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HAIL - (cont. from pg. 14)

 billion in FY2001 to $71.6 
billion requested for FY2012. 
Adjusted for inflation, the 
United States has spent 
$635.9 billion on homeland 
security since FY2001. Of 
this $163.8 billion has been 
funded within the Pentagon’s 
annual budget. The remaining 
$472.1 billion has 
been funded through other 

 Who’s minding the store? 
In the last decade or so there 
has been a paradigm shift 
in our national priorities 
from domestic to defense 
spending. Is it any wonder 
that states, local governments 
and school districts 
are struggling to make ends 
meet, or why Social Security, 
Medicare and other human 
services are facing cuts? 

 If you aren’t upset about this 
wasteful, counterproductive 
use of our tax dollars you 
should be. The Pentagon is 
spending our dough like a 
drunken sailor. And what 
do we get for it? More wars, 
more deaths... and more enemies. 
Isn’t it time we use 
this money more wisely to 
rebuild our society in ways 
that benefit 

the people who pay the bills? 
Isn’t this what other democracies 

 Is our security being best 
served by putting us all in 
the poorhouse? Wouldn’t it 
be much better -- and much 
cheaper -- to get our priorities 
straight; turn our swords 
into plowshares; and start 
minding the store and investing 
in the future? The 
clock is ticking folks... the 
clock is ticking.... 



Mountain Views-News Saturday, June 18, 2011 

One Of A Kind: Featuring unique homes and gardens and the people whoe create them. Story By Chris Bertrand Photos clly, ourtesy of Terra Bella

One of the 1996 “Jameson Legacies Estates” is Listed First time on the market since it was built

The landmark Jameson 
estate, built by the Baker 
Shoe empire family in 1908, 
was originally set on many 
acres of former vineyard 
land fronting Highland 
Avenue in northwest Sierra 
Madre. Originally named 
in Scottish as Glen Cairn, 
or Valley Landmark, the 
Jameson name associated 
with the estate and the environs came only later, 
with the third owners, the Jamesons of Humboldt 
County, genteel Southern roots and oil money. 
(See my 2007 article on the sale of this estate.)

In the 1990’s, remaining acreage on the north 
and east portion of the estate was subdivided, and 
the lots fronted on the original Highland, adjacent 
to the estate, on Jameson Court and on Ida 
May Lane, named for Mr. Jameson’s wife, Ida May 
Smith from Oakland, well known Sierra Madreans 
at the Congregational Church.

The expanse was divided into quarter to .25-.31 
acre lots, and then developed by Costa Real Estate 
and Development, according to some of the original 
advertisements in the 1997 Homes and Land 

That advertisement called attention to details 
that make the neighborhood so appealing today. 
The 3620-4525 square foot homes were all architecturally 
different, and Costa proudly used “authentic 
architectural styles” building a beautiful 
Victorian on the corner of Highland, Craftsman, 
Tudors and Prairie in the enclave.

Today, the original owner of the Tudor masterpiece 
at 476 Ida May Lane plans to downsize after 
fifteen years in residence. It’s a home one that 
graced the cover of Homes and Land in 1997, and 
could be ready for an Architectural Digest photo 
shoot at a moment’s notice, and is particularly 
known for beautiful settings for the owner’s Asian 
art and artifacts collection. 

Out front, a beautiful little historic stone bridge 
over a water course on the Lucky Baldwin walking 
trail was preserved, though the water flow must 
have been redirected long ago. The gurgling brook 
under the bridge is now a recirculating one controlled 
from the home. 

The arched front door is inset with a stunning 
leaded glass oak tree silhouette, homage to the 
mature oaks and other magnificent trees that were 
integral to creating this neighborhood. Created in 
un-colored glass, striated with movement, the artisan’s 
work lets ample light into the entry through 
its striking textural design, yet doesn’t take attention 
away from entering this magnificent home.

Though the 4621 square feet is very generous, 
with many rooms boasting tall ceilings mimicking 
the towering pines and oaks outside, each living 
space feels very intimate and comfortable. A tribute 
to artful design. 

