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City Backs 
State Bill 

to Reform 


Local Councilwoman 
Meets With Obama

City Goes Quasquicentennial

City Councilwoman 
Jacque Robinson traveled to 
Washington, D.C., Friday to 
meet with members of the 
Obama administration and 
attend an intimate reception 
with President Barack 

Robinson is one of a select 
group of Young Elected 
Officials Network members 
who have been invited to 
the White House to discuss 
important issues facing states 
and localities.

 “I look forward to a full 
day of discussion with 
my colleagues and the 
administration,” Robinson 
said. “I am most interested 
in engaging in discussion 
related to further stimulating 
the local economy, creating 
jobs and stabilizing the 
housing market. This is an 
extraordinary opportunity 
for me to represent Pasadena 
at the highest level.”

 Robinson attended the 
YEO national conference in 
Washington last week. For 
more information about 
the organization, visit www.

By Dean Lee

 Although it would not take 
effect until the next decade, 
the city council Monday night 
publicly backed Assembly Bill 
420 that would change the way 
prison inmates, through the 
Census Bureau, are counted, a 
move that could radically alter 
the states redistricting efforts.

 Pasadena is the first city in 
the state to take a stand on 
AB 420 said, the bill’s author, 
Assemblyman Mike Davis.

 “This is an odd piece 
of legislation,” said 
Councilmember Steve 
Madison. “But, if you think 
about it long enough, it makes 

Councilwoman Jacque 
Robinson explained the bill 
saying AB 420 would end 
prison based gerrymandering, 

 “Currently the election code 
states that inmates get counted 
where they are imprisoned 
vs. the community they 
come from. If passed, this bill 
would insure that prisoners 
in California are counted in 
the communities they come 
from, therefore potentially 
increasing the amount of 
funding that local cities are 
able to receive as a result of 

 She also explained the bill 
would not take effect until the 
2020 Census. 

 The city’s Legislative Policy 
Committee, which Robinson 
sits, had approved May 25 
authorizing the mayor to send 
letters of support for the bill. 

Madison and Mayor Bill 
Bogaard are both also on the 

 Madison said the bill could 
only be financial.

“Convicted felons lose their 
civil rights, including the right 
to vote, so this really is purely 
about resources,” he said “You 
know it’s not about the vote.”

 The bill would also require the 
Department of Corrections 
and Rehabilitation to provide 
to the Citizens Redistricting 
Commission information 
on inmate residency, except 
when the place is outside of 

 Supporters of AB 420 
include the NAACP 
(National Association for 
the Advancement of Colored 
People) Legal Defense Fund, 
AFSME (American Federation 
of State County and Municipal 
Employees), California 
League of Women Voters, and 
California Common Cause 
according to city staff reports.

Survey, Workshops 
Consider City’s Future

Celebrating the city’s 125 birthday, Pasadena 
Mayor Bill Bogaard and Councilwoman Jacque 
Robinson cut a six foot tall cake Saturday 
to a crowd of thousands that included U.S. 
Congressman Adam Schiff, State Assemblyman 
Anthony Portantino, and field representatives for 
LA County Supervisor Michael Antonovich and 
Senator Carol Liu. 

Edible versions of icons throughout the city’s 
heritage included the Rose Bowl, Colorado Street 
Bridge and Mount Wilson Observatory. There 
was even a tribute to the Doo Dah Parade, the 
wacky spoof of the prim and proper Rose Parade. 

 To create the 300- pound cake, Le Cordon Bleu 
Pasadena President Tony Bondi said it took 100 
pounds of flour, 200 pounds of chocolate, 340 
eggs, 15 gallons of cream and 80 pounds of sugar. 
He professed the project took over 250 student 
hours to make.

 The festivities also included historic vehicles a 
vintage Fire truck and a Wells Fargo stagecoach. 
The celebration was also marked by the coming 
together of many Centenarians who shared 

 Other events include the 85th annual 4th of July 
Celebration Americafest at Rose Bowl and the 
Pasadena POPS Music Under the Stars, Sept 24.

