
the Mt. Wilson Trail Race- nine of the past ten years. 
Dr. White touched many lives in our local community and beyond. He 
was a treasure to all who met him and dedicated his life to serving oth-
ers. He had a great zest for life and will be dearly missed by his family 
and community. He is preceded by his son Jeff, and survived by his 
wife Patti, son Greg, daughter in-law Annette, and four grandchildren. 
For those who desire to contribute to Dr. White’s 
legacy, donations for the maintenance of the 
Mt. Wilson Trail can be provided to: “Fletch-
er Fund – c/o SMCF”. P.O. Box 716, Sierra 
Madre, CA 91025. www.sierramadrefounda-
tion.org PayPal QR code: 
~ 2021 Co-Recipient George Maurer Lifetime 
Achievement Award ~ 
We are saddened to announce 
that on Tuesday, October 11,2022, accompanied by her 
immediate family, Louise 
Calaway peacefully passed 
away at the age of 83. 
Born Louise Meredith, she 
originally arrived in South-
ern California from Chicago 
shortly after marrying Ward 
Calaway, her high school 
sweetheart, in August of 1959. 
She delayed her education 
during those first years to lov-
ingly support Ward as he was 
earning his Bachelors, then 
Masters degrees at CalTech. 
After his graduation, she con-
tinued her own education,
first obtaining her Bachelors 
in Accounting from Cal State 
Los Angeles, then earning her 
CPA in 1972. This was no 
easy feat, as by that time she was already a devoted mother to their two 
children, Chuck (born in 1963) and Laura (1970). 
Shortly thereafter in 1972, she helped form the CPA firm of Enyedi,
Leigh and Calaway. She was a partner there until they merged with 
Maginnis, Knechtel & McIntyre in 1982. She continued working in this 
and other partnerships through 2020. She was a diligent, conscientious 
and loyal CPA; she had clients who stayed with her throughout her 
entire 50-year career. Only in her retirement did she reluctantly part 
with them. 
Interested in the history of her family, she began an avid foray into ge-
nealogy in the late 1970s; after just a few years pursuing this, she was 
able to trace her lineage back to The Mayflower. She later volunteered a 
significant amount of her time to help the Southern California Genea-
logical Society with some of its projects, including a reconstruction of 
the Los Angeles 1890 Census report, which had been destroyed by fire. 
She loved solving puzzles with her son and taking trips to Disneyland 
with her daughter. As family was so important to her, she also looked 
forward, and she made it a point to save a number of her childrens’ toys 
so her grandchildren could play with them. 
Louise fell in love with Sierra Madre soon after moving there with 
Ward in 1962, and she made it her lifelong home. Early in her fifties, 
she vowed to give back to the community, and she spent the next 25 
years tirelessly volunteering for the Sierra Madre Playhouse, the Sierra 
Madre Pioneer Cemetery, and the Rotary. Her energy knew no bounds, 
reflecting the work ethic she learned as the daughter of an industrious 
farmer who worked hard during World War II. 
Her time and work were appreciated by all, and in January 2022, the 
City presented her and Ward its George Maurer Lifetime Service Award 
in recognition for that work. 
Louise was uncommonly generous, and she will be missed by more 
people than she could have imagined. She is survived by Ward (her 
husband of 63 years), son Chuck, daughter Laura, and four grandchil-
dren. A memorial service will be held in her honor at the Sierra Madre 
Playhouse at a later date. 
Bean Town, a true Sierra Madre 
treasure used to be ‘the spot’. Lo-
cated at 45 N. Baldwin in Sierra 
Madre, it was the place for great 
coffee, food, ice cream and had 
a real sense of ‘community’. It 
was the place to stop and ‘take a 
load off ’, run into your friends,
learn what was going on in town. 
And then the Pandemic hit. For 
months, the doors were closed as 
was the case with all restaurants 
and businesses in town. Then, inAugust of 2020, the restrictions 
were moderately lifted and the 
Bean Town was able to re-open 
with the LA County Health re-
strictions. It wasn’t back to busi-
ness as usual, but it was better than 
having the doors closed. Howev-
er, things did not get better – they 
got worse. An unfortunate car ac-
cident caused the business to shut 
down completely. The car ran into 
the front of the building and the 
damage made the building un-
safe. So for the second time in 
2020, Bean Town had to close its 
The renovation of the build-
ing and reopening took almost a 
year. Finally, in June 2021, the be-
loved eatery reopened. By then,
however, the whole world had 
changed. Recovering from the 
impact of the pandemic and the 
accident, getting back to ‘normal’ 
just didn’t happen. The customer 
base shifted. Staffing shortages 
also plagued Bean Town as it has 
most businesses trying to survive 
After struggling to make ends 
meet, Dave and Joanna Bremer 
and their son Matt Krantz, who 
have operated Bean Town since 
2010, came to the realization that 
it was impossible to ‘catch up’ fi-
nancially. A decision was made 
last week to close Bean Town’s 
But….in true Sierra Madre fash-
ion, the minute the word spread 
around town, residents were up-
set. They convinced Matt that they 
would work with them to keep 
the doors open and so far, they’ve 
been true to their word. “We've 
launched a fundraiser to allow us 
to make changes requested by cus-
tomers and increase our standards. 
Your donations will go to paying 
some outstanding daily expenses 
and supporting daily operations 
by hiring more staff and improving 
our current food and coffee offer-
ings. To do this, we need funds to 
keep the doors open. We need you, 
our Bean Town Family, to come in 
and sit a spell. Buy a coffee and a 
treat.”, says Krantz. “From the en-
tire Bean Town Staff, thank you for 
your generous support.” 
And, for now, the doors will 
stay open on a limited basis. 
CAFÉ HOURS 6 am — 2 pm 
Monday-Friday 6 am — 5 pm 
By the way, Bean Town is also 
looking for talented staff includ-
ing managers and a Baker. Stop byif you are interested. 
To contribute to the Keep The 
Doors Open effort, go to: https:// 
Read More about Bean Town on 
page 15. 
Bean Town after re-opening in 2021

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