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Detectives Seek Info; Shots 
Fired at Off Duty Deputy


 Altadena deputies 
continued to search this 
week for a gunman suspected 
of firing three rounds at the 
vehicle of an off-duty deputy 
in Altadena. 

 The shooting occurred near 
Harriet Street and Lincoln 
Avenue at about 3:40 a.m. 

 According to sheriff 
investigators, the deputy 
was traveling in his personal 
vehicle with his brother in 
the passenger seat when a 
vehicle pulled alongside his 
and fired several rounds 
from a handgun. 

 The suspect vehicle — 
described as a dark-colored 
Lexus sedan — sped off. 

 Neither the deputy nor his 
brother was injured. 

 The Altadena Station is 
seeking the public’s help in 
locating the vehicle involved 
or the persons responsible 
call 626-798-1131.

By Dean Lee 

Although police said they have 
not made a solid connection 
between two Christmas day 
tragedies, one involving a 
shooting of two people in the 
morning, and then later, a car 
chase that killed two innocent 
passengers after suspects fled 
officers, they are investigating 
a series of events that led up to 
the tragedies.

 According to police shortly 
after 11:00 a.m. Tuesday, 
officers responded to Newport 
Avenue and Wyoming Street of 
gunfire in the area. At the scene 
police found two gunshot 
victims. Victor McClinton a 
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s 
Department technician was 
pronounced dead after being 
rushed to a local hospital. 
Damion Taylor, a suspected 
gang member remains 
hospitalized with non-life 
threatening injuries. 

 Police said there was no 
connection between Taylor and 
McClinton except that they 
were in the same general area 
when the shooting occurred.

Police said later at about 8:00 
p.m. officers observed a sliver 
SUV commit a traffic violation 
in the area of Claremont 
Street and Marengo Avenue. 
The driver failed to yield 
accelerating away from the 
officers at a high rate of speed. 

 A short time later the 
suspect vehicle collided with a 
minivan, with five occupants, 
at the intersection of Marengo 
Ave and Maple Street. 

 Tracey Ong Tan, of Glendale 
and 11-year-old Kendrick Ng, 
of Daly City were both killed in 
the crash. 

 The suspect vehicle contained 
four occupants. 

Police said they are 
investigating Hannah 
Demauria of Pasadena, 
Brittany Washington, of Los 
Angeles, Darrell Williams, of 
Pasadena, and Jayda Mays, 
also in connection with the 
McClinton shooting. All four 
could face multiple murder 
charges. Police said Williams, 
the driver, is a parolee with 
gang ties. A gun was also 
thrown from the car during the 
chase according to reports. 

 Hundreds of people, including 
family, friends and Police 
Chief Phillip Sanchez, held a 
candlelight vigil for McClinton 
Thursday at City Hall.

City Sets Up Recycling 
Christmas Tree Services

 Pasadena residents can help 
protect the environment by 
recycling their Christmas 
trees with services from 
the Pasadena Department 
of Public Works, including 
convenient curbside pickup 
and two designated, drive-up 
recycling stations.

 The Pasadena Public Works 
Department is promoting 
this important holiday 
tradition of environmental 
stewardship in collaboration 
with the Los Angeles County 
Sanitation Districts. 

 Curbside pickup for 
Christmas trees will be 
available to Pasadena’s 
solid waste customers on 
their regularly scheduled 
collection days and routes 
beginning January 2 through 
January 18. 

Residents also can drop 
off their trees for recycling 
from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., 
through January 4, at the 
following locations: 

 Eaton Blanche Park, 3100 E. 
Del Mar Blvd., parking lot on 
Millicent Way

 Robinson Park, 1081 N. Fair 
Oaks Ave., parking lot on 
Morton Street

 The Public Works 
Department turns the 
recycled trees into mulch for 
landscaping use instead of 
the trees going to the landfill.

Rose Parade Countdown is On

Caution on 
Streets Due 
To Rose 

 Motorists are asked to 
use caution while driving 
on Pasadena’s surface 
streets, especially Colorado 
Boulevard and adjacent 
intersections, as traffic 
signals are changed or 
adjusted to accommodate 
the floats for the 124th 
Rose Parade on January 1, 
2013. Crews will be in the 
field doing this important 
pre-parade work Dec. 27 
through Dec. 31.

 City work crews will be 
busy adjusting15 traffic 
signals to enable enough 
clearance for the Rose 
Parade’s floats. Every year 
at this time, crews from 
the Department of Public 
Works modify, remove or 
replace a variety of traffic 
signal mast arms. At some 
intersection, the arms will 
be replaced with poles. 