 A survey and four 
workshops are included in 
the next phase of community 
engagement activities that 
will lead to the update of 
Pasadena’s General Plan 
Land Use and Mobility 

 In mid-June, a special 
General Plan newsletter will 
also be delivered to residential 
and business mailboxes. 
The newsletter will include 
comprehensive information 
about the General Plan 
alternatives and related 
meetings, a comparison 
of the alternatives, maps, 
illustrations, graphs, and a 
survey that will ask which 
alternative, or combination 
of alternatives, people prefer 
in six different planning 
areas. The survey period is 
from June 10 to July 8. The 
newsletter and survey can 
also be viewed online at

 During a series of workshops, 
Pasadenans can learn even 
more about each alternative 
and how they would affect 
jobs, housing, traffic, 
greenhouse gas emissions 
and more. workshop dates 
and locations include: 
Thursday, June 23, from 2:30 
to 4 p.m. Creveling Lounge at 
Pasadena City College 1570 
E. Colorado Blvd. Saturday, 
June 25, from 9:30 to 11:30 
a.m. Auditorium at Madison 
Elementary School 515 E. 
Ashtabula St. Tuesday, June 
28, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. 
John Scott Multipurpose 
Room at Community 
Education Center 3035 E. 
Foothill Blvd.

Each alternative has a 
different approach to growth 
in the city. Alternative A calls 
for growth to be diverted 
from the downtown and to 
East Pasadena and other 
business areas; Alternative 
B calls for maximizing 
economic vitality and jobs; 
Alternative C calls for “smart 
growth” along transportation 
lines and major intersections; 
and Alternative D calls for 
slowing growth citywide.

 For more information about the 
General Plan, the alternatives, 
meetings and more, visit www. 
or call (626) 744-6807.

Castle Green Tour to Show Interiors

 The century-old Castle 
Green will present its summer 
tour Sunday, June 26th, from 
1:00pm to 5:00pm. . At the 
tour, visitors can explore 
the castle and walk through 
ground floor interiors 
that have been historically 
restored. Comparing the 
original photographs with 
the present-day décor 
demonstrates the great 
effort that has been put into 
maintaining the original 
integrity of the interior public 
areas. Visitors at the tour will 
also be able to explore over 
25 residential units that will 
be open for viewing. There 
will be live music and light 
refreshments available.

 As tour attendees step 
through the gates of the 
Moorish and Mission revival-
style former hotel, they will 
see stagings of how people 
might have enjoyed the 
grounds in yester-year. There 
will be a 1940s-era picnic on 
the grass and live croquet 
before they ascend the 
veranda into the chandelier-
lit foyer.

 Admission is $20.00 per 
person. For more information 
call 626-577-6765 or visit www.

Citizen Journalism Meet-up


The Pasadena Community 
Network and this newspaper 
are holding a workshop on 
Citizen Journalism. 

 This group is the place where 
aspiring journalists can learn 
from trained professionals 
and support their local 
community by covering 
what’s really happening in 
their neighborhoods.

 We will put the news in your 
hands. Learn how to find 
the story, the tools needed 
to capture the story and the 
means to tell the story using 
the power of video, audio and 
print along with online social 
media The next meeting is 
June 14 from 6 p.m. to 8p.m. 
at the Pasadena Community 
Network - Studio G, 2057 N. 
Los Robles Ave.

 For more info call 
626.794.8585 or visit

 Learn not just how 
to blog but how to 
report the news

Quality of 
Life Index 
Now Online

Pet of the 

 Photograph is courtesy of the Friends of the Castle Green 
Archives and the Pasadena History Museum.

Police Launch Local 
Crime Stoppers Program

The 2011 Pasadena/
Altadena Quality of Life 
Index is now available 
online for residents to use as 
a tool when referencing the 
overall health of Pasadena 
and its neighbor Altadena.

 An update of the last 
index in 2002, the 44-page 
document is a summary of 
health-related indicators 
supplied by more than 70 
agencies that focus on the 
area’s population, needs and 

 The index is published 
by the city’s Public Health 
Department, though the 
index measures broader 
categories than health 
care, such as living wage, 
child care, housing 
affordability, academics, 
arts, transportation and 
civic involvement.

 “Social determinants in 
society and the external 
environment also affect 
the health of individuals,” 
said city of Pasadena Public 
Health Director and Health 
Officer Eric G. Walsh, MD, 
MPH. “If communities 
are to be healthy, each 
indicator must not only 
be analyzed, but policies 
and programs should be 
in place to improve the 
health outcomes for each 

 For more information go 
to www.cityofpasadena.
Reports.aspx or call (626) 

 The Pasadena Police 
Department announces the 
launch of Pasadena Crime 
Stoppers, an anonymous tip 
line that offers possible cash 
rewards for information 
that helps solve violent and/
or serious crimes in the 
Pasadena area. 

