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by Lori Koop, Right Brain Business Coach 

TRU Freedom

The right-brain and left-brain were designed to work together: the right-brain 
spiritually guides us in the direction of our purpose, and the left-brain physically 
gets us there. When we encounter fear, our thoughts are diverted. Instead 
of listening to the spirit, we hear the fearful thoughts. Clarity vanishes. We get 
confused. We can’t decide, so we don’t move. We forget that we’ve already been 
told what the right move is. 

Remeber, the spirit knows who we are and what we are here to do. It can show 
us how to get there, if we listen and act accordingly. Fearful thoughts make us too afraid to act: we 
see too much risk, too many negative possibilities. We see the reasons why it won’t work. What it 
could cost.

When we remove the fear, we realign with the spirit and our right path. As a coach, that’s what I do 
most and best: I help clients dissolve their fearful thoughts. Help them see how to live the unique life 
they know, deep down, they were created for -- the 
life that still excites them!

My favorite tool for dissolving fear is “The Work” 
by Byron Katie. It’s a straightforward process of 4 
inquiry questions and 3 turnarounds, and it delivers 
extraordinary freedom! 

“The Work” pulls out the thought so it can be 
looked at, really looked at, from different perspectives. 
It allows the mind to imagine other possibilities, 
to untangle painful beliefs and discover new 
ones that could be just as true. It is a meditative 
approach, not a series of must-dos. For step-by-
step instructions, visit her website (http://thework.
com/dothework.php). Or come see me. I offer a 
complimentary session, and I’m happy to teach you 

Fear keeps us playing small… and short of our 
potential. If you too want TO DO the things you 
dream about, learn how to keep the path clear. 
Without fear to block you, you are free… TRUly 

- - - - - - - - - -
Lori Koop, The Right Brain Business Coach

Get clear about The Real You and what’s TRU, for 
you and your business. Schedule a complimentary coaching session at The Center for Wellbeing, 

Yoga is a science. Real yoga is based on what has been taught for many, many years. It is not a fad 
or passing craze. The really amazing, life changing, transformational practices come from the yoga 
of tradition. Just so you know, this traditional yoga is called Tantra. Most all of our current styles of 
yoga today stem from Tantra. Tantra is the yoga for real people. But a lot of yoga has gotten away 
from the tradition. On June 17, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD, my teachers, teacher (which makes 
him my teacher too) will be speaking in Pasadena on Living Tantra. You do not even need to practice 
yoga to go listen to this amazing man. But you will be so glad that you did. Panditji is one of the 
most amazing yogis ever. He is the Chairman and Spiritual Head of the Himalayan Institute and the 
successor to Sri Swami Rama.

He will be dressed in plain clothes and there will be no poses – just lecture and a meditation, but 
he will be speaking on what the tantric masters proclaim: “There is an innate wisdom in your body, 
and an immense power in your mind. What you need is the time-tested technique for discovering 
yourself – your wonderful body and beautiful mind.” I cannot recommend going to see him enough. 
The beautiful light of his soul shines right through his eyes.

You can get tickets on our website at They are $20 in advance and $30 the day of. I 
am sure this event will sell out. You can get more info at You don’t want to miss!

Have a great week. Namasté, René



“A Musical Sampler” with songs by American composers is the theme for the Royal 
Oaks Manor’s summer concert. Andrew Henken will direct religious, popular 
and patriotic tunes. Residents of Royal Oaks and Westminster Gardens retirement 
communities comprise the choirs. Tabitha Henken, who has organized the combined 
choirs, will be the accompanist for “A Musical Sampler.” 

 Instrumentalists include Wendy Bradley, piccolo, and Larry Ballenger, trumpet—
appropriate musical accents, especially for the patriotic songs. Guests will be invited 
to join in singing some of the familiar tunes. Representatives from branches 
of the military and the ROTC from Pasadena High School will participate. The 
community is invited to attend the free concert at 7 p.m., Tues., June 18, in the 
Royal Oaks chapel at 1763 Royal Oaks Drive, Duarte. Please call 626-359-9371 for 
more information.