City officials are asking 
motorists to use caution 
while the crews are working 
and to be observant of new 
signals being temporarily 

Jack Russell Terrier Uggie 
Signs Uggie: My Story


 Uggie, the lovable Jack 
Russell Terrier best known 
for his roles in the movies 
The Artist & Water for 
Elephants, signs with a paw, 
his new memoir this Sunday 
at Vroman’s Books. The event 
starts 2 p.m.

 “I’m fond of a good romp, 
and this candid canine tell-
all zips along with revealing 
tales of celebrity encounters 
and how I cope with fame. 
Of course there’s some sad 
stuff too, including the health 
problems that forced me into 
early retirement. I’ve given 
my all in this honest-to-dog 
Hollywood memoir, because 
that’s what I always do. I 
hope you’ll gobble up every 
word, just like I wolf down 
sausages.”- from Uggie: My 

 Uggie will also be riding in 
this year’s Rose Parade, along 
with actress Elaine Hendrix, 
on the Beverly Hills Pet 
Care Foundation, “Follow 
The Stars – Adopt A Pet” 
float. All of the participants 
on this float: the producers, 
riders and out walkers have 
adopted pets and have 
dedicated their lives to 
improving the homeless pet 

Uggie was born in 2002 and 
was rescued from being sent 
to a dog pound by Omar Von 
Muller, animal trainer.

 Pictured (top), Banner 
presenting the theme “Oh, 
the Places You’ll Go!” kicks 
off the 124th Tournament of 
Roses Parade. The artwork 
representing the parade’s 
theme poster is brought to 
life through flowers and other 
organic materials. (Above) 
Nurse volunteers prepare bark 
for the Nurses’ Float titled “A 
Healing Place” (Left) a deer 
and fawn from “A Healing 
Place.” Photos D. Lee/

Dos and Don’ts for Staying 
Safe along the Parade

 As this year’s Rose Parade 
approaches, the Pasadena 
Fire and Police Departments 
are issuing safety tips for 
the thousands of overnight 
campers who line the route 
on New Year’s Eve. 

The parade route will be 
a safer place if everyone 
follows the rules and 
regulations intended for the 
safety of all parade-goers. 

What You Can Do: 

 Overnight camping is 
permitted only on the night 
of Dec. 31. 

 A permanent position 
on the sidewalk may be 
maintained along the parade 
route beginning at noon 
on Dec. 31. The “Blue 
Line” is the honor line. All 
persons and property such 
as blankets, chairs, etc., must 
remain on the curb until 11 
p.m. on Dec. 31. At that 
time spectators may move 
out to the honor line. 

 Small, professionally 
manufactured barbeques 
elevated at least one foot 
off the ground are allowed 
on the parade route 25 
feet from buildings or 
other combustibles. A fire 
extinguisher and water must 
be readily available. 

 Minors under the age of 
18 may be on the parade 
route from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. 
only if they are under the 
supervision of adults. 

 Dress for cold weather. 
Children and seniors may 
need extra layers of clothing 
to avoid hypothermia. 

 Stay hydrated and consume 
nourishing meals to avoid 

Report any suspicious 
activities and packages to 
emergency authorities along 
the parade route. 

 In case of emergency call 
(626) 744-4241 from a 
cellular phone or 9-1-1 from 
a landline phone and know 
the cross streets from which 
you are calling. 

What You Can’t Do: 

 Open containers of alcohol 
are illegal on public streets, 
sidewalks and all other 
public areas. 

 Tents, sofas and boxes of 
any type that can be used as 
stools or seats are prohibited 
are not permitted along the 

 Unoccupied chairs are not 

 Bonfires are strictly 
prohibited and considered 
“illegal burns.” 

 Fireworks are prohibited 
except as part of scheduled 
official events. 

 No items may be sold along 
the parade route without a 

 No public areas (sidewalks, 
curbs, gutters, streets) may 
be cordoned or roped off. 

 No ladders or scaffolding 
may be used as elevation for 
viewing the activities. 

 It is illegal to buy, sell or 
give away horns on the 
parade route. 

 Pets are not recommended 
along the parade route 
because they are easily 
frightened with sudden, 
loud noises. 

 Selling space along the 
parade route, other than 
grandstand seating, is illegal. 