Each area is also carefully used and blended 
for multiple purposes. The foyer also doubles as 
a music room, allowing piano music to take advantage 
of the beautiful acoustics in the two story 
entry and staircase. A landing upstairs provides 
an office or children’s study space that’s open to a 
mother’s ear yet out of the fray and a place where 
mid-project “mess” doesn’t upset the home’s general 

The gourmet kitchen includes another artisan 
leaded glass iteration to pour foyer light in while 
keeping it shuttered from the formal areas, if desired, 
or open if the mood strikes.

The home offers five bedrooms, with two on the 
main floor and three upstairs This is one of the 
few homes in the area built with a 750 lb. capacity 
elevator, so those who can’t use the stairs needn’t 
cross this two story home off the list. The master 
suite’s soaring, intricate peaked ceilings brings 
reminiscences of a modern castle, appropriate 
with its Tudor design. Who wouldn’t want to feel 

Even the gorgeous slate roofing is special, embedded 
with copper detail that twinkles in the 
sunlight and framed with rich patina of aged copper 

The back yard feels like a true extension of the 
living space, with its heavy timbered, shade arbor, 
fountain and lush green walls of shrubbery walls, 
where one can just open the doors and expand the 
party from inside to outside.

476 Ida May Lane, Sierra Madre, with 4621 
square feet of living space, is offered at $2,100,000 
by Shannon J. Miller of Century 21. For more information, 
contact the agent at 626-833-1414 or visit 
her website at Photos by 
Erik Grammer Photography, www.ErikGrammerPhotography.
com - 323 928 2241.


When you tell friends and family you're going 
to buy or sell a home, and they ask, "Why 
are you working through a real estate agent 
when you can just use the internet," how will 
you respond? Your first answer should be to 
have a professional handle all the paperwork 
- disclosure forms, inspection reports, deeds 
and titles, settlement statements... they’ll get 
the picture.

You could describe your representative's 
knowledge about the area - schools, zoning, 
and property values. You want to know that 
the neighborhood matches your needs, and 
that your home holds resale value for the 

Tell them there's more to advertising than 
websites, and that your agent will more likely 
find a buyer instead through their relationships 
with other agents and past and current 
clients. Not to mention the fact that you 
don't want complete strangers visiting your 
home, and you're more comfortable knowing 
that your representative has screened 
and qualified all potential buyers.

And once you're on either side of an offer, 
you trust a professional's ability to negotiate 
successfully when it comes to terms like 
price, financing, inspections and repairs, and 
other contractual commitments.

Your final argument might be that most 
people may buy or sell a handful of homes in 
their lifetime, but your agent has been successful 
hundreds of times, on both sides of 
the transaction. Case closed!


Sierra Madre, CA June 10, 2011 Actor & Comedian, 
Rob Schneider, former Prime Minister 
of England, Winston Churchill and CENTURY 
21 VILLAGE real estate agent Simon Tsang all are 
connected with the home located at 855 Rosalind 
Road in Pasadena.

 Rob Schneider currently owns it, Winston 
Churchill stayed in it during his visit to California 
in 1929 and Simon Tsang is currently representing 
the estate as Schneider’s real estate agent. 
This beautiful French Normandy mansion was 
designed and built in 1926 by renowned architect 
Everett P. Bobcok for his own personal residence.

 The home serves as a quiet family retreat among 
the other multi-million dollar homes in the neighborhood. 
Schneider has lived in the home on and 
off since 2003 and said that he has really enjoyed it 
over the years. The amenities consist of four large 
bedrooms which includes a master suite with a 
fire place, four bathrooms, including a sauna, large 
living room with fireplace and connecting library. 
Also, off the kitchen there is a maid’s or extended 
family quarters. Within the compound there is a 
sparkling pool, Koi pond complete with a water 
fall and a sporty putting green to hone ones putting 
skills. The two car detached garage is located 
at the rear of the property with a private drive-way 
leading from the street. This one of a kind mansion 
is assessed at 4,690 square feet of living space 
and sits on a 20,880 square foot lot. Tsang said 
“this type of property doesn’t come around very 
often and it will be a prized possession for some 
lucky buyer.” The estate is currently being offered 
for $2,450.000.

 For more information, contact Simon Tsang at 
38 W. Sierra Madre Blvd in Sierra Madre or by telephone 
626.355.1451 extension 126 or on the internet 


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