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It also requires them to provide 
two hours of nutrition related 
education at no charge to 
a school located within Sierra 
Madre or at a City sponsored 
event during each year of the 
contract. Raw Inspiration is 
also required to provided food-
related educational literature 
and information on how to start 
a garden at the Market.

According to the proposal submitted 
to the City by Raw Inspiration, 
they intend to start 
with a ratio of 50% farmers and 
50% vendors, such as vendors of 
dried fruits and nuts, bakers, tamale 
vendors, etc. All vendors 
will be required to have valid 
City business licenses. Raw 
Inspiration will also provide a 
booth to the Chamber of Commerce 
to promote local businesses, 
and a booth to the City 
to promote its events/programs. 
In addition, they will have several 
spaces available on a rotating 
basis for local businesses to, 
free of charge, set up shop for a 
few weeks to see if they want to 
participate in the Market on a 
regular basis.

The proposal also states that 
they intend to use a 3rd party 
certification process to ensure 
that each vendor is certified 
for quality and sustainability. 
They also plan to host an annual 
“Green” festival to “educate 
and inspire the community 
and residents on new ways that 
they can practice sustainability, 
reduce their carbon footprint, 
and “green” their household and 
business further.” 

To grow attendance at the market, 
Raw Inspiration will use an 
existing e-mail database. They 
also plan to have a series of 
weekly events, monthly events 
and annual events, including 
the “Green” event mentioned 
above, wine tastings and permanent 

After the council voted 4 to 1 
to approve the contract (Council 
member MaryAnn MacGillivray 
was the lone dissenting 
vote, expressing concerns about 
a) the length of the contract, 
and b) the potential for local 
businesses to suffer due to competitive 
vendors at the Market), 
I spoke with Melissa Farwell, 
Market Coordinator for Raw Inspiration. 
Ms. Farwell informed 
me that she intends to become 
a member of the Chamber of 
Commerce right away, and will 
be doing a walkthrough of local 
businesses to introduce herself 
and invite them to become involved 
in the Market. She was 
also receptive to the Chamber’s 
suggestion (though no commitment 
was made) that the 
Market have signage at both 
entrances that would note that 
while the Market is here just a 
few hours each week, people can 
find some of the items available 
at the Market at local businesses 
all week long, such as Taylors’ 
for produce, Wildflour Baking 
Co. for bakery items, Leonora 
Moss and Nobee’s for flowers, 
and Taco Fiesta for tamales.

Raw Inspiration’s proposal was 
one of two proposals received 
by the City during the RFP process. 
The other was from a company 
called A & R Management. 
The company’s principal, Oscar 
Rodriguez, is a coffee vendor at 
various Farmers’ Markets, who 
managed a market in El Monte 
for a time, and who also was 
hired by Scholastic Gardens to 
manage the Sierra Madre market 
during the last few weeks of 
Scholastic Gardens’ tenure at 
the Market.

By Bill Coburn


Mountain Views-News Saturday, June 18, 2011 


City of Sierra Madre

Notice of Public Hearing

Notice is hereby given that on July 12, 2011, at 6:30 PM, or soon thereafter, the 
Sierra Madre City Council will conduct a Public Hearing, to hear testimony on 
the 2011-2012 Assessment Districts.

The nine existing Districts are as follows:

• Oakwood/Vista Lighting District

• Lighting District A

• Lighting District B

• Santa Anita/Arno Lighting District

• Fane/Windwood Lane Landscaping Maintenance District

• Central Business District Landscaping Maintenance District

• Central Business District Parking Maintenance District

• East Bonita Sewer Assessment District

• East Mira Monte Sewer Assessment District

The City is proposing that the assessments for these seven existing assessment 
districts remain unchanged for the next fiscal year, which begins July 1, 2011 
and ends on June 30, 2012. The requisite Engineer’s Report for the Districts was 
heard by the City Council at its regular meeting of June 14, 2011.

Assessments will be submitted to the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office, 
the first week of August 2011. These assessments will appear on the next 
property tax bill for those properties within the Assessment Districts. 

To review the Engineer’s Report or the list of parcels and assessments, or if you 
have any questions about this matter please contact Director of Public Works 
Bruce Inman at 626.355.7135. 

Sierra Madre 

Recognition Nomination 
– Due to City Hall Friday, 
August 5, 2011

Sierra Madre Honors… Recognition 
and Appreciation Dinner 
will recognize all out-going 
City Commissioners as well 
as extraordinary community 
members, organizations and 
employees. Please take a moment 
to review the awards listed below 
and nominate any person you 
feel is eligible for such an honor.


