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Senior Happenings 

Saturday, July 27, 2013 

Volume 7 No. 30 

CommuNIty emerGeNCy reSPoNSe team (Cert) reCeIVeS a GIFt 

 Local government prepares for everyday 
emergencies. However, during a disaster, the 
number and scope of incidents can overwhelm 
conventional emergency services. The Sierra 
Madre Community Emergency Response 
Team (CERT) helps in those situations in 
three main ways. First, there is an education 
program in which the public is made aware 
of how to prepare for emergencies and be 
self-sufficient. Secondly, CERT conducts a 
FEMA recognized all-risks and all-hazards 
training program designed to help a 
person protect themselves, their family and 
their neighbors in an emergency situation. 
And lastly, Sierra Madre CERT, under the 
sponsorship and direction of the Sierra 
Madre Fire Department, directly supports 
the first responders when they are in need of 
further assistance.

 To help accomplish this mission, Gary Hood 
has generously donated a support trailer to 
the Sierra Madre CERT. Perhaps you saw it at 
the Fourth of July parade. The trailer will be 
furnished with an assortment of equipment, 
emergency supplies and also serve as an 
operational facility. 

 To further educate the community the Sierra 
Madre CERT conducts monthly meetings is 
which there is a CERT training session. This 

Sierra Madre Resident and retired Firefighter Gary Hood (Center) gives the keys to the trailer to CERT President 

is on the fourth Thursday at 0700PM at the 

DeAlcorn. Photo by Dave Felt

Hart Park House. All are welcome. 

 Also the Sierra Madre CERT is conducting • 
Emergency Medical Operations-one • 
Fire Extinguisher Traininga basic CERT class. The class starts August 17 and victim • 
Course Review and Disaster Exerciseis open to all. • 
Emergency Medical Operations-Triage

Light Search and Rescue Operations For more information see the flyer elsewhere in 
The class covers: • 
CERT Organization today’s MVN or go to
Disaster Preparedness • 
Disaster Psychology or 
Fire Safety • 
Pg. 14 

Pg. 15 

Left Turn/Right Turn/ 
Opinon Pg. 16 

Pg. 21 
FYI Pg. 22
Sierra madre Search and rescue log 

The Sierra Madre Search and Rescue 
(SMSR) Team responded to eighteen 
individual calls for assistance in June 
with operations taking place not 
only in the local Sierra Madre area, 
but including the high Sierra and 
Thousand Palms. 

Injured Hiker, First Water Trail, 
Chantry Flat: On June 13th at 3:15 
p.m., SMSR was paged for a cliff rescue 
at Chantry Flat. The team was joined 
by the Sierra Madre Fire Department 
and Los Angeles County Fire to rescue 
a hiker who had fallen off the trail and 
was stranded in steep terrain above 
the canyon bottom. SMSR personnel 
quickly established a high angle rope 
rescue system and sent rescuers 
approximately 120’ over the side to 
access the hiker. After determining 
that his injuries were minor, rescuers 
used the rope rescue system to lower 
the hiker and rescuers the remaining 
(approx.) 150’ feet to the canyon 
bottom. The rescue was completed at 

5:40 p.m. 
Search, Thousand Palms, Riverside 
County: SMSR was requested at 9 p.m. 
on June 29th by the California Office 
of Emergency Services (OES) for a 
mutual aid call in Riverside County to 
assist in the search for a missing hiker. 
Daytime temperatures in the area were 
120 degrees and officials planned to 
run search operations through the 
night. SMSR personnel responded 
and were deployed on initial search 
assignments by 11:30 p.m. Field crews 
worked throughout the night looking 
for the missing 71 year old hiker. The 
man was located mid-morning on 
the 30th, but unfortunately had not 
survived the conditions. The team 
expresses our condolences to his 
family and friends. 