Book Reviews by Jasmine Kelsey Williams 




By Scott Sigler

June has now begun, and we continue with another thrilling 
selection from Scott Sigler by bringing in “Contagious”. 
“Contagious” picks up immediately where “Infected” leaves 
off, focusing on the mounting battle between humanity 
and the ‘Triangles’, the antagonists that made themselves 
present in the form of a deadly disease that slowly makes 
humanity turn into paranoid, crazed murderers. Readers 
will surely be pulled in by the vivid imagery in this sequel 
just as the first had done, as well as not just focusing on 
one protagonist, but several. Perry is the main focus again, 
having overcome the Triangles’ effects on him and teaming 
with a small group of government agents, scientists, and 
doctors who are determined to not just figure out the plans 
of the Triangles, but to put a stop to them completely. 
Trouble and danger becomes twice as much of a challenge 
as the Triangles have managed to find Chelsea, a young 
child who not just succumbs to the Triangles’ abilities, but 
serves as a leader on behalf of them who works to find a 
way to bring them to Earth. 

Just as “Infected” had done, “Contagious” will not disappoint, bringing strong tones, fast action, 
and even pacing between switching perspectives between the different characters. Language is 
a strong factor to consider here, as well as the graphic images of fighting, drinking, and bodily 
damage. A benefit that does help with the pacing of “Contagious” is this time between certain 
chapters; there are pages that mark certain days (ex. Day 1, Day 2, etc.) that provide when 
each event occurs. Sigler will not disappoint, and this sequel will be just as if not even more 
compelling to read. 

Copyrighted in 2008, and receiving praise from Entertainment Weekly, Booklist, and Publishers 
Weekly, “Contagious” will be another second must-read for the summer that you will not want 
to put down.

Camera Obscura – “Desire Lines” - Camera Obscura’s fifth studio album, the 
first in four years, has them sounding better than ever. With their baroque 
sound, lush melodies, and soulful singing, “Desire Lines” is the summer 
nighttime album for young and old lovers alike. The first single is “Do It Again,” the most upbeat 
song on the record. Whirling, guitar-laden, and savagely infectious, “Do It Again” is a real gem 
coming from a band with a treasure chest of valuable material. In fact, don’t be surprised to find 
many tunes on this particular album that will be your guiding light these late estival nights. In a 
summer filled with craziness and boisterous anthemic tunes from many newcomers, sometimes it’s 
nice to take a step back to reflect on the more personal, worthwhile things in life. “Desire Lines,” the 
record from a band that’s been making music before turn of the millennium may be the sound of 
the summer to get you where you really want to go, the place beyond the frivolous agenda of those 
occupying your time with no worthy reward in exchange. The album runs deeper than the usual 
summer affair. 

 “Desire Lines” was released June 3rd, 2013 via 4AD. 

Smith Westerns –“Soft Will” - Smith Westerns are gearing up for their third studio album, “Soft 
Cell.” These glam rockers, inspired by the 70s, are refreshing on all accounts. The band’s first single, 
“Varsity,” is shimmering, crisp, and incredibly melodic. With their first foray into sleeker production 
values and a more mature sound, Smith Westerns haven’t lost their youthful exuberance. As the band 
comes to terms with their new outlook on life, so has the way they’ve approached songwriting. As 
a matter of fact, even as the group gets older (still in their early-to-mid-20s), their view on life has 
somewhat changed. While their friends are seeking jobs in the professional world, the band could 
be destined for more success than what the “working world” could ever offer. “Soft Cell” may bleed 
youthful energy, but the band’s latest approach finds them closer than ever to the likes of adulthood. 

 “Soft Will” is out June 25th, 2013 via Mom + Pop. 

City & Colour – “The Hurry and The Harm” - City & Colour is the moniker for singer/songwriter 
Dallas Green. He’s this soulful folk singer who once occupied his earlier days in the post-hardcore 
outfit, Alexisonfire several years ago. For his fourth studio album, “The Hurry and The Harm,” Green 
brings his folk tendencies to a slightly elevated level. More folk rock than strictly just folk this go 
around, City & Colour still has the aptitude of capturing the human spirit in fullest form. For fans of 
Neil Young and Bob Dylan, City & Colour’s established sound, expressive songwriting, and sensitive 
melodies can chill your bones and yet warm your soul. While “The Hurry and The Harm” feels more 
like a late fall/winter sort of album, I can argue that anytime of the year is just fine for terrific music 
like this. Regardless of where you’re going, where you came from, or where you stand today, City & 
Colour has the right dose of medicine for any complications that may come your way. And better yet, 
there’s no way of ever overdosing on such a prescription as this. 

 “The Hurry and The Harm” was released on June 4th, 2013 via Dine Alone Records. 



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