To nominate a member of the 
Sierra Madre Community for one 
of the Awards, please include the 
person’s name, phone number, 
address, and 1-page explanation 
of nomination along with your 
name and phone number, and 
return to City Hall, the Community 
Recreation Center, or email 

George Maurer Lifetime Service 

Presented to a person/entity that 
most strongly represents a commitment 
to serving and volunteering, 
which is the true spirit of 
Sierra Madre.

Wistaria Award

In recognition of City/Community 
partnership, presented to a 
local business or organization 
whose major contributions to 
the City/Community of Sierra 
Madre have demonstrated a true 
partnership that assists in and 
provides services, programs, or 
enhances the general welfare of 
the community as a whole.

Police Chief’s Special Award

Presented by the Sierra Madre 
Chief of Police to an individual 
who has demonstrated outstanding 
dedication to duty (employee) 
or service (community) 
in resolving a community law 
enforcement-related issue.

Public Safety Award

Presented by the Mayor to an 
individual, either an employee 
or citizen, who took action to 
protect and maintain the safety of 
the community by taking lifesaving 

Public Service Award

Employee of the Year – presented 
by the Mayor upon the 
recommendation of the City 
Manager to an extraordinary city 
employee who has represented 
remarkable customer and public 
service as well as dedication to 
the citizens of Sierra Madre over 
the course of a year.

Community Youth Service Award

Presented to a young adult in the 
community who demonstrates 
dedication and outstanding service 
to the community.

This year’s Sierra Madre Honors... 
Recognition and Appreciation 
Dinnerwill be held on 
Thursday, September 29, 2011. 
For more information on the 
nomination process or on the 
event, please contact the Community 
& Personnel Services 
Department at 626-355-5278 or

Librarian Toni Buckner, who is retiring later this year enjoyed 
her evening with the ‘Friends’, especially dinner! In 
the background are Library Gardens Chairperson, Darlene 
Traxler (left) and 2010 Older American Fran Garbaccio.


Calling all convertibles, calling 
all convertibles! The City of 
Sierra Madre’s annual 4th of 
July Parade is in need of your 
assistance. Let your car shine 
like a firework as you transport 
the parade’s VIP’s down Sierra 
Madre Blvd. Let us showcase 
your pride and joy and as we together proudly celebrate the 
birthday of the United States of America. If this sounds like 
the opportunity your vintage, classic, snazzy convertible has 
been waiting for please contact call 626.355.5278 or email 

Friends of the Sierra Madre 
Library held their annual 
meeting on Wednesday 
evening and honored the 
many volunteers who support 
their efforts. Friends 
President Margaret Quigley 
served as the evening’s 
Mistress of Ceremonies. In 
addition election of the new 
Directors for the 2011-2012 
year was held. Recognition 
was given to the volunteers 
of the following committees: 
Sharon Murphy, Chair of the 
Art Fair; Pat and De Alcorn, 
Co-Chairs, Wine Tasting; 
Best Used Book Sales, Pat 
Woods; Library Gardens, 
Darlene Traxler and chair 
of the Finance Committee, 
Sandra Dickey.

 The Sierra Madre Library 
reported more than 3,534 
volunteer hours as of May.



The Sierra Madre City Council encourages citizen participation 
in its decision-making process through the 
use of citizen commissions. Currently, there are six citizen 
commissions established by the Council to advise 
and assist them in dealing with specific problems (presently 
the Planning Commission has the responsibilities 
of the Cultural Heritage



The following vacancies on the various Commissions 

-Community Art Commission – 3 Vacancies

-Community Services Commission – 2 Vacancies 

-Library Board of Trustees - 2 Vacancies 

-Senior Community Commission -1 Vacancy 

-Tree Advisory Commission – 1 Vacancy 


These advisory bodies are able to study a variety of issues 
and problems in detail. After gathering all pertinent 
information, hearing arguments, and weighing 
values, they recommend to the Council what they consider 
the best action to take. In certain situations, commissions 
are empowered to make specific decisions, 
subject to appeal to the Council. Public notice on all 
commissions are prepared in compliance of the Maddy 
Act. Applications may be obtained at City Hall or the 
City website at should you 
wish to apply. Applications will be accepted until all 
positions are filled; however the first review will take 
place on June 14, 2011. For more information please 
call 626-355-7135.