 Pasadena joins a number 
of local and national law 
enforcement agencies that 
have used the program 
successfully, including the 
FBI, ATF, U.S. Secret Service, 
U.S. Marshals Service, Los 
Angeles Police Department 
and local police jurisdictions 
throughout Los Angeles 

 Crime Stoppers enables 
anyone to provide police with 
valuable and timely crime 
information via phone, text 
and the Internet. Tips can be 
related to suspected burglary, 
cyber crimes, extortion, 
assault, homicide and other 

 “Conscientious citizens 
who report information on 
Crime Stoppers have legal 
protections as anonymous 
informants, and their 
personal data, including 
names and phone numbers, 
are encrypted using special 
software,” said Police Chief 
Phillip L. Sanchez. “The 
reputation of this important 
program depends on total 
protection of identity.” 

 There are three ways to 
provide information 24 
hours a day, seven days a 
week about crimes that have 
been committed in Pasadena: 

 * By phone – Call (800) 
222-8477 and just leave the 

 * By text – Enter the 
numbers 274637 in the “To” 
line, then type the word 
TIPLA, a space, and as 
much specific information 
as possible. After hitting 
“send,” Crime Stoppers will 
reply to the text with a code 
that should be kept for use if 
further text dialog is needed. 
Be sure to keep the code in 
a safe place and delete all 
related messages from your 
text outbox and inbox. 

 * Online – Visit www. and 
click on Give a tip. 

 It is important for anyone 
providing information about 
crimes in this community to 
include the word Pasadena 
in the tip. This will make it 
possible for Crime Stoppers 
to immediately relay the 
information to the proper 
police department. 

 Anyone who is the victim of 
a crime in Pasadena should 
never use Crime Stoppers to 
report it. Instead, call 9-1-
1 or the Pasadena Police 
Department at (626) 744-

PCAC Seeks 


 Pasadena Community 
Access Corporation (PCAC) 
seeks a new Executive 
Director who can provide 
the professional leadership to 
achieve its vision and guide 
the organization into the 
future. Pasadena Community 
Access Corporation is a 
non-profit organization 
that manages operations 
for Pasadena’s public 
access cable TV station, 
Channel 32 “The Arroyo 
Channel,” and Pasadena’s 
local government Channel 
3 “KPAS.” PCAC also acts 
as an umbrella organization 
for the Pasadena Unified 
School District education 
Channel 95 “KLRN-TV” 
and for the Pasadena City 
College education Channel 
96 “PCC-TV.” PCAC has 
an annual operating budget 
of approximately $800,000 
and a full-time and part-
time staff of 12 and 10 
as-needed employees. 
PCAC has a cable viewing 
audience of approximately 
34,000 households serving 
an urban area in Southern 
California with a population 
of 150,000+. 

 PCAC seeks an Executive 
Director who can 
conceive, launch and 
implement innovative 
programming, production, 
outreach strategies and 
distribution methods for 
the organization’s current 
cable feed channels. It is the 
vision of the PCAC Board 
of Directors to develop 
alternative methods for 
delivering community-
based, hyper-local 
programming and video 
content, while maintaining 
and developing traditional 
cable modes of distribution. 
This endeavor will stretch 
from training community 
residents and community 
producers in new 
technologies to delivering 
content to Internet-capable 
multimedia devices.

 Applications must be 
submitted online and will 
be accepted until July 20, 
2011. To view a complete 
job description and to apply 
for the position please 
visit the PCAC website 
at: http://www.pasadena

Pippa, an adorable, year old 
Chihuahua mix is looking 
for a cozy home. She loves 
to cuddle and needs a home 
where he will receive lots of 
attention. Pippa gets along 
with other little dogs but 
would love to be your one 
and only. She would be a 
great choice for someone 
in an apartment or condo. 
Come visit with Pippa 

The regular dog adoption 
fee is $120, which includes 
medical care prior to 
adoption, spaying or 
neutering, vaccinations, 
and a follow-up visit with a 
participating vet.

Please call 626-792-7151 
and ask for A288947 or 
come to the Pasadena 
Humane Society & SPCA, 
361 S. Raymond Ave , 
Pasadena CA , 91105 . 
Our adoption hours are 
11-4 Sunday, 9-5 Tuesday, 
Wednesday, Thursday, and 
Friday, and 9-4 Saturday. 
Directions and photos of 
all pets updated hourly 
may be found at www.

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