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JUNE/JULY 2011 - 

Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory

"The Bomb" Burgers

*June 15 - July 15 activities held at the Senior 
Center. Starting Monday, July 18 all 
activities will take place at the Sierra Madre 
Recreation Center during renovation.

It’s customary in our office to take a personal 
history with any physical exam which may be 
pertinent to the patient’s complaint. Often, a 
person may be at a loss to describe whether there 
has been a prior injury that could contribute to 
the present symptoms, but during the physical 
exam such a memory may bubble up. As an 
example, a person treating for low back pain 
might report that the pain “just came out of the 
blue.” While checking leg length status, it may 
become clear that one foot is severely pronated; 
when asked about any ankle injuries, a history of 
severe strain or fracture from years before may 
be recalled. The idea that something from the 
long ago can contribute to present symptoms is 
foreign to many of us.

Life Stress

 The same is true of changes that occur in 
our personal lives, not only in the form of prior 
accidents and traumas, but also as challenges 
such as a spouse’s death or a child leaving home. 
The Homes-Rahe Scale (celebratingourjourney.
com) is an indicator that allows us to measure 
the amount of stress to which we have been exposed over a two to three year period. Starting with 
the death of a spouse (100 units) and ending with a minor violation of the law (11 units), the survey 
lists 43 situations that impact our lives. If the stresses have been severe or long standing enough, the 
accumulated demand can predict whether the individual is a candidate for the development of serious 
illness. If the score exceeds 300, the probability of having a health crisis in the next two or three years 
is significant.

What to Do About It

 The idea that stress is accumulative is not new; however, realizing that we have been through more 
than we’ve been aware of can come as a surprise. Sure, the loss of a spouse is an obvious life changing 
challenge, but if it is combined with the changing of one’s environment, another close friend passing 
away, and retirement, we can begin to see that we are in danger of some kind of crisis. In other 
words, appreciating the idea that life stress can be measured, and in the process of doing so we can 
see ourselves in a different light, enables us to make powerful choices in supporting ourselves toward 
recovery. At this point, we can seek the support of health care providers who are familiar with stress 
reduction and trauma recovery. Have a healthy week! Dr. John


2-1/2 lbs. lean burger (lean makes for less 

1 pkg. onion soup mix (dry) 

Salt, to taste 

Pepper, to taste 

Cajun seasoning, to taste 

Seasoned salt, to taste 

1/2 cup beer 

Monday: Closed July 4th 12 noon: Intervale 
Lunch Café: Come enjoy a hot meal with others. 
Donation for seniors (60+) of $2.00; visitors 
$3.75. Please call 355-0256 to make your daily 
reservation. 1:00 pm to 1:45 pm: Strength training 
with Lisa Brandley. FREE class of stretching 
with light hand weights while you sit.

Tuesday: 2nd Tuesday of each month FREE 
blood pressure checks by Methodist Hospital; 
11 am to 12 noon 12 noon: Intervale Lunch 
Café; daily reservations needed 355-0256 1:30 
pm to 3:30 pm: BINGO; cards are only 25 cents 
each so stop by & play 5:30 pm to 7 pm: Yoga; 
$7.00 - 50 & over. Please call 355-5278 for more 

Wednesday: 11 –11:45 am: Balance Class with 
Teryl. FREE class designed to improve balance 
& refresh the joints 12 noon: Intervale Lunch 
Café; daily reservations needed 355-0256 2nd 
Wednesday of the month: FREE Legal Consultations: 
10-11:30 am. Appointments call 355-
7394 Wii Wednesday - 1:00 pm or call the senior 
desk at 355-7394 to arrange another time 
& day to learn how to play. No previous experience 
or skills required and it is great exercise.

Thursday: 12 noon: Intervale Lunch Café; daily 
reservations needed 355-0256 1:00 to 3:30 
pm: Game Day. Join us for Poker with Bridge 
on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays; so please call for 
more information. 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm: Yoga; 
$7.00 - 50 & over. Please call 355-5278 for more 

Friday: City Hall Closed on June 17, July 1, 15 
& 29

12 noon: Intervale Lunch Café; daily reservations 
needed 355-0256

Saturday: 11:30 am: Senior Club brown bag 
lunch and BINGO at 12:30 pm. Starting July 16 
the Senior Club will meet at the Senior Apartments 
- 70 Esperanza Ave., Sierra Madre 


Split the beef in half. This makes it easier to mix. 

Mix in 1/2 the dry soup mix. Make sure you shake 
the pack a little before you open it so you don't get all 
onions in first half and bouilon in second half. 