Episcopal Church of the Ascension, 
25 East Laurel Avenue in Sierra 
Madre will be celebrating its annual 
start of summer with “Mass on the 
Grass” on June 26, 2011 at 10:15 a.m. 

 For the past 20 years the community 
and parishioners have gathered 
together to celebrate with an outdoor 
mass the restoration of the Church 
that was significantly damaged in 
the 1991 Sierra Madre Earthquake. 
It was through faith, strength and 
fellowship with the community that 
Churchgoers were able to restore 
the Church’s nationally recognized 
historic structure (designed by 
English architect Ernest Coxhead 
in 1889.) The outdoor mass on 
the Church’s beautiful grounds 
recognizes this accomplishment and 
celebrates the blessings of nature 
with family and friends. 

“Mass on the Grass” is followed by a 
BBQ picnic on the Church grounds 
with children’s games and activities. 
Everyone is welcome to join us in 
this celebration. No reservations 

 This event makes for a wonderful 
family outing to meet new neighbors 
and check out a wonderful 
community church. For more 
information, please call (626) 
355-1133 or visit: www.ascension- 

Sierra Madre Police Blotter

During the week of Sunday, June 5th, to Saturday June 11th, the Sierra Madre Police 
Department responded to approximately 279 calls for service. See for 
updated information. 

Sunday, June 5th:

12:01 AM- Possession of Alcohol Under 21 yrs old, Auburn parking lot. This case involves 
four minors from Sierra Madre, Los Angeles, Agua Dulce, and Northridge drinking in a 
public parking lot. The four minors were detained and released with a citation for underage 

Monday, June 6th: 

1:00 PM- Vandalism/$400 or More Damage, Bailey Canyon Park. A Pasadena resident 
parked his vehicle in the Bailey Canyon parking lot and went hiking. When he returned he 
saw that his car had been vandalized. The suspect scratched an obscene phrase on the car’s 
side front door. 


Tuesday June 7th:

10:10 AM- Residential Burglary, 300 blk. E. Montecito Ave. A resident was home when 
he heard loud knocking on his door. He looked outside and saw two Hispanic men, one of 
whom was driving a pick-up truck with a lawnmower in back, down the victim’s driveway. 
The second man was walking behind the truck, putting gloves on. The two men broke into 
the rear of the house, and the victim ran upstairs and called police. The suspects ransacked 
the house and fled when the victim turned on the bathroom water. Officers arrived within a 
minute and tried to stop the suspects as they drove away. The suspects drove through three 
stop signs before yielding to police on Mountain Trail south of Sierra Madre Blvd. Officers 
arrested the two occupants for burglary after finding the victim’s property in the truck and a 
witness positively identified the suspects. Both suspects were 18 and from Pasadena. Police 
took them to the Pasadena Police Department Jail for booking. 


Wednesday June 8th:

11:34 AM- Fraudulently Obtaining Money/Property/Labor, 400 blk. Mariposa 
Ave. A resident reported that she was a victim of grand theft by means of a fraudulent 
transaction. The victim wired money via Western Union for a shipping cost, which was to 
ship merchandise to a customer in Malaysia. Both the shipping company and the recipient 
turned out to fraudulent. The loss was $9,825.00 in shipping fees and merchandise. 

Friday, June 10th:

1:33 PM- DUI Alcohol/Drugs, Mountain Trail and Orange Grove. An officer stopped a 
33-year old Arcadia motorist for a Vehicle Code violation and determined that the driver 
was under the influence of alcohol. The driver was arrested and transported to Pasadena 
Police Department for booking. 

2:43 PM- Minor Driving With a Prohibited Blood Alcohol Content, 600 blk. E. Sierra 
Madre Blvd. An officer stopped a 20-year old Monrovia man for a Vehicle Code violation 
and determined that he had a blood alcohol content of .051%. He was not impaired to the 
point that he was not able to safely drive. The car was stored and the driver was released 
with a citation.

Saturday, June 11th:

10:10 AM- Petty Theft, 100 blk. N. Auburn Ave. A resident reported that an unknown 
suspect stole two black solar power lights and a baseball catcher net from her property. 

4:10 PM- Use Another’s Personal Identification to Obtain Credit/Etc. A resident tried to 
open a new cell phone line and learned that a fraudulent Verizon account was opened under 
his name in 2006 in Lancaster, CA.