 Throwing any projectile 
into the parade, including 
seemingly harmless 
items such as tortillas, 
marshmallows, flowers, etc., 
is prohibited. 

 Vehicles obstructing 
emergency lanes will be 

Pet of 
the Week

Initiative to 
Help Students

Pasadena City College has 
launched the Graduation 
Initiative designed to make it 
easier for students to identify 
the courses they need in order 
to achieve their academic 

complete, users can fill out 
an online form to submit a 
request for a PCC counselor 
to review their academic 
records. In turn, students can 
determine how many classes 
they need in order to petition 
for graduation, transfer, or 
earn a CareerTech certificate. 
The online initiative also 
eliminates the need for 
students to come to PCC in 

 Students who have completed 
at least 40 units at PCC and 
are nearing completion 
are encouraged to submit 
a request. A counselor will 
review the information and 
send an email with a response 
in 4 weeks.

 “We are committed to helping 
students obtain the courses 
they need, refer them to 
support services to assist them 
in successfully completing 
their classes and ultimately 
to helping them realize their 
educational goals,” said Dr. 
Cynthia Olivo, Counseling 
and Career Services associate 

 The deadline for spring 2012 
graduation petitions is Feb. 1, 
2013. PCC commencement 
exercises will be on Friday, 
May 3, 2013.

 For more information, visit 
the Counseling and Career 
Services office in Building L, 
Room 104, or call (626) 585-

White House to Honor 

Cal-tech Chemical Engineer


 Frances H. Arnold, a leader in 
the field of protein engineering 
and a member of the faculty at 
the Caltech has been named 
one of 11 inventors who are the 
recipients of the 2011 National 
Medal of Technology and 
Innovation. The announcement 
was made by the White House 
on December 21.

 I am proud to honor these 
inspiring American innovators,” 
President Obama said in a press 
stament. “They represent the 
ingenuity and imagination 
that has long made this Nation 
great—and they remind us of 
the enormous impact a few 
good ideas can have when 
these creative qualities are 
unleashed in an entrepreneurial 

 Arnold says her work is 
strongly motivated by a desire to 
find ways to produce fuels that 
can help lower carbon dioxide 
emissions. “I would like my 
children to grow up in a world 
that is even better than the one 
that I grew up in,” she says. “For 
that to happen, we have to stop 
wasting precious resources and 
learn to live in a sustainable 
fashion. Biology can and should 
be one of the solutions.”

 “Professor Arnold’s work has 
led to a radical transformation 
in the way people understand 
protein engineering and what 
it can accomplish,” says Caltech 
president Jean-Lou Chameau. 
“We are very proud of all that 
Professor Arnold has achieved 
and celebrate this recognition 
of her contributions.” 

 Arnold says her discoveries 
and accomplishments were 
made possible by her position 
at Caltech, whose structure 
encourages work that crosses 
traditional disciplinary 
boundaries. Indeed, her 
work spans chemistry, 
bioengineering, biochemistry, 
molecular biology, 
microbiology, and chemical 

 She also thanks her colleagues 
and students. “I’m thrilled 
because this is a recognition not 
just of my work, but of the work 
of many people around the 
world who have developed and 
applied these methods,” Arnold 
says. “I’ve also been privileged 
to work with a brilliant and 
enthusiastic group of young 
people over the years.”

 Arnold and fellow medal 
recipients will receive their 
awards at a White House 
ceremony in early 2013.

Sparky is a playful seven-
year-old, tricolor Parson 
Russell terrier. He’s been out 
on our Mobile got along with 
everyone he encountered. He 
loves toys too! 

 Sparky’s adoption fee is $120, 
which includes his neuter 
surgery, a microchip, the first 
set of vaccinations, as well as a 
free follow-up health check at a 
participating vet. New adopters 
will receive complimentary 
health and wellness exam from 
VCA Animal Hospitals, as 
well as a goody bag filled with 
information on how to care for 
your pet. Sparky does qualify 
for our Seniors for Seniors 
program for eligible adopters 
60 years old or older. Ask an 
adoptions counselor for more 
information during your visit 

 Call the Pasadena 
Humane Society & SPCA at 
626.792.7151 to ask about 
A319045, or visit at 361 S. 
Raymond Ave. in Pasadena. 
Adoption hours are 11-4 
Sunday, 9-5 Tuesday –Friday, 
9-4 Saturday. Pets may not 
be available for adoption and 
cannot be held for potential 
adopters from phone calls or 
email. Directions and photos 
of all pets can be found at