Mix in the the cajun and seasoned salt at this time. 

When seasonings are all mixed, add 1/4 cup of beer to 
each half. 

Next make your patties. Cook on a very low temp. 

Use your thumb to push a hole in the middle of the 
burger. (This will help it not shrink too bad and cook 
more even.) 

Add salt and pepper as desired. 

Dr. John Talevich, D.C. has practiced in Sierra Madre 
for thirty years. His clinic, LifeWorks! Chiropractic, 
offers patient-specific approaches to the alleviation of 
pain and individually tailored wellness programs. 

June Birthdays

Pat Fujiwara, Nellie Haynes, Mary 
Carney, Theresa Daley, Ann Disbrow, 
Ann Durgerian, Joan Ellison, Ruth 
Kirkby, Irene Kudirka, Marilyn McKernan, Anne 
Montgomery, Trini Ornelas, Martha Spriggs, and 
Patricia Starkey.


Meals are delivered to home-bound 
seniors by volunteer drivers through 
the YWCA Intervale Lunch Program 
M-F (with frozen meals for the weekend.) 

Meals are delivered to the home-bound seniors 
by drivers through the YWCA Interval Lunch 
Program M-F (with frozen meals for the 


 Call the YWCA at (626) 214-9460 for more 

John M. Talevich, D.C. 

CHIROPRACTIC: Simple, Elegant, Effective

31 S. Baldwin Avenue Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024






 Join us for this annual trip to Laguna 
Beach for a wonderful evening performed 
in a beautiful outdoor theatre.

Cost per person is $48

 The bus will leave the Sierra Madre Recreation 
Center, 611 E. Sierra Madre Blvd., 
at 4:30 pm, dinner is on your own and you 
will return to Sierra Madre approximately 
at 11:30 pm.

 To register for the excursion, please visit 
the Senior Center or go online to

 For more information please call the 

Senior Desk at (626) 355-7394


Dear Savvy Senior,

Can you give me some tips on 
picking a good nursing home for 
my 82-year-old father? He had 
a stroke last year and has been 
receiving care at home but it’s become 
too much to handle. 

Overwhelmed Daughter

Dear Overwhelmed,

Choosing a nursing home for a 
loved one that provides quality 
care is an important and difficult 
decision that requires some 
homework. Here are some steps 
that can help you find a good 
nursing home and avoid a bad 

Make a List: Start by contacting 
your Area Agency on Aging 
for a list of local nursing home 
facilities. Ideally, the facilities 
should be close to family members 
and friends who can visit 
often. Residents with frequent 
visitors usually get better care. 
The national Eldercare Locator 
(800-677-1116 or www.eldercare.
gov) can direct you to your 
local aging agency. 

Do Some Research: Every year, 
the Centers for Medicare and 
Medicaid Services collect data 
on more than 15,000 nursing 
homes throughout the country. 
Health inspection data, staffing 
and quality measures are combined 
to come up with an overall 
ranking system of one to five 
stars. To research the nursing 
homes in your area, go to medicare.
gov and click on “Facilities 
and Doctors,” then on “Compare 
Nursing Homes.” 

Call Your Ombudsman: This is a 
government official who investigates 
nursing home complaints 
and advocates for residents and 
their families. This person can 
help you find the latest health 
inspection reports, which are 
public information, on specific 
nursing homes, and can tell 
you which ones have had complaints 
or other problems. To 
find your local ombudsman, 
call your area aging agency or 

Call the Facilities: Once you’ve 
narrowed your 
search, call the 
nursing homes 
you’re interested 
in to find out 
if they have any 
vacancies, what 
they charge, 
and if they accept 
Medicaid – most do. 

Visit Your Top Choices: Be sure 
to visit more than once and 
at different times of the day 
and different days of the week. 
While you’re there, notice the 
cleanness and smell of the facility. 
Is it homey and inviting? 
Does the staff seem responsive 
and kind to its residents? Also 
be sure to taste the food, and 
talk to the residents and their 
family members, if available. 

Upon arrival, ask for the nursing 
home administrator or other 
person of authority to give 
you a tour. Find out about staff 
screening (do they do background 
checks) and training 
procedures and what percentage 
of their staff leaves each year. 
Less than 30 percent annually is 
considered good. More than 50 
percent is a red flag. To help you 
rate your visit, Medicare offers 
a handy checklist at medicare.