Multiple Calls, Chantry Flat, Mount 
Wilson Trail and Eaton Canyon: June 
30th would turn out to be a busy day 
for SMSR with a series of operations 
taking place throughout the day. The 
first call for the day came at 11:30 a.m. 
with reports of a hiker stranded over 
the side of the trail below Chantry 
Flat. A high angle rescue was executed 
to get the uninjured hiker back to the 
trail. As the rescue was concluding, 
SMSR received a request from 
Altadena Mountain Rescue (AMRT) 
to assist them in the search for two 

hikers who were lost in the Mount 
Wilson area and reportedly suffering 
from dehydration and exhaustion. 
Due to limited information about the 
specific location of the hikers, search 
crews were dispatched to multiple 
locations to hike the trails and locate 
the subjects. Los Angeles County 
Sheriff ’s deputies were able to locate 
the hiker’s car near the trailhead at 
Cobb Estates and teams began to focus 
their efforts in that area. While search 
crews were redeploying, a rescue call 
in Eaton Canyon was dispatched and 
7 personnel from SMSR responded to 
Eaton Canyon to assist in the rescue 
of 3 hikers stranded near the 2nd 
waterfall. SMSR joined LA County 
Fire and LASD’s Air Rescue 5 on the 
incident. Two of the subjects were 
hoisted from their location by Air 
5 and the third subject was lowered 
by rope rescue system to the canyon 
bottom by SMSR. The subjects were 
uninjured and escorted out of the 
canyon. During the Eaton Canyon 
rescue the missing Mt. Wilson hikers 
were successfully located. One of the 
hikers was transported to the hospital 
for treatment. The operations were 
secured by 4:30 p.m. 

Combined with the search in Riverside 
County, SMSR was in continuous 
operation for 17 hours on the 29th and 

Missing Hiker, Inyo County: SMSR 
assisted with the continued search for 
a hiker missing since October 2012 in 
the Sierra near Independence. The 
hiker’s camp was located along with 
evidence that he died nearby during 
the fierce winter storm that trapped 
him 7 miles from his car. 

For over 60 years the all-volunteer 
Sierra Madre Search and Rescue 
team has been responding to calls 
for help in the local mountains and 
beyond. Funded entirely by private 
donations, SMSR provides a range of 
public programs on wilderness safety 
in addition to its search and rescue 
activities. The Team never charges for 
any of its services. 

For more information, includinghow to arrange a wilderness safety 
demonstration for your school or group,

tHe KING WaS Here! 

The “King”, aka Elvis, aka Harry Shahoian impersonating the original, left his 
throne in Las Vegas and, under the auspices of the Sierra Madre Rotary Club, 
performed at last week’s Concert In The Park. As always, he had the packed 
house rocking! Sierra Madre’s Concerts in the Park is sponsored this year by 
The Kensington - the assisted living facility being built on Sierra Madre Blvd. 
and local service organizations who sponsor the music. This week’s concert 
will feature Jane Fuller and company performing Pop Across the Decades. and 
is sponsored by Friends of the Library and The Sierra Madre Kiwanis Club. 

Photo by Fred Thomas/MVNews 

SIerra madre teeNS aNd treaSureS – 

Teen History Docents 

Sierra Madre local history will get a big 
boost with a new grant just received by 
the Sierra Madre Public Library. The grant 
of $7,500 will enable the Library to train 
teen volunteers as history docents using 
new Digital Storyboard technology at the 
Library’s Local History Room and at the 
Richardson House museum. Recruiting 
and training of teens will begin in 

 The California State Library awarded 
funding of the grant titled “Sierra Madre, 
Teens and Treasures – Teen History 
Docents.” The grant will expand the 
Library’s summer teen volunteer program 
into a year-round program by training 
teens as docents. 
First step will be to hire a part-time 

coordinator who will recruit and train 
the teens. The volunteer docents will give 
“tours” of local history using the new 
Digital Storyboards.

 Five teens at a time will train and give 
tours during a five-week period. A total 
of 25 teens will be part of the program 
during the grant period, then the library 
will continue the program after the grant 
period ends.

 Library Director Carolyn Thomas said, 
“We are delighted to share our city’s rich 
local history collection with more people 
through the Digital Storyboards and are 
pleased that we can expand our summer 
volunteer program throughout the year. It’s 
a great combination of resources.”

Saturday aFterNooN CaFe SouNdS 

Picture a lazy summer with Saturday Afternoon traci kato-kiriyama and 
afternoon with a cool Café Sounds at 4:00 p.m. musician Liane Tominaga.
comfortable spot, soft Chill to light acoustic The Sierra Madre Public 
music, a little poetry, and music with the Summer Library is located at 440 W. 
a good book. Then picture Reading Program theme of Sierra Madre Blvd. in the 
yourself relaxing this Reading is So Delicious!city of Sierra Madre, 91024, 
Saturday, July 27 in the The programs will feature (626) 355-7186, www. 
Sierra Madre Public Library a spoken word artist 

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