Paying for Care

With nursing home costs now 
averaging nearly $230 per day 
nationally, paying for long-
term care is another area you 
may have questions about or 
need assistance with. Medicare 
only helps pay up to 100 days of 
“medically necessary” nursing 
home care, which must occur 
after a hospital stay. Most nursing 
home residents pay from 
personal money, long-term care 
insurance policies or, if they 
qualify, through Medicaid. Your 
State Health Insurance Assistance 
Program (SHIP) is a good 
resource for long-term care financial 
counseling. To find a 
local SHIP counselor visit shiptalk.
org, or call 800-677-1116. 

Savvy Tip: For more information, 
get Medicare’s booklet 
“Guide to Choosing a Nursing 
Home.” To receive a free copy 
via mail, call 800-633-4227, or 
you can read it online at medicare.

Send your senior questions to: 
Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, 
Norman, OK 73070, or visit Jim Miller is a 
contributor to the NBC Today 
show and author of “The Savvy 
Senior” book.



 Exploring Long Beach - Beat the summer

heat by spending the day in Long Beach 
and enjoying lunch on the historic Queen 
Mary - 8:30 am to 4 pm.

 Cost per person is $44 - this includes 

deluxe coach transportation, driver’s tip, 
exploring Long Beach and lunch on the 
Queen Mary.

 Reservation for this excursion will open 
on June 30th either by visiting the

Recreation Center in person or going online 


Join the Senior Community 

at the 

Sierra Madre Hart Park House / 

Senior Center for a FREE presentation. 
Lunch is available for a 

$2 donation 

Call (626) 355-0256 by 

12 noon the day before. 


Next class: June 28th & 29th - 9 am 
to 1 pm both days

$12 for AARP Members & $14 for 


Please call the Senior Desk at (626) 
355-7394 to register in advance (10 
person minimum for class to run) 
or for more information.


Tickets can now be purchased at:

Sierra Madre City Hall

Hart Park House / 

Senior Center

Sierra Madre Library

A Word From Social Security:



Father’s Day is right around the 
corner. Perhaps you’ll give Dad 
the usual gift: a necktie, shaving 
set, leather wallet, or new fishing 
lure. But there’s something 
he may appreciate even more. 
People all over the country are 
helping their dads save nearly 
$4,000 a year on the cost of prescription 
drugs. You can help 
your dad too — and it won’t cost 
you a dime. 

The high cost of prescription 
medication can be a burden on 
fathers (or anyone) who have 
limited income and resources. 
But there is Extra Help — available 
through Social Security 
— that could pay part of his 
monthly premiums, annual 
deductibles, and prescription 
co-payments. That Extra Help 
is worth an average of almost 
$4,000 a year. 

To figure out whether your father 
is eligible, Social Security 
needs to know his income and 
the value of his savings, investments, 
and real estate (other 
than the home he lives in). To 
qualify for the Extra Help, he 
must be enrolled in Medicare 
and have:

• Annual income limited 
to $16,335 for an individual or 
$22,065 for a married couple living 
together. Even if his income 
is higher, he still may be able 
to get some help with monthly 
premiums, annual deductibles, 
and prescription co-payments. 
Some examples where income 
may be higher include if he or 
his spouse:

 —Support other family 
members who live with them;

 —Have earnings from 
work; or

 —Live in Alaska or Hawaii; 

• Resources limited to 
$12,640 for an individual or 
$25,260 for a married couple 
living together. Resources include 
such things as bank accounts, 
stocks, and bonds. We 
do not count his house and car 
as resources.

 Social Security has an easy-
to-use online application that 
you can help complete for your 
dad. You can find it at www.socialsecurity.
gov. Just select the 
link on the left of the page that 
says, “Get extra help with Medicare 
prescription drug costs.” To 
apply by phone or have an application 
mailed to you, call Social 
Security at 1-800-772-1213 
(TTY 1-800-325-0778) and ask 
for the Application for Help 
with Medicare Prescription 
Drug Plan Costs (SSA-1020). 
Or go to the nearest Social Security 

To learn more about the Medicare 
prescription drug plans and special 
enrollment periods, visit www. or call 1-800-MEDICARE 
(1-800-633-4227; TTY 

 Of course, the Extra Help is not 
just for fathers. Anyone who is entitled 
to Medicare and has limited income 
and resources may be eligible.


Pasadena Highlands, an independent and assisted living community, is proud to provide 
a special gift basket on the first Tuesday of each month. Accredited In-Home nursing 
care will provide a special prize on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Bingo takes place every 
Tuesday at 1:30 pm in the Hart Park House / Senior Center in Memorial Park. The game 
begins at 1:30 pm but those wishing to play must arrive 10 minutes before to secure your 
Bingo cards. Join us on the 1st & 4th Tuesday of each month for your chance to win these 
special prizes.